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My OMGYES Review: Is it Worth It?

No doubt you’ve heard of OMGYES’ revolutionary approach to vulva-based pleasure and if you haven’t, you are in for a treat!

But, you might still be wondering:

Is OMGYES worth it and what can you learn from it?

Well, I’m here to answer all those questions and more in this in depth, honest OMGYES review!

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Here’s everything I’ll cover in this review:

Is OMGYES worth it? The Quick Answer

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OMG YES, it is worth it!

The short answer is yes, I think OMGYES is absolutely worth the investment.

If you have a vulva and are curious to learn more about it – it’s for you.

If you want to expand your understanding of pleasure – it’s for you.

Or, if you are a person who pleasures vulvas, you can learn something from OMGYES.

The videos will teach you both practical techniques and better communication.

omgyes review video

Here’s what I thought of OMGYES at a glance. I’ll give a more detailed review of each season below so you’ve got the full low-down!

What I loved most about OMGYES

  • Women empowering women and sharing what works for them
  • Live demonstrations of the techniques to show how they actually look on a vulva
  • Real vulvas showing that everyone is unique and reducing shame
  • Tasteful videos that feature real bodies and nudity without being overly erotic
  • Examples of language you can use to talk about sex and pleasure
  • Research backed information with money being put back into more research
  • Normalising the idea that we need to learn about our own and our partner’s experience of pleasure
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Anything I would improve?

As always, I want to make sure you get the full picture in this OMGYES review — the good and the bad so you have all the information!

I think the OMGYES team have done an amazing job!

But, here are the things I would improve:

  • More involvement of partners to model how to have these conversations and give the perspective of the partner learning these techniques
  • More diverse bodies to make it more inclusive for people in bigger bodies, people with disabilities, and trans and non-binary people
  • There are few questionable suggestions in the toy techniques course — find out more in my in-depth review of seasons 3

What is OMGYES, and what you can learn from it?

OMGYES is an online platform full of resources for discovering new ways for vulva owners to access pleasure.

It was started to combat the massive lack of practical information and break the stigma surrounding female pleasure.

They wanted to give women the tools, language, and confidence to start exploring their bodies and show female pleasure from the female perspective — not the for-the-male-gaze porn depictions we are used to!

Another thing that really sets OMGYES apart is that their content is all based on research of women sharing their experiences.

They collaborated with researchers at some of the top sexual research centers and surveyed and interviewed thousands of women to find out what breakthroughs had improved their experience of pleasure the most.

From that data they were able to distinguish patterns and key themes that formed the basis for the course.

This research is a huge step forward for study of female pleasure, which is so much further behind compared to what we know about pleasure for penis owners.

Plus, they reinvest money from OMGYES into conducting more research, so when you buy the course, you are also supporting more research!

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How does OMGYES work? image from one of the videos on the platform

Unlike many sex and pleasure education courses, OMGYES is not a subscription service.

For a one-off payment, you get access to either the first season or all three seasons.

Season one focusses on clitoral stimulation, season two is all about internal pleasure, and season three is all about using sex toys.

Each season is broken down into topics that focus on a particular technique for increasing pleasure, such as edging.

For each technique you get a range of materials, including short interviews with women talking about how they use the technique and what they love about it, text explanations, research findings, diagrams, live demonstrations, and interactive elements.

On top of that, you get tips for how to bring this new technique into the bedroom with a partner, which is invaluable as so many vulva owners struggle to get the stimulation they need during partnered sex!

You can work through the topics in order or dip in and out as you please — FYI that’s not one of their techniques, although maybe it should be!

OMGYES Review — The Full Lowdown

Ok, so now you know a bit more about how the course works, I’m going to give you an in-depth, season by season review, so you can figure out which package is best for you!

Season One — The Essentials

A selection of what’s on offer in OMGYES season 1

As I mentioned above, this season focuses mainly on clitoral pleasure and what better place to start!

According to OMGYES only 18% of women orgasm from penetration alone, meaning the vast majority of vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

While this is no secret (I regularly shout it from my window at night just to make sure), just getting any old clitoral stimulation isn’t enough. It’s not a one stroke fits all clits situation!

Season one is broken down into three sections:

  • Three topics to reframe your attitudes towards female pleasure
  • Six different ways to touch a clitoris that cover different aspects of touch, such as pressure, rhythm, and speed.
  • Three methods for getting even more pleasure — orbiting, edging, and having multiple orgasms

What did I love in season one?

I couldn’t write an OMGYES review and not talk about the touchable videos!

This is interactive vulva you allows you to practice the technique by dragging your mouse or finger over the vulva, giving you verbal feedback to tell you how good you are doing or guide you how to do it better.

At first, it was a bit too uncanny valley!

The fact I was masturbating an interactive vulva in an office full people didn’t help!

But, once I got past that initial weirdness, I was really impressed with this feature and think it’s a really great way to normalise practicing a technique and not being expected to know how to do everything perfectly first time!

The verbal feedback also gives you a great model for how to guide a partner when trying this at home.

Live Demonstrations

There are also live demonstrations each women showing how they use each technique, which does so much for reducing any shame around your vulva or pleasure!

Season Two & Three — Internal Pleasure and Toy Techniques

Seasons two and three come as part of a complete package, together with season one, giving you access to all of the materials currently available on OMGYES.

Here’s what you can learn and what I thought about them!

Season 2 — Internal Pleasure

Season two is chock full of tips and techniques to get more pleasure from internal stimulation.

I like that they talk about all types of penetration, whether that’s fingers, a penis, or a dildo.

I also loved the live demonstrations of squirting, which do such a great job of breaking down the stigmas surrounding squirting. You also get to see that the amount of liquid released varies from person to person and doesn’t have to be the super soaker style eruptions we see in porn.

OMGYES Season 2 Topics

Season three — Toy Techniques

This is a deep dive into how to get more pleasure out of your sex toys.

While there’s still a lot of really great advice in this season, it was my least favorite.

First off, the good things…

It does a really great job of normalising using sex toys and giving ideas for how to alter the sensations of your sex toy for more pleasure or just a bit of variation.

And the not so good…

There are a few bits of advice that I thought were pretty questionable!

First of all, they suggest putting your toys in direct sunlight to heat up.

While this isn’t dangerous, at best it’s going to take long time to work and give your neighbours a peek at your toy collection, and at worst it, might damage the material, depending on what it’s made of.

I also take issue with the suggestions for using household objects, including the ever-defiled cucumber.

There’s no mention of making sure these objects are clean or putting condoms on them, which is vital for preventing infection.

They also suggest putting ice inside the anus, which I wouldn’t necessarily advise doing.

The skin in your anus is incredibly thin and sensitive and easily damaged. I would stick to using chilled but not frozen, anal safe sex toys inside the anus.

My last gripe is another anal play one — I’m anal about anal, what can I say!

They state that weighted ball toys can be used in the anus or vagina — which is a big no no!

They do clarify at the bottom of the page that only toys with a flared base should be used anally, but it could be too late by then!

My Conclusion

I definitely agree with Emma Watson — OMGYES is a really amazing resource, and I wish I had access to it when I was discovering self-pleasure!

It’s empowering to see women enjoying their bodies, taking control of their pleasure, and asking for what they want!

It’s affirming to see other women who have similar experiences, while also seeing how varied preferences are!

Vulva owners of all ages and levels of sexual experience can gain so much from this course! I would love to see more diversity in the people featured in the videos in future seasons though!

OMGYES has a LOT to offer for men who have sex with women too! You can learn vulva-pleasing techniques from the masters themselves, get to understand the massive variation in preferences, and get comfortable talking to your partner about what they like.

Plus, a partner that is committed to making your sex life even better is a MASSIVE turn-on in my books!

I’m also super excited to see OMGYES’s future projects come to fruition! According to their website, they will be exploring sexual pleasure during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause, as well as resources for how to rediscover pleasure after trauma or abuse.

They are going to include more gender-diverse pleasure and pleasure for penis owners, so everyone can get the full benefit of research-backed pleasure education!

Additional Insights from Other OMGYES Reviews

After scouring the internet for other reviews on OMGYES, we’ve gathered some additional insights that could further enrich your understanding of this revolutionary platform. Here’s what we found:

User Experience

According to an AskMen review, the user experience on OMGYES is top-notch. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Website Design: The website is well-designed with a pleasing menu page and a grid of large buttons for each technique.
  • Ease of Navigation: The platform is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find the techniques they’re interested in.

Touchable Simulations

Touchable simulations are a unique feature of OMGYES. Here’s what they entail:

  • Interactive Learning: Users can practice techniques they’ve learned on a touchscreen or computer.
  • Personalized Feedback: Each woman in the videos collaborated with OMGYES engineers to create a coded model of her preferences, reactions, and sensitivities.

Real Women Demonstrations

OMGYES features real women who share their preferences in interviews and demo videos. This authenticity is a key selling point.


OMGYES is backed by scientific research. The platform conducted the first-ever, large-scale peer-reviewed and published research to gain insights into women’s pleasure and touch.

Price and Access

Unlike other platforms, OMGYES is not a subscription product. When you buy a season of OMGYES, you get permanent access to that season’s content.

PackagePriceContentAccess type
Essentials (Season 1)$4960 videosLifetime
Essentials + Explore More (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)$99300 videosLifetime

OMGYes Coupon Codes

OMGYes do not currently have an option for coupon codes on their website.

However, you can secure a tasty 40% discount when you sign up through this link!


OMGYES has been endorsed by notable personalities, including actress Emma Watson.

This endorsement lends credibility to the platform.

Who It’s For

OMGYES is for anyone who cares about female pleasure. It’s not just for women, but also for men and couples.

OMGYes Alternatives

If you are looking for an online sex education course that covers a broader selection of sexual activities, or you want a sex course for couples or has content for penis owners, there are plenty of great courses out there!

Here are some OMGYes alternatives that I love and who I would recommend them for! We’ve even had some of our team take the time to review them, so you can get all the details without before you commit.


Beducated has over 100+ sex courses led by leading sex experts and coaches for you to explore! They cover a wide range of topics for solo and partnered sex as well as courses on deepening relationships and navigating different types of relationships.

Read the full Beducated review


Shushlife Courses

Shush Life is a very affordable, beginner-friendly programme with three courses that cover pleasure for vulva owners, a guide to giving mindblowing blowjobs and a course on improving sexual confidence and communication

Read the full Shushlife review

School of Squirt

School of Squirt

As you may have guessed from the name, School of Squirt is a course anyone curious about squirting or helping their partner learn how to squirt! This course does have a more intense approach than the others we have recommended and the tone might not suit all tastes.

Read the full School of Squirt review

My OMGYes Adventure – The Good, the Awkward, and the Eye-Opening

Alright, diving into OMGYes was kinda like stepping into a whole new world for me. I mean, sex ed in school? Pfft, let’s not even go there. So, when I first hit up OMGYes, I was like, “Okay, show me what you got.”

Starting with Season 1 was a bit of a rollercoaster, not gonna lie. It’s all about clitoral pleasure, and let me tell you, it’s not just about poking around and hoping for the best (which, let’s be real, has been my strategy for, like, ever). Those interactive touch simulations? Wild stuff. I’m there on my phone, swiping away and the thing’s giving me feedback. I’m like, “Excuse me, digital vulva, who made you the boss?” But, joke’s aside, it was super helpful.

Then Season 2 rolls in with the whole internal pleasure shebang. Here’s where it gets real. They’re talking about stuff that I didn’t even know was a thing. I mean, who knew there were so many ways to explore inside? And seeing real women demo these techniques? Big eye-opener. It’s not the usual “ooh-aah” fake show you see in movies; it’s raw, it’s real, and heck, it’s educational.

Now, I’ve got to be honest – Season 3, with all the toy talk, got me a bit twitchy at first. Some of the suggestions had me raising an eyebrow like, “You want me to do what with a cucumber?” And the whole ice-in-the-anus thing… Yeah, no thanks. I’ll stick to ice in my cocktails, much safer!

But here’s the kicker – even when I was like “Eh, that’s not my jam,” it was still cool to learn about it. Knowledge is power, or so they say, right? Plus, talking about all this stuff with my partner without turning into a tomato? Priceless.

So, bottom line? OMGYes isn’t just some hoity-toity sex ed lecture. It’s fun, it’s kinda quirky, and it’s hella informative. I went from clueless to clued-up, and hey, the journey was a blast. If you’re sitting there, second-guessing whether to dive in, I’d say just go for it. It’s a wild ride, but totally worth it – and who knows, you might just discover a thing or two that’ll blow your mind. Or, you know, other things. 😉🚀

A male take on OMGYes

Hey, I’m Jake. Until recently, I thought I had it all figured out in the bedroom. I mean, I’m no stranger to relationship blogs and forums – I like to think of myself as open-minded and ready to learn. But when my partner started chatting about OMGYES, this website dedicated to women’s pleasure, I was intrigued but skeptical. Was there really more for me to know?

Turns out, OMGYES is like the hidden gem of sexual insight. It’s stacked with real research – they’ve talked to over 20,000 women! And let’s be honest, there’s always room to level up, especially when it comes to making your partner happy.

So, I decided to dive into the “Essentials + Explore More” package. It’s like the ultimate playbook, packed with modules about everything from “Accenting” to “Edging.” Each one’s got these video interviews and demos that are surprisingly tasteful and informative.

But let me give you some context. I’m just a regular guy, been with my partner for a couple of years. We’ve always had a great connection, both emotionally and physically. But like most couples, we’ve had our ups and downs, and I’ve been noticing that our intimate moments were becoming a bit routine.

With OMGYES, it felt like we opened a new door. One of the first things we tried was from the “Rhythm” module. It talked about this technique of patterned stimulation. I was like, “Really? It’s that simple?” But when we gave it a shot, it was a game-changer. It wasn’t just about the physical aspect; it was about discovering something new together, which was exciting and refreshing.

Of course, not everything was a hit. We tried a few things that didn’t quite work for us, but that’s part of the adventure. It led to more conversations, more laughing, and more experimenting. It’s not just about getting it right; it’s about exploring and having fun with it.

And yeah, there was this one time, following the “Multiples” module, when I helped my partner experience more than one climax in a session. It wasn’t just a pat-on-the-back moment for me; it was about us reaching new heights together.

OMGYES hasn’t just been a learning resource; it’s been like starting a new chapter in our relationship, where we’re both students in the art of pleasure. It’s not just educational; it’s brought us closer and spiced up our life in ways I didn’t expect. So, from a dude’s perspective, it’s more than worth checking out.

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