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Fleshlight VS Pocket Pussy, Hand, Stroker, etc… (anything better than Fleshlight?)

Fleshlight vs any other masturbation sleeve is quite the sex toy smackdown! After all, the Fleshlight is the most popular and best-selling men’s sex toy in the world. But if that’s the case, why bother writing Fleshlight vs anything? That’s because not everyone enjoys a Fleshlight; maybe it’s too bulky or too expensive.

No matter the reason, it’s time to do a real sex toy smackdown and compare the world renowned Fleshlight vs other brands of strokers, masturbators and pocket pussies.


Let’s get ready to rumble!

What is a Fleshlight?

Okay, so before the actual Fleshlight vs other masturbators smackdown begins, what is a Fleshlight? (In case you’ve been living under a rock)

A Fleshlight is a male masturbator, created by a former police officer. This man was cut off by his wife’s doctor when she was pregnant with twins. As a result, he created a wonderfully realistic, squishy, textured pocket pussy that is tucked into a faux, retro flashlight case. Not surprisingly, this ingenious sex toy has become the world’s best-selling sex toy for men.

Proving necessity truly is the mother of invention; even when it comes to sex!

Additionally, since its inception, Fleshlight expanded its designs to include mouths, butts and butts with attached testicles. And let’s not discount the Fleshlight Girls line, molded from the labia of porn actresses. Plus, there’s the Ice line, the Turbos and….

I could go on and on.

Basically, if you don’t know what a Fleshlight is and you have a penis, you need to buy one now and give it a spin!

What’s Better Than a Fleshlight? Fleshlight vs Smackdown

There are a great deal of Fleshlight connoisseurs out there. And we have even done a lot of Fleshlight reviews here on BedBible. In light of that, you may be wondering what’s better than a Fleshlight? I mean, it is the best-selling masturbator on the market. Well, considering every person with a penis has differing tastes, there are definitely products that some believe are better than a Fleshlight.

So, let’s begin the Fleshlight vs smackdown! That way, you and your penis can decide what product may be better than a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight vs Your Hand

First off, we are going to talk about the cheapest, most convenient masturbator in the world. Most everyone has this handy masturbation tool and the vast majority of people have used it. Our first masturbator smackdown is the Fleshlight vs your hand.

Your hand is always there, it’s easy to hide and it’s fully adjustable. Better yet, your hand is a free masturbation sleeve that never leaves your side. However, is you hand better than a Fleshlight? In light of the convenience and your ability to change speed and tightness, a Fleshlight vs your hand seems it would be without comparison.

However, a Fleshlight is created to feel like a real vagina, bottom or mouth. Therefore, it makes your hand a bit lackluster when pitted side-by-side against the Fleshlight. Therefore, the Fleshlight easily wins in the Fleshlight vs your hand match.

Stroker vs Fleshlight

Next, we are going to compare a Fleshlight vs a stroker. Now, this match-up is a bit more complicated. That is because there are different types of strokers. Under these circumstances, I am going to list the 3 most common types of strokers and compare them to the Fleshlight. Then, we will decide who wins among each stroker type.

Sleeve Stroker

Fleshlight vs Strokers

A sleeve stroker is a stretchy tube that features various textures inside to stimulate a penis. In addition, a stroker can be open-ended, allowing you to enter from either. Or a stroker can be closed on one end, which creates more suction. As an example, the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker features textures and ticklers inside, as well as a closed-ended design with air holes that allow for varying suction.

But does this type of stroker beat out our champion in the Fleshlight vs stroker smackdown? In fact, a stroker certainly feels better than your hand. Despite that, a stroker doesn’t have a case and may not have as detailed texture on the inside. On the other hand, male strokers are smaller, easier to hide and allow you to squeeze them to increase tightness.

So, you be the judge! Fleshlight vs sleeve stroker, which would you rather slide your penis into?

Torso Stroker

Fleshlight vs Torso Stroker

Next up, we have the torso sex doll. This can be a full torso with breasts, or it can be a luscious, lifelike bottom, in various positions, with a penetrable pussy and butt. For example, the Thrust Pro Elite Katya Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator is as lifelike as it gets.

Yes, these types of strokers are more expensive than a Fleshlight, in most cases. However, they are big enough to allow you to grab a handful of stroker booty and plunge yourself in deep, like you would with a real partner.

In addition, this type of stroker has textures built in to both the vaginal opening and anus for two very different feeling solo romps. And, if you choose a full torso, you can have boob sex too! In comparison, the Fleshlight only gives you a single sensation and there isn’t anything to grab but the Fleshlight case. But when the self-pleasure is finished, a torso stroker is more difficult to clean and much larger.

Thus, a torso stroker is a bit more difficult to hide. So, is the sheer size of a torso stroker something that poses a problem for you? Additionally, is the higher price a factor in your masturbator choice? Or are the 2-3 choices of delightful penetration worth it, in your opinion? In conclusion, I feel the Fleshlight vs a torso stroker isn’t a contest, as the latter is in a completely different stroker universe.

But again, I don’t have a penis!

That leaves the winning decision in your hands.

Pun fully intended.

Vibrating Stroker

Manta Vibrating Stroker

Finally, lets compare the Fleshlight vs a vibrating stroker. First, a vibrating stroker can range from a sleeve with vibrations, all the way up to the incredible “guybrator” stokers. A great example is the Manta Black Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker, by Fun Factory. With a variety of vibrational speeds and wings that grip your penis, this type of stroker gives you an entirely unique feeling.

Unlike the Fleshlight, this type of stroker doesn’t cover the entire penis. Therefore, it’s much less like the real thing and more like a typical vibrating pocket pussy. So, if you’re looking for something that feels like penetration or oral pleasure, this type of stroker isn’t even in the same wheelhouse as a Fleshlight. But, if you’re into something completely different, a vibrating stroker may be your jam.

In the end, I call the Fleshlight vs vibrating stroker a draw. Simply put, it’s like comparing apples and vaginas.

Fleshlight vs Tenga

Next up is the Fleshlight vs Tenga products. This is another instance where there is more than one type of stroker in the product line. Therefore, we are going to pit the Fleshlight vs the Egg and the Flip Zero. Then, we will see who you think comes out on top.

Tenga Egg

Fleshlight vs Tenga

The Tenga Egg is portable, disposable and travel friendly, while having a huge variety of textures to choose from. And yes, it comes in the form of an egg. For example, the Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator, is a small, but stretchy, little masturbator with unique texture. Plus, these little masturbation eggs are great for travel and cost far less than a Fleshlight.

You can even purchase a variety pack, so you can try out several different textures. And you get 6 uniquely textured masturbators for almost half the price of a single Fleshlight.

Unfortunately, the small size isn’t the best fit for all penises. And the egg masturbator doesn’t give the incredible plunging-in, penis-encompassing effect that a Fleshlight does. Therefore, in a Fleshlight vs Tenga Egg showdown, the Fleshlight is the clear winner.

But hold on! Tenga does have other penis-loving products that give the Fleshlight a run for its money!

Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero

Time to ring the bell and watch the Fleshlight vs the Tenga Flip Zero match! This time, we are comparing very similar products. First, the Tenga Flip Zero comes in an outer case, like the Fleshlight, as well as having removeable, textures sleeves. But what sets the Flip Zero case apart from the old-school faux flashlight case is that is opens up completely, making cleaning a breeze.

Best of all, the flip-open design allows those with erectile dysfunction to use the product with ease.

Additionally, the Flip Zero features pressure buttons that enable the user to tighten their stroke in different areas of the masturbator – something the Fleshlight does not do.

Tenga Flip Zero Review

Kevin, one of our BedBible testers, had the pleasure of reviewing the Tenga Flip Zero and here’s just part of what he had to say about the product:

“I really thought that the TENGA Flip Zero was just an overpriced stroker with a big name attached. Honestly, I kept this opinion for a bit until I got used to using the toy. Its bulky size makes it a bit challenging to use until you get used to holding it, and the included lube sets it up for failure right out the box. However, once I got more used to using the toy and switched lubes, the overall value of this toy became apparent. Using your toy is fun but cleaning up after sucks. The TENGA Flip Zero makes this a very easy process, and that’s really what makes this toy worth its questionable asking price.”

Overall, Kevin gave this Tenga masturbator a 95 out of 100 for ease of use and an 85 for quality. Moreover, Kevin breaks down his entire experience with the Flip Zero in this review. As a result, you can read someone’s personal experience and decide for yourself if the Flip Zero comes out on top in the Fleshlight vs Tenga smackdown.

Personally, I think this showdown may be too close to call!

Does an Onahole Compare to a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight vs Onahole

Next in the sex toy ring is the Fleshlight vs the Onahole. But first, allow me to explain a common misconception. Simply put, an Onahole is the Japanese version of a penis masturbation toy. It’s the same thing as a stroker or pocket pussy with one difference.

Many Onahole are designed after the girly-parts of beloved anime and manga characters. And to those of you who aren’t Otakus, anime and manga are, indeed, animated stories. However, the vast majority of anime and manga series are geared toward adults. Therefore, the characters are lust-worthy, to say the least.

Admittedly, I have several anime crushes and dream-men, myself.

Further, there is an entirely adult anime world called Hentai – animated porn starring these rich, beautifully drawn characters. So, hopefully you now understand the entire Onahole anime/manga/Hentai relationship and why someone would compare a Fleshlight vs the Onahole. But is an Onahole better than a Fleshlight?

In comparison, an Onahole would be equal to a stroker. So, when you pit a Fleshlight vs an Onahole, I believe the Fleshlight would come out on top. But, it’s not my penis looking for pleasure. Thus, it’s up to you to decide which one your penis enjoys most.

Fleshlight vs Pocket Pussy

Now, let’s look at a Fleshlight vs a pocket pussy. But before we go any further, let’s define what a pocket pussy is. This product is much like a stroker but has an entrance that looks like a vagina. For instance, look at the Thrust Pro Mini Mona Realistic Pocket Pussy. It has a lifelike labia and clitoris along with a tight opening.

Then, looking inside, you’ll find a unique texture that creates stimulation and suction around the penis. So, it feels much like the real thing. But, in comparing this pocket pussy to a Fleshlight, you’ll find that it’s lacking the outer case and caps, which assist in stability, suction adjustment and storage. Then again, without the outer case, you are able to adjust the tightness with your own hand.

In the end, the winner of the Fleshlight vs a pocket pussy depends entirely on which features you prefer over the others.

Bad Dragon Strokers Take on Fleshlights

Fleshlight vs Bad Dragon

Another interesting sex toy showdown is the Fleshlight vs a Bad Dragon stroker. What exactly is a Bad Dragon stroker, you may ask? Well, I am here to tell you about these unique and custom strokers. First of all, Bad Dragon makes custom dildos, plugs and strokers modeled after fantasy creatures. And when I say custom, I mean you choose the color, exterior color design and firmness of your stroker.

Secondly, Bad Dragon strokers are hand-made – from the custom, carved mold to the hand-poured, platinum silicone material – from which each stroker is made. Finally, you can choose the color and swirl design you like best, giving you a truly, one-of-a-kind stroker. As a result, a Bad Dragon stroker will cost you about $20 more, compared to a Fleshlight.

Material Comparison

But, comparing a platinum silicone stroker to a Fleshlight – made from SuperSkin – is no fight whatsoever. You see, SuperSkin is made from TPE and other “secret ingredients” that make it feel eerily like real skin. The downside to this is that SuperSkin is porous, meaning, it has tiny microscopic holes that collect dirt, germs, bacteria and mold.

Therefore, unless you thoroughly clean your Fleshlight with every single use and dry it completely, you could end up with a nasty rash on your penis and a moldy Fleshlight sleeve that you’ll need to toss in the trash. On the other hand, platinum silicone is not porous. And although you still need to clean it regularly, it will not absorb moisture, germs, dirt and bacteria.

That’s a Stretch, or Not

The biggest downside to silicone strokers is the fact that they don’t stretch in the way the Fleshlight SuperSkin does. For this reason, when choosing a Bad Dragon masturbator, you’ll need to pay close attention to the interior circumference. That way, you’ll know your Bad Dragon stroker will fit your penis. That being said, the unique textures of the Bad Dragon strokers are equally as exciting as that of a Fleshlight.

In the end, the Fleshlight vs the Bad Dragon stroker is a tight race. Personally, I enjoy the choice of colors and the fantasy designs. However, you may enjoy the realism – both in look and feel – that the Fleshlight has to offer.

Fleshlight vs AutoBlow

Fleshlight Autoblow showdown

Next, let’s compare the Fleshlight vs the AutoBlow, not a fair fight at all, in my opinion. That is because the AutoBlow is a fully-automated, blowjob machine that does all the work for you. While the Fleshlight is the do-it-yourself, analog version.

The AutoBlow is a programmable, automated stroker which utilizes artificial intelligence that will give you a new blowjob experience, each and every time. In addition, it features interchangeable sleeves, 10 speeds and 9 additional stroke selections. Best of all, the AutoBlow plugs in to an electrical outlet. So, there is no need for batteries or recharging.

BedBible Review of the AutoBlow

The AutoBlow has a BedBible rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and 95 out of 100 across the board for design, ease of use and quality.

Sex toy tester, Javier Zavala, had this to say about his experience with the Autoblow AI:

“The Autoblow A.I. is a great device that comes with a high price, but you are paying for a wonderful experience and a device you know will last long. However, there are some disadvantages and far from being downsides are more personal like preferences. Personally, I don’t mind, but there must be someone out there who would care about being always plugged if you want to use it to an electric outlet.

So, if you are not concerned about the price, I would say the Autoblow A.I. is a great device that will give you a great time, and you won’t regret having it.”

You can read more about the AutoBlow and the selection of sleeves in our extensive review.

Fleshlight Launch

Universal Launch

Now, let’s not count the Fleshlight out in this smackdown, just yet. That is because of the Fleshlight Launch. Yes, Fleshlight has their own version of the AutoBlow that can be used with any existing, full-sized Fleshlight. And although it’s not AI driven, it offers 3 stroke zones and can deliver up to 250 strokes per minute. No, it’s not a plug-in machine, but it does give you hour-long sessions on a single charge.

So, in the Fleshlight vs AutoBlow comparison, when you put the Launch into the mix, it’s definitely a fair fight. Therefore, it’s just a matter of price, and personal preference to discover which one comes out the winner.

Doc Johnson Masturbators vs Fleshlight

Next up, we are going to compare brands of masturbators. In this case, it’s Fleshlight vs Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson is one of the OG sex toy companies that’s still around, churning out affordable adult products of all types. Likewise, Doc Johnson and Fleshlight use very similar materials to create their masturbators and strokers. But is Doc Johnson better than Fleshlight?

Let’s take a look at a couple of their products.

Doc Johnson Super Sucker

The Doc Johnson Super Sucker Masturbation Sleeve is created with the Doc Johnson signature Ultraskyn. Of which, like the Fleshlight’s SuperSkin, feels extremely lifelike. Additionally, this masturbator features a ribbed interior which creates suction and stimulation. However, unlike the Fleshlight, the Super Sucker doesn’t have an outer case.

What this means is that you have control over the tightness. Yet, you don’t have the discretion, convenience and suction regulation of the faux flashlight case. Again, it comes down to personal preference and price – a full $50 difference – Doc Johnson being the more affordable of the two.

Doc Johnson Vicky Vette Vibrating Blowjob Sucker

Fleshlight vs Doc Johnson

Fleshlight has molded the labia of porn actresses and the bottoms of male porn stars. Well, Doc Johnson has done the same thing but with a mouth. The Vicky Vette Blowjob Sucker is a masturbation sleeve with a realistic opening molded from the mouth of MILF, Vicky Vette. Furthermore, this masturbator comes with a removeable vibrator that treats your package to 3 speeds and 4 patterns of additional stimulation.

Although I doubt Vicky’s mouth actually vibrates, in real life.

Plus, as with all other masturbation sleeves, the inside is created with delightful texture that creates suction and stimulation simultaneously. But in comparison to the Fleshlight, again, there is no outer case, making Vicky Vette’s mouth tunnel a bit more difficult to grip. However, you can squeeze as tightly as you want, something you can’t do with a Fleshlight, unless you remove the sleeve.

Finally, personal preference aside, let’s look at the price again. Doc Johnson’s porn star stroker comes in a cool $45 less than the Fleshlight. So, which one wins this Fleshlight vs Doc Johnson showdown? Easily, Fleshlight wins for quality and overall feel. But you can’t shut the Doc down if you’re a guy on a budget who still wants a quality solo session.

Fleshlight vs Fifi

Fleshlight vs Fifi

Some penis owners may not have access to a Fleshlight or the ability to purchase one. And that is why the Fifi was created. And here is what you need to know, if you’re not familiar with the Fifi.

A Fifi is a masturbator that is homemade and created from whatever the person happens to have on hand. For example, folks have used everything from socks to medical gloves and potato chips cans. (We’ll discuss that at length in a moment). Interestingly enough, the Fifi wasn’t created by a horny, 14-year-old, but within the male prison population.

That being said, let’s talk about the Fleshlight vs the Fifi, or any other homemade masturbator. You may think there is absolutely no way a Fifi can beat out the world-renowned Fleshlight. But I beg to differ! Not to toot my own horn, but I came up with 29 various hand-crafted DIY Fleshlights – some of which are my own creation!

Homemade Fleshlights, Pocket Pussies and Strokers

Homemade Fleshlight

Fleshlight vs homemade Fifis, Fleshlights, pocket pussies and strokers is probably the most amusing smackdown! Because you would automatically think someone would choose an $80 Fleshlight over a homemade Fifi any day. However, creating a custom masturbation toy for free or just a few bucks, isn’t just frugal, it’s fun.

To begin, I was tasked with creating homemade masturbators for the BedBible blog. And what I thought would be an interesting job that sparked my creativity, turned into an explosion of ideas. Not only did I improve on the Fifis that already lived on the internet, I made several of my own using some pretty interesing things.

So, a Fleshlight may win the quality aspects of this sex toy smackdown. But making your own homemade Fleshlight can be inspiring and will save you a buttload of cash.

The Fleshlight vs Kiiroo

The next Fleshlight smackdown is against Kiiroo. Kiiroo is an adult product brand that creates Fleshlight-like masturbators, as well as accessories. Therefore, this round will include two Kiiroo products. So, who will come out the champion? Let’s find out.

Kiiroo Feelstars Victoria

Fleshlight vs Kiiroo

First, I’m curious to know if someone, in this contest, lost their patent? Because the Kiiroo Feelstars Victoria looks remarkably like a Fleshlight. So much so, that it has a flashlight shaped case, top cap and bottom cap that allows the user to adjust the suction level. Plus, this particular sleeve is modeled after the vulva of adult actress Victoria.

Additionally, the sleeve is beautifully textured, made from TPE, so it feels like real skin. And it is so similar to the Fleshlight, that you probably can’t tell the difference – including how it hits your wallet. Therefore, the Fleshlight vs Kirroo is 100% a draw. That is because these two products are essentially the same thing.

Plus, just as the Fleshlight has the Launch, Kiiroo has the Keon. What’s the Keon? Let’s take a look.

Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon comparison

Keon by Kiiroo Interactive Male Masturbator has innovative technology that connects to virtual reality video, consisting of a wide range of adult content and interactive webcams. Further, the user can customize the speed and length of stroke, up to 230 strokes per minute (compared to Launch’s 250). Plus, it features a rechargeable battery that gives you a full 60 minutes of playtime on a single charge.

The BedBible Keon Review

Reading a product description is one thing, but hearing about a product from an actual user is quite a bit better. So, one of our sex toy testers got the opportunity to try out the Kiiroo Keon and give his honest opinion. Here is what Joshua had to say about the product:

“The Keon performs well and definitely gets the job done! Because of the high quality, the adaptability, and the options of switching out which stroker you incorporate, you’re pretty much guaranteed an orgasm. It’s just that customizable! The controls for the power, mode, speed, and stroke length of the Keon are all simple and intuitive, and with a little fiddling and trial and error you can find something that will really rock your world. Also, it runs on a battery, meaning that it can be used wherever and whenever, providing it is fully charged!”

And if you want more details, you can check out his full review of the Keon.

The Launch by Fleshlight vs Kiiroo Keon, Who Wins?

It’s time to decide who wins this battle of the automatic strokers, now that you’ve read about both the Kiiroo Keon and the Fleshlight Launch. Honestly, I feel there is no contest here. In comparison, Keon’s virtual reality capabilities blow the Launch’s cell phone holder out of the water. And if price is your concern, Keon is about $20 less expensive.

Lovense Max 2 vs The Fleshlight

Lovense Max 2 Comparison

The next match is the Fleshlight vs the Lovense Max 2! And just in case you’re not up on all the sex toy manufacturers, I’ll tell you a little bit about the Lovense Max 2. First, the Lovense Max 2 is a luxury, vibrating male masturbator which can be app controlled for long-distance fun with a partner. Second, the Lovense Max 2 features an air pump to give you 360-degree stimulation, 3 suction levels and 7 vibration levels.

And finally, this masturbator connects to the Lovense Media Player for synced VR experiences. So, if you want to pit the Lovense Max 2 against the Fleshlight, the Max 2 takes the belt, for sure. I mean, c’mon, virtual reality solo sessions? Yes, please.

Plus, the price may surprise you, at well under $150! However, just be warned that some reviewers say it’s a bit noisy. So, if you live alone, you’re good to go. But if you’re trying to keep your private fun on the down low, the Lovense Max 2 may not be the tech masturbation gadget for you.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs Ignition

Turbo Thurst vs Ignition

The next smackdown match is a bit more interesting, as we have 2 Fleshlight products going head-to-head; the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs the Ignition. Both of these Fleshlight products are extremely popular, and created to mimic the perfect blowjob. So, let’s start out with the Turbo Thrust first.

The cool, clear Fleshlight ice allows you to see everything going on inside this Fleshlight. It features a triple, tight entry for a unique, oral feel. Plus, it’s expertly textured to create natural suction, which you can increase using the bottom cap of the Fleshlight case. But take a closer look and you’ll see the swirls surrounding the entry are created for a bit of foreplay. Simply rub against them or penetrate with just the tip.

Fleshlight Igntion

Once again, with the Ignition, you have a central round hole set right in the center. Again, looking closely, you’ll see that the swirly slits are now gone. In their place, you have three sets of linear structures connecting from the toy’s side to its center entry. So, the Turbo Ignition gives you even more ways to play, being that there are six total side entry holes for your edging and foreplay fun.

In comparing the two masturbators, the Thrust has milder texture on the inside while the Ignition has more pronounced textures. But don’t take it from me, Fleshlight has a full side-by-side comparison article on their website.

BedBible’s Review

And just so you have a little more information to decide which is better, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust or the Turbo Ignite, our BedBible testers did an extensive review of the 11 best Fleshlight products. And here is what they had to say about the Tubro Thrust:

“The Turbo Thrust Blow Job brings something different to the table. It’s unique, patented design mimics the lips on your tip, the tongue on your shaft, then the deep-throat sensation too. The textured canals grip your grateful member every inch of the way and if you are using it with a partner the transparency is a neat touch that gives them some visuals to get off on too! Make sure you lube up, accordingly, before you slide in though, or your squeals won’t be from delight.”

In the end, although the Turbo Ignition seems to have more to offer, the Turbo Thrust has remained a favorite. Furthermore, it’s difficult to find and purchase the Ignition as its popularity paled in comparison to the Thrust.

Fleshlight Lotus vs Mini Lotus

Lotus vs Mini Lotus

The next stroker smackdown is the Fleshlight Lotus vs the Mini Lotus. Now, let me say, in advance, that the Fleshlight Lotus is no longer available. And if you do find one, you are one lucky dude. However, from what I understand, the Mini Lotus is far better than the original. That’s because the Lotus was designed to feel most like a real vagina, and it did.

But the problem in the design was that not every penis could feel the entire length of the internal texture. And we cannot have penis inequality! Therefore, Fleshlight developed the Mini Lotus. It features the same, realistic feel of a vagina but the texture was moved upward and more tightly together. That way, all penises can enjoy the full feel and amazing realism.

So, to make a long battle short, the Fleshlight Mini Lotus wins this one by default.

Fleshlight vs Real Pussy

Is there really a comparison when pitting the Fleshlight vs real pussy? I don’t have a penis and I would think that the real thing cannot be duplicated perfectly. Sure, a Fleshlight may feel close enough. And there’s the fact that you don’t have to worry about the expense of a date, being nagged to take out the trash or an awkward morning after.

However, having someone to wrap your arms around, along with a warm, wet vagina, that responds to your every move, seems to be the far better choice. But who am I but a woman who reviews and writes about sex toys? So, the choice is entirely up to you! Real pussy or a Fleshlight? Which one wins the smackdown, in your opinion?

Who Wins the Fleshlight vs Smackdown?

In the end, we have compared the Fleshlight vs 20 masturbators, strokers and pocket pussies as well as your hand and a real vagina. And even through there are clear winners is some of these sex toy smackdowns, ultimately, the decisions are up to your personal preferences. Some prefer a nice, tight pocket pussy they can squeeze and still others love the feel of a Fleshlight.

So, if you really want to know what products win vs the Fleshlight, maybe it’s time to get shopping and have your own stroker smackdown! Worse case scenario, you have a lot of quality, solo time and tons of orgasms while finding which stroker you like best.

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