Best Anal Sex Positions

The first time you try anal sex is usually a sweet mix of excitement and apprehension, but that fear soon dissolves once you see just how good it feels! Of course, anal isn’t for everyone, and you should never feel pressured to try anything, but if you are anal curious or know you love the butt stuff, read on to find to discover the best anal sex positions!

And the best thing about it is anyone who wants to try anal sex can — no matter what genitals you are packing, no matter your sexuality, and no matter your gender expression. 

As well as sharing some of the best anal sex positions for backdoor bliss, I’ll also share some top tips to help you prepare for anal sex! 

The Best Anal Sex Positions

Now it’s time to get to the good stuff! The majority of sex positions can be tweaked to make them anal-friendly, but these ones really make your derriere the star of the show! We’ll start off with some beginner friendly options and move onto some more advanced anal sex positions.

These positions are open to everyone, but you might need a few props to help you out! If you are pair with two vulvas, check out these strap on kits. Or, if you are vulva owner that wants to penetrate a penis owning partner, a prostate strap-on will help you pleasure his p-spot!

Playing the Spoons

Spooning is a classic position that makes a great a soft entry into anal sex. It’s cozy and intimate and there won’t be a lot of intense thrusting, but it still feels amazing. This position is also perfect for reaching around to stimulate your partner’s clitoris or penis or exploring double penetration.

Rear End Rodeo Rider

Riding positions, like the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl (or the more gender neutral rodeo rider), give the person on the receiving end more control of the depth and speed of penetration making it a great position for first timers.

Legs Akimbo

Lying with your knees pulled into your chest or resting on your partner’s chest opens up your whole genital area. This fantastic anal sex position allows for easy access and deeper penetration. The penetrating partner can easily stimulate their partners vulva or penis and testicles.

Armchair Anal

Pull up a seat and get ready for a raunchy ride! Have the penetrating partner sit down in a comfy chair and lower yourself onto their penis or dildo. Here you can use the arms of the chair to help you move up and down or sink down onto them and grind back forth.


Another anal sex position staple, doggy is great for when you want some more vigorous thrusting! If you’re on the floor, make sure to put something under your knees to make it more comfortable.

Pillow Pup

This supported version of doggy the receiving partner to relax a little and it’s easier on the arms and knees. Use a sex position pillow or stack a few normals pillows under the receiving partner’s hips and then they can rest their upper body on the bed. Take it to the next level with a sex toy mount that can hold a vibrator or Fleshlight for some extra stimulation for the receiving partner.

Bonus BDSM Anal Sex Positions

Combine your love of all things anal with your desire for BDSM! If you enjoy impact play, you can start out with some light spanking to get the blood flowing to your partner’s behind. Tease their tush with a flogger or run a Wartenburg wheel over their cheeks to really heighten their senses! Here are some of the best bondage anal sex positions! But always remember safety first! Establish boundaries and a safe word beforehand and always keep some safety scissors nearby in case you need get out in a hurry.

Anal Sex Positions with a Spreader Bar

Spreader bars keep your legs wide open for your partner — perfect for deeply satisfying anal sex! These versatile restraints can be used to keep your legs apart in the legs akimbo position above, for standing anal (as in the picture), or secure your arms and legs behind your body when you lie down. I recommending getting one that comes with wrist restraints as well for more options!

This adjustable spreader bar from Bondage Boutique has both wrist and ankle restraints and come with 4 keys so you have everything you need to get locked up!

Anal Sex with Wrist to Thigh Cuffs

Another option for bondage backdoor fun is to secure your partner’s wrist to their thighs with some wrist to thigh restraints. With the receiving partner lying on their back, have them lift their knees into their chest and secure their wrists to their thighs.

This set of wrist to thigh cuffs from Bondage Boutique fastens with velcro, making them quick to get on and off but strong enough to keep your partner locked in!

How to Prepare for Anal Sex 

If all these positions have you excited to try anal but you aren’t sure how to prepare, here are some tips to help you get ready for your first anal experience. Before you even get to the preparation, remember that you should only try anal sex if you really want to and make sure it’s with a partner you trust and feel comfortable with!

  • Start with good anal hygiene! You’ll want to try and empty your bowels in advance. Then, if possible, take a shower so you are nice and clean. If you cannot take a shower, just give yourself a quick wash so you feel fresh. 
  • Some people like to douche before anal sex, but it isn’t necessary and douching too often can be harmful.
  • Make sure you have some thick anal lubrication on hand! If you are using silicone sex toys, stick to a water-based lube. If not, silicone lubrication lasts much longer.
  • Always start with some foreplay. Try massaging your partner’s butt cheeks, stroking a lubed up finger around the outside of their anus, or indulge in some rimming. 
  • Always apply a generous amount of lubrication to your anus and your whatever is going in it. FYI, that should only ever be fingers, a penis, or an anal safe sex toy with a flared base!
  • Warm up with some anal beads, a butt plug, a small anal dildo, or your fingers.
  • When you are ready for penetration, guide your partner’s penis or dildo to the opening of your anus and slowly push back into them. You can also try breathing out as they penetrate you.
  • Once the tip is in, allow yourself time to adjust to the feeling and then let your partner know when you are ready for more. 
  • Don’t forget to reapply lube as necessary!

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