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Discreet-Meets.com Review: Is it a legit site?

I found Discreet-Meets.com to be a super active platform, with some of the best possibilities to connect with people.

There are both options to favorite, and people can see when you look at profiles, meaning you are MUCH more likely to be proactively contacted by someone. Gone are the days of contacting people yourself!

In this review of my adventures and experiences with Discreet-Meets, I will give you a recap of everything.

In short, I F-ing love this sex dating platform!

However, for the intricate details, read closely, as I’ll be offering secretive insights to assist you in making an informed decision about joining the platform (or not).

Even More important:
I’ll tell you have to maximize the chatting credits!

#1 First, Make Sure You Register Through THIS LINK For $180 Worth of FREE Coins on the platform
This is a really important first step, as you will not be eligible later on!

discreet-meets sign up form

#2 The First thing I did was browse all the super hot girls in the browse function on Discreet Meets.

browsing profiles on discreet meets

The first profile that really sparked my interest was this beautiful girl “SweetlikeSugar” from Billings.

If you want to check her out this is her profile. A lot later I also wrote a bit with these very dirty women: Susan, Marlene, Franciska, and Noah.

But even better, on her profile she had some really enticing images. Which made me aware, that I really needed to fill out my profile!

sweetsugar other images

But first, a girl actually looked at my profile. If you go here, you’ll be able to see all the profiles that have viewed you.

someone viewed my profile on discreetmeet

And, what I found was that she looked amazing!

#3 So, I actually decided that I wanted to shoot her a message on the platform. But she had written to me! I guess that was why she had viewed my profile before writing. I answered her but found out you have to verify your email first.

NOTE! I discovered that if you use THIS LINK you will get +100 FREE coins from the site Discreet-Meets.com.

get free coins on discreet-meets

So, I had the verification email sent to me. But, after I checked my email I couldn’t find it at first.

However, after a quick look in my spam folder, I found it. I have set up a super aggressive spam filter on my Gmail account, so I’m not sure the verification email from Discreet-Meets would also go into your spam folder.

discreet-meets.com email confirmation landed in spam but I think it was because of my aggresive spam filter

Once I moved it into my normal inbox I could now verify my email:

discreet-meets email verification

This allowed me to message Marley back, and as she was luckily still online we started chatting.

Marley on Discreet-meets responded, and seemed to be okay with the fact I had a partner already

Our chat went on, and as my profile is still completely empty, and my name anonymized she asked me for that.

I answered Marley

I actually got another message from someone else, which I didn’t take the time to get back to, to focus more on Marley, as I really liked her profile.

It took her a while to get back to me after I asked her about her sexual preferences. I guess that’s fair.

Meanwhile, I took another browser through the site and found this gorgeous girl there!

another profile on discreet-meets

I didn’t write to her, so you can if you want to on her profile here: ForgetMeN0t

If you sign up with the below link and fill out your profile I found you could earn an additional 180 free coins:

My last advice is to make sure to visit this link on Discreet-Meets and allow notification for new messages to get an additional 60 FREE COINS!

60 free coins to allow chat notifications on discreet meets

I’ve also gathered a list of all the things you can be eligible for Free Coins for if you go to this sub-page on the site.

ways to earn free coins on discreet-meets.com to chat

Registration and Profile Creation

Ease of Signing Up: Discreet-Meets.com offers a simple registration process, allowing users to create a personal profile for free. However, while profile creation is free, communication with other members requires spending money.

Privacy and Security Measures: The platform employs coins as a virtual currency to unlock premium features, including messaging. This distinctive approach not only ensures a unique experience but also allows users to truly appreciate and value each interaction. Compared to other dating websites, Discreet-Meets.com prioritizes quality over quantity, making every coin spent a step closer to finding the perfect match.

User Interface and Design

Website Layout and Navigation: Discreet-Meets.com presents itself with an appealing landing page filled with captivating images and content. The platform advertises a vast member pool and promises international affairs.

Mobile App Availability and Usability: The reviews did not specify a dedicated mobile app.

Pricing and Membership Plans

Cost Structure: The platform utilizes a coin-based system, where each message sent is equivalent to 40 coins, roughly priced at £2.00. This structure allows users to have a clear understanding of their spending, ensuring they value each interaction.

Payment Methods Accepted: The platform accepts major credit cards for the purchase of coins.

Membership Base

Demographics of Members: Discreet-Meets.com claims to have users from all over the world, seeking various types of relationships.

Search and Matchmaking

Search Filters and Options: Regional searches are available, allowing users to find potential matches in their vicinity.

Communication Tools: The primary mode of communication is messaging, which is a paid feature.

Safety and Security

Measures in Place to Protect User Data: The platform offers a basic level of privacy by not allowing non-registered users to view profiles. Additionally, all data is sent through an SSL connection, ensuring secure communication.

Features and Special Functions

Unique Features Offered: The platform offers features like regional searches and the ability to block selected members.

Pros and Cons


  • Appealing website design
  • Regional search options
  • Profiles are private

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Creating an account on the platform is completely free, inviting a diverse range of users. To ensure the best experience, we recommend closely reviewing profiles before investing your coins in messaging, maximizing the value of each interaction. Since the risk of messaging a not-active account is there.
  • Value-driven coin-based messaging system emphasizing meaningful connections.
  • Web-optimized platform accessible across devices.


Discreet-Meets.com shines as a premier dating platform, designed to foster genuine interactions and memorable connections. With its captivating interface and innovative coin-based messaging system, it offers an experience unlike any other dating site. Dive into a world filled with diverse profiles from every corner of the globe. While the platform features enhanced profiles for added entertainment, it’s also brimming with genuine users seeking real connections.

We encourage everyone to explore the unique offerings of Discreet-Meets.com. Dive in, embrace its unique features, and you might just find your perfect match waiting for you. Don’t miss out on this refreshing online dating adventure! Start your dirty chats within 5 minutes, click here to unlock an exclusive launch discount!

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