You Guide to Wearing a Butt Plug in Public

If the thought of walking around with a sexy secret gets your blood pumping and you love the idea of being slowly teased all day, then you might enjoy wearing your butt plug in public. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean wearing it pants down for the world to see. No, that would be illegal. I mean wearing it under your clothes — a sexy secret that only you know about. Well, maybe you let your partner in on the secret too.

Butt plugs provide a subtle, teasing stimulation as you move that will leave you in a constant state of arousal. Each step you take, every time you sit down, stand up, shift in your seat, the plug will stimulate those super sensitive nerve ending in your anus, and remind you of your secret! Add that the thrill of wearing your butt plug in public, and you’ve got a sure fire way to add some excitement to even the most boring of days!

Why Wear a Butt Plug in Public?

There are many different reasons people choose to wear their butt plug in person, from more practical ones of preparing for anal sex to the thrill of being plugged in public. Here are some reasons to try it!

  • Butt plugs provide a feeling fullness and subtle stimulation that doesn’t become overwhelming, making them great for extended wear. They can also stimulate the p-spot (prostate) for people assigned male at birth.
  • They are perfect for a long, teasing build up to later play, reminding you of whats to come.
  • You get the thrill of doing something taboo. This is particularly exciting if you have a little bit of exhibitionism in you!
  • It’s a great way to add some excitement to date night, particularly if it’s a remote control butt plug!
  • Wearing your butt plug in public can be a part of power play. Maybe your dom instructs you to wear as a reminder of their authority as a punishment for being a naughty sub!
  • Some people like to wear them to prepare for anal sex later in the day, especially if you know your partner has a larger penis.

Which Butt Plugs Are Best for Public Play?

Not all plugs are equal when it comes to extended wear. Unlike wearing a plug during sex, you will need a plug that is comfortable during all activities. If you are wearing your plug out, you need to be able to walk around and sit down in it. Here are my top picks wearable butt plugs that are both comfortable and satisfying!

What to look for in a butt plug for public play:

  • T-bar base for safety and comfort
  • A wide body and narrow neck to prevent the plug from slipping out
  • Non-porous materials — silicone is the most comfortable as it flexes to your body
  • Flatter tip that won’t poke into you when you sit down
  • Quiet, discreet vibrations with app or remote control

Most Comfortable — b-Vibe Snug Plugs

These weighted plugs from the anal experts at b-Vibe are designed with extended wear in mind. The barrel shape and flatter tip mean the plug doesn’t poke into you when you sit down. Also, the narrow neck is very flexible, so it won’t over stretch your sphincter, and the shape also means once inside, there’s no risk of the plug slipping out. The icing on the cake is the t-bar base that prevents the plug from slipping inside and nestles comfortably between your cheeks!

I have the Snug Plug 3, and really love it! It comes in 6 sizes, starting at just 0.8 inches wide, right up to 2.2 inches!

You can also get a vibrating Snug Plug or a full training kit with all the sizes, if you are working your way up to bigger sizes!

Best Vibrating — Lovense Hush

The Hush is an app-controlled butt plug from Lovense, which is ideal if you want some added stimulation. The Hush’s vibrations are powerful but quiet, making it perfect for discreet public play anywhere with a bit of background noise.

It features an innovative cork screw detail around the neck, which helps trap the lube and keep it comfortable for longer!

You can connect the plug to your smart phone or connect it to your partner’s phone and let them control your pleasure for some exciting power play. Not to mention the app unlocks all of the features, such as vibrate to music, which is great if you are heading out a club!

How to Prepare for Using Your Butt Plug in Public

As well as choosing the right plug, you will also need to a bit of preparation to get yourself ready for wearing your plug out and about.

While anyone with a butt can reap the rewards of wearing a butt plug in public, I wouldn’t recommend diving straight into a trip out and about with your plug, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with butt plugs. These are my top tips for working your way up to extended wear/public play.

  • Always start with a generous amount of lubrication (water-based if you are using silicone plug)
  • Start by wearing your plug for longer amounts of time at home while you do the housework
  • Practise sitting down in your butt plug at home
  • Start with a smaller size than you would use during sex

Safety & Tips for Taking the Plunge and Going Public

Once you’ve built up your confidence at home, it’s time to take it public! Whether you are running errands, heading out for a date night, or wearing your butt plug to work, here are some tips for being plugged in public:

  • Wear a plug that is slightly smaller than you would use during sex, but still big enough not to slip out.
  • Wear some more supportive underwear for a little more peace of mind.
  • Start with smaller trips out somewhere close to your house, in case you need to go back and remove the plug.
  • Try to limit wearing your plug to 20-30 minutes and then take a break. It is not recommended to wear your plug for more than a couple of hours.
  • Make yourself a butt plug kit in a discreet toiletry bag containing some sex toy wipes, lube, and a plastic bag to put your butt plug in.
  • Reapply lube often and if you feel any friction.
  • Be sure to remove the plug if it becomes painful or uncomfortable. Wearing your plug for longer amounts of time has a higher risk of irritation or injury.

What About Going to the Toilet?

Of course, you might need to take trip to bathroom while you are out and about, but what about your plug? It’s best to remove the plug while you use the bathroom, even if it’s just a pee, as the plug can make it difficult to fully empty your bladder, or it might fall out. This is also a good opportunity to reapply lube, so make sure to bring it with you in a little toiletry bag, so as not to give it away!

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