DIY Anal Sex toys

DIY Anal Sex Toys – 8 Homemade Ideas to Try Today

DIY anal sex toys aren’t something you think about until you’re horny, a finger just isn’t cutting it and there isn’t a butt plug to be found. Furthermore, waiting on an online order takes days.

Either way, when the mood strikes for a little anal play, some people start scanning the house for makeshift anal sex toys. But before you do that, check out these DIY anal sex toy projects that you can create with things around your house.

The 8 ways of creating your own Anal Sex Toys

  1. Hairbrush DIY Anal Sex Toy
  2. Flexible Sink Plunger
  3. Drain Plunger
  4. Medical Gloves
  5. Homemade Anal Beads
  6. DIY Screwdriver
  7. Fruits and Vegetables
  8. DIY Butt Plug

Warning: Homemade Anal Sex Toys

DIY anal toys, photo of the word "caution" in yellow and black.

Before you go and slip any household item into your back door, please be aware of the dangers of homemade anal sex toys! Anything that isn’t manufactured specifically for anal insertion comes with risks of injury, infection and in rare cases death.

Therefore, I ALWAYS recommend using your finger, a penis, or a store-bought sex toy. Check our review of the best anal toys here.

I understand that ordering a sex toy online can take days or weeks before delivery. But before making a DIY anal sex toy, consider these options for obtaining a butt plug, vibrator, or dildo with one quick shopping trip. Here are places that carry sex toys:

  • Drug stores now carry a limited selection of lubes, sensual lotions, vibrators and more.
  • Big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Meijer carry a small selection of intimate toys.
  • Novelty stores, like Spencer’s, carry sex toys and other sexy accessories.
  • Lingerie and “romance” shops carry a comprehensive selection of sex toys for every hole and sensitive spot.
  • Adult bookstores and XXX-rated shops also carry a full line of sex toys

Most importantly, know that the people who work in these shops won’t remember you or what you purchased 5 minutes after you leave; I have proof in this blog post.

DIY Anal Sex Toys Safety

DIY anal sex toys are an extremely common thing, especially for young people and those who are too embarrassed to enter a lingerie or sex shop. So, being the mothering type I am, I would much rather share a safer way to create DIY sex toys than imagine folks sticking any ole thing into their butt.

Again; finger, penis or sex toy first! I do not recommend homemade sex toys. But if you must, watch for pain, bleeding, sores, itching, rash and gosh forbid, losing a toy inside your rectum.

If anything like this happens, call a doctor or seek help at an emergency room immediately! We are talking about an important bodily system that you need in order to eliminate waste. You don’t want to injure or destroy that system simply because you needed back-door sexy time.

Step-By-Step Homemade Anal Sex Toys

Now that I have gotten the safety concerns out of the way, now we can talk about step-by-step, homemade, anal sex toys. But first, here are a few things that you should have on hand that makes DIY anal toys much safer:

  • Condoms
  • Padding like cotton balls, sponges, and gauze pads
  • Good, strong duct tape like Gorilla or Flextape
  • A homemade anal toy base (for fruits and veggies)

Now, here are some of the best ideas for DIY anal sex toys crafted from ordinary household items.

Hairbrush DIY Anal Sex Toy

Homemade hairbrush sex toy, photo of a hairbrush, sponge, tape and condom.
Step 1: Gather a rounded-handle hairbrush, thick sponge, duct tape, a condom and scissors.

Most everyone has a hairbrush around the house – and if you don’t, it’s not cool to borrow one belonging to a roommate, sibling or parent, EW!. But, with a few easy additions to your brush, you can create a DIY anal toy. Here is everything you need to create your own hairbrush toy:


  • Hairbrush with a rounded handle
  • Thick sponge
  • Strong, duct tape
  • Condom
  • Scissors
DIY anal sex toys hairbrush, step 2 photo of a hairbrush handle being traced onto a sponge
Step 2: Trace the top half of the hairbrush onto the sponge using a marker.

How to made an anal toy from a hairbrush. Step 3 photo of an area being cut from a sponge with scissors.
Step 3: Cut the traced area out with scissors.

DIY anal sex toy from a hairbrush, photo of the small sponge piece being cut with scissors.
Step 4: Cut a line in the center of the sponge piece about 3/4 of the way up.

DIY anal sex toy made from a hairbrush ,photo of a small sponge piece being added to the end of the hairbrush handle.
Step 5: Open the piece of sponge and cover the end of the brush handle to create a more rounded tip.

DIY anal sex toy made from a hairbrush, photo of a piece of sponge taped to the end of the brush handle.
Step 6: Secure the sponge piece to the brush handle using duct tape.

DIY anal sex toy from a hairbrush, photo of the hairbrush handle covered with a condom.
Step 7: Cover the handle of the hairbrush with a condom. Be sure and hold on to the opening of the condom when using the hairbrush as an anal sex toy.

It is very similar to an anal dildo

Flexible Sink Plunger DIY Anal Sex Toy

DIY anal sex toy from an accordion plunger, photo of a blue accordion plunger, sand paper and a condom.
Step 1: Gather the accordion-style plunger, sand paper and a condom.

Flexible sink plungers make a great anal sex toy with interesting shapes and a solid foundation. Plus, the wide, flexible bottom makes it easy to maneuver and you can straddle it while on a flat, firm surface. Here are the instructions to make your own:


DIY anal sex toys, photo of the handle of an accordion style sink plunger after sand paper has been used to smooth the seams.
Step 2: Use sand paper to smooth out any seams that could scratch or puncture the condom.

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a blue accordion style sink plunger with a condom covering the handle.
Step 3: Cover the handle of the plunger with a condom.

This can be used as an aweseom prostate massager with it’s bulbeous head.

Drain Plunger Homemade Anal Sex Toy

DIY anal toys, making a toy from a sink plunger. Photo of a sink plunger, large sponge, duct tape and a condom.

Drain plungers are smaller cousins to toilet plungers. They have a strong suction base with a shorter, wooden handle. And, if you happen to have one around the house, with a few safety tweaks, you can make a DIY, hands-free anal toy you can stick to the floor, wall or piece of furniture. Here is how to make it:


DIY anal sex toys, making a toy from a sink plunger. Photo of a large, blue sponge with a kitchen knife cutting a slit in the bottom.
Step 2: Cut a slit on the bottom of a large, thick sponge using a sharp kitchen knife. Be careful!

Step 3: Work the knife into the sponge cutting 3/4 of the way up. Twist the knife carefully to form a small hole.

DIY anal sex toys, plunger toy. Photo of a blue sponge covering the handle of a sink plunger.
Step 4: Slide the sponge over the plunger handle, leaving a couple of inches on top to cushion the tip.

DIY anal sex toys made from a sink plunger, Photo of a sink plunger with a large sponge covering the handle and scissors being used to trim off the excess sponge on either side.
Step 5: Using scissors, trim the excess sponge from around the handle, leaving 1.5″ to 2″ on each side for cushioning.

DIY anal sex toys using a plunger. Photo of a sponge covering a plunger handle and secured at the bottom using duct tape.
Step 6: Secure the bottom of the sponge to the plunger handle using strong, duct tape.

DIY anal sex toys using a plunger. Photo of a small, sink plunger with the handle covered by a sponge and condom.
Step 7: Place a condom at the tip of the plunger handle and roll it down to cover the entire sponge. Now you can use the sink plunger as a hands-free, anal sex toy.

DIY Anal Sex Toy Using Medical Gloves

DIY anal sex toys using a medical glove. Photo of a black medical glove and a bag of cotton balls.
Step 1: You’ll need a medical glove and cotton balls to make this homemade anal sex toy.

These days, it seems most of us have a box of medical gloves around the house. Did you know you could make a DIY anal sex toy from medical gloves? You can by following these directions:


  • 1 latex-free medical glove
  • Bag of cotton balls
DIY anal sex toys with medical gloves, photo of cotton balls being placed into the fingers of a black medical glove.
Step 2: Begin stuffing each finger with the cotton balls.

DIY anal sex toys made from a medical glove. Photo showing a chop stick being used to pack cotton balls into the finger of a black medical glove.
Step 3: Be sure and stuff each finger of the glove till it is firmly packed with cotton. It may help to use a pen or the dull end of a chop stick (as pictured) to press the cotton more easily.

Homemade anal sex toys using a medical glove. Photo of a black medical glove with all fingers stuffed with cotton balls.
Step 4: Once each finger of the glove is packed firmly with cotton, begin filling the palm of the glove.

Homemade anal sex toys from gloves. Photo of a black medical glove stuffed with cotton balls.
Step 5: Pack the palm of the glove firmly with cotton balls so that the fingers remain full and tight.

Homemade anal sex toys using a glove. Photo of a black medical glove, filled with cotton with the opening tied in a knot.
Step 6: Tie the end of the medical glove in a knot the way you would tire a balloon.

Homemade anal sex toys using medical gloves. Tips: Medical gloves are hypoallergenic and come in different sizes. Here are a size extra-small and small medical gloves. You can also make the fingers bumpy for added stimulation.

Homemade Anal Beads

BIY anal beads. Photo of a bag of children's plastic stringing beads and a package of red, nylon rope.
Step 1: To make homemade anal beads gather nylon rope and beads with holes through the center made from glass, finished wood or plastic. These are children’s BPA free, non-toxic, plastic beads.

Anal beads are one of the most underrated anal sex toys out there.

Their shape and flexibility allow them to gather around the prostate with a unique and stimulating massage.

Then, when pulled out at the moment of climax, they create mind-blowing sensations.

Here is everything you need to know to make your own homemade anal beads:


Step 2: Choose rounded or oblong rounded beads for comfort. Here, I have chosen 5 beads that are both round and oblong.

Homemade anal beads. Photo of 5 plastic beads strong on red rope to measure the proper length before cutting the rope.
Step 3: String the beads leaving a couple of inches between each bead. Then measure out about 6 additional inches on the end then cut the nylon rope. You’ll need enough excess rope on the end to tie a safety loop.

Step 4: Tie a knot on the end of the rope so the end bead will not slip off. You may need to tie a double knot depending on the size of the hole in your chosen beads. Once the knot is tied, pull down on the bead to make sure the knot doesn’t slip through. Next, remove the rest of the beads and tie a knot 2 inches in front of the first bead.

DIY anal beads. photo of 5 plastic beads strung on red nylon rope with knots tied in between each bead.
Step 5: Continue adding beads with knots in between until the final bead. Secure it in place with a knot.

Step 6: Next, double the end of the rope to make a loop and tie it in a secure knot as if you were tying a balloon. The loop should be big enough to fit around several fingers.

Step 7: If you used a nylon cord or rope, you can lightly burn the ends of the rope to prevent fraying.

They also come in a variety of different materials such as Metal anal beads, Glass anal beads, and most popular Silicone anal beads. You can also get them in different sizes, and choose between either Large anal beads, Small anal beads, or Long anal beads.

DIY Screwdriver Anal Sex Toy

Homemade anal sex toy screwdriver, photo of a long screwdriver with a rounded, rubber handle, a bar of soap and a condom.
Step 1: Find a long screwdriver with a rounded, soft handle, a bar of soap and a condom to make a DIY anal sex toy.

Wanting to make a DIY anal toy but don’t know where to start? Head to your tool box! Longer screwdrivers with rounded handles make great anal sex toys. All you need are some household supplies to make it a little safer and more comfortable. Here’s what you need:


DIY anal sex toy screwdriver, photo of a long screwdriver with a rounded handle stuck through the center of a bar of soap.
Step 2: Push the end of the screwdriver through the center of the soap.

Homemade anal sex toys made with a screwdriver. Photo of a long screwdriver stuck into a bar of soap with a condom over the handle.
Step 3: Place a condom over the handle of the screwdriver. Slide the soap up the rod of the screwdriver and hold under the soap when using to prevent the handle from slipping too far inside.

Homemade Anal Sex Toy Base for Fruits and Vegetables

DIY anal sex toys vegetables, photo showing lids, j-bolts, nuts and washers to create a safety base.
DIY anal sex toys using fruits and vegetables can be made safer by building a DIY anal sex toy base using lids, j-bolts, nuts and washers. Shown are the supplies to make a short and long sex toy base.

When you think about homemade sex toys, the first thing that usually comes to mind is food. Yes, several fruits and veggies offer a phallic shape, perfect for insertion. But how can you make them into a safer anal sex toy? You can do so by building a flared base to keep the produce from getting lost in your rectum.

DIY anal sex toys. photo of firm vegetables carrots, fingerling potatoes, cucumbers and squash.
Choose vegetables or fruits with firm centers and thick skins such as fingerling potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, cucumbers or squash. Never use bananas as the center is far too soft.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make a DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables:


  • Small, plastic lid
  • Drill
  • J-bolts in various lengths
  • 2 matching size nuts
  • 2 matching size washers
  • Box cutter, Exacto-knife

Short DIY Anal Sex Toy Base

Step 1: To make a DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables, find a lid with a straw hole in the center. Or you can use a solid lid with a hole cut in the center. Screw the nut onto the j-bolt followed by the washer. Next, slide the j-bolt through the hole in the lid.

DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables. Photo of a blue, screw on lid with a straw hole in the center and a j-bolt stuck through the hole.

Step 2: Screw washer then the nut onto the j-bolt on the other side of the lid.

Step 3: When using this DIY anal sex toy base, screw on firm, shorter vegetables or fruits by pressing firmly and twisting in a clockwise motion. Just remember, “righty tightly, lefty loosey.”

DIY anal sex toy base tip: Always cover your veggies with a condom!

DIY Anal Sex Toy Vegetables Long Safety Base

DIY anal sex toy base for longer vegetables. Photo of a plastic lid, 7" long j-bolt, 2 washers and 2 nuts.
Step 1: To make a DIY anal sex toy vegetable base, you’ll need a small, plastic lid, a long j-bolt (7″ bolt shown) and 2 each matching washers and nuts.

Homemade anal sex toys, photo of a plastic lid with an X drawn in the center.
Step 2: draw a small X in the center of the plastic lid and cut the X with a sharp knife or box cutter. Be sure and make the X very small so it will hold the bolt firmly.

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a 7 inch J bolt sticking through a plastic lid.
Step 2: Screw the nut onto the j-bolt as far down as it will go. Place the washer on the bolt then slide the bolt through the center of the plastic lid.

DIY anal sex toys, making a vegetable base. Photo of a plastic lid with a j-bolt through the middle tightened with a washer and nut on both sides of the lid.
Step 3: Place the washer on the top side of the plastic lid. Then, screw the nut onto the j-bolt and tighten it.

DIY anal sex toys using vegetables. Photo of a large cucumber on a DIY anal sex toy safety base.
Step 4: Choose a vegetable or fruit with a thick rind and firm core. Press the end of the vegetable against the j-bolt and turn in a clockwise motion until it rests against the plastic lid. Be sure you have the vegetable centered and the bolt does not pierce the side of the vegetable. If it does, flip the veggie over and try again on the other end. Gently pull on the vegetable to be sure it is secure and won’t slip off.

Wooden Massager DIY Butt Plug

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a wooden massager tool with 4 different ends that can be used as a butt plug.
Massager or butt multi-tool? This makes a great DIY anal sex toy.

Looking for a small, prostate massager but don’t want to run out to your nearest adult shop?

You may have the perfect little anal plug hiding in a drawer. This wooden, hand-massager has 3 different sized nubs that are the perfect size for anal stimulation.

Plus, with it being a single piece, you don’t have to worry about it slipping inside.

You can also find several other wooden massager styles that can be used as DIY sex toys.

Just be sure and cover each little wooden nub with a condom.

More DIY Anal Sex Toys from Around the Net

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and these horny, creative folks definitely got crafty when it came to DIY anal sex toys.

So, in case you didn’t get enough homemade sex toy ideas from above, here are even more!

DIY Inflatable Butt Plug

Inflatable butt plugs are good for anal training and learning to relax your sphincter.

And although I recommend you purchase a safe, manufactured inflatable butt plug, here is an interesting do-it-yourself video that shows how you can make one at home.

The Drilldo Homemade Sex Toy

Ah, the “drilldo”; when I ran across this DIY sex toy project, I must admit that I was intrigued.

The idea is simple.

Your place a solid dildo or other sex toy onto the bit of a drill and voila!

You now have a variable speed, homemade sex toy monster! Here’s the video so you can watch it for yourself.

The DIY Reciprocating Saw Sex Machine

You will never look at your reciprocating saw the same way again after seeing this DIY version of a sex machine.

As a matter of fact, this hack became so popular, that you can buy the attachments needed to create this machine for the fraction of the cost of a several hundred-dollar sex machine.

Check out this creative DIY by watching the YouTube video.

The big plus to this crafty, bedroom project is that it can be used alone and with a partner! This puts a whole new spin on the handyman role-playing fantasy.

How to Make a Silicone Dildo

We all know that silicone is the best material from which to make any sex toy.

It’s non-porous, cleans easily and feels wonderfully soft, silky and squishy.

Sure, silicone sex toys can be expensive (worth it!) but, if you are a crafty person, you can create your own DIY silicone dildo.

As much as I would love to create a dildo out of silicone and show you how to do it, that’s just something that’s way out of my sexual wheelhouse.

However, Sex Toy Collective has an incredible DIY silicone dildo tutorial that you can read.

But, if you are someone that can McGuyver an airplane out of a paper clip, 3 rubber bands and an ice chest, you may want to take the DIY dildo creativity a step further. This dual density dildo YouTube video tutorial. Is pretty fantastic!

Have fun and if any of you creative readers decide to do either of these DIY sex toys, please email me a pic!

More DIY Sex Toys

You can find our other DIY posts here:

DIY Anal Sex Toys Disclaimer

It’s a sad thing that this needs to be said, but some people just won’t take responsibility for their own actions.

And although I have said time and time again that I do not recommend using homemade sex toys, I need to say this legal stuff.

This blog and all of its contents are for adults 18 and over – or the age of majority in other states, countries. We are not responsible for anyone, under the age of 18 accessing this blog via any electronic means.

In other words, monitor what your kids are doing on the internet.

We, as the writer and owners of the Bed Bible webpage and blog, do not recommend the use of any of the above listed DIY sex toy projects.

We recommend our readers always opt for, and use, commercially manufactured sex toys. Furthermore, we are publishing these DIY anal sex toy projects strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Therefore, anyone that is associated with the Bed Bible blog (owners, webmasters, writers, service providers and all others) are not liable for any injury, illness, embarrassment, inconvenience or death caused by the making and using of any of the instructions or products listed on this blog page/publication including the sharing of this post which may be accessed via another page. This includes, but not limited to:

Injury, illness, death to yourself or anyone in your immediate family, friends, acquaintances and any costs due to injury, illness or death, medical treatment, hospitalization, death expenses etc. Use the above at your own risk. You are fully, 100% responsible if you choose to try any of the above.

Sorry folks, we have to say this to protect ourselves and you!

The Best Anal Sex Toys to Buy

As mentioned above, we always recommend that our readers use any and all sex toys that are created and manufactured for sexual use and not homemade sex toys of any kind.

Therefore, here are some great anal sex toys that I recommend you order or go out and buy.

I know you need to scratch that itch now, but the sexual anticipation will only make your anal experience that much better!

Butt Plugs

DIT anal sex toys and toys we recommend instead. Photo of a 7 piece butt plug set.

This set of butt plugs is a fantastic buy and an anal sex extravaganza worth waiting for!

Made from silicone, this 7-piece collection includes several shapes and sizes of butt plugs, including a hollow one that’s great to use on fingers.

Plus, you get a set of silicone anal beads.

Anal Dildo

Homemade anal sex toys and sex toys we recommend you use instead.

This 6-inch, anal suction cup dildo is made of soft, flexible silicone and perfect for hands-free anal fun.

If you are looking for an anal plaything that looks like the real thing, then look no further than this fleshy dong.

Anal Vibrator

DIY anal sex toys and the real sex toys we recommend instead. Photo of an anal vibrator with a remote-control.

This anal vibrator can be used by hand or by suctioning to the floor, wall or a chair.

Made from high-quality silicone, this vibrating butt plug offers a thrilling shape with 2 motors for deep stimulation. Choose from 10 vibrations and 10 thrusting motions by using the one-button remote control.

Prostate Massager

DIY anal sex toys and the real sex toys we recommend you use instead. Photo of a small, wearable prostate massager.

This powerful prostate massager is perfect for in the bedroom or on the go as its size hides between your cheeks.

With an internal vibration coupled with the external vibration, you get double the p-spot intensity. Plus, it’s made from comfortable and body-safe silicone.

Play Safe with Your DIY Anal Toys

Back-door stimulation can be a sensual sexual adventure for men, women and non-binary folks from all walks of life.

But when it comes to fulfilling that craving, it’s always safest to use a finger, penis or sex toy. That being said, if you do choose to make a DIY anal sex toy, be sure and do so in the safest way possible.

Happy orgasms!

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