Five Motorbunny Alternatives for the Ride of Your Life!

Sex saddles are the epitome of a luxury ride! Simply climb aboard and let the machine vibrate you into next week! The Motorbunny is one of the top models out there, but every body is looking for something different from their bucking bronco which is why I’ve picked out my favorite Motorbunny alternatives!

What is the Motorbunny?

Motorbunny Original Standard Package

The Motorbunny is a half-barrel sex saddle that delivers powerful vibrations and rotations for intense internal and external stimulation.

The seat is covered in an easy to clean faux leather and has four eye hook anchor points for adding restraints if that tickles your fancy!

The standard package (pictured above) comes with the sex machine itself, four TPE attachments, and a standard wired remote.

For a little extra you can upgrade to the connect package, which comes with the Link bluetooth and internet controller. This remote allows remote control of the Motorbunny from anywhere in the world, using app. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can gamify your masturbation with the aptly named Fappy Bunny game!

The main downside of the Motorbunny is that the attachments are made of TPE, which is porous and can harbor germs and mold over time. Silicone attachments are available to buy on their website though.

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Motorbunny Specifications:

Vibration Power7,000 RPM
Rotation Power160 RPM
Volume max. 74 dB
Saddle MaterialFaux leather
Attachement MaterialsTPE
Number of Attachments4
Weight17.4 lbs
ControlsWired controller (Link Bluetooth/internet controller available)
Price (correct at time of writing)Starting at $899

A Cheaper Motorbunny Alternative – The Tremor

The Tremor is a slightly cheaper alternative sex saddle that still delivers intense power. It has a slightly different A frame shape that might suit some people better. It’s also a slightly lighter Motorbunny alternative weighing 13.5 lbs to Motorbunny’s 17.4 lbs.

Although the Tremor only comes with two attachments, they are made of silicone, and you should always go for quality over quantity when it comes to sex toys! On top of that, it also comes with a removable silicone pad that sits over the ABS plastic frame, so it’s much easier to keep clean.

Tremor also makes a range of silicone attachments that are compatible with the Motorbunny and Sybian sex machines.

The Tremor and The Rockabilly Tremor — What’s the Difference?

These are the two main package options on the Tremor website and the only difference is the included attachements.

The Tremor comes with The Whammy Bar, which has an insertable dildo and textured clitoral pad and The Bridge, which is a non-insertable attachment designed to stimulate the vulva and perineum.

The Rockabilly (top left) comes with The Bridge attachment and The Rockabilly attachment (bottom left) — an insertable attachment designed for increased g-spot stimulation.

Tremor Specifications

Vibration Power7,000 RPM
Rotation Power160 RPM
Volume max. 74 dB
Saddle MaterialABS Plastic
Attachement MaterialsSilicone
Number of Attachments2
Weight13.5 lbs
ControlsWired controller
Price (correct at time of writing)Starting at $849

A Luxury Motorbunny Alternative – The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

If you are looking for a more luxurious ride that looks and feels incredibly indulgent, look no further than the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine.

The Cowgirl comes with two silicone attachments — one grinding pad for enjoying the deep, rumbly vibrations and one insertable attachment that makes use of both the vibrations and rotations. The vibrational power is considerably lower than other sex saddles, giving it a much rumblier feel.

The incredible attention detail in this smooth black ride really sets it apart from it’s competitors — no bare plastic or flesh-colored attachments here, thank you very much! The vegan leather seat is padded to cushion your tush while riding the machine and the base features anti-slip silicone pads that also protect your floor. The smooth glide cords modelled after high-end music equipment also add to the luxurious feel!

The Cowgirl has two control options — you can use either the wired control pad or go cordless using the app from up to 30 feet away, which is great for letting a partner control your pleasure!

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Specifications:

Vibration Power1200 RPM
Rotation PowerVariable (6 patterns)
Volume max. 108 dB
Saddle MaterialPU
Attachement MaterialsSilicone
Number of Attachments2
Weight 28.4 lbs
ControlsWired controller or App (up to 30 feet)
Price (correct at time of writing)$1,450.00

A Thrusting Alternative — The Motorbunny Buck

If you prefer to get buck wild, then the Motorbunny Buck might be more up your street! While most sex saddles have a rotating fucntion, this alternative Motorbunny package offers a powerful thrusting, as well as the same vibrations you get in the standard model.

Although the standard package is more expensive, it comes with a bluetooth/internet enabled control and three premium silicone attachments. The saddle also features eyelets for restraint attachment, making it a great BDSM sex machine!

Vibration Power1200 RPM
Thrust Power39-190 thrusts per minute
Saddle MaterialFaux Leather
Attachement MaterialsSilicone
Number of Attachments3
Weight17.4 lbs
ControlsWired controller or Bluetooth/internet
Price (correct at time of writing)$1549

A Manual Alternative — The Cloud 9 F-Slider

If you love riding but aren’t a fan of vibrations, then dildo rocker could be your new stallion! The F-Slider from Cloud 9 is a rocking ride! The dildo rocks in time with your movements, giving you complete control of each thrust! Not to mention, it’s a whole lot quieter than the mains powered options. Oh and more climate friendly, I guess!

The F-slider comes with a 7-inch, realistic dildo, complete with raised veins and a sculpted head for delicious lifelike sensations. Unfortunately, the dildo is made of TPE, which is porous. However the F-slider has a universal Vac-U-Lock adapter, meaning you can use it with any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo of your choice!

A Portable Option — The Ruby Glow Blush 

Ride on fun isn’t only limited to the bigger, more expensive sex saddles! The Ruby Glow Blush offers ride on vibrations in a more compact design. Not only is it great for taking with you on the go, it’s a fraction of the price of most sex saddles!

Sure it won’t have the same knock your socks of power, but does have two independent motors that deliver delightfully rumbly vibrations. Not to mention, you can detach the top part and use it as a g-spot wand! That’s the only kind of transformer I’m interested in!

Made of buttery soft silicone and fully waterproof this is one versatile little riding toy!

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