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How to Clean a Fleshlight

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Fleshlight Clean and Healthy

Knowing how to clean a Fleshlight is the most important aspect of owning the worldwide, most popular male sex toy. And owning another type of pocket pussy doesn’t exclude you from this. On the contrary, knowing how to clean a pocket pussy is equally as important. Therefore, I’ve put together a guide on how to clean a Fleshlight, 3 different ways.

Also, how to clean a pocket pussy is interchangeable, in this case. However, you may have to adjust slightly, depending on whether or not your pocket pussy comes in a case.

The Importance of Knowing How to Clean a Fleshlight

Why is it so important to know how to clean a Fleshlight? Because, all Fleshlights and pocket pussies are created with various textures inside, for your pleasure. And, if those textures, nooks and crannies aren’t cleaned, several things can happen.

Protecting Your Sex Toy Investment

First of all, Fleshlights are considered an investment sex toy. Seriously, they aren’t a cheap sex toy. Additionally, other brands of pocket pussies aren’t dirt cheap either. That being said, know how to clean a Fleshlight properly, protects that investment and increases the longevity of the toy. Furthermore, knowing how to clean a pocket pussy correctly, does the same in increasing the life of the sex toy.

Clean a Fleshlight to Protect Your Health

Clean a Fleshlight for your health

Secondly, knowing how to clean a Fleshlight and knowing the proper way to clean a pocket pussy can and will protect your health. You see, those textures I mentioned earlier, can harbor unseen dirt, bacteria and even viruses. Moreover, because of the porous nature of the flesh-like material, Fleshlights and pocket pussies are notorious for growing mold when not cleaned thoroughly.

Yes, I said mold, yet I forgot to mention mildew.

Fleshlight growing mold and mildew
What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Fleshlight

So, what happens when you slip your penis into a mold-ridden Fleshlight? The answer is potential painful rashes, bacterial skin infections, possible urinary tract infections, yeast infections and possible permanent damage to the skin of your penis. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

Therefore, it’s important to know how to clean a Fleshlight and clean it well! Plus, it’s just as important to thoroughly dry your Fleshlight before placing it back into the case. Moisture is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties!

How to Clean a Fleshlight with Soap and Water

Hopefully, you have soap and water available so you can clean your Fleshlight or pocket pussy. Liquid soap works the best and anti-bacterial soap is suggested for all Fleshlights and pocket pussies made of this skin-like material. Antibacterial soap foams work well in order to reach the small textured areas as well as seeping into the microscopic pores.

So, to clean a Fleshlight or to clean a pocket pussy, all you need is water and anti-bacterial soap. If none is available, use a liquid hand soap, shower gel or even dish soap. That is because any soap and water is better than none!

Step 1: Removing the Sleeve

Removing the Fleshlight sleeve
Pull Up and Away from the Rim of the Case
Removing sleeve from Fleshlight
Pull Upward

First, pull the top of the Fleshlight sleeve loose from the rim of the case buy pulling toward the center of the Fleshlight and up at the same time. Then, slide the entire sleeve out.

Step 2: Adding Soap and Water

Adding soap to the masturbation sleeve
Add Soap Inside the Sleeve
Add Soap Outside the Sleeve Too

Next, run the sleeve under warm water, wetting it well, inside and out. Then, add a few drops of soap inside and out.

Work soap into lather
Work Into a Lather

Finally, be sure and work the soap into suds by squeezing and rubbing the Fleshlight sleeve with your hands. Most importantly, play close attention to the area that sits on top of the case. It is extremely textured as well as having a deep lip; both places where bacteria can lurk and grow.

Step 3: The Thorough Rinse

Rinsing the Fleshlight sleeve
Rinse Thoroughly

Next, rinse the sleeve or pocket pussy thoroughly, inside and out, until the water runs clear and there are no more traces of soap.

Step 4: The Drying Process

Drying the sleeve
Drying the Fleshlight

Dry your Fleshlight sleeve or pocket pussy by leaving it on a fluffy towel for several hours. Or, you can use a dryer make specifically for Fleshlights and other pocket pussies like this Fleshlight Hang Dry. Again, drying your Fleshlight sleeve is important before returning it to the case.

Step 5: How to Make a Clean Fleshlight Feel Its Best

Add renewal powder after you clean a Fleshlight
Add Renewal Powder

Another part of knowing how to clean a Fleshlight is the final step; adding renewal powder. This product is made specifically for skin-like materials to make them less sticky and add a silky-soft layer. Additionally, renewal powder aids in preventing rips and tears to your Fleshlight or pocket pussy.

Simply sprinkle on the powder, inside and out, spreading it out with your fingers. As a result, you will feel the material change immediately.

The Inside-Out Method of Cleaning a Fleshlight

The second method of cleaning a Fleshlight or cleaning a pocket pussy is by using the inside-out method. This method allows for deeper cleaning of the internal textures as you can actually visualize every nook and cranny. This is considered the best, most thorough way to clean a Fleshlight.

However, you must be gentle when using this method! That is because the materials from which the Fleshlight and pocket pussies are made can tear easily. That being said, I have used that method several times with my Riley Reed Fleshlight and it’s still pristine!

Step 1: Removing the Fleshlight Sleeve

How to remove a Fleshlight sleeve for cleaning
Remove the Fleshlight Sleeve
Removing sleeve before cleaning  Fleshlight
Pull Sleeve Completely Out of the Case

First, pull the top of the Fleshlight (the vagina, mouth or butt) away from the rim of the case, pulling up as you go around. Next slide the entire sleeve out of the case. This may vary if you’re using a different brand of pocket pussy.

Step 2: Turning the Sleeve Inside-out

Turning the sleeve inside out before clean a Fleshlight

Next, begin rolling the top of the sleeve downward, upon itself while pushing up from the bottom, almost like rolling socks. Once the sleeve is inside-out, you’ll be able to see all of the internal textures in order to clean it better.

Step 3: Cleaning the Fleshlight Sleeve

Inside Out method to clean a Fleshlight

Run the sleeve under warm water to fully saturate it inside and out. Add a few drops of liquid, anti-bacterial soap (the preferred method), hand soap, body wash or dish soap.

Next, squeeze and rub the sleeve thoroughly until you have worked the soap into suds. Pay close attention to deep textures, gaps, folds and especially around the top where the Fleshlight hangs over the case.

Finally, run the sleeve under warm water, inside and out, until the water runs clear and no suds are visible.

Step 4: Drying the Fleshlight Sleeve While Inside-Out

Pat Dry Thoroughly While Still Inside Out

Next, you must dry the Fleshlight sleeve a bit before turning it outside-in. You can do this by wrapping the sleeve in an absorbent, fluffy towel and gently squeezing it or patting it dry. As a result, your Fleshlight will be ready to use much more quickly than any other method of cleaning.

Step 5: Returning the Fleshlight Sleeve to Its Normal State

The next step is to return the Fleshlight sleeve to its normal state. Again, starting at the top, begin rolling the sleeve down while pushing from the bottom of the sleeve. This should be much easier than turning it inside-out.

Air dry sleeve after Cleaning Fleshlight
Allow to Air Dry Completely

Finally, continue the drying process by leaving the sleeve out and on a towel until completely dry or using a Fleshlight dryer like the Fleshlight Stand Dry.

Step 6: Don’t Forget the Renewal Powder

Add renewal powder

The 6th and final step of how to clean a Fleshlight is to apply renewal powder. This product gives the Fleshlight sleeve its soft, skin-like feel while relieving stickiness. It also protects the material from rolling, tearing or peeling.

How to Clean a Fleshlight Using Fleshwash Cleanser

*Note: I used another brand of sex toy cleaner for these photos.

Fleshwash Cleanser is specially formulated with anti-bacterial properties that reach deep into the textures of a Fleshlight, for a thorough clean. Furthermore, it makes cleaning a Fleshlight easier and faster. Plus, it comes in a spray bottle for super easy application. Better yet, as long as you rinse your Fleshlight sleeve directly after use, you can spray the cleaner on later!

This has got to be the easiest way to clean a Fleshlight. Plus, you can clean a pocket pussy easily too.

Step 1: Remove the Sleeve from the Fleshlight Case

Removing sleeve before cleaning Fleshlight

The first step to clean a Fleshlight using this method is to gently remove the sleeve from the case by pulling the top away from the rim while lifting upward. It’s extremely important that you don’t skip this step. Next, pull the entire sleeve out of the case.

Step 2: Rinse Well

How to clean a Fleshlight, rinse well first
Rinse Well First If You Didn’t After Last Use

This step is only necessary if you did not rinse your Fleshlight after you used it last. That being the case, rinse your Fleshlight sleeve, inside and out, using warm water. But, I am hoping you did rinse it out after use, because that’s what leads to all sorts of icky growth.

Step 3: Apply the Fleshwash or Other Sex Toy Cleanser

How to wash a Fleshlight Method 3, add sex toy cleanser
*Case Left in Place for Photo Purposes Only

Next, apply the Fleshwash or other sex toy cleaner to the sleeve or pocket pussy, inside and out. Be sure and saturate the interior in order to reach inside all of those textures. Finally, give the sleeve a little squeeze from top to bottom to distribute the cleaner. There is no need to rinse! However, some brands of sex toy cleaner do require rinsing. Please follow their directions.

Step 4: Dry the Fleshlight Sleeve

Air dry sleeve after Cleaning Fleshlight

The final step to clean a Fleshlight using Fleshwash is to dry your Fleshlight sleeve or pocket pussy. You can do this by allowing it to air dry on a soft, absorbent towel or by using a Fleshlight dryer like the Fleshlight Screw Dry. However, you will have to pat the outside of the Fleshlight sleeve dry and return it to the case before attaching it to that particular dryer.

Step 5: After Washing a Fleshlight, Then Drying, Powdering Is Important

Add renewal powder

The final step is to apply the renewing powder to all of the soft surfaces, inside and out. This will keep your Fleshlight feeling soft and supple.

How to Clean a Fleshlight Case

How to clean a Fleshlight case
Fleshlight Case Soaking in Soapy Water

Knowing how to clean a Fleshlight case isn’t as important as the Fleshlight sleeve or pocket pussy. However, the case will get dirty and sticky if you don’t keep it clean. Then, that dirt and bacteria transfers from the case to your hands and from your hands to the sleeve and yourself. So, here are the steps for cleaning a Fleshlight case.

Step 1: Removing the Fleshlight Sleeve

How to remove a Fleshlight sleeve for cleaning

As with the instructions on how to clean a Fleshlight, you’ll have to remove the sleeve to properly clean the case. First, unscrew the main cap of the case and set it aside for cleaning.  

Then, pull the top of the sleeve away from the rim of the case while pulling upward. Next pull the sleeve completely out of the case and set aside.

Step 2: Remove the Suction Control Cap

Remove the suction control cap from the bottom of the Fleshlight case.

Step 3: Washing the Fleshlight Case

Cleaning a Fleshlight Case

Wash the Fleshlight case using warm water and soap of any type. For example, you can use dish liquid, hand soap or body wash. Also, it’s much easier to clean if you use a sponge or washcloth.

Step 4: Rinse the Fleshlight Case

Next, rinse the Fleshlight case with warm water until no soap suds exist. Then, follow steps 3 and 4 for the top and bottom Fleshlight caps.

Step 5: Drying Your Fleshlight Case

Finally, you can dry the Fleshlight case using a hand towel. Or you can place it on a towel or dish drying mat, allowing it to air dry. Make sure the case is completely dry before reinserting the sleeve.

Helpful Products to Clean a Fleshlight Properly

Products to help clean a Fleshlight
Fleshlight Brand Fleshwash and Renewing Powder

There are several products that are helpful when you clean a Fleshlight as well as assisting with the drying process. First, a good antibacterial cleaner is crucial when cleaning a Fleshlight. You can order the Fleshlight branded Fleshwash or try another brand. For instance, Before and After is a great sex toy wash that doesn’t require rinsing.

Better yet, the Before and After Foaming Cleaner expands to get into those intricate nooks and crannies of a Fleshlight sleeve or a pocket pussy. And again, no rinsing is required, saving you time.

How to clean a Fleshlight, Fleshlight Stand Dry
Fleshlight Stand Dry

Next, having a way to dry a Fleshlight aids in the cleaning process. Sure, you can let it air dry on a towel. However, using one of the available Fleshlight branded dryers dries the sleeve faster so you don’t have to wait to apply the renewing powder. Plus, most of the dryers are under $20!

Fleshlight Packages That Help Clean a Fleshlight

Fleshlight packages the help to clean a Fleshlight
Fleshlight Super Stamina Training Unit Combo Pack

Are you a Fleshlight collector? Or maybe you are getting ready to buy your first Fleshlight. Either way, the official Fleshlight page makes it easy to clean a Fleshlight with packages that include all the essentials you need to clean a pocket pussy or Fleshlight product. Plus, it includes a Fleshlight masturbator too! Check out these package deals!

  • The Fleshskin Get-A-Grip Combo: Includes a Fleshskin Get-A-Grip masturbator, Fleshlube, Fleshwash and a dryer.
  • Go Surge Lady: This combo comes with the Go Surge Fleshlight vagina, Fleshwash and Fleshlube.
  • Quickshot Vantage Combo: Includes the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, Fleshlube and Fleshwash.
  • The Go Torque Ice Package: This set includes a Go Torque in Ice, and a bottle each of Fleshlube and Fleshwash.
  • The Super Stamina Training Unit Combo: This money saving combo includes the Stamina Training Unit in vagina (Lady) or butt, Fleshlube, Fleshwash, Renewer Powder, Shower Mount and Sleeve Warmer.
  • Up All Night Stamina Training Unit Lady Pack: This package includes the Stamina Training Unit in vagina (Lady), Go Stamina Training Unit, Quickshot Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlube, Fleshwash and Renewing Powder.

Squeaky Clean Fleshlight, Fresh, Clean Pocket Pussy

Now that you know how to clean a Fleshlight till it’s squeaky clean and you know how to have a fresh, clean pocket pussy, you no longer have to worry about nasty rashes, infections or permanent penis damage. Plus, your Fleshlight or pocket pussy will last much longer. After all, if you’re spending money on your sexual pleasure, you must look out for your sexual health too!

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