DIY Sex Doll Homemade Sex Doll

DIY Sex Doll: How to Build a Homemade Sex Doll on the Cheap!

You can build a DIY sex doll and save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a sex doll!

And I’m going to show you how to build that homemade sex doll, including breaking down the supplies you need as well as showing you where you can pick them up for cheap if you don’t already have them lying around the house.

Knowing how to create your very own, DIY sex doll – on the cheap – is perfect for those of you on a budget and who happen to be handy and a wee bit creative.

This way, you can build a life-size sex doll, concentrating on the physical aspects that are most important to you, without breaking the bank.

How to Build a Full-Sized DIY Sex Doll from Scratch

In researching the subject of homemade sex dolls, I found very few how-to pages. The DIY sex doll pages I did find either showed a Frankenstein-looking creation someone else designed and created, or offered a scaled-down version of a sex doll made from men’s underwear.

Do you really want solo sexy time with your own underwear?!

Therefore, since I have already done some pretty successful sex toy DIYs, I couldn’t wait to do a DIY sex doll post! After all, I have experience playing with dolls and I used to build life-size Halloween dolls every year using clothing, newspaper, belts, rope, and tape! So, helping you build your own homemade sex doll is going to be fun and easy!

I will be adding step-by-step photos of my DIY sex doll after the first of the year. But, for now, each step will be as descriptive as possible in order to make it easy for you to build your homemade lover! Below, you will find 3 types of DIY sex dolls you can build, each one at a different price point. Just find the doll that best suits your budget and create away….

… And don’t forget to send me photos of your finished doll! (By herself, please, I’m not a porn hub- LOL)

1. Life-Size DIY Sex Doll

Estimated cost $231.00*

This cost reflects everything needed to create the doll, including things you may already have at home like pillows, tape, safety pins etc. However, it does not include the cost of towels. If you’d like to purchase new towels for this DIY sex doll project, you’ll need 2 sets. You can find full sets for as little as $23.99 per set like the ones here. Shop around, you may find them cheaper!

*Prices reflect the date of writing – 10-16-2021 – and are subject to change.

What You Need:

DIY sex doll catsuit
  • Zipper catsuit: This is important as it will hold your doll together beautifully and give her shape.
  • 1 king-size bed pillow: If you don’t have one, try this one.
  • 1 round toss pillow like the one shown here. You can also use a square pillow (instructions below)
  • Belt or rope
  • 4-6 hand towels
  • 4-6 bath towels
  • Extra-large safety pins like the large, strong ones shown here
  • Potato chip can
  • Breast set with bra like this one, price depends on the size breasts you choose.
  • Left and right hands or try this set for an upgrade
  • Set of feet like these or you can upgrade to a set like this
  • Beauty practice head with hair
  • Flex Tape or a comparable brand
  • Strong (not cheap) duct tape
  • Pocket Pussy Masturbator – this 3-piece set is perfect


DIY sex doll 3-piece masturbator set

Step 1: Attaching the Genitals

Let’s start by building the most important parts of your DIY sex doll first – the genitals. Whether you have 1 pocket pussy or the set of 3 self-wetting masturbators I suggested, it basically operates in the same manner.

First, open up the seam on the bottom of the king-size pillow. Push the stuffing around to make room for the potato chip can. Next, slide the chip can inside and fluff the pillow so the stuffing holds the can in place. Use some flex tape (or a comparable brand) to hold the can in the pillow, flush with the seam.

This allows for you to place your masturbator inside the can and remove it, as needed, for cleaning. Want to save some money on that pocket pussy? Click here and make your own from things around the house!

Step 2: Building Her Bum

DIT sex doll pillow for bottom

For this step, you will be doing the same thing, but using the smaller, round toss pillow. For the booty compartment, you can either use a chip can, cardboard paper towel roller or, to make the orifice tighter, place the bottom stroker directly inside the pillow. You do this by cutting the bottom seam of the pillow. Using your fingers, push the filling to each side until you have a hole just big enough to hold the butt-masturbator.

If you only have square toss pillows, that’s okay too! To give your pillow a rounder appearance, take your finger and poke in each corner of the pillow. Use a small piece of flex tape to hold that shape.

If you prefer just to have the vagina, you can skip this step entirely.

Step 3: Holding Her Torso Together

DIY sex doll extra-large safety pin

Using the large, safety pins, attach the smaller pillow to the bottom of the king-size pillow and flip it over so the smaller pillow is on the underside of the larger pillow. The catsuit will hold everything together, However, pinning the butt to the torso helps keep it from sliding out if place. Next, take a belt or piece of rope and tie it around the center of the larger pillow, above the smaller one. This creates a waistline for your homemade sex doll.

Step 4: Putting the Breasts on Your DIY Sex Doll

DIY sex doll realistic breasts

Now, take the breasts – which are attached to a transparent bra – and place them around the top of the king-size pillow, hooking the bra in the back and adjusting the shoulder straps so they grip the top of the pillow. You can use flex tape or smaller safety pins to hold the straps in place, if you choose. However, the catsuit should hold everything in place!

Step 5: Creating Arms and Legs that Bend

Homemade sex doll rolled towel

For this step, you will be creating arms and legs for your homemade sex doll. You’ll obviously want to use thicker towels for the thighs than you’ll use for the arms and lower legs. So, experiment with different thicknesses and sizes of towels like beach towels, fluffy bath towels, etc.


Take your 2 hand towels and roll them short ways. Next, roll your kitchen towels long ways. The hand towels, which should be thicker will be the upper arm and the kitchen towels will be your sex doll’s forearms. Once rolled, place tape around the top and bottom of the towels in order to keep them from unrolling. You should still be able to access the bottom of the towels in order to place the hands inside. Set them aside.


You will be doing the same thing with the bath towels to create the legs for your homemade sex doll. Roll the 4 towels tightly, with the towels for the upper legs being thicker. Place tape around each roll to keep them from coming apart – just don’t apply the tape too tightly as it will change the shape of the doll’s legs. And again, be sure you can still access the ends of the towels (bottom of the legs) so you can attach the feet.

Step 6: Let’s Start Building Your Homemade Sex Doll

Now you are going to start building your DIY sex doll. Remember, these instructions aren’t set in stone! So, if you get a brilliant idea for making your doll look better, feel free to change things up! But don’t forget to write in and share! I may add your idea to this DIY!


Take the catsuit and lay it out on a large surface so it’s easier to work with. Unzip the catsuit so you have better access to the arm and leg holes. First, take your shorter, hand towels and slide them into the upper sleeves of the catsuit. If you’re having trouble, consider adding more tape to allow it to slide in more easily. Now, shape the towel by squeezing and adjusting it.

Next, take the kitchen towel and push it through the sleeve at the wrist opening. Repeat the process on the other arm. The 2 towels being separate gives your DIY sex doll arms that bend.


Next, you’ll be putting in your doll’s legs. Take the thicker towels and slide them down the left and right leg holes through the body of the catsuit. Once in place, take the thinner towels and slide them through the ankle opening on each leg. Since the leg holes are usually pretty tight, you may have to cut a slit along the seam to make insertion easier. You can always use the black flex tape to close it up later.

Now, you should have two legs that bend at the knee! Be sure and squeeze and adjust the towels so that they look less bumpy. You can also add more tape around the towels to give them more shape.

Step 7: Tucking It in

Next, take the pillows you assembled earlier and place them on the upper part of the catsuit, with the smaller pillow facing the back of the suit. Tuck the pillows into the suit – into the arm and leg areas too. Now, begin zipping the suit up little by little, tucking the pillows in and shaping them as you go. This particular catsuit was chosen specifically because of its fabric, shape and easy access, so it will be tight.

Remember, use that duct tape to create shape where you need it!

Step 8: Attaching Hands to Your DIY Sex Doll

DIY sex doll hand

For this step, you’ll be attaching the hands. Roll the doll’s left sleeve up a bit, revealing the end of the rolled towel. Take the left hand and put it inside the end of the towel. Tape it firmly in place using the flex tape. Now, roll the sleeve back down. Alternatively, you can roll the sleeve down and, using the black, flex tape, place a layer there to hold the hand in place more firmly. The tape should blend into the catsuit perfectly, looking like a fashionable cuff.

Now, repeat these steps on the right hand.

Step 8: Attaching Her Pretty Feet

DIY sex doll fake feet

Next, you’ll be putting the feet on your DIY sex doll. Roll the right pant leg up a little, exposing a few inches of the towel. Take the right foot and work it up into the rolled towel. Secure it in place using the flex tape. Alternatively, as with the hands, you can roll the pant leg back down and secure the leg opening with flex tape.

Repeat the process on the left foot.

Since the feet weigh a bit more than the doll’s legs, your homemade sex doll should be able to hold some positions with her legs spread and her knees bent.

Step 9: Ready for a Little Head?

DIY sex doll head with hair

To complete your life-size DIY sex doll, it’s time to put on her head! But before we do that, you can customize the head to accommodate a mouth masturbator. Keep in mind though, it may change the look of her face a bit. If you’d prefer to have a pretty face and kissable lips, you can skip this part.

However, if you want a choice of fun holes to use, continue on!

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut a slit between the doll’s upper and lower lips. Carefully cut a tunnel into the head, making sure it’s large enough to fit a mouth masturbator while still giving you a nice, tight feel. Or, you can simply put on a condom or line the hole you created with a plastic bag or medical glove.

Then, simply pull it out and dispose of it when you’re finished – leaving your sex doll’s face looking as beautiful as always! If using a mouth-shaped masturbator, you can pull it out, clean it and store it till next time.

Attach the Head

Unzip the top of the catsuit, revealing the king-size pillow. Carefully cut a hole in the top seam and, using your fingers, create a hole in which the neck of the doll’s head will fit. Work the neck into the hole then pull the stuffing back around the neck. Secure the neck in place using flex tape. (For this part, you can use clear flex tape or I’ll show you a way to cover the tape with “skin” in the tips below).

Zip the catsuit up completely. It should look somewhat like a turtleneck. Carefully turn your doll over, onto her stomach. Move her hair out of the way and secure the head to the back collar of the catsuit using flex tape. If necessary – and to give your homemade sex doll more upper body support, tape a dowel rod, metal rod or length of PVC pipe to the back of her neck and the back of the catsuit.

Not only will it keep her upper body from being floppy, it will give you something to grip if you’re doing her doggy-style!

Using Your Full-Size Homemade Sex Doll

DIY sex doll catsuit zipper bottom

I designed this DIY sex doll for easy access and easy cleaning! Simply use the crotch zipper to reveal her vagina and bum masturbators! And, if you use the chip can to hold your masturbator, it will be easy to remove, wash, and return to its place.

Another way to play with your homemade sex doll is to unzip the top zipper to reveal her breasts. Squeeze them together and stroke away!

If you create a mouth hole, it will be easy to slip in your mouth-shaped sleeve and remove it when finished!

You can also bend her hands into a nice, tight little fist and have her give you a hand job! And, if you love pretty feet, slater those tootsies in lube, hold them together and enjoy!

Finally, since your homemade sex doll doesn’t have a skeleton, she won’t be able to hold a lot of sex positions. However, throw her over the arm of a chair, hold her on your lap while you’re seated, do her doggy style or missionary with her legs over your shoulders!

Tips to Customize Your Full-Size DIY Sex Doll

DIY sex doll upgraded feet

Do you want to make your life-size, homemade sex doll even better? There are several ways to upgrade your DIY playmate, making her more realistic looking and feeling! It all depends on how much you want to spend!

  • Upgrade her feet with a realistic set! Here is a pair that looks incredibly real and is extremely affordable.
  • You can also find hands that look incredibly real for just a bit more than the ones I suggested.
  • Speaking of hands and feet, since these are appendages used for tattooing and cosmetology, you can add artificial finger and toenails and paint them any color you like!
  • Add a pair of shoes to your homemade sex doll to help her hold positions better.
DIY sex doll Fleshlight
  • Change out her genitals! You can go with a lesser expensive pocket pussy or one that comes with it’s own outer case like the shower stroker for $5 more. Or get the best available and splurge on a Fleshlight!
  • If you want your DIY sex doll to be poseable, simply place bendable rods inside the towels of the arms and legs. You can also build a PVC pipe “skeleton”, making the head, hands and feet easier to attach.
  • To make your doll’s chest look more uniform or even build her a fleshy butt, glue some tattoo skin down for a realistic look and feel! Buy those here in a package of 20.
  • If you want to spend a little more, you can give her a realistic chest or even a stunning and functional head!
  • Want a completely realistic bottom half? You can purchase a complete tummy, bottom, vagina and legs-for-days made from luxurious TPE by going here.
  • Or, if you’d rather have the top with a beautiful face, bouncy breasts, arms and all of the naughty bits too, you can for under a grand!

If you think it takes too long time to make your own sex doll. You can buy a cheap full size one here.

2. Homemade Sex Doll Torso and Naughty Bits

Homemade sex doll using a torso

Estimated cost: $429.95

This estimate does not include towels as most people have them at home. Prices correct as of 10-17-2021

What You Need:

Step 1: Creating Arms

Homemade sex doll rolled towel for upper arms

You will be creating arms by rolling the hand towels tightly. Experiment with lengths and thicknesses and remember, the upper arm should be slightly thicker that the forearms. For more detailed instructions, follow the steps for the full-size sex doll above. Once you have them rolled and taped to hold the towels closed, set them aside.

Step 2: Creating Legs

Using your bath or beach towels, roll the towels tightly, long ways or short ways, depending how long you want your doll’s legs to be. The upper legs – thighs – should be thicker than the lower legs. To give your sex doll’s legs more shape, use a strong duct tape to create contour. This will also help hold the towel rolls together. Set all 4 pieces aside.

Step 3: Pulling Your Realistic Torso DIY Sex Doll Together

Find a large, flat area on which to work. Unzip the catsuit as far down as it can go. This will give you more room to work while building her arms and legs. Next, follow the steps above to create the arms of your homemade sex doll.

Then, follow these directions to build your sex doll’s legs. The arms and legs of your DIY sex doll should bend easily since they are all 2 pieces each.


DIY sex doll best tape for construction

Lift the sex doll’s torso and place it on the catsuit. Using the Flex Tape, attach the upper leg towels to the torso using 6” long strips, placed vertically. This will allow your doll to bend where she should.

Next, do the same thing to the arm towels, attaching them using 6” strips of Flex Tape, placed vertically  to allow for more natural movement.

Now that the arms and legs are attached, carefully begin zipping the catsuit closed. Pull and stretch the fabric, from the back, as you go. This catsuit is supposed to be very tight and hug her every curve. If the torso is sticky at all, use the restoration powder (included when you buy the torso) or apply household corn starch to make the skin softer.

Step 4: Attaching the Head

Measure the circumference of the rebar or dowel you are using. Then, using a drill bit one size smaller, drill or cut a hole in the torso, where the neck should be. Go slow! You don’t want to ruin your sex doll’s beautiful finish! Next, do the same to your doll’s head, but using a bit the same size as the rebar or dowel.

Using a water-based lubricant, coat the bottom of the rod and slide it into the doll’s torso, leaving enough of it exposed to attach the head. Slide the head on to the rod so it meets the doll’s torso. Lifting the doll’s hair out of the way, place a piece of Flex Tape around the neck. You can use the clear tape if you want it to be less noticeable. However, the black tape will look like a sexy choker or dog collar.

Step 5: Placing the Hands on Your DIY Sex Doll

Roll each sleeve up, at the opening to expose a couple inches of the towel. Now, follow these steps to attach her hands using the Flex Tape.

Step 6: Attaching Your Sex Doll’s Feet

Next, roll each pant leg up to expose a few inches of the towels. Be sure and match the left and right feet to the proper leg! Then, follow these steps to attach those pretty feet to your sex doll.

Customizing The Torso DIY Sex Doll

DIY sex doll upgraded hands

Depending on how much you want to spend in making your sex doll the perfect playmate, here are some upgrades that will make your doll look even more realistic!

  • Build your sex doll a skeleton by using rebar, dowels or PVC pipe inside of the rolled towels.
  • There are higher-quality, more realistic hands and feet available for roughly $30 more per set.
  • Buy sets of finger and toenails that are pre-designed and painted. Attach using nail glue.
  • Add some temporary tattoos to her torso, hands or feet.
  • Glue spikes, snaps or craft jewels to her choker (Flex tape) so it looks more like jewelry.
  • Since her head is made for cosmetology training, you can put make-up on her face and do her hair any way you choose!

Caring for Your Real Feel Torso Homemade Sex Doll

Your DIY sex doll will be a bit more difficult to clean. However, it can be done! Here are the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your sex doll clean and soft.

After Sex

DIY sex doll irrigator for after use

After enjoying sex with you doll, you will want to flush her vagina and butt. To do this, you will need a simple douche bulb (under $20 at most sex toy shops). Mix your sex toy cleanser or soap and warm water together and fill the douche.

Unzip your sex doll’s catsuit bottom, exposing her vagina and bottom holes. Spread her legs and place a folded towel underneath to catch the water. Alternatively, you can pull her to the edge of the bed and place a bucket under her or hold her bottom half over the bathtub.

Next, reach under her catsuit and around her back to locate the cleaning hole. Place the douche nozzle into the hole and squeeze the cleaning solution in. Repeat a few times to be sure she’s completely flushed out. Leave her legs spread and a small towel under her back for several hours till she’s dry. You can also use a blow dryer, set on low, to dry her holes more quickly.

If you’d like to avoid cleaning altogether, simply wear a condom or place a female condom or medical glove inside her openings and throw them away when finished.

Maintaining Your Sex Doll’s Skin

The Fantasy Flesh from which your doll’s torso is made can become sticky and dirty as it is porous and absorbs oils from your hands and body. Therefore, you’ll need to clean her from time to time. To do this, use a sex toy wipe or a wash cloth and warm, soapy water. Gently clean the torso. Then, pat the skin dry and use restoration powder or cornstarch to keep her skin soft and supple.


3. Easy Deluxe Poseable DIY Sex Doll

DIY sex doll using medical doll

Estimated cost $353.50

This price is good as of 10-17-2021 and includes a complete doll, vagina, silicone breasts and wig. This sex doll is extremely easy to make and is inexpensive, compared to ready-made sex dolls. This DIY sex doll takes minimal skills to create as well as having fewer parts to assemble. Plus, this DIY sex doll can be bathed, sits up unsupported and can be placed in positions other homemade sex dolls cannot.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Adding the Breasts

Wipe down and thoroughly dry your doll’s chest. Once dry, take the adhesive, silicone breasts and remove the backing. Carefully place each breast on the doll’s chest, making sure they are secure and won’t fall off.

Step 2: Adding the Pocket Pussy

Homemade sex doll genital area

This medical mannequin has a partial vagina which is used for catheterizing practice. So, if you get off on BDSM sounding, you can play with your new homemade sex doll that way too! But in order to have sex with your doll, you’ll need to make a slit to accommodate a pocket pussy. Simply use a box cutter or sharp knife and cut a slit below the catheter hole (urethra) and slide your pocket pussy inside.

Just be sure the slit it large enough to fit the pocket pussy while still being small enough to hold it tightly in place. In addition, pocket pussies with holders, like the one suggested above, stay in place better as well as giving you a more realistic lay.

Add Hair to Your Homemade Sex Doll

DIY sex doll wig

This mannequin isn’t the most attractive looking sex doll in the world, but it sure looks better than those older, scary, inflatable dolls! Take the wig you chose and attach it to the mannequin’s head using wig pins. That will allow you to change the wigs as you wish and give your doll a whole new look. However, you can also use multi-purpose glue to attach the wig to her head permanently.

Customize Your Poseable Sex Doll

There are other things you can do to make your sex doll look and feel more realistic! Be creative!

Can’t Build a DIY Sex Doll? Buy One!

Okay, I get it. Not everyone has time to build a sex doll nor is everyone crafty or mechanically inclined. But not everyone can afford a full-fledged sex doll. Although sex dolls are expensive – and well worth the investment – there are ways to finance a beautiful sex doll (see more below). However, there are more cost-effective ways to have the more realistic sex you crave without breaking the bank!


DIY sex doll alternatives

Masturbators are a big, step up from handheld pocket pussies and Fleshlights. Plus, they are a great alternative to buying an expensive sex doll or building a homemade sex doll. What makes them better than handheld strokers is that they are heavy and are used by laying them down on a flat surface or sex pillow.

They start out with very basic models that feature both a vagina and ass masturbators you can penetrate. From there, you can get bigger and better models, including a automatic masturbator by Thrust that is interactive, making pleasure sounds and talking dirty as you give her all you’ve got.

Torso Sex Dolls

Torso sex dolls, like the one above, are the in-between price point that many people find a bit more affordable. Torsos include natural, bouncy breasts to squeeze and make love to, as well as realistic holes you can bang all night long. If you’d like to step up from the torso itself, some sex doll companies offer torsos with heads and arms for roughly half the price of a full-size sex doll.

Blow-Up Sex Dolls; New and Improved!

DIY sex doll showing alternative inflatable sex doll

Although you can still buy those cheap, inflatable sex dolls with the forever-frightened look on their plastic faces, many inflatable sex dolls have been upgraded. For instance, some inflatable sex dolls have realistic, squeezable breasts and upgraded vaginas while some are made in the doggy-style position. Blow-up sex dolls are far less expensive than full-on sex dolls and even DIY sex dolls!

However, like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” But if you just want to experiment with a full-sized love doll before making a big, cash investment, an inflatable sex doll may be the perfect starting point.

Full-Sized Realistic Sex Dolls

DIY sex doll realistic custom doll as an alternative

Full-sized, realistic sex dolls are the top of the food chain when it comes to sex toys for men and women. From their perfect faces and hair to bodies that not only look real, but feel real too, sex dolls have come a long, long way. However, all of that perfection comes with a steep price tag. The vast majority of sex dolls run about $2,000, like this one from Lovehoney or this one from AiniDoll.

However, if you order a playmate from a sex doll company like Real Doll, oftentimes you can find sales, with premium sex dolls starting at around $1,300. But the best part of shopping for sex dolls at a sex doll retailer is that their selection is out of this world. There are literally dolls for every taste! For example, if you fancy curvy women, they make them!

There are sex dolls made of rubber or TPE sex dolls as well as fantasy sex dolls like anime characters, sci-fi characters and even super heroes like Wonder Woman. But the best advantage to ordering from a sex doll specific website is that you can customize nearly every doll they carry. You can change the breast size, eye or hair color and so much more.

Sure, it may cost more, but to build and design your perfect playmate is a dream come true!

If you’re interested in a full-sized realistic sex doll but don’t want to spend time creating your own. Then we suggest that you take a look at this one or this one from mywonderdoll.

How to Finance a Sex Doll

I know, I know…. Sex dolls are ridiculously expensive.

But, if you want one badly enough and just aren’t the DIY sex doll type, there are ways you can own a sex doll without having all of the cash up front.

For instance, most sex doll retailers accept major credit cards. That way, you can break your payments up over time.

Another way to pay for a custom sex doll is by using the website’s preferred payment plan. Take, for example, Silicon Wives.

They offer Klarna payments, with approved credit, which allows you to break up your payment over a specified amount of time. Plus, they accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Therefore, if you want to own a beautiful sex doll badly enough, there are several ways to make that dream a reality.

Owning Your Sex Doll

There are so many benefits to owning a sex doll. You can have realistic sex anytime, 24-7 without the worries of dating, small talk, or foreplay. But not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line, factory-made sex doll. If that’s the case, all it takes it a little bit of cash, some things from around the house, and some do-it-yourself skills and you can create a DIY sex doll.

So, if you follow any of our homemade sex doll tutorials, please don’t hesitate to email us and share your creation! And, if you have any tips you’d like to share, get in touch with us any time.

If you’re not interested in making your doll but just want to buy it we recommend that you look here. If you’re not interested in sex dolls but just want a nice masturbator experience then buy this product.

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