Womanizer vs Satisfyer, Lelo, & We-Vibe

The brand that started it all! Womanizer revolutionised clit-focused pleasure with their air pleasure technology and are still one of the top clitoral suction stimulator brands, but how do they measure up to other popular products. Who will win in this Womanizer vs their top competitor in the battle for the best clit sucker!

Womanizer vs Satisfyer

Womanizer Classic vs Satisfyer Pro 2

Both the Womanizer Classic 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation are iconic sex toys that have made many a clit owner happy! But is the Womanizer Classic 2 paying almost double the price of the Satisfyer? Let’s find out!

The Vital Stats

FeaturesWomanizer Classic 2Satisfyer Pro 2
Suction power levels1011
Length 6.5  inches6.5 inches
Width1.8 inches1.5 inches
MaterialsABS, SiliconeABS, Silicone 
Battery life 3 hours30 minutes
Charge time2 hours1.5 hours
Price range$122 – $129 $58 – $70

Who’s the winner?

So maybe pitting the Satisfyer Pro 2 up against the Womanizer Classic 2, which is more than twice the price is a bit unfair, but it’s good to know if it’s worth splashing out the extra cash! In this case, I would say yes. While the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great sex toy — the sheer popularity of it tells us that, the Womanizer is a better product. Here are the main reasons the Womanizer Classic 2 is today’s winner:

  • Suction stimulation quality — The Womanizer Classic is more powerful and provides a deeper quality of stimulation that the Satisfyer can’t quite match.
  • Design — The signature teardrop shape of the Womanizer toys is also much more elegant and has a more luxurious feel.
  • Battery life — The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a pretty short battery life of just 30 minutes, whereas you get up to three hours of run time with the Womanizer Classic 2.
  • Two different size stimulation heads — The Womanizer Classic 2 comes with two different size heads, meaning you can find the best fit for your clit!

However! The Satisfyer Pro 2 is still a really great suction stimulator that delivers powerful clit-focussed stimulation. It’s also a great option if you have a bigger clitoris or prefer a wide silicone rim on the stimulation head.

We-Vibe vs Womanizer

We Vibe Melt vs Womanizer Premium 2

Two top-tier clitoral suction stimulators are going head to head this time and it’s going to be a close one! The Melt from We-Vibe is an app-enabled clit sucker, while the Womanizer Premium 2 is Womanizer’s deluxe model and comes with Autopilot and Smart Silence technology. How else do they compare?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesWe-Vibe MeltWomanizer Premium 2
Suction power levels12 + more in app14
Extra featuresApp-enabled for long distance play, custom settings and moreAutopilot & Smart Silence
Length5 inches6.1 inches
Width0.9 inches1.9 inches
Battery life Up to 2 hoursUp to 4 hours
Charge time1.5 hours2 hours
Price range$142 – $149$190 – $199

Who’s the winner?

Another close call here and I would say each toy shines in it’s own way! So rather than crowning a winner, I’ll break down some of the best features in each product and who they would be best suited to.

We-Vibe Melt

  • Best for partner play — The slim, curved shape of the We-Vibe melt is designed to be easier to use during partnered sex in different positions.
  • Best for long-distance sex — Unlike the Womanizer, the Melt has app capabilities, including long-distance control.
  • Best for intense stimulation — The Melt is stronger than the Womanizer on the lower settings so it’s best suited to people who like a bit more power from the get-go.

Womanizer Premium

  • Best range of intensities — The Womanizer Premium 2 has 14 intensity levels compared to the Melt’s 12 and starts out lower, which is great for people who prefer a more gentle start.
  • Longest battery life — The Womanizer Premium 2 has twice the battery life of the Melt.
  • Choice of stimulation head sizes — The Premium 2 comes with a small and medium stimulation heads and you can also buy a large from their website, so you have more choice in finding the right fit.

Womanizer vs Lelo

The Womanizer Premium 2 vs The Lelo Sona Cruise 2

So we’ve seen how the Premium 2 compares to the We-Vibe Melt, but how does it compare to Lelo’s top clitoral suction stimulator, the Sona 2 Cruise? The two offer slightly different sensations as well as some unique extra features, but which one would be best for you?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesWomanizer Premium 2Lelo Sona 2 Cruise
Suction settings14 (intensity only)12 modes (patterns)
Extra featuresAutopilot & Smart Silence Cruise Control
Length6.1 inches4.4 inches
Width1.9 inches2.1 inches
MaterialsSilicone Silicone
Battery life Up to 4 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2 hours2 hours
Price range$190 – $199$139 – $149

Who’s the winner?

I will preface this by saying that I absolutely love the Lelo Sona 2 and it was one of my favorites until I got the Sila, which I love even more. However, I am going to crown the Womanizer Premium 2 the winner of this sex toy slam down, as I think overall, it provides a little bit more and will suit a wider range of people.

  • Suction stimulation quality — The Womanizer Premium 2 has a greater range of intensities and more of a traditional air pulse sensation. In contrast, the Sona uses Sonic Wave technology which provides a fluttering stimulation, which I think feels incredible but might suit fewer people.
  • Battery life — The Womanzier Premium 2 has twice the battery of life the Sona 2 Cruise, giving it a much better orgasm/charge ratio.
  • Two different size stimulation heads — The Womanizer Classic 2 comes with two different size heads, meaning you can find the best fit for your clit! The Sona 2 Cruise has quite a small mouth, meaning it won’t be a good fit for larger clitorises.

Shegasm vs Womanizer

The Shegasm Clitoral Stimulator vs The Womanizer Pro40

The Shegasm and the Womanizer Pro40 are both available for under $100 dollars, with the Pro40 just a bit more expensive. Is it worth the extra cash?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesShegasmWomanizer Pro40
Suction settingsAdjustable speed
Length7 inches4.7 inches
Width2.1 inches1.8 inches
MaterialsSilicone Silicone
Battery life Up to 2 hours
Charge time2 hours
Price range $70 – $80$74 – $99

Who’s the winner?

The Womanizer Pro40 comes out victorious in the round! With only around $20 dollars between the two products, I think the Pro40 is well worth the extra. Here’s why:

  • Overall quality — The Womanizer Pro4 feels and looks like a higher-quality product that’s made to last.
  • Stimulation quality — The Womanizer focuses on air pulse technology and provides a better quality of stimulation, whereas the Shegasm has both suction and vibration but doesn’t quite deliver the same quality.

Womanizer Toy Differences

Womanizer have perfected their air pulse stimulators and in the process have brought out a range of products that look pretty similar on the surface, making it difficult to figure out which is the best for you.

Here’s how the Womanizer products measure up against each other.

Womanizer Duo vs InsideOut

The Womanizer Duo and InsideOut reimagine the classic rabbit vibrator, replacing the clit vibrator with powerful air pulse technology! The InsideOut is almost half the price but what are the key differences?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesWomanizer DuoInsideOut
Suction settings1212
Vibration settings1012
Extra featuresSmart Silence, vibration patternsNone
Insertable Length5 inches4.5 inches
Diameter1.4 inches1.1 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABSSilicone, ABS
Battery life Up to 2 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2 hours2 hours
Price range$219$129.00

Who’s the winner? So as you’d expect the Duo, which is more expensive, offers some extra features and updates that make it the better product here.

However the InsideOut is still a really great dual stimulator and is a fantastic option if you are on a budget!

Here are the extra features you can enjoy in the duo:

  • The Duo has a longer and more bulbous g-spot arm, making it easier to get intense g-spot stimulation.
  • The internal arm on the Duo has stronger vibrations and different vibration patterns.
  • The Duo features Womanizer’s Smart Silence Technology, which stops the vibration and suction unless the toy is contact with your body.

Womanizer Premium 2 vs Liberty

How does the Womanizer’s budget and travel-friendly option, the Womanizer Liberty, compare to the top tier Premium 2?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesWomanizer Premium 2Womanizer Liberty
Suction settings14 6
Extra featuresAutopilot & Smart Silence Travel cover
Length6.1 inches4.1 inches
Width1.9 inches1.9 inches
MaterialsSilicone Silicone, ABS
Battery life Up to 4 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2 hours1 hours
Price range$190 – $199$94 — $99

Who’s the winner?

So this is a bit of an unfair battle considering the vast difference in price. Of course, the Premium 2 offers more functions, but it’s also a lot more expensive. So rather than a winner, let’s look at the key differences between the two:

  • Stimulation settings — The Premium 2 has a greater range of intensities with 14 to the Liberty’s 6.
  • Power — The suction stimulation is more powerful on the Premium 2.
  • Smart Silence — The Premium 2 features Smart Silence technology that switches the toy into stand-by mode when it’s not in contact with your body.
  • Battery life — The Liberty has half the battery life of the The Premium 2.
  • Size — The Premium 2 is two inches longer than the Liberty.
  • Case — The Liberty comes with it’s own case that keeps the toy clean and is great for traveling!

So overall, the Premium 2 is the better performing of the two, but if you want a less intense clitoral suction toy, you are on a budget or you want a toy for traveling, the Liberty could be the better option!

Other Womanizer FAQs

Womanizer vs Magic Wand — Which one should I buy?

Womanizer premium review
magic wand vibrator rechargable review

While they are both powerful clitoral stimulators, these are two different types of product.

The Magic Wand is a wand style vibrator that delivers powerful, broad stimulation. It is mostly used for clitoral stimulation but can also be used a massager all over the body. This is a great toy if love VERY powerful clitoral vibrations!

Womanizer products, on the other hand, use pulses of air to provide indirect clitoral stimulation, which allows you to experience powerful stimulation without numbing out your clitoris!

Fiera vs Womanizer

Rather than being a toy designed for delivering orgasms, the Fiera was a suction device designed to increase sensitivity by increasing blood flow to the clitoris. The product is no longer in production, but if want to explore the benefits of increased sensitivity, there are lots of great pussy pumps out there!

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