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How to Use a Sex Machine + Positions to Try

Whether you’ve already got a sex machine to your name, or you’re on the lookout for your perfect match, it’s important to know how to use it properly!

We don’t want to spoil your fun, of course, just maximize it! That’s why we’ve collected all our expert tips on getting the most out of your machine.

If you can’t wait to read the full list, here’s the quick version:

Choose a stable surface, get to know your machine and its attachments beforehand, use a generous amount of lube and spend time getting warmed up, start off slowly, and don’t forget to clean up after!

But, that’s not all! We’ll also go over how to use specific types of sex machine, like:

How to Use a Sex Machine, Step-by-Step

Step 1: Pick a Stable Surface

1. Pick a Stable Surface

No matter what kind of sex machine you have, the last thing you want is it toppling over mid-session!

If your sex machine goes on the floor, make sure it’s a level surface with no rugs or carpets. Smaller sex machines can sit on a table or desk, but make sure it’s not wobbly or uneven.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Machine and its Settings

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Machine & Its Settings

Every sex machine is different, and it’s always a good idea to take some time to figure out how yours works before you start getting down and dirty.

Familiarize yourself with the mechanisms, as well as any remote controls or apps, so you won’t get frustrated or distracted later.

Step 3: attach your attachments

3. Attach Your Chosen Attachments

The star of any sex machine show is really the attachments you choose.

Whether it’s a dildo, masturbator, or even a mount for a magic wand, sex machine attachments are what makes a sex machine what it is.

So, go crazy and load up yours until it’s sure to make you squeal with pleasure!

Step 4: Lube Up

4. Lube Up

Just like with any kind of sex, never skip out on the lube! Lube is essential for preventing friction and damage to your sensitive genitals, which is especially important when it comes to powerful sex machines.

If you’re using your sex machine anally, then make sure to use anal lube, which is thicker and longer-lasting than regular lube. For more tips, check out our complete lube guide.

Step 5: Warm up

5. Warm Up

Using a sex machine is way more pleasurable when you take the time to get aroused first.

You can do that in whichever ways you like! Watching ethical porn or reading erotica are popular, but you can also set the mood by playing some sensual music, burning some of your favorite scented candles, and exploring your body.

Step 6: Start off Slow

6. Start Off Slow

Sex machines can reach some terrifying speeds, but it’s best to start out on the lower settings first.

You can get your bearings and ease yourself into the sensations before speeding things up.

Step 7: Clean Up Afterwards

7. Clean Up Afterwards

Once you’ve had your fun, don’t forget to clean all the components of your sex machine as soon afterwards as possible.

How you clean your attachments will depend on what they are and what they’re made of, but we have a guide to all different kinds here.

For the machine itself, in most cases you’ll be able to wipe it off with a damp cloth and some soap. However, don’t forget to check the instructions of your machine first.

How to Use a Saddle Sex Machine

One of the most popular types of sex machine is a saddle sex machine.

These ride-on machines have a variety of designs, but the basic idea is you have a semi-circular shape to straddle, with different ‘mats‘ with various attachments that you can attach to the top.

Most have wired remotes to control the functions, though some can also be controlled via an app with Bluetooth.

Some of our favorite ride-on sex machines include:

The Cowgirl

the cowgirl sex machine

The Cowgirl Premium is a real treat. With incredibly rumbly vibrations, 11 different 100% silicone attachments to choose from, a wired remote and app-control functions, the Cowgirl pulls out all the stops. Plus, the sleek black body is all handmade!

The Motorbunny Buck

Motorbunny Buck Sex Machine

Get more bang for your buck with this sex machine from Motorbunny. The Buck has powerful vibrations, rotations and thrusting motions, all in one! They’re standard attachments are TPE, but silicone ones are available, too.

The Tremor

The Tremor Sex Machine

Rather than a half-barrel shape, the Tremor sex machine has a comfortable A-frame design and is one of the lightest ride-on machines around. It offers both vibrations and rotations with its wired remote, all at a very affordable price.

Saddle Sex Machine Positions


Perhaps the easiest way to ride your saddle sex machine is in the ‘cowgirl’ (or cowboy, or cow-person) position.

Straddle your machine on your knees and use your legs to bounce up and down as you please. You can also sit backwards in the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, which can offer some different sensations and stimulate different areas inside the vagina or anus.


For deeper penetration, you can try squatting over your sex machine instead of resting on your knees.

It can be helpful in the squat position to hold onto the front of the machine to steady yourself, and give yourself a little extra leverage. Don’t worry if you can’t go for long at first — this one can be a real leg workout!

Double Penetration

Finally, a saddle sex machine is a perfect way to try out some double penetration!

There are several ways to do this. You could wear a butt plug or prostate massager while riding, or you could use a ready-made double penetration machine attachment.

Or, if you want to get a partner in on the action, get down on your machine on your feet or knees. Lean forward so that your front is touching the machine, and then have your partner sit on the back of the machine and penetrate you anally.

This might take a little practice to find the right angles for you both, but it’s 100% worth it for the mind-blowing sensations that result.

How to Use a Thrusting Sex Machine

The other type of sex machine you’re probably familiar with is a thrusting sex machine.

These come in a lot of different designs and forms, but the basic premise is the same. You have a shaft (or several!) that thrusts back and forth, attached to a frame or base to anchor it.

Depending on your thrusting sex machine, you may be able to use it standing up — either by placing it on the floor or on a sturdy tabletop or desk. Others are smaller and work better lower down, either on all fours or lying down.

If you’re on lookout for the perfect thrusting sex machine, here are our top picks:

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Thrusting Sex Machine

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is one of the market leaders, with an incredibly powerful motor that can reach speeds of nearly 5 strokes a second! It’s also extremely quiet, and has both wired and app controls. Just see Hismith’s website for their huge range of accessories.

Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine

Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine

Love Botz are one of the biggest names in sex machines, and we especially love their Versa Fuk model. You can adjust both the height and the angle of the thruster, which reaches speeds of 5 strokes a second. The Versa Fuk comes with 3 attachments, including a butt plug and vibrator.

Lovehoney Love Motion

Lovehoney Love Motion Remote Control Warming Thrusting Sex Machine Set 1

If you’re looking for a more compact sex machine, try the Lovehoney Love Motion. It vibrates, thrusts and warms, too — a full service machine! Use it handheld, or stick the strong suction cup to a flat surface and control it with the wireless remote.

Thrusting Sex Machine Positions

Doggy Style

Doggy style is America’s favorite sex position, and it’s many people’s go-to when using a thrusting sex machine.

This position works best when you place your machine on the floor and then get on your hands and knees next to it.

You can then adjust where you’re positioned to get deeper or shallower penetration, as well as the angle of the thrusting arm to hit your g-spot or prostate more.


Many thrusting sex machines also work for some missionary fun!

The best are those where you can adjust the height of the thrusting arm to be close to the ground. However, you can also cheat it by lying on some pillows, or on the bed if your machine is high enough.


Sex while standing up can feel amazing, but it can often be difficult if you and your partner’s heights done quite match up.

With an adjustable sex machine, however, it’s easy! If it’s tall enough, you can have your machine penetrate you while you bend over a chair or table. Otherwise, place your machine on a sturdy table, desk or other surface and then stand next to it.


Finally, you can also try out some sensual spooning sex with your thruster.

Place your machine next to your bed and adjust the height accordingly, then get comfy on the bed on your side. Again, if you can, try adjusting the angle of the thrusting arm and see what different sensations you can achieve.

How to Use a Manual Sex Machine

There are all different kinds of manual sex machines out there, but one thing they all have in common is that they don’t need any power to use. Some of the most common include dildo rockers, sex chairs, and dildo mounts.

Since there’s no electricity involved, you’ll have to use your own power to enjoy your manual sex machine.

Gliding or rocking sex machines, like the famous Monkey Rocker, require you to grind against them to move the mechanism and make the dildo thrust up and down. With others, you’ll have to bounce up and down on top of them to create the thrusting feeling yourself.

The great thing about manual sex machines is that they’re often cheaper than traditional ones! Some of our faves include:

Cloud 9 F-Slider

Cloud 9 F-Slider sex machine

They call it Cloud 9 for a reason! This sex machine has a natural rocking motion that replicates real sex to a heavenly degree. It has a Vac-U-Lock adaptor that allows you to attach your favorite dildo and glide away, without any motor noise.

Love Botz Bangin’ Bench

Love Botz Bangin Bench 1

This sex chair is a two-for-one deal — enjoy some supported face sitting with a partner, or strap a dildo to the removable raiser bar and bounce away. The straps are made from durable elastic, and there are handlebars to hold onto as you go full cowgirl.

Liberator BonBon Dildo Mount

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

One of the most popular creations from sex furniture pros Liberator, the BonBon dildo mount is a super stylish bedroom addition. Made from sturdy foam, it also has a waterproof and washable cover of soft velour. It’s just perfect for riding and grinding!

How to Use a Power Tool Sex Machine

Did you know that you can actually turn your power tools into sex machines?!

There are attachments out there that you can affix to certain power tools and transform them, alchemy-like, into pleasure devices. They harness the powerful functions of the tools to power body-safe sex toy attachments.

Of course, we recommend that you thoroughly clean said power tools beforehand to avoid damaging or infecting your sensitive areas. It’s also a good idea to check if the attachment is compatible with your tools before buying!

If you’re game to give it a go, here are two attachments to get you started:

Drill Twister Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

The Drill Twister Vac-U-Lock Sex Machine Adaptor

This piece of kit is designed to fit into a power drill, where you would usually place a drill bit. The other end is a Vac-U-Lock plug, to which you can affix your choice of compatible dildo and get it spinning!

Reciprocating Saw Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

Vac-U-Lock Reciprocating Saw Attachment

This attachment is designed for, you guessed it, a reciprocating saw. Remove the saw attachment and replace it with this Vac-U-Lock plug, to which you can attach your favorite dildo. The reciprocating motion acts just like a thrusting sex machine!

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