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Chastity Cage Safety

Plus 25 Quick Chastity Cage Tips for Safety and Comfort

Chastity cage safety is paramount when entering into this popular kink. You must learn dangers to watch out for, what pain is acceptable and which is a health concern. Plus, you must know general chastity cage safety, like rules and how to have a comfortable caging. Therefore, we are going to talk about chastity cage safety and everything pertaining to being caged and comfy.

Then, we are going to give you 25 chastity cage tips to make your caging experience the best it can be!

Does a Chastity Cage Hurt?

So, you’ve decided to lock up your junk and partake in this popular and exciting kink. But first, you might be asking yourself, “Does chastity hurt?” I don’t blame you, as this is your penis we’re taking about! And while locking yourself in a chastity cage can boost your sex drive, boost sexual intensity and improve your relationship with your partner, Mater or Mistress, you must know the basics of chastity cage safety.

Therefore, does a chastity cage hurt? The answer to that is, no, a chastity cage should not hurt. That is, unless you want it to. Allow me to explain.

Painless Chastity Cage Confinement

Oxy Beginner Kit
Oxy Chastity Cage Beginner Kit for the Cage Newbies

First, as long as you have properly measured for a chastity cage, it shouldn’t cause any pain. However, you should expect some mild discomfort, until your body becomes accustomed to wearing a chastity device. This is especially true during erections in a chastity cage, changes in weather, while sleeping and increased activity on your part.

Second, you need to make sure you are wearing a chastity cage designed and created from materials that are most comfortable for you. For example, if you perspire a great deal, a chastity cage that’s more open will likely be more comfortable. For instance, this open Guardian model is perfect!

 Or, if you’re an extremely active person, you’ll want to steer away from metal chastity cages and opt for something more light weight. Try this Guardian V2 nylon cage which is sleek, light weight and open for easy cleaning and air flow.

Finally, there are other steps you can take to make chastity nearly painless. We will go into that more in-depth, below. But, as a preview, they include manscaping, using certain lubes and moisturizers and cleanliness, among other things. These steps stop hair from being pulled as well as decreasing chafing, both of which make you much more comfortable. Thus, a chastity cage will not hurt.

However, are you seeking that blissful, arousing pain? There are ways to obtain painful chastity!

Painful Chastity

Chastity Cage Safety and Painful Chastity
Kali’s Teeth Weighted Chain with the 4 Row Chastity Ring

If you love a bit a pain with your pleasure, as well as CBT (cock and ball torture) then we have some painful chastity cage options for you. But be aware that you still must watch your junk for decreased blood flow, abrasions, bruising and signs of infection while using a painful chastity device. All of which goes hand-in-hand with chastity cage safety.

Here are some exciting product options if you enjoy painful chastity sensations:

Electric Shock Cages

ElectroShock ElectroStim Chastity for Painful Chastity.
ElectroShock ElectroStim Chastity Cage for Painful Chastity

This type of painful chastity cage emits small, electrical shocks to your cock, usually inflicted by a partner, Master or Mistress. For instance, the ElectroShock ElectroStim Chastity Cage comes with several rings sizes for a comfortable fit. And it features a remote-control electric stimulation device to give your penis a shockingly good time.

Or, for some serious cock shock while being locked, try the CellMate 2, Second Generation Chastity Cage. This tech marvel allows your cock to be controlled and shocked via app, from anywhere in the world. Plus, it has a self-lock feature, if you prefer self-inflicted, painful chastity.

Other Painful Chastity Devices

If painful chastity is your thing, we recommend Kali’s Teeth Chastity Ring. Each ring is lockable and features screws that are adjustable for painful erection denial. And if you desire more blissful torture, try Kali’s Teeth with 4 rows of teeth or the added pleasure and pain of this weighted chain. Plus, all can be worn around the balls, as a cock ring or around the penis shaft for delicious torture.

Other painful chastity devices include chastity cages with urethral sounding devices as well as inverted chastity cages. However, when venturing into painful chastity devices and BDSM, we recommend you doing so slowly, with education, and a Master or Mistress with a great deal of experience inflicting painful chastity safely.

Erection in Chastity Cage

The entire point of a chastity cage is for erection, masturbation and orgasm denial. Therefore, an erection in chastity cages is inevitable. First, your partner or Dom may tease you, creating an erection while in a chastity cage. In turn, this will create some discomfort, unless your cage is a bit larger, to allow for a wee bit of penile growth.

Next, you will experience nocturnal spontaneous erections. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this natural, bodily function, as it’s your body’s way or flooding the erectile tissues with blood. Hence, keeping your penile tissues healthy. Therefore, expect some nighttime discomfort with these erections while in a chastity cage.

But we have some tips below on how to ease that discomfort.

Finally, there is no way to avoid spontaneous erection in chastity cages; you know, those erections you get if the wind blows in the right direction? So, the only way you can grow accustomed to this uncomfortable situation is with time and training. After all, that is what chastity cages are all about!

Male Chastity Health Concerns

There are male chastity health concerns you should be aware of while wearing a chastity device. Unfortunately, some of these concerns can lead to injury or long-term damage. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for these problems to ensure total chastity cage safety.

1. Chastity Cage Safety Checks

 Always check your penis and testicles for bruises, abrasions and chafing. All of which can lead to infection. Therefore, it is crucial that your chastity cage is not ill-fitting or made from a material to which you are allergic.

2. Blood Flow Concerns

Another important male chastity health concern is restricted blood flow to the testicles. So, keep an eye on your balls for any redness, blue color, numbness or tingling. As this would indicate that either your ring is too small or your pins are far too short. Thus, causing blood flow to your testicles to be restricted. If this happens, remove your chastity cage immediately.

3. Keeping It Squeaky Clean

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance and one of the top male chastity cage health concerns. Lack of cleanliness can cause a build-up of smegma (for you uncut guys), and a collection of urine, sweat and pre-cum inside the tip of your cage. All of these things can lead to rashes, sores and possible infections.

4. Nighttime Wood Chastity Cage Safety

Nocturnal erections are necessary to keep erectile tissues healthy. Therefore, they are considered a male chastity health concern. So, consider removing your chastity cage, while sleeping. Or, you can alternate nights sleeping with the chastity cage on. Finally, you could wear a larger cage to accommodate these spontaneous, healthy erections.

5. Use It or Lose It

The next issue that is a male chastity health concern is the lack of use while in long-term permanent chastity. This lack of use can lead to atrophy of the penile tissues, weak erections, shrinkage and loss of size and possible erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the “use it or lose it” mantra is a crucial male chastity concern. In fact, it is something you should give great thought to before locking up.

Thereby, setting safe chastity cage rules is imperative for chastity cage safety.

6. Orgasms Do Your Body Good

The final of our male chastity health concerns deals with your entire bodily health. Specifically, that orgasms are healthy. Regular orgasm lowers your chances of developing prostate cancer. Plus, orgasms release chemicals throughout your body which boost your immune system, help you sleep, reduce stress and the chances of developing heart disease as well as lowering blood pressure.

Therefore, it’s best to include orgasm in your locked-up regimen and is something to discuss with your partner or Dom.

Chastity Cage Rules

The Flex Versatile and Adjustable Chastity Cage for Male chastity health concerns
The Flex Versatile and Adjustable Chastity Device

Chastity cage rules are something that are either self-imposed or agreed upon between yourself and your partner, Master or Mistress. Of course, you should consider chastity cage safety as well as male chastity health concerns when doing so. Additionally, all chastity cage rules should be set with SSC in mind; meaning, safe, sane and consensual.

Most importantly, a safe word should be set in case of a medical emergency or a change in consent. That way, if you have a keyholder, you can be unlocked immediately. Once the safe word and emergency keyholder access are established, the chastity cage rules can be set.

Here are just some examples of common chastity cage rules:

  • You stay locked with the keyholder determining any uncaged time.
  • Your partner insists you are only unlocked for cleaning and hygiene.
  • The caged stays locked during sex for teasing and occasionally unlocked for orgasm or ruined orgasm.
  • The Master or Mistress demands you wear your chastity cage to work.
  • You must wear your chastity cage during sleep.
  • Time in chastity can be hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

Chastity Cage Safety

Chastity cage safety is the most important aspect of this type of BDSM activity. After all, any male chastity health concerns should be first and foremost in chastity cage safety. And although we have briefly mentioned some of these topics, let’s repeat them so you know how important they are when in comes to chastity cage safety.

Safe Word and Key Access

Gold Steel Chastity Key Container Emergency Key Lock
Gold Steel Chastity Key Container Emergency Key Lock

Having a safe word and emergency key access are important for chastity cage safety. Both of which are a part of BDSM safety and the sane, safe and consensual rules. Therefore, choose a safe word and access to a key in which to unlock your chastity cage in the event of an emergency. This can be achieved with a sealed envelope or by utilizing a lock box.

The Proper Chastity Cage Fit to Avoid Emergencies

The Guardian Custom Steel Chastity Cage
The Guardian Custom Steel Chastity Cage

Chastity cage safety also includes making sure your device fits properly in order to avoid some of those emergencies. Therefore, make sure you have the proper measurements for the chastity cage ring and the cage itself, in length and width. Plus, it’s always a good idea to buy a chastity cage kit that includes rings in various sizes as well as pins to adjust the cage fit.

We highly recommend the CB 6000 Chastity Cage Kit for the ultimate fit and for the best chastity cage safety.

The Right Materials for Chastity Cage Safety

Another important aspect of chastity cage safety is finding the proper materials for comfort. Plus, it will avoid excess sweating, chafing and possible allergic reactions. Therefore, you may have to try a couple of different types of chastity cages before finding the one that’s most comfortable. Remember, chastity cages come in steel, plastic, leather and other materials.

Regular Hygiene and Chastity Cage Safety

Regular hygiene is another important aspect of chastity cage safety. Therefore, it crucial that you wash out your cage and clean your penis on a daily basis. Then, at least once a week, remove your chastity cage so that it may be washed and sanitized to remove any urine, pre-cum, sweat and accumulating bacteria.

Daily cleansing can be done while showering by using a handheld shower head and soap. Or if you don’t have a handheld shower head, mix antibacterial liquid soap and warm water into a squeeze bottle with a long tip. (Try those soft ketchup and mustard dispensers).

Flush your chastity cage with the soapy mixture. Then, repeat the process with clear, warm water. Finally, dry your cage well with a blow dryer set on low or cool. Finally, for a thorough cleaning, remove your chastity cage and sterilize it with hot water, soap and a good scrubbing. Then dry well before putting it back on.

Regular Injury Checks for Chastity Cage Safety

Finally, you must do regular injury checks for chastity cage safety. This includes inspecting any part of your genitals that are in contact with the chastity cage. Look for bruising, redness, chafing and any sores or rashes. Then, treat those injuries or see your doctor for proper treatment. That way, your penis and testicles stay healthy and happy while they are caged.

25 Quick Chastity Cage Tips for Safe and Comfortable Cock Caging

Colt Master Cleaning Syringe
Colt Master Cleaning Syringe

In closing, or opening, depending on whether you jumped right to this section, here are 25 quick chastity cage tips. These are all for chastity cage safety, comfortable caging and male chastity health concerns.

1. Again, measure properly! Especially if you’re investing in a custom chastity cage.

2. Try different types of chastity cages: with and without slits, open-sided, steel, plastic etc.

3. Know how to put on a chastity cage – try the stocking hack!

4. Use water-based lube or baby oil when slipping on your chastity cage. These absorb into the skin.

5. Do not use oil or silicone-based lubes – they don’t absorb causing dirt and lint to stick to you.

6. Trim your pubes so they don’t get caught in your chastity cage and cause painful pulling.

7. Use small, luggage locks – less cumbersome, rattle around less.

8. Start slow – a few hours – then slowly increase your locked-up time to avoid painful chastity

9. Sit down to pee then allow it drip longer – so your cage and dick stay clean and dry

10. Wear snug, breathable underwear for discreet cage-wearing.

11. Clean your cock and chastity cage daily while showering – avoid stink, rashes and infection.

12. Deep clean the cage at least once a week to remove sweat, urine and pre-cum.

13. If night time woodies keep you up, lose the erection by peeing, walking around, whatever it takes.

14. Use a handheld shower head while showering to flush your cage out.

15. Use a blow dryer on low/cool to dry your cage out after showers.

16. Cotton swabs are great for quick clean-ups through holes and slits.

17. Get familiar with your cage before locking up, take it apart, put it on, take it off.

18. Invest in a KIT with multiple ring sizes and spacers. Saves $ in the long run.

19. Keep a key at your place for emergencies.

20. Hibiclens. This is an antimicrobial surgical skin prep that is available at any pharmacy. Hibiclens is amazing at destroying bacteria and eliminating the dreaded cage stank. Tip from The Locked Doc.

21. Do use silicone or petroleum-based lube or moisturizer around the ring for comfort.

22. Soak in a bathtub if your balls get tight – which happens every now and then.

23. Use a timer lock or a lock box with timer (to hold your key) during self-imposed chastity.

24. Use a squeeze bottle with a long tip for cage cleaning – we recommend the Colt Master Cleaning Syringe.

25. A bit of over-the-counter lidocaine around your ring at night to ease nighttime erection discomfort.

Final Thoughts on Chastity Cage Safety

Chastity cage safety is the most important aspect of chastity play. Male chastity health concerns, painful chastity, chastity cage rules and chastity cage tips are all a part of the big picture and comfortable caging.

So, follow all of our chastity cage tips and if you have any tips to add, please feel free to comment and share. We love hearing and learning from our readers.

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