Cheex Review: Ethical Porn and Erotic Exploration

My crusade for excellent, ethical erotica continues with this Cheex review! I had A LOT of fun ‘researching’ this amazing platform, and I’m going to be giving you the lowdown today!

If you are looking to explore your eroticism or you are on the hunt for porn that’s made responsibly, features diverse performers, and prioritizes real pleasure, you are in the right place!

Cheex is on a mission to destigmatize sex and help you discover unexplored pleasures with its movies, audio porn, workshops, and blog. Think of it as your go-to for sexual exploration and getting turned on, whatever you are in the mood for!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the service as a whole and sharing my experience using the website, including the movies, tutorials, audio, and workshops. Here’s everything you can find in this review if you want to skip ahead!

Cheex Review: The Quick and Dirty Version

Check out Close Contact on Cheex now!

Maybe you are feeling particularly frisky and just want the quick lowdown before giving it a go, here’s a quick round up of the pros and cons of Cheex:


  • Responsibly produced (consent, safety, fair wages)
  • Includes movies, tutorials, audio porn, and workshops
  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Diverse bodies, genders, sexualities, and ethnicities
  • Great range of sexual activities
  • Focus on sensuality and foreplay
  • Realistic, authentic pleasure and believable stories
  • Artistically produces movies
  • Fantastic resources for sex and pleasure education and sexual exploration


  • Won’t cater to more hardcore, fetish, or niche tastes
  • Alternative, indie style might not suit all tastes
  • Workshops are in Central European Time (CET)
  • Not as big a library as other services

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons for me! Why not treat yourself and give cheex a try!

What is Cheex?

Enjoy the sweetly sensual scenes in Taste of Honey

Cheex is relatively new to the game but has created a pretty unique niche in the world of erotica. The aim is to create a safe, welcoming erotic environment for you explore your sensuality and sexuality, all while delivering some extremely hot content!

The platform is made up of three spaces: films, audio, and the pleasure academy. Each one is designed to inspire and arouse with the aim of helping you dive deeper into your desires.

Cheex prides itself on ethical production and sex positive approach to destigmatizing sex, and pleasure and I have to say, they are doing an amazing job!

Their content champions diversity, with actors of all ethnicities, genders, and sexualities, and realistic representations of bodies and pleasure.

Plus, the subscriptions are extremely reasonably priced and give you access to their whole library, including free online workshops in their educational theme of the month!

You can even get a free taste of their movies, when you sign up for their mailing list!

Now you have an idea of what it is, let’s get to the good stuff!

Cheex Review: My Personal Experience

Overall, I’m really impressed (and very aroused) by all Cheex has to offer!

The movies are organised into easy to navigate categories so you can browse by interest or use the search bar to search for specific activities or actors. There’s also a page where you can see all of the creators featured on the site!

I also like that you can favorite any films you enjoy so you don’t have to search around for them if you want to go back for round two!

Next, I’ll share some of the reasons I loved the Cheex movies.

Cheex Movies

Watch the sexy games unfold in Wild Card

Diverse Performers with Natural Bodies

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered watching porn! It felt so authentic and realistic that I could so easily picture myself right there in it!

The movies feature such diverse actors, with natural bodies, blemishes, soft bits, and body hair and they all look incredibly sexy! I found myself feeling much more confident in my body after watching Cheex, which often isn’t the case with mainstream porn that perpetuates unrealistic ideals!

There’s also a really fantastic selection of queer porn, featuring all constellations of partners without fetishising it!

Plus, if you love tattooed, alternative, natural hotties, oh my are you in for a treat!

Authentic Pleasure and Believable Storylines

If you’ve ever been on a mainstream porn site, no doubt you’ve found yourself laughing at the ridiculousness of the storylines — oh no I’m stuck under the table? And while I know people don’t watch porn for the storyline, you might be surprised just how much more enjoyable it is when it’s believable!

While there are some more artistic, fantasy movies on Cheex, many are more realistic or homemade. These incredibly erotic encounters happening in beautiful but normal settings, means you can actually imagine happening in real life.

The sex is also far more realistic than you would see in mainstream porn, with the emphasis being on pleasure and connection between the performers rather than being purely performative.

I love that in some of the videos that actors are talking to each other and being playful. This realism breaks down the idea that sex should be a performance by showing that real, authentic sex is hot!

Focus on Sensual Sexuality

In their own words, Cheex makes porn that “does not try to meet primarily heteronormative male expectations.” Their movies appeal to all tastes and don’t only cater to the “male gaze” as much of mainstream porn does.

Essentially this means that the scenes feature a wide range of sex acts, and don’t only focus on penetrative sex. They don’t follow the usual sexual script either — it’s not only some cursory foreplay, followed by an intense, close up of intense pounding.

Instead, you get a deliciously sensual scene where the performers exploring different activities, with lots of oral, handjobs and fingering.

Not to mention, the penetrative sex isn’t just the usual in and out we are used to seeing! The performers showcase all the amazing ways to feel pleasure during penetrative play, from grinding to shallow penetration and much more!

Sexy Tutorials

The sexy tutorials on Cheex serve up some spicy, yet informative, sex education! The tutorial porn style is great for getting you in the mood as you follow along!

I really love that they promote sensual self touch and different ways to turn yourself on and explore your bodies for both penis and vulva owners! They also have some great videos for queer and trans sex!

Like what you hear so far? Why not check it out for yourself!

Audio Erotica

Listen in on an incredibly erotic massage in Spoil You

Cheex also has a large library of audio erotica including a library of orgasm sounds! This is a great option if you want something to help you get in the mood without the visual distraction of a movie.

Get a taste of Cheex spicy audio stories

The stories explore a wide range of topics from more romantic stories to BDSM. There’s also a selection of guided masturbation tutorials, including things like meditative masturbation or squirting.

Personally, I found the audio erotica a bit of a mixed bag and whether I enjoyed it very much depended on the believability of the actors.

I really enjoyed one of the guest stories from Girl on the Net, but there were some others where the acting didn’t quite sound believable enough for me to really get into. This, of course, comes down to personal preference though!

The Pleasure Academy

Get a sexy shibari tutorial with the Pleasure Academy

The Cheex Pleasure Academy is a space for sexy sex education and exploring new erotic interests. Each month has a new theme, and I was very happy to see that this month happened to be Tantra month! Having studied Tantra for a couple of years, I was keen to see what Cheex could add to my toolkit!

As well as educational blogs and videos, a membership also gets you access to free online workshops. I’ve signed up for two sessions — Orgasmic Breathwork and a Tantric Approach to Sex, and I will report back after to let you know my thoughts!

How Much is Cheex and is it Worth it?

When you sign up to Cheex, you get full access to the whole site, including the library of movies, audio erotica, and the pleasure academy and live workshops!

New content is added every week and there are no ads, banners, or pop-ups!

Here are the two subscription services on offer:

You can choose between a rolling monthly subscription or an annual subscription, which saves you 33% over the year!

You can also give a Cheex subscription as a gift, which is an idea I love! What says I love you more than a subscription to top quality porn and pleasure education!

Currently you can only pay by PayPal or credit card, as this allows Cheex to ensure users are over 18.

Is Cheex Worth it?

I actually think you get a whole lot for a very reasonable price with Cheex, especially if you are interested in both the erotica and education! It’s like someone took Erika Lust, Dipsea, and Beducated and combined them into one sexy service!

Not to mention, you are getting ethical porn that you can enjoy watching without that lingering guilt that comes with watching mainstream porn where you have no idea how the performers are treated or if what you are watching is fully consensual!

Cheex Review: Final Thoughts

Get ready for a seriously hot Downtown Delivery

I was definitely impressed by Cheex and all it had to offer! They’ve created a really diverse and inclusive space that feels very empowering.

The naturalness of the actors and their comfortability being playful and explorative was a massive turn on and I loved how sensual all of the content was, even the more intense kink scenes still centered lust, pleasure and connection.

If you are ready to invest just a small amount in your sexual journey, this is a great option! If you are looking only for ethical porn, Erika Lust’s Lust Cinema might be a better option.

However, if you are interested in discovering more about your own eroticism and desire with courses and workshops as well as the movies and audio erotica, Cheex is the way to go!

Try it for yourself — I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time as there’s a LOT of good stuff to discover!

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