Sex Toy Quiz – Find the right toy [Bedbible Quiz]

Find your new favorite sex toy with Bedbible’s sex toy quiz!

There’s a wonderfully dizzying array of sex toys out there to tease every erogenous zone.

But that can also make it very hard to choose the right one for you!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but recommending sex toys is kind of our thing here at Bedbible!

We’ve taken the headache out of choosing with this short sex toy quiz that will give you a custom suggestion based on your answers.

Not only that, you will get to read an in-depth review of the toy, which has been put through its paces and reviewed by one of our amazing sex toy testers!

That way, you get the full picture before deciding if it will be your new bedside beau!

Time to Take the Sex Toy Quiz

All it takes is answering these five simple questions and you will find out which is the sex toy for you!

You’ll have your answer faster than two shakes of your favorite flogger!

The quiz is open to everyone whether you are looking to please a penis or a vulva!

Choosing the right sex toy for you

The quiz answers will guide you to the best sex toy for you.

The quiz takes multiple aspects into consideration, such as:

  • Gender
  • Price sensitivity
  • Vibe wishes
  • Movement wants/needs

As time passes, we will improve upon the quiz, so if you don’t get a satisfactory answer the first time around, let us know, and we’ll try to improve on it.

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