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Dipsea Review: Is the Erotic Audio App Worth It?

This job comes with many perks — being asked to write a Dipsea review is definitely one of them!

If you’ve seen my walking around with my pink headphones on and a cheeky smile on my face in the past week or two, chances are I was enjoying some of Dipeas’s delightfully dirty stories. All in the name of work, mind you!

Come with me on a deep dive into the sensual and sexy world of Dipsea. I’ll share all the juicy details of what this app has to offer, as well as my own experience of using the different features.

What is Dipsea?

To say that Dipsea is an audio erotica app isn’t incorrect, but it certainly doesn’t do it justice!

Yes, it has a large selection of audio sexy stories, ranging from flirtatious to downright kinky. However, it also has a wellness section with all kinds of guided activities to help you unlock new pleasure and a sleep section with dream scapes to help you get a blissful night’s sleep.

After all, we know that getting enough rest is essential for your sex drive! Not to mention, you are going to need a lot of energy to keep up with all the fun you’ll be having!

It really is a one-stop shop for pleasure and exploration!

What do you get on the app?

Listen to Dipsea Stories for 7 days for free

The content on the Dipsea app is divided in to four categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for and find similar content. You can also access the audio content on their webpage but not the written stories.

The Stories

Dipsea stories

The majority of stories on Dipsea are in audio form, but there are a small selection of written stories as well.

When signing up, you can select which relationships interest you, as well as which topics excite you. You then get personalised recommendations, which is a nice way to get to started.

Each story has different tags that makes it easy to search for exactly what interests you or avoid certain topics that you find triggering.

You can also explore the selection of stories through the different categories, including gender, interests (e.g., BDSM, oral, threesomes & groups, etc.), voices and accents, vibe, or relationship.


Dipsea Wellness

The wellness section is a little more instructional and educational. Here you can enjoy guided activities to help you connect with your sexual energy and explore new desires.

There are erotic breathwork and meditation sessions to help you become more in tune with your body and explore the sensuality of mindful meditation.

Or, you can level up your sexual skills with how to guides. Each one talks you through new activities, like learning how to communicate your desires and fantasies, how to explore BDSM or to become a skilled sexter!

It also has a section for partner play, with games and activities for increasing intimacy.


Dipsea Sleep

And when you are all worn out from all the fun, the sleep section is there to lull you to sleep! As someone, who falls asleep to monsoon rain every night, I was excited by this addition!

The sleep section has four different types of session:—

  • Soundscapes don’t have any talking, only relaxing sounds
  • Sleep overs have a character that says goodnight to you with soothing sounds after
  • Dreamscapes are a slow, ambling description of relaxing environments with ambient noises in the background
  • Bedtime stories are slow stories without too much excitement to help you drift off to sleep

Dipsea Review: My experience using the app

Dipsea 1

From the get-go, it was super easy to get started! You can sign up for an account or try a 7-day free trial to see if you like it first.

I, of course, started by sampling a spicy story to see if it could get me in the mood or more! And, I’m happy to report, it was a success! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get into the story. I think the talented voice acting and overall sound quality really helped!

Here are some of the things I loved about Dipsea:

It relies more on your imagination, so it allows you to go inward more than watching visual porn. While it wasn’t quite as mentally stimulating as visual content, it gave me creative license over what I imagined. It’s also really nice to know that it’s all ethical!

The voice acting wasn’t overdramatic or overacted — it sounded like real people, just a bit sexier! The sound quality also has an almost ASMR-like quality that sometimes gave shivers of excitement — kind of like someone whispering sexily in your ear.

Side note: Dipsea hires freelance voice actors as well as TikTok stars and regular actors to ensure quality. I was amused to find that one of the voice actors was Sarunas J. Jackson, a.k.a. Dro from Insecure!

Unlike a lot of porn, which is made for the male gaze, Dipsea’s stories focus on female pleasure. Think a lot of sensual touching, getting all the erogenous zones involved, oral sex, dirty talk. Plus, everything is consensual and caring.

This leads me to my next point. Dipsea does a great job of normalizing getting consent, discussing boundaries, safer sex practices, and sharing sexual health status. The stories model how to have these conversations while still being sexy!

The app itself is beautiful, with graphics that are suggestive without being overly explicit, so it feels welcoming and not in any way seedy. Plus, it has the option to skip the story build-up and get straight to the action — the equivalent of skip intro!

Like the sound of it? Clear your calendar, grab your trusty vibrator and get 7-days of free access!

And what didn’t I like so much?

Much like visual porn or dirty talk, stories and phrases felt a bit cringey, but that’s bound to happen as tastes are so subjective. I think it’s also more noticeable when talking about sex. Some words sound great and others are instant ick! As I said though, this isn’t really a criticism against Dipsea. They can’t cater to all linguistic tastes in every story!

Some stories felt a little slow in places, and I found myself getting a bit impatient, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.It can be good to slow down and savour the build-up more often.

I do have one gripe with the organisation on the app. It seemed like some of the content is a bit hidden away. For example, I found a series called dirty talk 101, but it’s not in any of the categories in the wellness section. The only way I can find it is to search for it, which makes me wonder if there’s other content tucked away on the app.

I also noticed that the spiciness rating is shown on the webpage but not in the app.

Dipsea Stories Review: My Conclusions

I’m very much a variety is the spice of life kinda gal! I’m a big fan novelty and trying new things, so having a new tool to add to my pleasure tool box is very welcome!

I think Dipsea will be my go to when I’m in the mood for a slow, sensual solo session or I fancy listening to something a spicy as a warm up or while I’m out and about. What’s blasting in my headphones — is it throat singing techno, is French hip hop with an Asian twist, or is the filthiest story I could find on Dipsea. You’ll never know!

Dipsea Stories Review: Which were my favorites?

Of course, I haven’t listened to everything on Dipsea. I don’t think even my stamina could survive that in such a short time! But I did try to get a little taste of everything to be able to write a comprehensive Dipsea Stories review. A Dipsea tasting menu if you will! Here are some of the audio stories and features I really enjoyed.

Leather & Lace Series

Leather lace follows the erotic adventures of Sebastian, Benj, and Jackie. This spicy threesome series has 13 episodes all set in different places, including a beach house, boat, and a BDSM dungeon.

Some stories are written in the him + him + you perspective, helping you become fully immersed in this sexy scene.

Erotic Breathwork Series

The Erotic Breathwork series features two guided exercises that combine breathing techniques and self touch to help you really tune into your body and explore the relationship between breathing and pleasure.

I really like that you can choose between calming touch and an energizing touch, depending on how you want to feel!

Is Dipsea Worth It?

Considering a Dipsea subscription works out at just $5.83 a month, I would say it’s absolutely worth it! I love how easy it is to just open the app and slip into a sexy story! It’s also really nice being able to save your preferences and easily find similar stories.

You also really get your money’s worth with the other cool features in the app and think it’s a worthy investment in your pleasure journey!

Plus, you can try it out for a whole week, completely free! What have you got to lose?

How much is a Dipsea subscription?

Dipsea subscription

At the time of writing, an annual Dipsea subscription is $69.99, which works out at just $5.83/month. I don’t know about you, but I would happily sacrifice one coffee a month for unlimited access to top notch audio erotica!

But you can try before you buy with Dipsea’s 7 day free-trial!

And if you enjoy it, why not share the love! You can choose to gift a 1-year or 6-month Dipsea subscription. What better way to say I love and appreciate you than giving the gift of pleasure and sexual empowerment!

Who would I recommend Dipsea to?

Really, anyone who wants to add a little more spice to their days, feel sexually empowered, or just add something new to their self-care and pleasure routine!

If you don’t enjoy regular porn

Dipsea can be a great alternative for those who don’t enjoy standard visual porn but enjoy having some form of mental stimulation. It’s especially great for those looking for a more female oriented perspective.

As it’s less intimidating or intense as traditional porn, it can also feel like a safer way to explore new interests.

If you are looking for trans + non-binary content

The majority of the stories have female characters, but there is a whole trans and non-binary category, featuring 21 different stories.

Dipsea also seem very committed to making their platform an inclusive space.

I was also really happy to see some stories featuring characters with disabilities and hope to see more stories like this in the future.

If you just fancy something a little different

Even if you do prefer regular porn, I think audio stories can be a great way to switch up your solo pleasure routine and enjoy a slightly different pace or something more sensual. If you crave visual stimulation or love more hardcore content, Dipsea might not satisfy you, but why not give it a go with the free trial. You might be surprised!

Solo or with a partner

Listening to the audio stories is definitely a solo activity for me as I need to go inward to get into the stories. Without that and in the company of a partner, I think I would find it too funny, but that’s a matter of personal preference. The partner activities, on the other hand, are great for getting to know each other’s desires more intimately.

For a kinky commute

Lastly, anyone who wants to make their daily commute a little bit more exciting, Dipsea will definitely do that! Just practice your poker face! You could even pair it with a remote control sex toy for some discreet public play!

Dipsea Reddit Reviews

Here’s a small selection of some the Dipsea Reddit reviews so you don’t have to just take my word for it! There’s a whole subreddit for all things Dipsea, from story recommendations to character discussions and even a Dipsea character conspiracy! But let’s not get distracted, we’re here for the honest user opinions!

Dipsea Reddit Reviews 1
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Who started Dipsea?

Friends turned co-founders Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan started Dipsea in 2017. They wanted to create the kind of erotica that appealed to erogenous zone of the imagination and catered to female gaze, whatever the auditory version of that is!

They say they ‘take a mind first approach to sexuality’ to help empower women to unlock their desires and fantasies and become more in touch with their sexual energy.

Are you ready to dive into your deepest desires with a Dipsea free trial? I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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