Tantaly Review: An In-Depth Look

If you’ve ever looked around for a sex doll torso before, chances are, you’ve heard of Tantaly.

I’ve personally bought and used their dolls before, and the overall quality left me quite impressed!

Still, if you wanted to know more about the sex doll company behind Tantaly.com, before giving them your hard-earned cash.

Well, then this Tantaly review is exactly what you need to read!

I’ll be covering all of the important aspects:

  • the products they offer
  • their prices compared to competitors and to the level of service you can expect
  • the reviews they’ve received online, as an addon for my opinion.

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The real question, though:

Is Tantaly.com legit?

Yes, Tantaly is definitely legit as they ship real, high-quality sex dolls.

Here’s more on why…

Is Tantaly.com legit?

A website is merely a front for a company, so let’s start off this Tantaly review by looking at the company itself. Sure, they offer many enticing products such as the curvy Rosie doll, but what credentials do they actually have?

Well, a quick Tantaly.com review of their website shows that Tantaly—which is part of Ruhot Technology Inc—is registered in the United States but manufactures its dolls in China. 

Which manufacturers the company uses isn’t disclosed, as they keep this hidden “in order to prevent vicious competition from other manufacturers”. However, it appears that this information is available upon request via customer service.

Without looking, this may sound a bit sketchy. However, as a consumer, it actually looks quite promising when you dig a bit deeper, as it provides that Tantaly is registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

They’re also registered with a number of other regulatory agencies around the globe and have had their products featured in both XBIZ and Men’s Health. They’re even a verified and authorized sex doll vendor on The Doll Forum.

As Tantaly puts it, “You Deserve Better”. These various trackable mentions, registrations, and features show that Tantaly is a well-known brand around the globe. 

The proof of quality is in the customer reviews (but we’ll get to those later on).

Tantaly Review: Who Is It For?

Unlike other companies that sell full-sized sex dolls, Tantaly aims to provide consumers with high-quality torso dolls, and torso dolls alone. They do not sell any full-sized sex dolls.

From this, we can deduce that Tantaly targets customers who want the experience of a full-sized sex doll but lack the space, time, or funds to care for one.

Tantaly Review of the Products

No Tantaly review would be complete without going over their products! Currently, Tantaly has 19 unique dolls for sale, ranging in price and size.

Although the company does offer a small variety of other products (including lubricants, lingerie, and cleaning kits), its main offering is its sex dolls. As such, we’ll be focusing on those!

Tantaly dolls are all made from high-quality TPE that’s soft to the touch and highly stimulating during use.

Prices listed are current as of 07/02/2023. Prices subject to change.

Torso dolls

These dolls vary quite a bit, but they all feature relatively the same parts: breasts, a torso, a vagina, and an anus. You can check out our Tantaly Britney review for an idea of the quality you get with the torso dolls!

The Tantaly lineup covers a range of body sizes and shapes. While they don’t have many proportionally small/average-breasted dolls, they do have many dolls with larger breasts.

The advantage of these dolls is that they can be used in a wide variety of poses. Some dolls even feature internal spines, which make keeping your doll positioned an easy task!

NamePriceWeight (lbs.)
Candice$409.99 – $429.9941.8
Aurora 2.0$719.9954
Monroe$818.99 – $949.9968.34

Ass dolls

These dolls feature an ass, the beginning of a torso, and two leg stumps. Like the sex doll torsos, they’re offered in various sizes ranging from portable to probably-gonna-stay-at-home.

You can check out our Tantaly Rosie review if you’d like to learn more!

NamePriceWeight (lbs.)

Dolls with Penises

Currently, Tantaly only offers two dolls that have penises: a trans sex doll named Sarina and a male sex doll called Channing. Each of these dolls features a full torso, partial legs, a usable anus, and a large penis.

NamePriceWeight (lbs.)

Key Takeaways

Tantaly offers a good selection of dolls across various price points in numerous styles. That said, they are somewhat lacking when it comes to smaller-breasted dolls, dolls with penises, and skin tone options.

Tantaly Review: Placing an Order

The next part of this Tantaly review involves taking a look at the process of placing an order. While many online sex stores have yet to modernize their websites, Tantaly has thankfully created a beautiful, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate website.

You’ll have instant access to everything you need to know, including their product lineup, new arrivals, best-selling products, and more.

After browsing around a bit, you can easily finalize your order by filling out the shipment and payment information. Currently, Tantaly accepts a variety of payment methods including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Klarna
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

If you prefer to order from Amazon instead, you can here. As with any Amazon purchase, ensure you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer before placing an order (to avoid receiving a fake product).

Discreet Shipping: Yay or Nay?

We’ll get to that in a second, but first, let’s talk about shipping costs. The good news? There usually aren’t any (at least, not in the US, EU, or Canada).

Unfortunately, you will need to pay $200 for packages shipped to either Hawaii or Alaska. However, for everyone else, shipping is free.

This is true for orders sent via the website and appears to apply to most—if not all—products offered through Amazon as well.

The packages themselves are sent via either USPS, UPS, or FedEx. The shipping time of Tantaly.com will vary, depending on your current location. You will generally receive a tracking number within 48 hours of placing an order, although it may take up to 72 hours in some cases.

Now, to answer the question you’ve probably had the entire time you’ve been reading this Tantaly review…

Is shipping from Tantaly.com discreet, or will your neighbors notice?

Tantaly claims that they do, in fact, offer discreet shipping! Having received my own Britney in the non-descript plain box they mention, I can confirm this is correct!

You can expect your order to arrive safely at your house in a plain brown box, which is custom-made for durability and is double-wrapped to ensure nothing falls out. 

Tantaly also does a great job at safely packing their dolls inside the retail boxes, which practically eliminates the chance of your order being damaged during shipment.

What is the warehouse location of Tantaly.com?

The exact warehouse location of Tantaly.com hasn’t been disclosed. However, the company currently has two warehouses in the United States: one in Kentucky servicing the East coast, and one in California servicing the West Coast.

Customer Support

The company doesn’t have a telephone number listed, but they do provide customer service emails for the various regions they serve. You can expect a response within 24 hours on business days, and within 48 hours on weekends/holidays.

RegionCustomer Service
United Statesservice@tantaly.com

My Tantaly Review Summary

Providing top-tier products, excellent packaging, reasonable prices, and a wide variety of options, my Tantaly review is almost 100% positive. While they could afford to slightly expand their offerings, I really feel like I’m nitpicking here.

Although these dolls are definitely more expensive than the generic ones you can find on Amazon, they’re also much higher quality and backed by a company that actually takes pride in its products.

Sure, you could take a risk and get lucky, but you also might not. Why risk it when you could spend a bit more to get a high-quality product that’s sure to give you the sexually satisfying experience you’ve been searching for?

Is Tantaly a legit website? You can rest assured that they are! Whether you’re shopping alone for yourself or with your partner for some threesome action, I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever Tantaly doll you decide to get.

Click here to check out their latest offerings, or head over to our Tantaly review page for our thoughts on some of their best dolls.

A Few Customer Reviews

Britney: 28.6LB Big Boobs Sex Doll Male Masturbator

  • “I love this sex doll.I call her my lady and I take her out sometimes. Her breasts were big and vivid. The inside of her vagina and anus are very realistic.I love licking and playing with my doll, and I want to have sex with it all the time. But I find it inconvenient to clean and need patience. However, it is very suitable for dressing up and I feel good to use it.” (Ethan, 06/15/2022)

Aurora 2.0: 54LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

  • “Aurora is so satisfying. I was very excited to purchase this, but no amount of anticipation prepared me for it. The Aurora sex torso is a masterpiece. The skin is soft and sensual and the size is lifelike. I’m so impressed with the quality of this doll. My time with this sex torso has been so enjoyable. Happy masturbation everyone!” (Ryan, 06/18/2022)

Channing: 33.07LB Male Torso Sex Doll Threesome

  • “Handsome dude. He has a nice color, I have the tan version. He’s a heavy boy but managable. He’s dick keeps twisting over the internal road inside. The internal texture is nice like my Dita. Made practicing riding easier. Only negative is I wish he was made of silicone so he’d be safer to use, I needed to buy special codoms to keep me and the doll safe, which are a bit expensive.” (Anonymous, 03/05/2023)

The Tantaly Toys We’ve Tested So Far


Weighing just under 30 pounds, presenting large, bouncy breasts, and equipped with a flexible skeleton for easy positioning, Britney is the perfect first-timer sex doll torso!


Easy to clean, realistically molded, and packing a 7-inch-long penis, Channing is the male sex doll torso you’ve been desperately searching to find!


Equipped with an interchangeable vagina, weighing less than 20 pounds, and detailed despite its small size, Mia is a great doll to pick up when you’re looking to upgrade from a Fleshlight!


With large round buns, a weight that’s perfect for stamina training, and obviously designed with rear-entry lovers in mind, Rosie is the doggy style sex doll you didn’t know you needed.

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