adultfinderx review Review: Is it a legit site?

AdultFinderX is a sophisticated sex-chatting and dating platform, created to maximize the chance of meeting someone close to you.

In this review of my experience on, I’ll explore the various facets of this the sexdating platform. Read closely, as I’ll be offering valuable insights to assist you in making an informed decision about joining the platform (or not).

And, more importantly, I’m an expert on how to maximize the chatting credits!

It took an easy few steps to start an account. Here’s my guide to getting started (with the maximum number of Free Coins):

#1 First Make Sure to Register Through THIS LINK For A $180 Worth of FREE Coins
It is an important first step, as you will otherwise not be eligible later on!

adultfinderx signing up on the site

#2 Now I was able to browse the different (HOT) profiles on Adult Finder.

first browsing through adultfinderx

I Quickly found this beautiful girl “Twinkle” from Salt Lake City

first user profile I wrote on the site
If you want to check her out, I’m happy to share her profile here, I also found these dirty girls: Phillipine, Mariot, Lilly, and Julia.

#3 So, I first decided to shoot her a casual email. But you have to verify your email first.

verify email on adultfinderx before you can write messages

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aduiltfinderx free coins
adultfinderx email verification process

After verifying my email, and having my message get approved I quickly got a response from Twinkle, her real name is Eliana. Most girls use anonymised names, untill you start writing with them.

answer from twinklelilstar 26 years old

I continued chatting with Twinkle a bit more. Which was nice!

twinkle reply on adultfinder

But actually also got a message from someone else (she wrote me all by herself). I’ve not really experienced women that outgoing and ready to chat before! It almost never happens for me at any other adult dating platform I’ve tested out previously!

This is her profile:

profile on adultfinderx

On AdultfinderX you also have the really awesome option of seeing all the profiles that have looked at you:

you can see the profiles that have viewed yours on adultfinderx
And, I saw that the girl who wrote me actually took a look at my halfway-empty profile!

I also wrote to this sexy cross-fit girl!

I later found out her name was Kim.

If you sign up with the below link and fill out your profile I found you could earn an additional 180 free coins:

fill out profile on adultfinderx

My last advice is to Go through this link on AdultFinder and allow notification for new messages to get an additional 60 FREE COINS!

allow site notifications to get 60 free coins on adultfinderx

Registration and Profile Creation

Ease of Signing Up: Joining is simple and quick. With basic details and a valid email address for verification, you’re good to go.

Profile Setup Process: encourages users to upload pictures, which can increase the chances of finding a match. An “About Me” section is available for users to share more about themselves.

Privacy and Security Measures: The platform requires users to verify their identity via email, ensuring that they’re interacting with genuine individuals. The site also offers encryption and other security measures to protect user data.

User Interface and Design

Website Layout and Navigation: has a clean layout, making it easy for users, even those unfamiliar with dating sites, to navigate.

Mobile App Availability and Usability: The reviews did not mention information about a dedicated mobile app.

Visual Appeal and User-Friendliness: The website’s design is clean and straightforward, allowing users to focus on finding their match.

Pricing and Membership Plans

Cost Structure: Unlike traditional subscription-based sites, charges users per message using a virtual currency called “coins.” This means users only pay for what they use.

Payment Methods Accepted: Payments can be made via major credit cards, with specific options depending on the user’s country.

Membership Base

Demographics of Members: is open to anyone above 18, including singles, couples, and trans individuals, making it a diverse and inclusive platform.

Active User Count: Specific numbers were not mentioned, but the platform is implied to have a good number of active users.

Search and Matchmaking

Search Filters and Options: Users can browse profiles based on proximity, and the “Speed Dating” feature allows for quick profile browsing.

Communication Tools: The platform’s primary communication tool is messaging, which is a paid feature.

Safety and Security

Measures in Place to Protect User Data: With encryption and other security measures, ensures user data protection.

Reporting and Blocking Features: Information on these features was not explicitly mentioned in the reviews.

Features and Special Functions

Unique Features Offered: The site offers features like “Speed Dating” and the ability to “Pin” profiles for later viewing.

Premium Membership Benefits: Promoting your profile for increased visibility is a paid feature that ensures more likes and messages.

Pros and Cons


  • Diverse and inclusive user base
  • Pay-per-message system, ensuring users only pay for what they use
  • Clean and user-friendly design

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Free registration could lead to fake profiles (to be fair this is not something specific for, but this feature is a drawback that regards most adult dating sites.)

Conclusion is a modern sex-chatting and dating platform designed to enhance the chances of meeting someone nearby. The site is easy to navigate with a clean design and offers unique features like “Speed Dating”. It uses a pay-per-message system, allowing users to only pay for what they use. The platform is inclusive, welcoming singles, couples, and trans individuals.

However, while it has many advantages, potential users should be informed that the platform has a large number of users, and there could be profiles that are not genuine, so users should proceed with caution like every other dating site.

After weighing all the features and benefits, we wholeheartedly recommend as a top-tier platform for those seeking meaningful connections. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity; sign up today and get $180 worth of free coins and embark on a journey to discover your ideal partner!

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