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How to Clean a Sex Doll

A complete guide to cleaning a sex doll as well as bathing, showering and giving a sponge bath.

Knowing how to clean a sex doll is one of the most important aspects of ownership. After all, sex dolls can be one of the most expensive adult pleasure items in which someone can invest.

Therefore, you’ll want to care for your sex doll in a way that makes it last a lifetime. And that includes knowing how to clean a sex doll from head to toe.

So, I have put together a comprehensive guide to show you how to clean a sex doll in 3 different ways, how to care for sex doll wigs, as well as the easiest way to clean a torso sex doll.

How to Clean a Sex Doll in a Nutshell

  • Learning how to clean a sex doll is a top priority before investing your hard-earned cash. Therefore, there are 3 methods of cleaning life-sized and torso sex dolls:
  • By sponge bath, in the bathtub and in the shower.
  • It’s crucial to realize that cleaning a sex doll made from TPE is different from a silicone doll. For instance, TPE is porous, absorbs oil, dirt and dyes and cannot be placed in water over 90 degrees F.
  • On the other hand, silicone sex dolls can be placed in hot water. Thus, will tolerate soaps and body washes with dyes and perfumes.
  • Knowing how to clean a sex doll also includes shampooing the wig, cleaning the nails and applying renewal powder. This keeps TPE doll’s skin soft and supple.
  • Cleaning sex dolls can be burdensome to some people, as sex dolls can weigh from 70-150 lbs. However, there are easy ways to move a heavy sex doll to the bathroom. You can do this by using certain carrying positions, rolling chairs, wagons and even wheelchairs.
  • Not all sex dolls are created equal! That’s why you should learn how to clean sex dolls that are inflatable and those that are plush.

How to Clean a Sex Doll Quick Links

Cleaning Sex Dolls: TPE vs Silicone

Cleaning sex dolls can be a complicated process, depending on which method you choose. Therefore, knowing different ways to clean and bathe the doll is a handy tool.

I mean, not everyone has the time and energy to bathe a life-sized doll 7 days a week. In addition, cleaning a sex doll made from TPE is different from cleaning a doll made from silicone.

And that may play a huge role in choosing the type of love doll you want to purchase in the future. So, let’s get into cleaning sex dolls: TPE vs Silicone.

TPE Skin

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is a material commonly used in some skin-like sex toys, especially love dolls. Now, the positive side of TPE is that it feels realistic, soft and very much like skin.

Plus, it makes a sex doll weigh less, overall, while keeping those boobies and bottoms bouncy.

Unfortunately, TPE is a porous material. What that means is it contains microscopic pores that absorb sweat, oils, dirt, dyes and bodily fluids.

As a result, the TPE will get extremely dirty, degrade easily and has the potential to grow mold and mildew if not cleaned properly and frequently.

Water Temperature Matters

When cleaning a TPE sex doll, the water temperature matters a great deal. You see, using water that is too hot can damage the material, causing it to deform and become misshaped.

Therefore, you should never use water that has a temperature over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, bathe your TPE doll as you would a baby; in water that is more tepid than hot.

No Dyes

TPE sex dolls are notorious for absorbing various dyes. That is why you have to wash all clothing before dressing your doll, as well as being careful with anything that lies against the doll’s skin.

This is especially true when cleaning the sex doll. Therefore, use only clear, dye-free soaps and bodywashes when bathing or flushing the doll.

Don’t Be Abrasive!

Another important aspect of cleaning a TPE sex doll is to be gentle with the skin. That means no soaps with exfoliants and no using bath poofs, loofas or bath brushes.

The reason for this is that all of those items can wear down and even tear the skin of the doll. Therefore, it’s crucial that you use a soft sponge or washcloth when you clean your sex doll made from TPE.

Renewer Powder is a Must!

Finally, there is one aspect of TPE sex dolls that will drive you nuts if you’re not familiar with the material. And that is the absolute, 100% need to use renewer powder.

You see, your TPE sex doll, torso or masturbator will be delivered to you feeling silky smooth and soft. Unfortunately, the more you handle the doll, it will start to become sticky. Thus, everything will begin sticking to the skin – pet hair, your hair, fuzz, dust.

Plus, it’s nearly impossible to wipe, rub or pick off. Therefore, this is where the renewer powder comes into play.

Sticky TPE skin with hair and dust

Here is a close-up photo of my TPE sex doll torso. Do you see how hair and such is stuck to the skin? Well, we have cats in the house. And to be honest, it’s been a while since this sex doll was properly cleaned.

So, for this article, I included instructions on how to clean a sex doll torso below. Which forced me to unpack my girl and give her a bath.

TPE sex doll skin showing renewer powder removing hair and dust

After her bath, there were still hairs and such stuck to the TPE skin. However, after sprinkling her with renewer powder and spreading it around, you can see how the hair, fuzz and dust simply gathered up and came right off.

So, renewer powder is extremely important when it comes to TPE sex dolls. In fact, even if it’s not time to bathe your sex doll, sprinkling a bit of powder on problem areas will remove the stickiness and any icky stuff stuck to your doll’s skin.

Silicone Skin

Silicone is the preferred material when it comes to making sex toys. That’s because it’s non porous, silky soft and can be cleaned much better than TPE.

And that includes cleaning a sex doll made from silicone.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

The best aspect of owning a silicone sex doll is that you can bathe them, shower them and even take them in the hot tub with you! That’s because you can boil silicone and not change the way it looks or feels.

And although a silicone sex doll will weigh a bit more overall, the realism of this type of doll is almost eerie. The only downside to a silicone sex doll is the cost may be higher and you may lose a little bit of jiggle.

Safe Soaps

Another positive aspect of owning a silicone sex doll is the fact that you can clean the doll with just about any, body-safe soap or shower gel. Additionally, you can sanitize a silicone love doll using antibacterial soaps, sex toy cleansers and wipes.

So, if you want to hit the bath place in the mall, and buy your favorite scents, you’ll be able to bathe your doll in all of them, including soaps and gels with dyes and colorings.

Check the Genitals

Although you may have a silicone love doll, those private parts may be made from TPE. The reason for this is that TPE is softer, more supple and realistic.

This is particularly true when you purchase a removable vagina.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention when you are ordering a ready-made sex doll or customizing one. That way, you’ll know not to use hot water or any soaps containing dyes or abrasive cleansers when cleaning the sex doll genitals.


Finally, silicone sex dolls are much more durable than those made from TPE. So, if you want to use a body poof on your doll, you can!

However, I wouldn’t go as far as using bath brushes or loofas while cleaning a silicone doll. That’s because you could potentially scratch the skin, leaving it rough and damaged.

Most Important Sex Doll Cleaning Tips

Now, before I get into the meat and potatoes of how to clean a sex doll, I want to go over some of the most important tips. That way, you know these things up front and won’t injure or ruin your doll.

Never Submerge!

The most important tip for cleaning a sex doll is to never place the doll completely under water. That’s because the head is a separate part of the doll.

Therefore, if you place a sex doll’s head under water, the water will seep inside the neck crease. Thus, the neck bolt will get wet and could rust.

Furthermore, the water could seep further into the sex doll and damage the skeleton. And that’s the absolute last thing you want, considering dolls cost in upward of $1,500.

Be Careful When Showering Together

Taking a shower with a sex doll can be extremely sexy! However, you must use caution with where the shower head is spraying.

That’s because water can more easily seep into the neck crease without you even realizing it. In addition, your must be sure your sex doll has the standing feet option, as well as a reinforced lower skeleton.

Otherwise, a sex doll can fall over, bend or break its skeleton as well as damaging its skin. And that’s the last thing you’d want after laying down thousands of dollars on the perfect, realistic playmate.

Slippery When Wet

Sex dolls are created with skin that feels most like human skin. Therefore, when you clean the doll, adding soap and water makes the skin incredibly slippery.

Add to that the weight of a love doll (anywhere from 70-120 lbs.) and you have a mass of slippery, dead-weight to try and handle. And unfortunately, that can lead to dropping your much loved and expensive fuck-buddy.

Therefore, you must know the proper ways to clean a sex doll in order to avoid these types of accidents. For instance, making sure there’s a mat or a towel under the doll’s feet and bottom to prevent slipping and sliding.

Cleaning a Sex Doll’s Face

Finally, you must be careful when cleaning a sex doll’s face. Usually, it’s advisable to use a soft, damp washcloth, and gentle soap, or a water-based baby wipe to wash the face.

That way, water won’t leak into the eye sockets and neck crease. Additionally, if a sex doll has a mouth that can be used for penetration, be sure and remove the head completely when flushing that orifice.

Or you can leave the doll’s head attached, but flush the mouth while the doll is face down, over the sink or a bucket.

How to Clean a Sex Doll 3 Different Ways

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty concerning how to clean a sex doll properly and with 3 different methods. That way, you can keep your expensive sex toy fresh and clean no matter how much time you have to spare.

The Easy Sponge Bath

How to give a sex doll a sponge bath, image

Most sex doll manufacturers suggest that their product be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week. Now, that doesn’t mean using your doll for two weeks, then bathing them.

On the contrary, it means to clean the doll with each and every use, with a thorough, wig-to-toenail cleaning AT LEAST once every two weeks. That way, your doll won’t grow any mold, mildew or bacteria.

So, how do you clean a sex doll in between those biweekly thorough cleanings? The answer to that is by giving your sex doll a sponge bath.

Here are the steps to take to give your sex doll a sponge bath.

Prepare to Clean a Sex Doll by Sponge Bath

First of all, you will likely be cleaning your doll on the bed. However, you can also do so on a flat surface like the counter or a table.

Next, gather the things you will need in order to give a proper sponge bath. Those things are:

  • Towels for under the sex doll and to dry him/her
  • A waterproof pad, if you choose to bathe him/her on the bed
  • Soft washcloth or sponge
  • A mild, clear, non-abrasive soap or body wash
  • A bucket
  • The vaginal and anal irrigator included with your sex doll
  • Renewal powder or corn starch if your sex doll is made of TPE

Step One: Prepare Your Sex Doll and Area

Preparing your sex doll for a sponge bath should be quick and easy. First, remove all of your doll’s clothing, any jewelry and her wig.

Next spread out a layer of towels or waterproof pad underneath your doll to protect your bed. Then, place another towel under the doll’s bottom with the remainder of the towel hanging over the side or the end of your bed.

Finally, pull your sex doll to the side or end of the bed – with his/her bottom at the edge. Also, you can part their legs and bend their knees so that their feet are at the edge of the bed.

Step Two: How to Clean a Sex Doll Vagina and Anus

First, if your sex doll has a removable vagina or penis, you can simply wash their genitals in a sink of warm water and soap, easy peasy!

However, if your sex doll features fixed genitalia or has an anal orifice that you use, you’ll need to go through the following steps.

Now, this is the step you should be doing each and every time you have sex with your TPE playmate. Therefore, you should already know how to do this.

First, fill the bucket half way with soap and warm water. Then, place the bucket against the bed, right under the doll’s vagina and anus.

Next, using the irrigator, fill it with the soapy water and flush the vagina several times. Then repeat the same steps but flushing the anal orifice.

At the same time, get your washcloth or sponge wet and soapy. Wipe down the exterior of the sex doll’s genitals, paying close attention to the folds of the labia, or around the testicles if you have a male doll.

And do the same around the anus and butt crack.

Rinse and Dry

Once you have washed the doll’s genitals and flushed both openings several times, empty the bucket, rinse it out and refill it with fresh, warm water. Then, repeat the flushing and rinsing of the interior and exterior genitals until the water runs clear and there are no more soap bubbles.

Finally, gently pat the doll’s genitals dry, inside and out. Additionally, you can place tampons inside the vaginal and anal openings or use a blow dryer on cool to dry out each orifice.

Orifice Cleaning Machine
Sex doll cleaning machine

To avoid going through all of the above steps, some sex doll sellers offer an electronic cleaning system to make things easier. The Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit has wash and rinse cycles, a drying cycle and also features UV light cleaning.

Step Three: How to Wash a Sex Doll Body

Knowing how to clean a sex doll via a sponge bath is the safest and most effective way of keeping a sex doll in tip-top condition, and hopefully making him/her last a lifetime.

First things first; grab your bucket and fill it with clean, warm water and mild, clear soap or body wash. Then, pull your doll up, toward the head or the bed and flatten his/her legs.

Starting at the head, remove the doll’s wig – that is, if the doll does not have rooted hair. Now, using a lightly damp washcloth or soft sponge, wipe the doll’s head and face, paying close attention to any creases around the nose and mouth as, well as the ears.

Then, do the same with the neck, being extremely careful not to get any water inside the neck crease. That is why I specified DAMP washcloth or sponge, as opposed to WET.

Cleaning the Sex Doll Body, Crevices and All

Then, dip the cloth or sponge into the bucket, getting it a bit wetter, and begin washing your sex doll’s body from the neck down. Take note that you should wring out the cloth or sponge and resoak it several times as you go along.

In addition, pay close attention to areas that you may not realize can collect dirt, dust an oil. For example:

  • Underarms
  • In between the fingers
  • The bend of the arms
  • Underboob
  • Naval
  • Leg creases
  • Bottoms of both feet
  • Between the toes
Wash the Flip Side

Next, empty your bucket, rinse it clean and refill with warm, clean water. Then, repeat the same steps as above to rinse the soap off of the doll’s skin.

Finally, roll the sex doll over to his/her stomach and repeat washing and rinsing. Then, gently pat dry any parts of the body that have not air dried, using a fluffy, soft towel.

The Final Cleaning Step for TPE Sex Dolls

Finally, to complete the sex doll sponge bath, you’ll need to follow one last step, but only if your doll is made from TPE. And that is adding the renewal powder.

You see, TPE will feel incredibly sticky and will be prone to injury and tears if you don’t apply this powder. So, it is not only the final step, but one that is crucial in order to make your sex doll last a long time.

Now, to apply the renewal powder – or corn starch if you want to save some money – you can do so by sparingly sprinkling it on the doll’s skin. Then, gently spread it using (preferably) a large, soft makeup brush or fluffy powder puff.

Or, you can gently spread it using your fingers, although you will actually use more powder utilizing this method. So, head down to your local big box store, hit the cosmetics aisle and pick up a big makeup brush, as they are relatively inexpensive.

Bathing a Sex Doll in the Bathtub

Bathing a sex doll in the bathtub infor header
Masumi Sex Doll from Sexy Sex Doll

The next method of cleaning a sex doll is bathing him/her in the bathtub. Now, keep in mind, this method does have some pros and cons.

For example, the pros of cleaning a sex doll in the tub are that you can make it sexy time with your playmate. Plus, the entire body is washed, and orifices flushed, at the same time.

On the other hand, the cons to giving your sex doll a bath in the tub are moving the heavy doll into and out of the tub, how incredibly slippery the doll becomes when wet and soapy, and the risk of getting water into the doll’s neck.

On top of that, you’ll again have to lift the soaking wet, heavy doll out of the tub for drying, powdering and redressing.

But, if you have the strength, and use the following precautions, bathing a sex doll in the bathtub can be a fun and viable option for you. Additionally, I have added some tips below on moving your sex doll around, to and from the tub and shower.

Step One of Bathing a Sex Doll in the Bathtub

First and foremost, you will need to protect your doll from sliding under the water or damaging the skin. Therefore, it’s crucial that you line the tub with a smooth, bath mat or towels.

Plus, this step is most important if your tub happens to have those rough, stick-on, non-slip stickers. Seriously, I’ve nearly ripped my own butt-hole out on some of these things!

So, you definitely don’t want to tear your sex doll’s delicate, TPE skin on those stickers! And, while you are adding towels, roll up a hand towel and place it around the back of the doll’s neck to keep them from slipping while catching any drops of water that might splash up there.

Step Two: Filling the Bathtub

Once you have laid down soft towels in the tub, and placed the doll on the towels, it’s time to fill the tub with water. And, as I mentioned above, you must be mindful of the water temperature.

So, if your sex doll has a TPE body, the water must be tepid (like a baby’s bathwater) and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if your doll is silicone, temperature does not matter, and you can go for a hot, relaxing bath with your playmate.

Now, to save some time, feel free to add clear, mild bubble bath or body wash under the running tap, to create a luxurious bubble bath. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a washcloth or sponge and the soap or body wash to clean the sex doll.

Finally, fill the bathtub with water, no higher than the sex doll’s chest. That way you won’t have to worry about getting water into the crease of his/her neck.

Step Three: How to Wash a Love Doll in the Bathtub

Learning how to clean a sex doll in the bathtub is relatively easy, especially if you make it a bubble bath. But if you don’t use that method, you’ll have to use soap and a soft washcloth or sponge to clean the doll.

First, start with the doll’s face and head by using a slightly damp washcloth or sponge. Gently wash the face, paying close attention to areas around the nose, lips, eyes and ears.

Next, wash the sex doll, from the upper chest, down the body, making sure you get smaller areas, crevices and where the arms and legs bend.

For instance, don’t overlook between the fingers and toes, under the breasts and the arm pits.

Then, once your doll has been washed, drain the bathtub, carefully remove the doll and place her on top of soft, absorbent towels. Follow that by patting the skin dry.

However, if you took a bubble bath, be sure and rinse the doll with warm water, in order to remove any soap suds and residue before taking him/her out of the tub.

Finally, be sure and dry any orifice before dressing your doll. You can do so my placing a small, soft cloth into the opening or placing a super-absorbent tampon inside.

Additionally, you can dry the internal openings with a blow dryer set on cool. Then, it will be fine to dress your doll.

Step Four: Sex Doll Skin Care

The final step in washing a sex doll in the bathtub is the post-bath skin care regimen. Now, if you have a silicone sex doll, once they are dry, you can dress them.

However, if your sex doll is made from TPE, you must take an additional step in order to keep the skin feeling soft and silky. And that is applying the renewal powder.

So, simply sprinkle the renewal powder all over the doll’s body, paying attention to those crevices. Then, spread the powder evenly using a soft makeup brush or a powder puff.

Showering with a Sex Doll

Showering with a Sex Doll header image
Farah Sex Doll from Silicon Wives

Showering with a sex doll can be a fun and sexy option for getting your doll clean. However, not all love dolls are shower-safe.

First, in order to safely shower with a sex doll, he/she must have the standing feet option. Second, the sex doll should have the reinforced frame in the lower body in order to support the doll’s weight.

Therefore, if your doll has at least the standing feet, it will be safe to wash him/her in the shower. If not, it’s best to give your sex doll a sponge bath or wash it in the bathtub.

Preparing the Shower to Clean a Sex Doll

It’s important to prepare your shower before placing your sex doll in the tub or stall. The reason for this is that you have to safeguard the doll from any slips, falls and damage.

So, place a non-slip mat in the bottom of the bathtub or stall. Or, you can place a towel under the doll’s feet to prevent slipping.

Next, be sure there is nothing the doll can fall against and injure his/her skin. For instance, sharp, metal hanging shelves, razors or shower stools should be removed.

Then, find an area of the shower on which you can lean the doll, which will further stabilize it and prevent falls. Lastly, adjust the shower head in a downward position so that the water hits the doll well below the neck area.

This is extremely important, as you do not want water getting into the crease where the head attaches to the neck bolt.

How to Clean a Sex Doll in the Shower

Once you have prepared the shower for the doll, you can bring him/her into the stall or tub. Then, make double sure the doll is stable and balanced.

Then, turn on the water, away from the sex doll, and make sure the temperature is tepid and under 90 degrees Fahrenheit, that is, if your doll is made from TPE.

However, if you happen to have a silicone love doll, you’re in luck and can take as hot of a shower as you choose!

First, to clean the sex doll, begin with gently wiping down the face, head and ears, using a lightly damp cloth or sponge. Second, using the same cloth or sponge and a clear soap or body wash, begin washing the doll, starting at the chest and working your way down.

Third, make sure you keep a hand on your doll as you wash to keep them from tipping over. And finally, be sure and wash each area of the body, including crevices like the underarms, underboob, bends of the arms and legs and the groin area.

Then, rinse the doll well, spraying the water in a downward pattern as not to spray into the neck crease.

Cleaning a Sex Doll’s Genitals in the Shower

Considering your sex doll is in a standing position in the shower, you won’t be getting water into the openings you use. Therefore, you will have to flush out the vagina and anus using either a handheld shower head or the irrigator that came with your sex doll accessory kit.

First, fill a small bowl or bucket with warm water and a bit of soap or shower gel. Then, fill the irrigator with the mixture and flush the anus and vagina several times.

Afterward, rinse the bowl, refill with clean water, and repeat the process with the water until it runs clear and no more suds are visible.

Post-Shower Sex Doll Care

Your sex doll will be as slippery as a greased pig, when wet. So, it’s important to handle the doll with extreme care when removing them from the shower.

First, wrap a soft, absorbent towel around the doll. Then grab the doll under the arms or around the waist, using the towel, and pull them out of the shower.

Then, gently lay the doll on dry towels and pat the skin dry. In addition, you will need to dry any orifices by placing a small, soft, absorbent cloth inside, or by using tampons.

Finally, if your doll is made from TPE, follow these instructions to apply the ever-important, renewal powder to the doll’s skin. But, if your sex doll is of the silicone variety, you will be ready to get your doll dressed.

The Weight of a Sex Doll Matters When Cleaning

If you’ve read through my instructions on how to clean a sex doll, especially baths and showers, you know that I mentioned weight as a safety factor. Certainly, a small sex doll will be easier to manipulate than a life-sized doll.

But did you know that the weights of all life-sized dolls vary greatly? Yes, and it’s not just because of the height, the materials vary in weight as well.

Here are some great examples:

Shilah, thick, curvy sex doll.

Shilah is a thick, vivacious sex doll. Not only does she weigh more at 120.5 lbs., she is 5’1” tall, she has a 50-inch rear and 41.34-inch breasts. Therefore, she’s a lot of soft, jiggly doll to hold onto, move around and get in and out of the shower and bath.

So, if you prefer a sex doll with fantastic curves and a lusciously round butt, keep in mind, that doll will weigh more.

Sex doll Paryton is a petite life-sized doll.

In comparison, Paryton is a petite doll that is an inch taller than Shilah, at 5’2”, but has 30” breasts and 32.68 hips. Finally, Paryton weighs a great deal less than her curvy sister doll, at a mere 64 pounds – just less than half the weight of Shilah.

Therefore, if you have yet to order the sex doll of your dreams, please keep in mind that the height, body build and weight will have a great deal to do with how you clean that sex doll. So, if you like the feminine body, no matter if it’s petite or curvy, it may be best to choose a doll that is a size you can handle.

However, you are someone who sticks to the thick and love those big booties and curves, shop around till you find that big, beautiful doll that’s a size you can handle.

Male Sex Doll Comparisons

Male sex dolls are not much different as the female dolls, as they too vary in height and body build. For instance:

Tall, heavy male sex doll, Ton.

Ton is 5’9” tall with a broad chest and thicker build, weighing 143.3 pounds. He would be a lot for a strong person to manipulate and move, let alone someone of average strength.

So, although Ton is a tall, masculine hunk of doll, you must consider how to clean this sex doll before pulling the trigger and making the purchase.

Marshall, smaller sex doll, easier to clean.

Marshall is a smaller male sex doll, albeit with a pretty fantastic body. However, Marshall only stands 5’3” tall and weighs 83.78 lbs. making him a bit easier to move around and even bathe.

Plus, he looks just as masculine as his larger, sex doll brother, Ton. So, size is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing a male sex doll too.

Especially when it comes to your ability to clean the doll.

In conclusion, get the doll that fulfills your fantasies, but keep in mind the weight of the doll and how to clean it. Because you may not be able to get the doll in and out of the bath or shower and therefore will be better suited sticking to sponge baths.

Moving a Sex Doll to and From the Bath

Learning how to clean a sex doll can be an obstacle if your doll weighs a bit more than you can handle. After all, they are dead weight.

So, if you are having difficulties moving your doll around, I would suggest only cleaning the doll by sponge bath or using one of these methods to move the sex doll to and from the bath and shower.

Sex Doll Carrying Tips

  • The bridal carry: With your doll standing or sitting with knees bent, wrap their arms around your neck. Then, place one arm around their upper back and scoop their lower body up by placing your other arm under the bend of their knees.
  • The drag: Place your doll in a standing position with legs straight and arms slightly out from their sides. Put a towel under your doll’s feet. Then, grabbing the doll from behind, slide you hands under their arms and clasp your hands together across the doll’s chest. Finally, tip the doll backward, and pull them as you carefully walk backward.

Things on which You Can Move a Doll to the Bath

  • Office chair: If you have an office chair on wheels, you can easily place your doll in that chair and roll them around the house. However, use caution around the corners of furniture! You could bump the doll’s body and injure the skin.
  • Wagon: A child’s large wagon or a gardening wagon is the perfect way to transport a sex doll to and from a bath. Simply line the wagon with a soft, colorfast blanket and lay the doll in the wagon. And, as with the office chair, use caution when maneuvering around furniture and doorways.
  • Hand truck: Using a hand truck or appliance dolly is perfect for moving dolly! Just be sure and cover the hand truck with a soft, colorfast blanket, from top to bottom. Then, lean your doll onto the hand truck with their feet flat. Lastly, use either soft rope, bungee cords or even a neck tie or robe belt to secure the doll to the dolly.
  • Wheelchair: If you can afford to do so, purchasing an inexpensive, foldable wheelchair is the perfect way to get your doll around the house and to the bathroom for cleaning. And all you have to do is seat your doll and place their feet on the foot rests!

How to Clean a Sex Doll: Nails, Wigs and Accessories

Cleaning a life-sized sex doll can be quite the chore. But if you’ve invested thousands of dollars is a realistic companion, you’ll certainly want to keep it clean and lasting as long as possible.

So, besides knowing how to clean a sex doll, you must learn how to clean and care for other parts of the doll. For instance, the nails, wigs or hair, and other accessories. Here are a few tips that will make cleaning your sex doll parts and accessories a bit easier.

Sex Doll Nails

Your doll’s nails shouldn’t get dirty, unless you use his/her hands for sexual activities. But it’s a good idea to clean the nail area at least twice a week when you give your doll a thorough cleaning.

Most sex doll feature realistic nails, painted in the color of your choice. Therefore, when you are bathing or showering your sex doll, the nails should naturally come clean.

However, to make doubly sure those nails aren’t hiding anything icky, simply dip a cotton swab in a bit of soapy water and clean under the nails. Additionally, if any of the nails come off, you can clean the area, dry it well, and put the nail back in place with a small amount of nail or TPE glue.

Cleaning a Love Doll Wig

If your sex doll has a wig, you must clean it well at least once every couple of weeks. And although most wigs are synthetic hair, they are of extremely high quality and therefore, can be washed, dried and styled.

First off, if you kept all of your doll’s paperwork, there should be instructions on how to care for the wig. If not, here are some easy-to-follow tips on washing and drying.

To begin, if tending to a wig is not quite your thing, many hair salons offer wig services. So, call around to find one locally, and you’ll be able to drop it off for cleaning and styling.

But if you’d rather learn how to do it yourself, it’s not at all complicated. So, second, let’s talk about cleaning the wig yourself.

Wig Shampooing Steps

Remove the wig from your doll and place it in the sink with warm water to saturate the hair completely. Then, add a small amount of shampoo and gently work it through the hair.

Next, drain the water from the sink and rinse the wig well, with tepid water. Be sure the water runs clear and there are no soap suds left.

From here, you can add a little conditioner, work it through the strands and rinse. However, you can skip this step or find a leave-in conditioner, if you prefer.

Next, wrap the wig in an absorbent towel and gently squeeze the excess water from the hair. Then, place the wig on a wig stand so that you can comb it out and leave to dry.

Also, you can use a blow dryer, set on low, to dry the wig or even style it using curlers, a round brush or a curling iron.

Finally, in between washes, you can use a spray-on dry shampoo, which will refresh the doll’s wig and keep it soft and smelling lovely.

Sex Dolls with Rooted Hair

Sex dolls that have rooted hair are different from those with wigs. What that means is that you’ll have to wash the doll’s hair by removing his/her head, as not to get water on the neck bolt.

Once you have removed the head, lay it on the counter, next to the sink, with the hair in the sink. Next, run warm water over the hair until it is fully saturated.

Then, use a small amount of mild shampoo and gently work it into a lather. Since your doll doesn’t have a scalp that sweats, you simply want to get the hair strands clean.

Next, rinse the hair with cooler water, until it runs clear and there are no more suds. Then, wrap the hair in a towel and squeeze, until most of the water is absorbed.

Finally, comb, dry and style your doll’s hair as you wish. Just be sure and leave the doll’s head off of his/her body until the hair is completely dry.

But if you want to speed the process along, grab a blow dryer and dry those locks on a low setting.

How to Clean a Torso Sex Doll

Torso sex dolls and larger masturbators are definitely the way to go if you are considering purchasing a life-sized doll, at a later date. Besides, they are far less expensive.

But, how do you clean a torso sex doll? I will show you how!

First, my torso sex doll is the Fuck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator by Pipedream. And although this torso has an easy flush system, I am going to show you how to clean this sex doll completely.

After all, she is made from TPE, as are most life-sized sex dolls. Plus, TPE gets extremely dirty just from day-to-day handling.

How to Clean a Sex Doll Torso

How to clean a TPE torso, photo of torso

This is how to clean and flush a sex doll torso, if it happens to have a hole on the back, as mine does. If not, you can still follow these instructions to make sure your torso or large masturbator is properly flushed and clean.

Step One

How to clean a TPE torso, step one

Place your doll in the bathtub or a large sink, making sure there are no non-slip stickers on the bottom that can tear your masturbator’s skin. If that’s the case, place a towel down to protect it.

As you can see, my bathtub has those stickers, so I’ve placed a towel under the doll.

Step Two

Cleaning a sex doll torso, step two

Turn on the water and be sure the temperature is under 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so about the temperature you’d use for a baby or puppy. Then, either using the spigot or a handheld shower head, wet the vaginal and anal openings.

Step Three

How to clean a sex doll torso, step 3
Sex doll torso cleaning, step three picture 2

Place a few drops of sex toy cleanser (mine came with toy wash) or a mild, clear body wash or soap, inside both openings. Then, using your fingers or by manipulating the skin around the openings, work the cleanser into a lather.

Also, if your sex doll torso has a drainage hole on the backside, you can clean both openings that way.

Step Four

How to clean a torso, step four

Next, rinse both openings well, making sure there is no more soap or suds left behind.

Don’t forget to flip over the torso and rinse the backside as well.

Step Five

How to clean a sex doll torso step five

Now, to clean the rest of your sex doll torso or masturbator, simply wet the rest of it down and apply a clear soap or body wash. Then, wash thoroughly, using your hands, a soft washcloth or sponge.

Don’t forget to get in between the breasts and clean the backside too.

Step Six

How to clean a sex doll torso, step six
Pic two of step six, how to clean a sex doll torso

The final step in cleaning a sex doll torso, is to rinse it well to remove all of the soap. Then double check to make sure no suds have made their way back into the fun holes.

Now, your torso sex doll will be slippery, so be careful when removing it from the tub. Or, wrap it in a towel before lifting it.

Step Seven

How to clean a sex doll torso, step seven, photo1.
Step seven, photo 2

Once out of the tub, pat the outside of the torso dry with a soft towel. Then, use a small, dry washcloth to gently dry the inside of the vagina and anus.

Additionally, if you have a flushing hole on the backside of your torso, as I have, you can dry from the backside too.

Step Eight

How to clean a torso, step eight, photo 1
Step eight, photo 2

Once the torso is completely dry, you’ll need to apply renewal powder. Again, my torso came with a bottle of powder too.

However, if you don’t have any, you can replace it with cornstarch.

Lightly sprinkle the powder over the torso, including the genitals. Then, spread it out with a soft, cosmetic brush or a powder puff.

How to Clean a Sex Doll Torso: The Final Step

How to clean a TPE torso, the final step photo

What this does is keeps the TPE material feeling soft and silky, as it will remain sticky and damage easily if this step isn’t taken.

Finally, you can tuck your masturbator away till the next use.

Inflatable Sex Dolls and How to Clean Them

Learning how to clean an inflatable sex doll is extremely easy! Basically, all you need to do is wipe the doll down using a wet, warm washcloth with a mild soap.

Then rinse out the cloth and wipe off any soap residue, and dry with a soft towel. That’s because most inflatable sex dolls are made from PVC plastic, making these sex dolls easy to clean.

If Your Inflatable Doll Has a TPE Vagina

Camilla inflatable

If your inflatable sex doll has a vagina made from TPE or rubber, you’ll need to properly flush out that opening. Also, if he/she has a usable anus, you’ll have to flush it as well.

First, if you have an inflatable sex doll like Camilla, her vagina and anus are removable. Therefore, you’ll need to remove the insert, place it in the sink and wash with warm water, soap or a mild body wash.

Then rinse well, dry and place it back into your doll.

Second, if your inflatable sex doll does not have a removable insert, you’ll need to wash the vagina and anus by placing the doll in the bath or shower. Then, flush and wash both openings as described in the torso cleaning steps above.

How to Clean Plush Sex Dolls

Teddy Babe, Carly

Want to know how to clean a plush sex doll? I know, many of you probably didn’t even realize plush sex dolls existed!

And that’s okay, I didn’t either, until recently!

Teddy Babe sex doll Carly is 5’4” tall, has voluptuous breasts and a removable, usable vagina made from TPE. Plus, she is compatible with most handheld masturbators, so you can change them out for different levels of tightness and textures.

So, to clean a sex doll like Carly, you’ll need to wipe her down with a damp washcloth without any soap or cleansers. Additionally, you could use a gentle baby wipe.

Once her plush skin is dry, use a fine-bristled brush to smooth out her “skin”.

Now, to clean her vagina, simply remove it and wash it in a sink of warm water and mild soap. Then, be sure and rinse well and dry before placing it back in the doll.

Best yet, having the removable vagina allows for the use of spray and foam sex toy cleaners too! Then all you have to do is spray, rinse and dry!

Finally, Teddy Babe dolls do include wigs, so you can buy and try new looks. Therefore, if you want to learn how to wash a sex doll wig, you can follow those instructions from above.

Squeaky Clean and Ready for Fun

In conclusion, knowing how to clean a sex doll is the number one skill to know before you even purchase one. That way, you realize, in advance, what you’re getting yourself into.

So, whether you own a top-of-the-line, custom sex doll, a budget-friendly and beautiful Lovehoney sex doll, or have decided to start out by trying an affordable, lifelike torso sex doll or masturbator, you already know how to keep your investment squeaky clean and ready for fun!

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