Lovense vs We-Vibe, OhMiBod, Lelo & More

Lovense are known for creating some of the best app-enabled sex toys out there, but there are plenty of companies giving them a run for their money!

Fear not, we’ve done the research, crunched the numbers and crowned the winners! Lovense’s vs their top competitors is a brutal battle for sex toy supremacy! Let the games begin!

Which products are going head to head in this Lovense sex toy smackdown?

Lovense vs OhMiBod — The Lush 3 vs The Esca 2

The Lovense Lush 3 and the Esca 2 from OhMiBod are both app-enabled, wearable vibrators designed for long distance play or discreet fun on the go! But which one will come out on top?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense Lush 3OhMiBod Esca 2
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in app4 + Unlimited in app
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmLong distance, sync to music or sound, chat, interactive
Volume43dB 45dB 
Insertable Size3 inches x 1.5 inches2.8 inches x 1.3 inches
MaterialsSiliconeSilicone, ABS 
Battery life Up to 5 hoursUp to 3 hours
Charge time1.25 hours 1.5 hours
Price range$129 – $159$109

Who’s the winner?

The Lovense Lush 3 and OhMiBod Esca 2 are both impressive feats of sex tech that allow for all kinds of app-enable fun but there can be only one winner! I

  • Design — The Lush’s fixed tail fits better your body and doesn’t move around when you move and the slightly bigger, more bulbous head is better at hitting the g-spot.
  • App — The Lovense app is a little easier to use and has slightly better connectivity.
  • Battery life — The Lush 3 has a considerably longer battery life than the Esca 2, which is great for wearing on the go or you are a forgetful charger, like myself!

The OhMiBod did have some unique features that might sway you in the other direction though! It has the added bonus of being able to interact with other interactive KIIROO sex toys, adding more intimacy to long distance sex. It also has an LED light on the tip of the tail that you can choose to have on and off.

Lovense vs We-Vibe — The Lovense Ferri vs The We-Vibe Moxie

If you love the idea of a wearable vibrator but prefer clitoral stimulation, these panty vibrators from Lovense and We-Vibe could be the answers to your prayers! Both the Lovense Ferri and We-Vibe Moxie are app-enabled and held in place with a magnet, but how do they measure up on the other features?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense FerriWe-Vibe Moxie
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in app10 + Unlimited in app
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmLong distance, sync to music or sound, chat
Volume43dB 40 bB  
Remote controlApp onlyRemote + app
Size2.93 inches x 1.06 inches3.6 inches x 1.3 inches
Battery life Up to 3.5 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time1 hour 1.5 hours
Price range$119 – $140$122 – $185

Who’s the winner?

Both the Ferri and the Moxie have revolutionised panty vibrators, taking the tacky and let’s face it not very functional offerings of the past and giving us luxurious, app-enabled options that actually stay in place. The Lovense Ferri takes first place in this contest, and here’s why:

  • App — The Lovense app is one of the best in terms of connectivity and We-Vibe’s is notoriously buggy and loses connection easily.
  • Battery life — The Ferri has a longer battery life, giving you much more play time for you adventures in discreet public play.
  • Vibration power — The Ferri packs more power than the Moxie.

Although the Lovense Ferri is more powerful, the We-Vibe Moxie does outshine it in terms of rumbliness — something We-Vibe are well known for! The Moxie also comes with its own remote control that can control the preset vibration settings, but you will need to use the app to access the other features.

Lovense Dolce / Lovense Quake vs We-Vibe Chorus

Love blended orgasm but want a hands free experience, then let me introduce the Lovense Dolce (the sex toy previously known as the Quake) and the We-Vibe Chorus. Both have two motors — one for your g-spot and one for your clitoris, and both are app-enabled for long distance play. We put them back to back to see which one comes out on top.

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense DolceWe-Vibe Chorus
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in app10 + Unlimited in app
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmLong distance, sync to music or sound, chat
Remote controlApp only App + Squeeze remote
Insertable Size3 x 14.2 x 1.5 inches3 x 1.2 inches
Battery life Up to 2 hoursUp to 1.5 hours
Charge time1 hour 2 hours
Price range$129 – $140$199

Who’s the winner?

Ok, so this isn’t really a fair comparison, as they are both great products just for different uses, so everyone’s a winner here!

Best for solo use — The Lovense Dolce

This c-shaped vibrator has a fuller, bulbed shaped internal arm that fills the vaginal canal and presses against the g-spot. The fuller shape makes it easier to get consistent stimulation when playing solo but means it doesn’t work for partner play. Here are some other reasons we love the Dolce:

  • The Lovense App is intuitive to use and offers a whole lot of functionality.
  • The Dolce has great connectivity with the app thanks to the use of the latest antenna technology and bluetooth chip. This also makes it one of the best for long distance sex.
  • The vibrations are powerful!

Best for Couples — The We-Vibe Chorus

The internal arm of the We-Vibe Chorus is flat on one side, meaning it can be worn during penetrative sex with a dildo or penis. It can be used for solo play but it’s difficult to maintain g-spot stimulation without something pressing against it. It does however add a whole lot of amazing stimulation to PIV or DIV sex!

  • The We-Vibe chorus provides hands-free clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex
  • It comes with a squeeze remote. You can control the vibrations with the buttons or squeeze the remote for an extra power boost.
  • It’s app enabled, although the We-Vibe app isn’t as reliable as the Lovense one.
  • The Chorus comes with a storage box that also a charger!

Lovense vs Vibease — The Exomoon vs The Smart Lipstick Vibrator

Lipstick vibrators just got a smart makeover! The Exomoon from Lovense and the Smart Lipstick Vibrator from Vibease are both app-enabled, adding a whole of functionality to what is usually a very basic design. They are also very discreet and easy to slip into your bag for fun on the go.

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense ExomoonThe Smart Lipstick Vibrator
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in app6 + Unlimited in app
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, custom patterns, sync to sounds/music, camming, chat, alarmLong distance, custom patterns, sync to sounds/music/audiobook, chat
Size3.46 inches x 0.87 inches3.98 inches x 0.98 inches
MaterialsSiliconeSilicone/ABS Plastic 
WaterproofYesWater resistant
Battery life Up to 3 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2 hours
Price range$99 $70 – $80

Who’s the winner?

The Exomoon and Smart Lipstick Vibrator look incredibly similar, but the Lovense does better in terms of functionality and is today’s winner!

  • Pure power — The Exomoon has a great range of intensities and pushes the power just that bit further!
  • App capabilities — The Lovense app is just that bit better and more reliable, giving the Exomoon the edge.
  • Battery Life — The Exomoon has an extra hour of play time which is always a pro!
  • Waterproof — Being fully waterproof is great for ease of mind when cleaning and it also means you can enjoy the Exomoon in the bath or shower!

Lovense Domi 2 vs Magic Wand Mini

Wand vibrators are the ultimate bedroom power tool, but boy are they big! But there is a way to enjoy the broad rumbly vibration of wand in a more compact package — enter the mini wand! Today we are comparing a cult classic — the mini version of the Magic Wand Vibrator and the new kid on the block, the Domi 2 from Lovense.

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense Domi 2Magic Wand Mini
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in app4
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmNone
Length9.21 inches9.6 inches
Head diameter1.74 inches1.9 inches
MaterialsSilicone/ ABS plasticSilicone/ABS Plastic 
WaterproofSplashproof No
Battery life Up to 6 hoursUp to 2.5 hours
Charge time2.5 hours2.5 hours
Price range$119 – $140$82 – $100

Who’s the winner?

The Lovense Domi absolutely destroyed the Magic Wand Mini on pretty much every metric! If you are looking for a mini wand that’s big on power and features, the Domi is the one to go for! Here’s why

  • Vibration quality — The Domi is both more powerful and more rumbly than the Magic Wand Mini.
  • Number of settings — Not only does the Domi have more preset vibration settings, you can also create your own custom patterns in the app.
  • App capabilities — Another big advantage is that the Domi is app-enabled, opening up all the exciting features available on the Lovense app.
  • Battery life — The Domi has a whopping up to 6 hour battery compared to the Magic Wand Mini that has jus 2.5 hours.

Lovense Hyphy vs Zumio X

The world of clitoral stimulators is ever expanding, with oscillators and high frequency tips being amongst the newer offerings on the market. The Zumio X is a slightly older toy while the Lovense Hyphy is much newer, but which one do we recommend?

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense HyphyZumio X
Clitoral tip settings 7 + Unlimited in app8 speeds
Vibration settings 7 + Unlimited in appNone
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmNone
Length8.37 inches8.9 inches
Insertable length 4.53 inchesN/A
MaterialsSilicone/ ABS plasticSilicone/ABS Plastic 
Battery life Up to 5 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2.5 hours16 hours
Price range$119 – $140$98 – $140

Who’s the winner?

Once again, Lovense have taken the title with the Hyphy. They’ve taken the basic clitoral stimulator design and then added a whole lot extra! It’s important to remember that the Hyphy is much newer than the Zumio X, so it’s a bit further ahead in terms of technology. Here’s why the Hyphy is today’s winner:

  • Double ended pleasure — As well as the clitoral tip, they Hyphy’s handle doubles as a vibrating g-spot stimulator.
  • Silicone attachments — The Hyphy comes with three different silicone tips, allowing you to vary the sensations of the tip.
  • App capabilities — Like all Lovense toys, the Hyphy is compatible with the Lovense app, so it can be used long distance and you can enjoy custom vibration settings.
  • Charging time — The Zumio X has an insanely long charging time — 16 hours!! No thanks! The Hyphy, on the other hand takes just 2.5 hours.

Lovense Nora vs Lelo Soraya Wave

The rabbit vibrator is a classic design and one that is here to stay, but there are plenty of ways to teach an old rabbit new tricks! Rather than just sticking with the traditional vibrating internal arm, Lovense Nora and Soraya Wave from Lelo have gone for a slightly different approach. The Nora’s shaft rotates while the Soraya Wave’s undulates in a wave like motion, hence the name!

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense NoraLelo Soraya Wave
Internal arm settings3 + Unlimited in app8
Clitoral stimulator settings7 + Unlimited in app8
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarm, interactive with Max, Max 2, CalorNone
Length9.53 inches8.58 inches
Insertable length 4.72 inches5 inches
MaterialsSilicone/ ABS plasticSilicone/ABS Plastic 
Battery life Up to 4 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time2.5 hours2 hours
Price range$119 – $140$250 – $259

Who’s the winner?

Ok so this one isn’t quite as clear cut as the others. So rather than picking one winner, it makes sense to look at who these rabbit vibrators would be best suited to.

Best rabbit vibrator for solo use — Lelo Soraya Wave

The style and stimulation of the Lelo Soraya Wave is just that bit better than the Nora. The smooth, curved shape of the Soraya wave is more comfortable than the Nora and it also just looks a lot nicer. Also, the wave motion feels performs better than the Nora’s rotations, which can be a little underwhelming. So if you are just looking for a rabbit vibrator for solo play, I would recommend the Soraya Wave over the Nora.

Best for couple’s/long distance sex — Lovense Nora

The Lovense Nora, however, does offer a few special features that the Soraya doesn’t. Firstly, it’s app-enabled, giving you access to all the usual Lovense app-based features. Secondly, and more importantly, it can connect to and interact with the Lovense Max, Max 2, Calor, or another Nora, meaning your sex toy responds to movements in your partner’s sex toy! This interactivity adds a whole lot more intimacy and makes long distance sex feel more seamless. If you’re interested in this feature, check out Rachel’s test of using the Lovense Nora and Max together.

Lovense Osci 2 vs Fun Factory Sundaze

There are many ways to please a g-spot and new vibrators are branching out from traditional vibrations in favour of new and exciting sensations! Instead of vibrating, the tip of the Lovense Osci 2 oscillates, pushing the silicone in and out against your clitoris. The Sundaze from Fun Factory offers a form of tapping stimulation, but it also has vibration and pulsation settings.

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense Osci 2Fun Factory Sundaze
Stimulation modes7 + Unlimited in app7 vibration, 3 tapping, 5 pulsating
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmNone
Length8.66 inches6.9 inches
Insertable length3.2 inches4 inches
MaterialsSilicone/ABS Plastic Silicone/ABS Plastic 
Battery life Up to 5 hoursUp to 3 hours
Charge time1.75 hours5 hours
Price range$119$170 – $190

Who’s the winner?

Given just how unique the Osci is, it was hard to find a comparable toy, so there are some areas where each toy shines!

The Lovense Osci

  • Best for powerful stimulation — The oscillations in the Osci 2 provide some pretty intense g-spot stimulation that has a thuddy feeling.
  • Best for app functionality — The Osci 2 has many more play possibilities when connected to the Lovense app.

The Fun Factory Sundaze

  • Best for more subtle stimulation — The Sundaze was designed to help you explore slow building pleasure and new sensations and it does just that!

Lovense Ambi vs The Dame Eva II

So the Lovense Ambi is so unique, it was a bit of a challenge to figure out what to even compare it to! But given its unique shape, small size, and it’s potential for use during partner sex, the Eva II from Dame sounded like a worthy competitor!

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense AmbiDame Eva II
Stimulation modes7 + Unlimited in app3
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmNone
Length3.39 inches1.7 inches
Width2.29 inches1.3 inches
Battery life Up to 2 hoursUp to 1 hour
Charge time1.3 hours4 hours
Price range$69$135

Who’s the winner?

So this might have been a bit of an unfair comparison, given the Ambi’s tech capabilities. I would say the Ambi comes out on top here but with some caveats:

  1. If you prefer buzzy vibrations, the Eva II is going to be the one for you.
  2. If you want a vibrator for hands free clitoral stimulation during partner sex the Eva II will be the better choice.

In all other cases, I would say the Lovense Ambi out performs the Dame Eva II. Here are the top qualities:

  • Vibrations — The Ambi has some powerful vibrations and is considerably rumblier than the Eva.
  • App Enabled — The Ambi is compatible with the Lovese App, making it great for long distance play and allowing you to create custom vibration patterns.
  • Varied stimulation — You can choose between broad or pinpoint stimulation with the two different ends of the Ambi.

Lovense Tenera vs We-Vibe Melt

What’s better than a clitoral suction stimulator? An app-controlled clitoral suction stimulator, of course! Both the Lovense Tenera and the We-Vibe Melt deliver powerfully pleasurable clit stimulation and both are app-compatible and designed with long distance sex in mind. Let’s find out how they compare on the specs.

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense TeneraWe-Vibe Melt
Suction modes9 + Unlimited in app12 + more in app
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, custom patterns, sync to sounds or music, camming, chat, alarmLong distance, custom patterns sync to music and sounds, chat,
Length4.33 inches5 inches
Mouth diameter0.59 inches0.9 inches
Battery life Up to 2 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time1 hour1.5 hours
Price range Prelaunch$142 – $149

Who’s the winner?

So this is another comparison that requires a bit nuance as both deliver great stimulation and are pretty similar in terms of specifications. So instead of having a winner, this time we’ll take a look at who these clit suckers are best for.

The Lovense Tenera

  • Best for long distance — the Lovense App far outperforms the We-Vibe app in terms of reliability and ease of use.
  • Best for small clitorises — The mouth of the Tenera is much smaller than the Melt, making it better for people with smaller clitorises but not a great option for anyone with a big clitoris.

The We-Vibe Melt

  • Best for using during partner play — the slim, curved shape of the Melt makes it easier to slip in between two bodies.
  • Best for larger clitorises — the bigger mouth of the We-Vibe Melt will work fit better if you have a larger clitoris.

Lovense vs Kiiroo

Lovense and Kiiroo are two brands at the forefront of app-enabled, interactive sex toys. We put their most popular masturbators, the Lovense Max 2 and to the Kiiroo Keon to see how they measure up!

The Vital Stats

FeaturesLovense Max 2Kiiroo Keon
Vibration modes7 + Unlimited in appNone
Thrust modes3 contraction settings + Unlimited in appManual mode: 8 speed + 4 length
App/online capabilitiesLong distance, custom patterns, sync to sounds or music, camming, chatInteractive, long distance, VR,
Length9.5 inches8.66 inches
Internal length 6.25 inches7 inches
MaterialsSleeve: TPE, Case: ABS PlasticABS, PC, Silicone, TPE
Battery life Up to 5 hoursUp to 2 hours
Charge time1.6 hour1.5 hours
Price range$119 – $140$249 – $279

Who’s the winner?

Both the Keon from Kiiroo and the Lovense Max have made big leaps in the world of luxury, high-tech sex toys for penis owners.. Overall, I would recommend the Lovense Max 2 but the Keon does have some special features that might be worth the investment. Here’s the low-down

Overall Winner — Lovense Max 2

Best for varied stimulation — The Max 2 has a little more variation, with two types of stimulation — vibration and contractions which is great if you to explore new sensations.

Best for long distance — Both the Max 2 and the Keon can be controlled long distance and interact with other compatible toys, but I would say the Max is the better option here as there are more functions for your partner to control.

Cheapest — Although both are an investment, the Max 2 is considerably cheaper than the Keon!

Kiiroo Keon

Best for VR — If you are looking for a masturbator to hook up to your favorite VR porn or interactive webcams, the Keon is absolutely the way to go!

Best for realistic stroking — The Keon has a Real Feel stroker designed to mimic the feel of sex and boasts an incredible up to 230 strokes per minute!

What about the Max 2 vs Fleshlight?

The Max 2 and traditional style Fleshlights are pretty different in terms of what they offer so let’s look at where they differ:

Fleshlights are manual strokers with interchangeable sleeves. You can choose between a realistic vulva, anus, or neutral opening and different internal textures. The Vibro range comes with small bullet vibrators to add some subtle vibrations to your Fleshlight experience.

The Max 2 on the other hand is an-app enabled that can be controlled using the buttons or the app or even long distance by a partner. Rather than being a manual stroker, the Max 2 vibrates and contracts to create a range of sensations. It’s also interactive and can sync with the Lovense Nora, Calor or another Max.

Lovense 2 vs Lovense 3 — The Battle of the Lush Vibrators!

Ok so far we’ve been comparing Lovense products to their top competitors but this time we’re putting the Lovense Lush 2 up against the new and improved Lush 3 to see if its worth spending the extra cash on.

What are the differences between the Lush 2 and the Lush 3

  • Charging — The Lush 2 has a pin style charger in the main body of the toy, which can be difficult to keep clean, whereas the Lush 3 has a magnetic charger that connects to the tail.
  • Tail design — The Lush 3 has a fixed tail that sits against the curves your body better than the flexible tail of the Lush 2, which tends to move around a bit and feel a bit awkward.
  • Improved bluetooth connectivity — The Lush 3 features an advanced bluetooth antenna for improved connectivity when using the app.
  • Battery life — You can enjoy up to 3 hours of play time with the Lush 2 and up to 5 hours of play time with the Lush 3.

What’s the verdict?

Given that the Lush 3 isn’t that much more expensive than the Lush 2, I would definitely recommend going for the Lush 3. I have the Lush 2 and I find the charging port so off-putting! The improved connectivity and longer battery life are also well worth the extra dollars!

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