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Beducated Review – Is it Worth it? [+Coupon for 33% off]

In this review I am trying to find out if Beducated really is “the sex ed you wish you’d had”?

So, join me, let’s find out!

In this Beducated review, I will be sharing my honest opinion of this popular online sex education platform.

Plus after reviewing I asked their team to give you guys a free coupon code!

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First Up, What is Beducated?

Beducated was started by a couple who went on an intimate journey together to transform their love life after the honeymoon period wore off. And it paid off —they saw incredible results in their relationships.

However, they found it wasn’t easy to access reliable information and certainly not in one place. With that in mind, they decided to fill that hole (sorry).

They see having great sex as a skill that required training.

They also think that “sexuality is the last frontier of personal development.”

These are both sentiments I am really onboard with!

Too often, we expect great sex to just happen, but in reality, it takes time and effort. I think it’s more than worth it though!

And that’s where Beducated come in — they aim to deliver tasteful, accessible courses on sex and intimacy to help couples and singles have a better sex and relationships.

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How Does it Work

Try before you buy! Get a free 24 hour trial to see the full spectrum of what Beducation has on offer!

You can either sign-up for a monthly subscription or get lifetime access for a one-off payment, which is a really great deal when you use our 33% off discount code!

Then, you get access to over 100 different courses by leading sex and relationship experts.

The courses consist of short videos that you can watch on your laptop or phone.

Some come with tasks and homework to help you put the knowledge into action or downloadable sheets, which I really liked.

You can take as many of the courses as you would like. Also, there is no time limit to complete them, so you can work at your own pace!

Your personal sex journey

When you sign up and create your account, you can select five topics that interest you, so they can suggest the most relevant courses.

You can also skip this if you plan to just browse through and see what catches your eye.

You also get the opportunity to select topics you don’t want to see, which I thought was a very nice touch, especially if you have certain topics that you find triggering.

After filling in those brief details, you move on to the homepage.

What Did I Think of Beducated?

Of all of the online sex classes I’ve reviewed, I keep coming back to Beducated! The diverse topics mean there is something to suit all tastes and levels of experience and each course is beautifully made with thoughtful extras along the way! Here’s a little bit more about my experience.


The website has a lovely design and is very easy to navigate. I like the sex positive, clean aesthetic — I can imaging it does a good job of putting you at ease if you feel a bit nervous about sex.

The top navigation bar lets you choose between browsing the courses, the Quickies section, or the AI coach. You are also able to bookmark courses that interest you, so you can find them more easily when you are ready to get stuck in.

Course Selection

I was also very impressed by the broad range of courses. As well as courses on specific sexual activities (e.g. anal sex or cunnilingus), there are also a lot of courses on building connection and communication in relationships, sexual health, sexuality and kink. I felt there was a broad enough selection that almost anyone find a few relevant courses.

The Beducated Videos

The Bedbible videos are great quality and there’s a really amazing range of topics to choose from! As the courses are made by different instructors the style varies a bit, but across the board, with some courses having instructors talking on screen and some have actual demonstrations of techniques.

I also thought it was really nice that you can filter the courses by how explicit they are. You can choose between explicit nudity (in which you see real genitals), mild nudity, and no nudity, which is ideal if you want to watch a video on your morning commute! I was watching them at work, but as you can imagine NSFW is not as applicable in the Bedbible office!

The Beducated App

There is also an app available for people accessing the Beducated through Firefox, Safari and iPhone.

It’s a Progressive Web App (PWA) and is super easy to download on iOS or Android. All you need to do is find in your browser and then click the three dot menu and save it to your homescreen.

I actually really enjoy this feature as I could watch or listen on the go! I also really appreciate that you can filter videos by how explicit they are, so you don’t end up watching something with full nudity on your commute!

The app is also really easy to navigate and has all the same features as the desktop site, including the new AI Sex Coach feature, so you can get quick advice no matter where you are!

There’s a section called Quickies that has short videos that you can enjoy if you only have a little time to watch a video!

How Inclusive and Accessible Is Beducated?

I would say that Beducated is pretty inclusive. You can select LGBTQ+ in the categories to see relevant courses and there are courses on sexuality and consensual non-monogamy.

I also noticed that was one specific course for partnerships with two penis owners, but I couldn’t find an equivalent course for partnerships with two vulva owners. So that’s another thing that would be a great addition.

The one area that I felt was lacking was sex and disability. As far as I could see, there aren’t any courses specifically focussing on sex and disability, which is a big shame as this is an area of sex education that is really lacking. I would love to see some course run by and for people with disabilities in this space!

In terms of accessibility, Beducated have been adding closed captions to their videos so that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can access the courses. This should be standard on all courses, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case, so I was happy to see this here.

What About the Tone?

I think Beducated hit the nail on the head with the tone. The courses are informative without being austere or formal and the experts put you at ease with their manner. It also manages to keep the nudity erotic, informative and tasteful — something not many places get right!

Beducated AI Coach

If you thought AI was just for writing boring documents, you’ll be happy to know, you can now use it as your very own sex coach! Beducated have added an AI feature that allows you to ask specific questions related to sex and intimacy. It will then provide an answer and guide you to relevant courses where you can explore the topic in more depth! This makes it much easier to get some quick advice and find the courses you need!

Who Would I Recommend Beducated to?

I actually think almost anyone with an interest in sex and intimacy, whether that’s with yourself or with others, can benefit from Beducated. It really does fill in so many gaps that are missing in the embarrassment we call sex education! There’s also something for all levels of experience and ages, including a course about sex and the menopause.

People in a Relationship

It can be a great way to reinvigorate your emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship as you can watch the videos together and spend time talking about and practicing the techniques. It can also be a nice way to talk about trying new things with your partner or asking them to do something differently, as you are approaching it together as a team, rather than being one person instructing or asking.

For Singles

Beducated can empower you to explore your own body, pleasure responses, and attitudes surrounding sex and sexuality.

Not only will this help you with your relationship with yourself, but it can also prepare you for having better partnered sex and relationships in the future!

I also love that it gives you the time to sit down and consider what you actually want from intimacy and provides you with the language to be able to talk about it!

Even as someone who spends all day reading and writing about sex and intimacy, I could learn a lot of from Beducated, so there’s definitely something for all levels of experience!

The courses I enjoyed the most

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to watch all of the Beducated videos quite yet.

However, of the ones I have seen, here are a few that I really enjoyed and think you will too!

Lingam Massage & Yoni Massage

I chose to watch these courses as I am currently studying and practicing Tantric Yoga but have not learned these techniques yet.

These courses captured the physical, emotional, and energetic intimacy really well, and made it accessible to everyone.

I also think it challenged some myths and misconceptions we have about sex and what sex should or shouldn’t be, which I am absolutely all for!

You can learn some beautiful ways to show your partner some love and try something more sensual together.

Roadmap to Intimacy

Beducated Roadmap to Intimacy

I thought this was such a valuable course.

I can highly recommend it to any couples that want to improve their relationship.

The concepts were explained so clearly and with such compassion.

The teachers also gave great examples and methods to practice the theory.

How much is Beducated?

There are three different Beducated packages to choose from, but each one gets you full access to their incredible library of courses! Here are the options:

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Beducated Reviews

So I think it’s clear that Beducated gets a big two thumbs up from me, but what do other people say?

Here are some reviews from TrustPilot and comments from Reddit to give you are broader picture of user experiences.

TrustPilot Beducated Reviews

Beducated has a fantastic score of 4.8/5 on TrustPilot, putting it in the excellent category!

Out of the 46 reviews available, 96% are 5 star reviews and 4% are 4 star reviews!

They’re some pretty impressive scores! Here’s are the most common reviews:

Beducated Reddit Comments

We all know that people aren’t afraid to be honest on Reddit, so here’s what the people of Reddit have to say about Beducated!

A final word on Beducated

Who is Beducated for?

  • Individuals seeking easy-to-understand, on-demand learning videos about sex.
  • Those wanting to explore various sexual techniques and concepts.
  • Couples looking to rejuvenate their sexual experiences or explore new aspects together.
  • People interested in learning about their own bodies and intimacy in an informal yet informative manner.
  • Anyone curious about less commonly discussed topics, like BDSM, and seeking professional and reliable guidance.

Who is it not for?

  • Individuals seeking pornographic content.
  • Those who require professional help with specific sexual problems.
  • People looking exclusively for free educational resources (although Beducated offers a free trial).


Beducated is versatile, catering to both singles and couples, and can be a valuable resource for enhancing one’s sex life.

The platform offers an extensive range of courses, although some areas (like courses for two vagina owners) might be lacking.

The site emphasizes not just the physical aspect of sex but also emotional and sensual intimacy, contributing to a holistic sexual education.

With regular updates and new content, it keeps learning fresh and engaging.

Ultimately, Beducated is worth considering for those who are serious about improving their sexual knowledge and experiences.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few different online sex courses now, and Beducated has been my favorite by a long way!

The diverse topics, approachable videos, and actionable techniques really make it stand out from the crowd! 10/10 would recommend!

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