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Different Types of Sex Dolls

Love Dolls for Every Taste and Budget

How many different types of sex dolls are there? Likely more than you could imagine. Unless, that is, you are a love doll connoisseur. Otherwise, you probably have no idea of the plethora of different types of sex dolls available for every taste and budget. So, we are going to go over the different types and genres of dolls out there, from inexpensive to luxury, and where you can get your hands on them.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is the most realistic masturbation toy on the adult product market today. Not only do they look like a human, sexually, they feel like the real deal too. Not only that, but you can get partial sex dolls, which consist of everything from life-size butts and genitals to dolls with heads, arms, breasts and genital. Or, you can choose from every size, shape and color of human-like love dolls.

Further, sex dolls are the perfect companion for those who have lost a loved one, persons with disabilities and those who want the ultimate, sexual experience without the hassle and maintenance of a relationship. Sure, sex dolls can cost thousands of dollars. However, they are worth every penny because of their realism and craftsmanship.

But just how many different types of sex dolls exist in the pleasure product marketplace? And are they all good sex dolls? And which are the best sex dolls for the money? Let’s find out!

The Different Types of Sex Dolls

When people think about sex dolls, they usually picture the old, blow-up dolls with plastic hair and the perpetually, frightened facial features. Or, their thoughts go straight to the human love dolls, which are so realistic, you can’t tell the difference between love doll and breathing human. But, did you know that those same dolls are made from plush fabric? Or that you can purchase half of a sex doll?

Yes, there are many more different types of sex dolls out there, which most people have no idea exist.

Gendered Dolls: Male, Female and Transgender

First of all, the most common types of sex dolls are human love dolls of different genders. They are eerily realistic, flexible sex dolls that can be dressed up, posed and used for your wildest, sexual fantasies. Commonly created with TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or silicone, these sex dolls feel as real as they look.

Further, they are a bit costly, so maybe not the best sex doll for the money, if you’re on a budget. However, if you can afford the investment, they’re not only good sex dolls, but the best choice, overall.

Male Sex Dolls

Male sex doll Robert
“Robert” Male Sex Doll

Male sex dolls trail in popularity when compared to their female counterparts. The reason for this is that male creators have dominated the adult product industry forever and have always catered to the desires of men, with female needs as an afterthought. Consequently, the market of gay and bisexual men purchasing male sex dolls is far more profitable than the cis female buyer. Likely, that’s because of the cost, weight of male sex dolls and the difficulty in stashing such a huge sex companion.

With that said, male sex dolls are becoming much more realistic, as of late. In addition, they are more muscular, masculine and appealing to the female buyer. Just take a look at my latest sex doll crush, Robert. He is sexy, mature and reminds me a bit of the character James Howlett, aka Wolverine. Yes, I would own him in a New York minute if I could afford him!

And before I forget – Robert does that to me – male sex dolls are anatomically correct with testicles, penises and usable anuses.

Female Sex Dolls

Female sex doll Anastasia
“Anastasia” Female Sex Doll

Female sex dolls have the market cornered when it comes to human love dolls. There are literally thousands of dolls to choose from in countless sizes and shapes. Add to that the ability to customize female sex dolls with skin tone, hair color and style, as well as body shape, breast size and even nail colors, and you have millions of female sex dolls to choose from.

Also, female sex dolls are anatomically correct with soft, bouncy breasts, uber-realistic, usable vaginas and anuses with textured orifices. Plus, they are flexible sex dolls, thanks to strong, articulated skeletons, that can be placed in nearly every sexual position you can imagine. I love this Russian beauty, Anastasia, created by WM and sold by Silicon Wives. And yes, she is fully customizable.

Transgender Dolls

Transgender sex doll Colalee
Transgender Sex Doll “Colalee”

Trans sex dolls are yet another different type of sex doll available. Unfortunately, as you browse through the sex doll websites, these dolls are listed as “tranny” and by other derogatory terms. Furthermore, I have yet to come across a transgender male doll. Meaning, the only transgender love dolls available for purchase are female.

First, most transgender female dolls are created with realistic genitals and usable anuses. However, you can purchase a regular, female doll and turn it transgender with the right sex doll accessories; more precisely, an insertable penis attachment. Sadly, unless you customize your selection, they all come with massive breasts and feminine shapes. Far from being realistic.

Either way, Colalee is just one example of a transgender sex doll and a single model in the huge pool of different types of sex dolls.

Inflatable Sex Dolls

Brianna inflatable sex doll by Thrust Pro
Brianna Inflatable Sex Doll By Thrust Pro

Among the many different types of sex dolls stands the OG; the inflatable sex doll. Fortunately, the vinyl, blow up dolls of the past have evolved immensely, and are now more realistic looking. For instance, the genitals are lined with silicone or TPE making them feel more realistic. Also, they include softer, more lifelike breasts making them the best sex doll for the money.

But the best thing about the inflatable sex dolls of today is that their faces don’t look as if they are stuck in the perpetual “Ohhhhhh!”

Nevertheless, the improved inflatable love dolls also come with an improved price tag. While the old-school dolls were affordable at around $12, these newer models can cost more than $100. That being said, inflatable dolls are a great alternative to the TPE human love dolls which will cost you thousands. And that’s a great way to find out if a more expensive sex doll is something worth investing in.

A great way to begin your sex doll journey is with Brianna by Thrust Pro. She’s affordable, looks a bit more human-like and has real-feel genitals and breasts for your masturbation pleasure. Therefore, I wouldn’t just rate her a good sex doll but one of the best sex dolls for the money, for newbies.

Partial Sex Dolls

Another different type of sex doll is the partial doll. These include torsos with heads, torsos without heads, bottom half sex dolls and simple genital area dolls referred to as masturbators. Best of all, these type of sex dolls are more affordable, fantastic for beginners and much smaller than human love dolls. Therefore, they are much easier to hide and store.

So, let’s go more in-depth with these different types of sex dolls.

Torso Sex Dolls with Heads

Different Types of sex dolls: Torso sex doll Krista
Krista Anime Themed Torso Sex Doll

Torso sex dolls with heads are exactly like full-sized, human love dolls. Only, they don’t have legs. Furthermore, you can choose dolls without arms as well. As a result, you get a beautiful face, realistic hair, breasts and genitals. But you are paying less money and these weigh a bit less. Plus, they are far easier to move around and store. So they are good sex dolls in those aspects.

Meet Krista, a torso love doll, just like the human love dolls but without the legs. She styled in an Anime look and has all the parts necessary for the wildest, most realistic sex.

Torso Sex Dolls

Torso sex dolls consist of the torso only. Basically, this different type of sex doll starts at the neck and ends at the genitals. In addition, torso sex dolls have realistic, bouncy breasts (or a manly chest) and usable vaginas (or penises) and anuses. Each orifice is textured to give you a lifelike sexual experience. And each torso has an opening, on the back, to accommodate easy cleaning after use.

Best of all, torso sex dolls store easily, only weigh 10-15 lbs. and are an affordable option for most budgets. For instance, this Thrust Pro Elite torso features remote-controlled vibration and realistic textures inside the anus and vagina for incredible sensations. So if you’re on a budget, a torso is one of the best sex dolls for the money.

Bottom Half Sex Dolls

One of the most unique and different type of sex doll has to be the bottom half doll. Made by the same manufacturers that create full-sized sex dolls, these realistic half-dolls have long, sexy legs, plump rears and fully working vaginas and butts. So, if you’re a leg and butt guy (or gal), this is definitely a sex doll you should consider.

Above all, the bottom half sex dolls weigh far less than their full-size counterparts. Therefore, they cost less and are much easier to store or hide from prying eyes. So, if you’re interested in this unique and different type of sex doll, like this one, you’ll only find them on sex doll specific websites.

Sex Doll Masturbators

The smallest and most affordable type of sex doll is referred to as a masturbator. The reason for this is that they only include the genitals, butt and not much else. No, these aren’t hand-held sex toys. Instead, they are life-size masturbators that can be laid on a surface and penetrated like a full-sized sex doll. Additionally, they are the most affordable option among the different types of sex dolls.

For example, Doc Johnson created the Spread Eagle Sally Pussy and Ass Masturbator which is priced well under $100 and feels like the real thing. So, this one is definitely my number one pick as the best sex doll for the money.

Stuffed Sex Dolls

Stuffed Sex Doll Akiko from Teddy Babes
Stuffed, Plush Sex Doll Akiko

When you think of a stuffed sex doll, your mind probably wanders to a child’s toy type stuffed thing. First off, ew. But secondly, stuffed sex dolls are life-sized, flexible love dolls with all the naughty parts you enjoy. The difference being that instead of silicone or TPE, these dolls are made of luxurious, soft plush fabric.

From the Teddy Babes website:

“Unlike silicone or TPE love dolls and related adult sex toys, a Teddy Babe’s body is made of soft, velvety, plush material, stuffed firmly with non-allergenic poly-fil, which both mimics the silkiness of human skin while giving her a warm and cuddly quality that’s lacking in silicone love dolls and other adult toys. “

“This also makes her extremely light and easy to manipulate and play with.  There is no need to inflate or use a heating pad to warm up a Teddy Babe love doll. Rather, like any teddy bear or other stuffed toy, Teddy Babes are natural bedtime companions, and are not prone to leaking or tearing, but have bodies that can withstand and recover from an estimated 500 pounds of pressure.”

So if you want a good sex doll that keeps you warm at night, without spending thousands, a stuffed sex doll might be the best choice for you.

TPE and Silicone Human Love Dolls

The most popular dolls among the different types of sex dolls are the human love dolls. These sex dolls are life-sized, look eerily human and have every lifelike part a human would have. In addition, the vast majority of these quality creations are completely customizable from their body build to their eye color. But when it comes to materials, these love dolls are made from either silicone or TPE.

So, what’s the difference between the two types of sex doll materials? Let’s find out.

TPE Dolls

TPE dolls are the most popular type of sex doll. The reason being is that TPE is less expensive than silicone but it feels more like human skin than silicone. Plus, TPE has a human-like jiggle to it, making breasts and butts squishy and jiggly. But there is a downside to TPE.

First, TPE is somewhat porous. What this means is that the microscopic pores will absorb oils from your skin as well as dirt and germs. Therefore, TPE must be kept clean and caution must be used around fabrics that can bleed colors and stain the doll’s skin. Finally, TPE can tear easily, causing cuts and abrasions that must be repaired right away or they will get larger.

Regardless of these things, TPE sex dolls, by and large, are still well-made and will last a lifetime when cared for properly.

The Silicone Love Dolls

Different Types of Sex Dolls; silicone sex doll Amy
Silicone Sex Doll Amy

Dolls created from silicone are slightly more expensive than those made from TPE. But what makes these dolls stand out is the glow of the skin and the realism in the face. Yes, silicone sex dolls are remarkably realistic. So much so that sometimes you cannot tell the difference between the doll and an actual human, in photographs.

Additionally, dolls molded from silicone are non-porous. Therefore, the upkeep is less time consuming and there aren’t as many worries when it comes to makeup and clothing staining the skin. But there is a downside to silicone love dolls; they simply aren’t as squishy and jiggly as dolls made with TPE. Plus, silicone dolls too can sustain tears and injuries that must be repaired right away.

However, silicone sex dolls seem to be the top-of-the-line when it comes to different types of sex dolls. Because with their higher price tag comes longevity and a lifetime of sex doll love! Just take a look at Amy, made of silicone and as beautifully human-like as they come.

Robot Dolls

Zania robot sex doll
Zania, Moving Robot Sex Doll

Another different type of sex doll is the robot doll. Different from the AI sex doll, robot sex dolls actually move. Yes, they are created with the same silicone and TPE as the typical human love dolls, and can be customized. However, they have robotics, built in, that allow them to thrust and move their upper bodies up and down.

Thus, you get a sex doll that doesn’t just lay there. Plus, they are capable of performing a blow job on their lucky recipients. Zaina happens to be the most popular model of robot sex doll. And if you go to her page and scroll down to the Q&A, you’ll see a link to a video of how she moves. Finally, the price of a robot sex doll isn’t a great deal more than a quality, human love doll.

But keep in mind, with more bells and whistles comes more things that can go wrong. Therefore, you must follow all care instructions to the letter so your robot sex doll will last a lifetime.

AI Sex Dolls

AI sex dolls are a different type of sex doll in that they feature smart tech (artificial intelligence) to make them come to life. Unlike a robot sex doll, AI sex dolls (often listed as robots) only have movement from the neck up. What this means is that they turn their heads, make facial expressions, blink and speak. Not only that, but they are programmed to carry on full-on, intelligent conversations.

And, AI dolls learn all about you and cater their conversations to your likes and dislikes. Furthermore, in some AI sex doll models, you can use an app to program her to say and do things that you choose. This particular brand of AI sex doll is made by Real Doll.

What’s a Real Doll?

Real Doll AI different type of sex doll
Real Doll AI Sex Dolls

The Real Doll is created by the Abyss company and the highest-quality, luxury sex doll on the market today. Not only do they make AI sex dolls but human love dolls as well. And yes, they are luxury-level dolls too with a price tag to match. However, these different types of sex dolls surpass most others in look and feel, as the company reaches further with each improvement made.

Additionally, Real Dolls can be customized with top-notch accessories like a self-lubricating vagina, freckles, tattoos and body hair – on the male sex dolls, of course. And if you invest in an AI Real Doll, she will keep you entertained with conversation and actually moan, groan and orgasm in response to your touch.

Different Types of Sex Dolls by Genre

Adelina Fantasy sex doll
Adelina Fantasy Sex Doll

Finally, when it comes to different types of sex dolls, the genres are what makes them expand into the millions. For instance, if you want something different from your average human love doll, Adelina is a sex doll that stepped right out of a fantasy land. With adorable elf ears and horns, this doll is sure to satisfy your most creative fantasies.

Now, let’s take a look at the broad spectrum of sex doll genres that exist and are growing every day.

  • Fantasy, vampires and Anime sex dolls
  • BBW or full-figured
  • Athletic built
  • Dolls of color – African, Latina, Asian
  • Pregnant
  • MILF or mature sex dolls
  • Dolls with gigantic breasts
  • Huge-bottom girls
  • Penetrable nipples
  • Tall sex dolls
  • Petite sex dolls
  • Every skin tone imaginable, including blue

Different Types of Sex Dolls for Every Desire!

The sex doll industry is absolutely exploding with different types of sex dolls. From cuddly, warm plush dolls to jiggly, sensual, human love dolls, there is a doll to fulfill every desire. And with the ability to purchase sex doll torsos, masturbators and half sex dolls, it allows for just about anyone to experience to feel of realistic sex.

If you’re looking for a place that has almost all variants of sex dolls, Then we recommend you to look at lilysuck.com.

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