Review: Is PinkCherry Legit and Trustworthy

Today, I’ll be doing a comprehensive review of I’ll provide you with my honest take on whether or not Pinkcherry is legit, trustworthy, and safe to purchase all your spicy toys at.

PinkCherry is an online adult store that offers a wide range of sexual health, wellness, and pleasure products. They also claim to be America’s highest-rated adult sex toy retailer (we’ll come back to that statement later!). With over 109,000 product reviews and a supposed 4.7/5 rating on Google, PinkCherry boasts of having established itself as a trusted source for affordable adult toys and accessories.

Now, some of my findings have left me feeling somewhat confused about what I should think of PinkCherry as a shop. The bottom line is that the basic structure for a well-oiled machine of an online sex toy retailer is pretty much there. However, there are some mixed customer experiences and some obvious areas that could use some improvement. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

In this review, I will walk you through all the elements that I think speak to the legitimacy and general purpose of the site.

Content Summary:

Here’s a summary of all the things I’ll be touching upon in this review:

📌 Topic 📝 Summary
🌐 Legitimacy of PinkCherryPinkCherry prides itself of being America’s highest-rated adult sex toy retailer, emphasizing its legitimacy in the adult toy industry.
🏢 PinkCherry’s Origins With origins in Oakville, Ontario, PinkCherry began as the largest online retailer of adult products in Canada, and has since then established another distrubution centre in Las Vegas, Nevada to cater to the American market.
🌍 Global PresencePinkCherry primarily serves the American market, but continues to provide for customers in all of North America as well.
🖥️ Website AuthenticityPinkCherry’s website is legitimate, user-friendly, and features many offers of a safe and confident shopping experience.
🛍️ Unique Offers Known for their wide range of products from lots of affordable lesser-known brands and also premium quality products from well-renowned brands.
🌈 Commitment to DiversityNot explicitly mentioned on the website, but they cater to a diverse range of customers with their wide product selection.
💰 Savings & PromotionsOffers frequent deals, great discounts, season sales offers, and a 30% discount on the next order for those who sign up.
🎁 Product Selection Extensive range of over 1 million pleasure products, including vibrators, dildos, bondage gear, and more.
💳 Payment OptionsVisa logo Mastercard logo PayPal logo AMEX logo Klarna logo Discover logo
Customers can also pay via Google Pay, PayPal, or ShopPay.
📦 Shipping & PackagingOffers free discreet shipping on orders above $59, ensuring privacy for customers.
🤝 Customer ServiceEmphasizes top customer service, discreet billing, and a secure shopping experience. Mixed reviews on customer service from online reviews of PinkCherry.
⭐ ReviewsBoasts a 4.7/5 rating on Google, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

Website Overview

When you go the the PinkCherry website, the first thing that captures your attention is their latest promotional offers, allowing customers to save up to 80% off with specific discount codes (obviously, this example below is their home page from the few weeks leading up to black Friday).

The Pinkcherry front page shows you which current promotional offers are available

Check out the current front page of PinkCherry to figure out which promotional offers they have going on right now!

The homepage also showcases a lot of different statistics and features that highlight the brand’s credibility and vast product range. With over 109,000 product reviews and a 4.7/5 rating on Google, PinkCherry proudly presents itself as a trusted source for adult toys and accessories. The website also boasts of having over 1 million pleasure products in stock.

They also present all the different sex toy brands they retail products from and provide a few examples of the different categories in which they organize their selection.

The site’s navigation is straightforward, with clear categories for Women, Men, Couples, and Beginners on the front page. This ensures that every visitor, whether a newbie or a seasoned shopper, can easily find products tailored to their preferences. Moving the cursor over the additional categories in the top navigation bar also reveals several drop-down menus with even more subcategories available.

PinkCherry also seems to promote a sense of security and legitimacy by showcasing features like:

  • 3 Free Gift Bundle with purchases over $79
  • 100% Secure Checkout
  • Discreet Billing
  • Top Customer Service
  • An opportunity to earn PinkCherry Rewards

Furthermore, PinkCherry encourages visitors to sign up for exclusive deals, keeping them informed about the latest products, sales, giveaways, and offering a 30% discount on their next order.

Product Range

Now, I’ve been working with products from PinkCherry for a while. One thing I will say is that PinkCherry has an impressive selection of different kinds of products available. A lot of popular items in this industry (and even the less popular items) are almost always available here. See, PinkCherry seems to hit that sweet spot between offering a wide selection of products at all times, without seeming untrustworthy, leading to suspicion about whether or not they actually do stock all the products they offer.

In my opinion, they do have an extensive product range that caters to a diverse audience, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, be it women, men, couples, beginners, or more kinky customers.

On the other hand, it is clear that quantity may be prioritized over quality in terms of their product selection. PinkCherry does not seem to cater to exclusive, high-end customers looking for luxury items, but rather to provide a wider selection for a more diverse (and larger) range of people. That said, this does not mean that PinkCherry does not carry luxury items or premium quality products. They do! They just also carry more lower quality items that are generally more affordable.


The website neatly categorizes its product selection, making it easier for customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for. Some of the standout categories include:

  • Vibrators: From bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, anal vibrators, luxury vibrators, to the most discreet vibrators, PinkCherry offers a variety to cater to different preferences and budgets.
  • Male Toys: This includes popular items like male masturbators, prostate massagers, strokers, and penis vibrators catering specifically to the male audience or people with penises or prostates.
  • Dildos: A staple we all know and love in the adult toy industry, PinkCherry offers a range of dildos from a ton of different brands to suit various preferences and levels of experience.
  • Bondage: For those looking to explore the world of BDSM, PinkCherry provides a selection of bondage gear, BDSM toys, and BDSM accessories.
  • Anal Toys: This category includes all things butt-related, like butt plugs, anal beads, and all other kinds of anal toys.
  • Lubes & Sensation Enhancers: Essential for a smooth experience, and to add a touch of heating or cooling sensations, PinkCherry offers a variety of lubes, female sensitivity gels, and other stimulation gels.
  • Other Specialty Toys: This includes unique items like clitoral suction toys (or clit suckers), remote-controlled vibrators, strap-on harnesses, and thrusting dildos, etc.

A Few PinkCherry Favorites Tested and Reviewed by Our Tester Team


PinkCherry takes pride in retailing products from some of the most renowned brands in the adult toy industry. This not only ensures quality but also gives customers a sense of trust in the products they purchase. Some of the featured brands include:

  • Womanizer: Known for its unique air-pressure technology.
  • We-Vibe: Renowned for its couples’ toys.
  • LELO: A luxury brand offering high-end products.
  • Satisfyer: Popular for its vast range of clitoral stimulators.
  • Magic Wand: Previously known as Hitachi Magic Wand, this brand is famous for their iconic “OG” personal massager with the classic magic wand vibrator design.
  • SHOTS: Known for its diverse and affordable range of adult toys.
  • Pipedream: A leading brand with a variety of adult products with many sub brands with different kinds of sex toys.
  • NS Novelties: Offers a mix of fun and functional toys.
  • Svakom: Renowned for their luxury items and eco-friendly toys.

Customer Experience

PinkCherry places a significant emphasis on ensuring a top-notch customer experience, making shopping for adult toys and accessories both seamless and enjoyable. They seem committed to ensuring users that they value customer satisfaction and security throughout the whole shopping experience. Let’s have a bit of a closer look.

The Shopping Experience

As I’ve touched upon briefly in the sections above, I think the website’s design is quite user-friendly, with clear categorizations and filters, allowing customers to easily navigate and find products tailored to their preferences. Whether someone is a first-time shopper or a returning customer, PinkCherry ensures that the product discovery process is straightforward.

Promotions and Rewards:
To enhance the shopping experience, PinkCherry offers various promotions, such as the chance to save up to 80% off with specific codes. Additionally, they have a “PinkCherry Rewards” program, allowing loyal customers to earn points with every purchase, which can be redeemed for future discounts.

Secure Checkout:
Online security is a priority for PinkCherry. They emphasize a 100% secure checkout process, ensuring that customers’ personal and payment information remains protected.

You can purchase things on PinkCherry using either Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, AMEX, Klarna, Discover, Google Pay, or ShopPay.

On the website, PinkCherry has also written a page about their privacy and security measures in place to protect customers in their purchasing experience. They claim to secure all credit card information with SSL (Secured Socket Layer).

Have a look at the PinkCherry Privacy and Security Policies here to learn more about how they offer a safe experience.

I personally love that PinkCherry also takes their own product images to feature on the site. While these images don’t necessarily always look super elegant, I actually thoroughly enjoy getting to see the product up close and from another (perhaps more “honest”) angle from what most companies do. The official brand images do tend to highlight all the good parts of a toy without showing any potential flaws. There’s somehow a refreshing transparency about the less “crisp” images taken by Pinkcherry.

Packaging & Discretion

Understanding the intimate nature of the products they sell, PinkCherry promises discretion at every step. They explicitly offer free discreet shipping for orders over $59. Products are shipped in plain packaging, with neutral labels, ensuring more peace of mind to anyone who prefers their private spicy orders to remain private!

Here’s an example of what the shipping box from PinkCherry looks like, as well as what the label says.

An example of what the shipping box from PinkCherry looks like.
An example of what the label on the shipping box from PinkCherry looks like.

Want to know more about just how discreet we’re talking when it comes to PinkCherry packagin? Check out Edwina’s blog post that dives deep into PinkCherry’s discreet packaging here.

Customer Service:
PinkCherry prides itself on its top customer service, as highlighted on their front page. They offer multiple channels for customers to reach out, be it for product inquiries, order status, or any other concerns.

Their commitment to addressing customer needs promptly and efficiently should then adds to the overall positive shopping experience. However, while they might have a commitment to providing good customer service, the reality of maintaining good customer service is perhaps not as impressive, based on some online reviews of PinkcCherry.

In the next section, I will present you with findings of my search for online reviews of PinkCherry as a company, as a retailer, and as a webshop. Let me just say one thing before we dive in: the feedback is mixed!

Reviews and Feedback

With over 109,000 product reviews and a 4.7/5 rating on Google, PinkCherry seemingly encourages its customers to share their experiences and feedback. This not only helps potential buyers make informed decisions but also allows PinkCherry to continuously improve and cater to customer preferences.

One might believe that PinkCherry’s focus on customer experience is evident in their efforts to provide a secure, discreet, and enjoyable shopping journey. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their extensive product range and top-notch customer service, would in theory make them a preferred choice for many in the realm of adult toys and accessories.


Based on the reviews from various platforms, PinkCherry’s customer experience seems to be a mix of positive and negative feedback:


  • Average Rating: 4.34/5 based on 473 reviews.
  • Common Feedback: Customers have expressed some dissatisfaction with the customer service, mentioning that they felt ignored or that their concerns were not adequately addressed by the customer service representative. Some also mentioned receiving faulty products. On the other hand, most of the reviews were positive, describing an easy shopping experience, low prices, and discreet packaging.
A positive Pinkcherry review from ResellerRatings.
Another positive Pinkcherry review from ResellerRatings.


  • Average Rating: 2.8/5 based on 161 reviews.
  • Common Feedback: The reviews on Trustpilot were not favorable. Customers mentioned receiving broken products, issues with refunds, and deceptive practices in terms of filtering negative reviews on the website itself. Still, some really good reviews are also to be found here, with users stating their loyalty to the brand and the shop based on repeated positive experiences.
A negative Pinkcherry review from Trustpilot.
A positive Pinkcherry review from Trustpilot.

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

  • Average Rating: 1.26/5 based on 19 reviews.
  • Common Feedback: The reviews on BBB were predominantly negative. Customers mentioned receiving faulty products, poor customer service, and issues with shipping and refunds. Some felt that the company was not responsive to their concerns or complaints when contacted.
Pinkcherry reviews from unsatisfied customers.

My Key Takeaway From These Reviews:

While PinkCherry offers a wide range of products and a user-friendly website, the customer reviews indicate some areas in dire need of improvement, especially in customer service and product quality.

Product quality & Affordability

Now, in my sex toy expert opinion, I know that some sex toys out there, usually made by older brands attempting to save costs by using materials of lower quality, are still out there in retail. A lot of larger webshops with a wider range of products, will usually retail these despite the poor product quality, simply because of the price range.

If customers are looking for the cheapest option, they should be able to purchase any product at their own discretion. The problem is that most of these affordable, yet lower quality products, are not always reliable or even 100% safe to use. When it comes to purchasing sex toys in general, cheaper rarely means better. There’s a comfortable balance to strike somewhere in between!

My point is that I understand how some purchases from PinkCherry may result in a review addressing the poor quality of a product. It’s very difficult to know what a product’s quality is going to be like sight unseen. If then one is interested in returning a product or a product is faulty, I do very much agree that customer services should be in place to handle that properly. This depends largely on who and how much effort the company itself chooses to invest in that aspect.

Going Forward

I think it’s essential for PinkCherry to address these concerns and work towards improving their customer service and product quality to enhance their overall reputation and customer trust.

Potential buyers should be cautious and consider these reviews when making a purchase decision. It’s also worth noting that while there are negative reviews, there are also positive experiences, so individual experiences may vary.

Pricing and Deals

PinkCherry, as one of the leading online retailers for adult toys and accessories, offers a competitive pricing structure that caters to a wide range of budgets. Their commitment to affordability is quite evident in their product listings and promotions.

Regular Pricing:

PinkCherry’s products range from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury items. This ensures that whether a customer is looking for an affordable introduction to adult toys or seeking a premium experience, they can find something that fits their budget.

Sales and Promotions:

One of the standout features of PinkCherry’s website is its frequent sales and promotions. As mentioned earlier, upon visiting the site, customers are often greeted with banner promotions offering significant discounts. For instance, during my current visit, there was a promotion allowing customers to save up to 80% off with the code “BLACK”. Those kinds of deals make it enticing for both new and returning customers to make a purchase.

PinkCherry Rewards:

To further enhance the value proposition, PinkCherry offers a rewards program. Customers can earn PinkCherry Rewards with every purchase, which can be accumulated and redeemed for future discounts. This loyalty program not only provides added savings but also encourages repeat purchases.

Exclusive Deals for Subscribers:

PinkCherry encourages visitors to sign up for their newsletter, offering exclusive deals and promotions. Subscribers are often the first to know about new product launches, sales, and giveaways. Additionally, signing up provides an instant 30% discount on the next order, making it a slightly lucrative proposition for potential buyers.

Free Shipping at PinkCherry:

At PinkCherry there’s always the promise of free shipping with orders over $59 before taxes and after any applied discounts. As I mentioned above, there are lots of beenfits to creating an account on the site and joining their loyalty program. Here, you can also get frequent offers for free shipping! There are also offers to be spotted once in a while on their social media – so keep an eye out!

In conclusion, PinkCherry’s approach to pricing and deals is customer-centric. They offer a blend of competitive pricing, frequent promotions, and loyalty rewards to ensure that customers receive the best value for their money.

Conclusion & Alternatives

Based on the website’s content, product range, (mixed) customer reviews, and overall user experience, I can confidently say that PinkCherry is a legitimate online adult store. On a personal level, I do actually find PinkCherry to be a trustworthy retailer. I’ve also seen some instances of Pinkcherry’s recent customer service team providing… well, better customer service and refunds to customers writing negative feedback online. Obvious, I still think it’s an area that needs continuous improvement.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro in the world of sex toys, PinkCherry has something to offer for everyone. Their commitment to providing a wide range of affordable products with so many product reviews available on-site, makes them a great go-to destination for anyone looking for a lot of different kinds of spicy items – and “proof” of how well they work!

Alternative Online Sex Shops to Visit if PinkCherry is Not For You

While we here at Bedbible still do recommend PinkCherry as a legitimate sex toy retailer, I can understand why anyone might not be thrilled about the mixed reviews I’ve presented earlier on.

These kinds of reviews do indicate that there’s a certain risk to buying your items at PinkCherry. If you’re not willing to take that risk at all or simply would prefer something more secure or trustworthy when it comes to more expensive items, I’ve selected a few alternative adult webshops that offer similar positive customer experiences as PinkCherry.

So here are a few Pinkcherry alternatives for you to explore instead!

If you want to learn more about these other shops, and why they’re good alternative options for you, I recommend you have a look through our blog post describing these PinkCherry alternatives in-depth!

I hope this review has been helpful to you, and I hope that you’ll either feel safer using or not using Pinkcherry knowing what you know now.

After all, I’m here to provide you with my honest review of what I think of PinkCherry’s legitimacy. I’ve also spoken to how trustworthy I find this online sex toy shop to be, when it comes to my own (and your) intimate purchases. All in all, I feel comfortable going to Pinkcherry for smaller purchases and to find good deals and promotions. For bigger investments, I would probably find a more trustworthy alternative. At the end of the day, it’s always important to feel like buying all kinds of sex toys is a safe and private experience!

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