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Esther Perel Masterclass Reviewed

I took renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel’s MasterClass, so I could share all the details with you!

I would consider myself pretty well-read in psychology and relationships, so I was a bit skeptical about how much I could learn from a 3-hour course. However, I was very happily surprised!

Not only did I come away with some new and valuable information, but I also gained new perspectives and a deeper understanding of some things I already knew. I was also really impressed with just how incredibly skilled and compelling Esther Perel is and her ability to convey a lot of meaning in such a short course!

Read on to find out what the Relational Intelligence course is all about and how it can help you create the relationships you really desire!

Here’s what I’ll cover in this Esther Perel MasterClass Review:

What is the Esther Perel MasterClass and how can it transform your relationships?

Esther Perel’s MasterClass, Relational Intelligence, explores the dynamics, patterns, and communication styles that form the foundation of our relationships. 

The course aims to teach you the skills you need to become more reflective and intentional about how you communicate in relationships to create deeper, more meaningful connections. 

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How is the course structured?

The whole course is just 3 hours and 6 mins in total, but like me, I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how much you can learn in that time! You can watch or listen at your own pace and go back and revisit videos as many times as you want.

Each video tackles a different aspect of relational intelligence, ranging from 13 to 20 minutes each. You also get a very comprehensive course book with additional theoretical content and activities that complement the videos really well! Here’s the course overview:

This 40-page PDF is packed with activities and extra information!
  1. Meet your instructor
  2. Developing self-awareness
  3. Developing empathy 
  4. Establishing boundaries
  5. Understanding power dynamics
  6. Identifying roles and relationships
  7. How to have difficult conversations
  8. Understanding and resolving conflict
  9. Effective listening for better communication 
  10. Avoiding miscommunication 

Esther Perel MasterClass Review

Next up, I’ll share my honest opinions of Ether Perel’s MasterClass to give you a better idea if this is the course for you and whether it’s worth the investment.

What did I love about the Relational Intelligence Course?

First of all, I loved how the course encourages you to get curious about yourself without being judgmental. I think it does a great job of deconstructing the multiple layers of influences that shape how we are in relationships and why that is.

Showing that you have acquired relational habits is a great way to deconstruct the ‘it’s just the way I am’ feeling that we can sometimes fall into and show that you are able to gain new, healthier habits!

I also think the course has a really great balance of teaching how to build strong relationship foundations, how to overcome conflict and difficult situations, and how to help the relationship thrive through creating more intimacy.

The course materials

The course materials complement the videos really well and I was impressed that you get a whole 40 page PDF!

It’s a good balance between more theoretical resources that dive deeper into some of the course topics and activities sheets that give you a structure for some of the techniques covered in the course.

The practicalities

On a practical level, I loved being able to listen to this course and expand my knowledge while going about my day. I mostly listened to it while getting ready for work, which gave me some food for thought throughout the day — much more nutritious content than my usual Instagram hit, that’s for sure!

I also like that you can watch the videos on the web or in the MasterClass app, which gives you the option to watch the videos or listen to them like a podcast. It was really nice being able to listen to them while I walked to work!

What were my favorite Esther Perel Videos?

While I enjoyed all of the modules, there were a few that stood out for me and gave me those lightbulb moments! Here are my top three courses and a bit about why I loved them so much.

Understanding Power Dynamics

Perel does a really great job of demonstrating that power in itself isn’t good or bad, it’s just a reality that there will be different power dynamics in relationships.

Once you remove the moral judgments from power, you can talk about the power dynamics in your relationships and make sure that they are being used in a healthy way.

How to Have Difficult Conversations
Esther Perel How to Have Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations well is truly an art skill and one I am still practicing!

Perel hits the nail on the head when she points out that often, it’s not the topic of the conversation but a fear of the emotional reaction to what we need to say. This might sound very obvious, but it allows us to focus our energy on being empathetic and emotionally supportive.

Building Trust
Esther Perel Building Trust

In this module, I really like how Perel demonstrated the relationship between risk and building trust and how we there are different styles to building trust based on our past experiences.

I also think she did a great job of giving very actionable advice on how to balance taking risks and building trust in a healthy way.

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What didn’t I like about the course?

Honestly, I’m hard-pushed to find any fault with this course, and that’s pretty unusual for me!

Perel covers so many essential topics within such a short course, all while keeping it relatively simple and not overwhelming you. I’m not sure what else you could ask for from a 3-hour course!

Who should take Esther Perel’s MasterClass?

I would say almost anyone can benefit from taking Esther Perel’s MasterClass.

Relational intelligence is something we use in every interaction, whether that’s romantic, familial, or professional, so increasing our relational intelligence will be beneficial across the board!

That being said, I would say the Esther Perel’s Relational Intelligence is most useful for romantic relationships. It could be a great course to take with a partner as part of a series of date nights.

This course can benefit you if your relationship is struggling, especially with communication. However, it can also help healthy relationships create deeper connections.

It’s also a great way to prepare for future relationships if you are currently single. It encourages you to develop a healthy understanding of yourself and can help you to instill healthy communication and relationship practices from the get-go!

Plus, you don’t need to have any previous experience with relationship theories or therapy — it really caters to all levels!

So yeah, if you are in the slightest bit curious about your own behavior in relationships or how to create deep, meaningful connections, this course is for you!

Is Esther Perel’s MasterClass worth it?

At this point in the review, I think you can probably guess my answer to this question!

Esther Perel’s course, Relational Intelligence, is definitely worth the investment, both in terms of time and money, in my opinion! Especially, if you want to take some of the other amazing courses available on MasterClass.

And even if you aren’t 100% sure, MasterClass has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you do decide to take the course and decide that subscription is not for you, you can get your money back!

How much is a MasterClass subscription?

A MasterClass subscription When you sign up for a MasterClass subscription, you get unlimited access to their incredible library of over 185 courses from world-renowned experts across a broad selection of fields.

You can reignite your sex life with Emily Morse’s MasterClass, Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication, learn mindfulness and meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn, or take a cooking class with Yotam Ottolengi or Gordon Ramsey — what more could you want!

Plus, with the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can try it out and if you aren’t satisfied, MasterClass will give you your money back!

There are three types of MasterClass subscription depending on how many people will be using the account. The more people, the cheaper the price per person, so signing up with friends or family will save you some money!

Why not get some friends in on it and make it a group activity to take different courses and then get together and discuss what you’ve learnt — a bit like a book group but without the books!

Here are the three subscriptions that MasterClass offer

Who is Esther Perel?

Esther Perel is an acclaimed psychotherapist, author, and speaker known for her expertise in the field of relationships and sexuality.

She has gained international recognition for her unique approach to relationship therapy and her insights into the complexities of modern relationships.

Originally from Belgium, Perel has a BA in educational psychology and French literature, a master’s degree in expressive art therapy, and has had her own private practice for more than 35 years. Not to mention, she has as authored two books, and hosts two podcasts, and many other impressive achievements! Yeah, a pretty impressive resume!

Perel has become one of the most influential voices on the topic of relationships. She is famous for tackling the tough topics like maintaining passion and intimacy in relationships and overcoming infidelity.

Perel has written two books exploring these areas in detail. Her first book, “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence,” explores the importance of keeping passion alive in relationships and provides ideas for how to cultivate a more fulfilling and erotic intimate life.

Perel’s second book, “The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity,” brought a new perspective to how we view infidelity and the motives behind it, with the proposal that we need to take a more nuanced approach to how we view infidelity. Her TED Talk on the same topic has over 14 million views on YouTube!

Esther Perel has made considerable contributions to our understanding of relationships by challenging us to look at some very entrenched ideas from new, more nuanced, and empathetic perspectives and she is continuing to do so!

This MasterClass allows you to access Esther Perel’s insight and expertise all from the comfort of your sofa!

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