Climax.How Review: A Sexual, Sensual Education

If you are ready to embrace your inherent sexual energy and become your sexiest, most confident self in the bedroom, this review is for you!

It’s a fantastic opportunity learn from some of the best sexual experts and finally get the pleasure education you deserve!

Let’s face it, most of us have been left to figure this out for ourselves, with very little guidance, which has left many of us feeling shy, embarrassed, ashamed, or disconnected from your body. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Everyone deserves pleasure and it only takes a little time and effort to bring a whole lot more of it into your sex life! is an extensive online platform with short video courses covering a massive array of sexual activities and sexual wellness topics to help you transform your sex life into one you truly love!

As part of my quest to bring you the best online sexual classes, I’ve put it to the test to figure out whether it’s worth it. Today, I’m sharing exactly what I thought of, as well as everything you need to know about this online sexual course.

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Here’s everything you can find in this review:

What is review: my personal experience

How much does cost?

Who would I recommend to?

What is

Master squirting with the world squirting champion Lola Jean was founded by Laurène Dorleac and Kevin Soulas, and was created to destigmatise female self pleasure and help people enhance their intimate and sexual relationships with themselves and others.

The website has a clean and elegant design and is easy to navigate. There are currently 34 courses on, covering everything from flirting and foreplay to shibari and kink.

Each course consists of shorter videos from around 5-20 minutes that you can watch on your phone, computer, or tablet. I also love that you can two learning profiles on one account, so you can share a membership with your partner!

As well as the video content, there are also audio courses that act as guided activities.

The courses are taught by top sexual experts, including Ada Lucie, kink expert Lola Jean, and menstrual wellness coach Lisa De Jong. takes a very empowering and holistic approach to pleasure, with many links to more sensual and Tantric based teachings, but there are also some fantastic kink courses as well! Some of the videos are explicit, but they are very tasteful and it allows you to see how to actually perform the techniques in the course.

And they have been kind enough to offer our readers a very generous 30% discount! Just click the button below to claim yours! Review: My Personal Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed using! I think it has a lot of really valuable information for improving your sexual relationship with yourself and with partners.

I love that the videos are all high quality and packed full with quality, actionable advice on how to access more pleasure and communicate and connect with your partners.

I’m also a big fan of it’s more holistic approach to pleasure. does a great job of involving the emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of having a great relationship with sex!

Here’s a quick round up of the pros and cons and I’ll go into more detail about the courses I tried below! review: the Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of topics, including pleasure, wellness, tantra and kink
  • Courses taught by top experts
  • Great quality videos
  • Bite size videos you can watch on mobile or computer
  • Subscription gives you access to full library of courses
  • Holistic approach to sexual wellness and pleasure
  • Option to buy individual programs
  • Option to have 2 profiles on one account to share with a partner or friend at no extra cost


  • Can be heteronormative or gender normative in places
  • Not able to download videos to watch offline
  • More spiritual tone won’t suit everyone
  • Doesn’t return to same place in the video if you close it half way through a class

While I didn’t have time to watch every course on, I did choose a few across different topics to get a good idea of the quality and bring you all the details about what you can learn! Here’s what I thought about the courses I took:

Passion Playbook — Ada Lucie

Unlock your inner seductress with Ada Lucie’s Passion Playbook

I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend it to anyone struggling to connect more to their sexual energy and become more confident in the bedroom!

I really appreciated Ada Lucie’s warmth — it felt like getting advice from a friend, just one who knows a whole about sex! Her ease and confidence is also very empowering!

I also like that she gave some very actionable advice and it gradually got spicier so there was something for all levels of confidence.

It was also great that the course covers seduction in and outside the bedroom, with plenty of tips to help you get in the mood. I recommend chec

The only downside to this course is that it’s very gender and heteronormative and doesn’t really cater to LGBTQIA+ pleasure.

However, aside from that, I would say this makes a great course to start your journey with!

Menstrual Wellness Course — Lisa De Jong

Learn how to have healthier, happier menstrual cycles with Lisa De Jong

I consider myself pretty well-versed in the menstrual cylcle, but still learned a lot of from this course! When I think about how little we are taught about the menstrual cycle I am overcome by a fiery feminist rage! People who have periods need accurate and complete information to know how the menstrual cycle works and how it fits into our holistic health. Not to mention, without this information, we can’t advocate for our rights!

Ok, I’ll stop before I get myself too worked up! But I cannot recommend this course enough if you are a menstruator or a partner of one!

Lisa De Jong is an amazing wealth of knowledge on menstrual cycle wellness and does fantastic job of explaining everything in an easy to understand way.

She takes you through everything, from the hormones involved, the seasons of the menstrual cycle, and the way diet, exercise, and psychological wellness influence your menstrual cycle.

Lisa also has a course specifically for people with endometriosis on

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How much does cost?

I really like that has two different options — you can buy a subscription, which gives you full access to the whole library of courses as well as any new courses that are added, or you can make a one off purchase for individual courses.

On top of that, you can also try out the platform for free by simply signing up with your email address!

Subscription plans: has two different subscription plans, monthly or yearly, and they have been kind enough to offer us a 30% discount code so you can enjoy this amazing platform for less! Just click on the coupon button below to access your discount!

Monthly: $56/month $39.20/month with the Bedbible discount

Yearly: $28.83/month billed yearly as $346 $20.18/month billed yearly as $242.20 with the Bedbible discount

Buying Individual Courses

If there’s a particular topic you want to check out or you aren’t sure if the style of the courses is for you, you can also browse and buy individual courses, and Bedbible 30% also works on individual courses!

Courses usually cost $103/course but you can get it for $72.10 with the Bedbible 30% discount! So if you want to learn how to squirt, learn how to take your intimacy to the next level, or master ejaculation control, you can do without signing up for the full membership.

Who would I recommend to?

While I think there is something for everyone on, I would say it’s a bit more geared to cis-gender women and heterosexual couples with gender normative language in some places.

Many of the courses can be enjoyed by anyone, but if you are looking specifically for courses specifically discussing sex and pleasure for trans, non-binary, or queer people, this isn’t the best option.

Aside from that, I think is a really great resource for anyone looking to enhance their sex life solo or with a partner! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this review and getting to explore the courses they offer and think you will too!

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