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Homemade Anal Douche: 11 Ways to Clean Your Bum with Household Items

Knowing how to make a homemade anal douche is an important skill in a pinch. After all, the best anal douches are safe, store-purchased bulbs and kits.

However, we don’t always plan our backdoor adventures. And in that case, what is a person to do when they need to douche and aren’t carrying supplies?

The answer to that lies below with 11 ways to clean your bum with ordinary, household items and quick DIYs. That way you can create a homemade anal douche for a sparkling clean bottom.

DIY Anal Douche in a Nutshell

Important Tips When Using a Homemade Anal Douche

Before we get started learning how to douche at home using homemade and found items, let’s go over some extremely important tips. That way, you’ll keep your bottom free of injury and you’ll stay off the toilet for hours.

It’s a Homemade Douche, Not an Enema

There is a huge difference between a douche and an enema. To begin, a douche is the gentle cleansing of the anus and rectum.

To explain, the anal canal is nearly 2 inches long. And connected to that is the rectum, which can vary from 5-7 inches long.

In turn, you have between 7 and 9 inches in which your poo is stored before release. Also, this space is where a penis or toy will be inserted, thus being the area you are cleaning.

As a result, that is all you need to have a clean and satisfying anal sex experience with your partner. However, just make sure you have taken your daily poo.

The Enema

On the other hand, an enema is designed to clean out the entire, lower GI tract. Meaning, you are flushing out your bowels, including the colon and part of the lower intestines.

Therefore, if you take an enema, rather than just a douche, it will keep you tethered to the toilet for the rest of the evening. Plus, it will cause uncomfortable stomach cramps and the potential for some anal leakage.

As a result, you’ll be miserable, trust me!

So, the plan here is to have a gentle cleansing of your anal canal and rectum, for clean backdoor play.

Squeeze, Pull Out, Release

Next, you must understand the important rules to follow when using a DIY anal douche. First and foremost is the squeeze, pull-out, release rule.

To explain, some of the items you’ll be using will squirt water into your anus as you squeeze them. Then, when you let go, the item will pull air back in.

However, if you still have that DIY douche in your bottom, it will pull dirty water back inside. And you do not want to be cleansing with dirty water.

I mean that’s like brushing your teeth, while eating Oreos.

Therefore, place the tip of the item into your anus, gently squeeze to move water into your rectum, slowly remove the douche, and release the item. Then repeat!

Final Tips for Using a Homemade Anal Douche

Finally, these tips will help keep you safe and free from injury, when using any sort of homemade anal douche.

  • Most importantly, it’s best to use an actual anal douche, made specifically to clean you. That’s because homemade items can cause injury. So, skip ahead to see where you can buy one at a fantastic price.
  • Before cleansing, lube your fingers to loosen and relax your anus a bit. Also, masturbation can help relax the sphincter.
  • Never place anything in your anus that’s sharp or rough, you could cause abrasions and cuts which can become infected or cause viruses to slip into the bloodstream.
  • Apply a little lube on the tip of your homemade anal douche so it slides in easily.
  • Use tepid or room temperature water – preferably distilled or purified.
  • Squeeze your douche gently or use a low stream of water, as not to wash out your colon.
  • It’s best to use an anal douche while over the toilet or in the shower, to avoid a mess.

No Fancy Anal Douche? No Problem!

Moving along, now that the all-important safety tips are out of the way, let’s talk about creating a homemade anal douche. But again, we at BedBible take your sexual and overall health seriously.

Therefore, we cannot stress enough, products made and marketed as anal douches, are the best things to use to protect you from injury. Furthermore, we don’t recommend any of the DIY ideas that follow.

However, we know you will turn to self-made items when you have no alternative. So, we are doing our best to explain how to be safe while using these alternatives to safe products.

Okay, let’s get started …..

How to Douche with a Water Bottle 3 Ways

Wondering how to clean your anus with a water bottle? After all, this is the most popular DIY anal douche touted online.

Well, I don’t have just 1 way to douche with a water bottle, but 3 ways! So, let’s get into it, shall we?

DIY Water Bottle Anal Douche

water bottle as an anal douche

The first way to create an anal douche (and the most repeated DIY) is using a water bottle, which is easiest. However, it will be a little messy.

  1. Make sure you have a water bottle that is squeezable, but doesn’t completely crumble. Therefore, name-brand bottled water is best.
  2. Next, remove the cap and empty the contents. That is, unless it’s distilled or purified water, as you can use those to douche.
  3. Then, rinse the bottle out well and refill with slightly warm, close to room temperature water.
  4. The next step is to get into the shower and spread your legs, squat or place your foot on the edge of the tub. Then, place the opening of the bottle over your anus. Most importantly, DO NOT stick it inside!
  5. Next, squeeze the bottle slowly and allow the water to flow into your rectum, pull the bottle back, and release.
  6. Finally, repeat the process, refilling the bottle as needed, until the water runs clear.

The Less Messy Water Bottle Version

Okay, so the internet popular version works in a have-to situation. But I have come up with a couple of more efficient methods of using a homemade water bottle douche. And here’s what you do….


Homemade anal douche with a water bottle 1
Supplies to make a hole in the cap
water bottle with hole in cap for homemade anal douche

  1. First, drill or nail a hole in the top of a squeezable bottle of water. Then, empty the contents and wash the cap thoroughly with soap and water, while rinsing the bottle well.
  2. Next, refill the bottle with room temperature, or slightly warm water and replace the cap.
  3. Again, step into the shower, and position yourself so that you can reach your anus easily.
  4. Then, press the cap of the water bottle against your anus and gently squeeze. Afterward, pull away from your bottom and release the bottle.
  5. Lastly, repeat the process until the water runs clear. What this does is gives you a smaller, more concentrated stream of water to target your rectum.

Getting Sporty with a Water Bottle

The next way to use a water bottle as an anal douche, is to find one with the sports cap. That way you have a more targeted stream of water with far less mess.

Further, it’s best to find a sports bottle with a removable cap, instead of a connected, flip cap. By chance, if you can only find the latter, snip off the flip-top, and do not insert the tip into your anus.

Homemade anal douche with sports cap water bottle
  1. To begin, using a squeezable water bottle with a sports cap, remove the top and empty the contents. Again, if it’s distilled or purified water, you can skip this step.
  2. Next, rinse the bottle well and refill it with room temperature water. Then, replace the screw-on cap with drinking tip.
  3. Then, step into the shower or straddle the toilet. Next, apply a dab of lubricant or coconut oil to the tip of the bottle and gently slide it into your bottom. Again, only do this is there isn’t a connected cap.
  4. Now, gently squeeze to begin cleaning your rectum. Next, carefully remove the bottle and release your grip. Because, this keeps dirty water from being pulled into the bottle.
  5. Finally, repeat these steps until the water runs clear.

DIY Anal Douche Using a Feminine Douche

Feminine douche kit

Our next idea for a homemade anal douche is to use a feminine douche bottle. You see, you can find two-packs of these, at the Dollar Tree for only $1.25!

Plus, the douche nozzle is smooth and features several holes to give your backside a thorough cleaning! So, to use a feminine douche, first, open the bottle and empty the fluid.

Next, rinse the bottle well, then fill it with slightly warm water. Now, screw on the douche nozzle and either hop in the shower or sit on the toilet.

The next step is to apply a little lubricant to the nozzle, and slide it into your rectum. Now, squeeze the bottle gently, pull out the nozzle, then release the bottle.

Lastly, simply repeat the process until the water runs nice and clear.

How to Douche at Home Using a Shower Hose

Shower hose as an anal douche

The next DIY anal cleansing idea is to use your shower hose. First, unscrew the shower head from the hose and set it aside.

Then, give the end of the hose a good washing with soap and water. Once you are ready, step into the shower and adjust the water temperature to slightly warm.

Then, regulate the stream of water so it’s not too forceful. The next step is to relax your bottom and place the hose to your anus.

Lastly, allow the water to flush your rectum, until the water runs completely clear. However, don’t forget to give the end of that shower hose another good washing, before replacing the shower head.

DIY Anal Douche Using a Syringe

Syringe DIY anal cleaning

Continuing our tutorial of using a homemade anal douche to clean your bum, let’s talk about syringes. Now, many of use have these around the house, in various sizes.

Therefore, if you have one, you have a DIY anal douche.

To begin, step one is to pull the syringe apart, cleaning both the tube and the plunger thoroughly with soap and water.

Then, step into the shower or position yourself on the toilet.

Step two, using the plunger, pull slightly warm water into the syringe and insert the tip into your anus.

Step three, slowly press the plunger, allowing the water to flush out your rectum.

The final step is to repeat the above until the water coming out of your bottom is crystal clear.

Homemade Douche Using a Squeezable Sports Bottle

Squeezable sports bottle

For the next do-it-yourself project, you’ll need to check your cupboard for one of the squeezable sports bottles. You know, the kind you see football players using on the field and sidelines?

First, take the cap off the bottle and wash both parts well with soap and water. Then, be sure both are rinsed well.

Second, fill the bottle with tepid water and replace the cap. Then, if you prefer, add a little bit of lube to the tip of the bottle.

Third, step into the shower or stand over the toilet and gently insert the drinking tip into your anus.

Fourth, as I mentioned above, squeeze, remove the bottle tip from your anus, and release your grip. This keeps the dirty water from backflowing into your bottle.

Fifth and finally, repeat the fourth step until the water coming out of your bottom is no longer dirty.

Got an Old Douche Bag?

Douche bag

So, you got an old douche bag laying around somewhere? And no, I’m not talking about your lazy roommate who drinks all the beer and refuses to split the cable bill.

On the contrary, I am speaking of the old school hot water bottle set ups our moms and Memaws use to use. And these things are a gold mine, as they were also used as a feminine douche and enema!

To explain, you fill the big, rubbery bag with slightly warm water. Then, you hook up the hose and douche nozzle.

From there, you hang the bag upside down and insert the nozzle into your bottom while in the shower or over the toilet. Then, you simply let gravity do the work, for a sparkling clean bottom and quite the soothing cleansing.

So, check the linen closet, the basement or attic! As you may just run across one of these classic, bum cleaning gems.

Or you can find newer versions online and, in many pharmacies, and stores.

How to Douche without Equipment: The Bulb Syringe

Bulb syringe DUY anal douche

The next homemade anal cleaner on our list is something a lot of households already have. And that’s the bulb syringe.

Now, these little devices are also known as nasal or ear aspirators. And although they are a little small, they will still do the job.

So, what you’ll want to do is clean the bulb syringe well, with soap and water, followed by a good rinse. Then, get yourself a bowl, large cup, or small bucket of slightly warm water.

Next, have a seat on the toilet or get into the shower. Squeeze the bulb end and place the tip into your chosen receptable, to fill it up.

After that, gently slide the tip of the bulb syringe into your bottom and squeeze. However, do not release the bulb until after you pull the tip out.

Finally, repeat this several times until the water is nice and clear. Then, be sure and clean your bulb syringe and whatever receptacle you used to hold water.

In conclusion, the best part of these little bulbs is that are small and portable! Therefore, they’re great for travel and/or keeping in an overnight bag.

Another Homemade Anal Douche: The Turkey Baster

Turkey baster DIY douche

Yes, I am speaking of the turkey baster we all use on Thanksgiving! But the good news is, they are inexpensive and can be replaced after use.

And please, do not put it back in the drawer after using it, you’re not a filthy animal!

So, to use a turkey baster as a homemade anal douche, you’ll first need to take it apart and give it a good cleaning with soap and water. Then, make sure you rinse it well.

The next step is to prepare a small container, filled with slightly warm water. Then, head to the shower or stand over the toilet to catch all of the water.

After that, squeeze the bulb on the baster, place the tip into the water, and release. That will pull water into the tube.

Then, place the tip into your anus and squeeze the bulb. Pull the tip out and release the bulb, as not to pull dirty water back inside.

Lastly, repeat the final steps several times, until your bottom is fresh and clean. However, be sure and clean up the turkey baster and water container when you’re finished, as not to spread germs.

Finally, the Water Cannon

Water cannon

Last, but not least on our DIY anal douche list, is the water cannon. And as horrifying as that sounds, it’s really just child’s play…. literally.

You see, these simple kid’s water cannons are available for $1.25 at the Dollar Tree. That is, if you don’t already have one laying around the house.

Best yet, they are made of kid-safe, non-toxic materials! Now, to use these powerful little water toys as an anal douche, you’ll need to do a few things.

First, you’ll want to wash the cannon out with hot, soapy water. Then rinse it well, inside and out.

Second, prepare a bucket of water with barely warm water, strip yourself down, and get in the shower.

Third, place the smooth, tapered tip into the water, pull back the plunger and fill the cannon tank with water.

Fourth, slide the tip of the water cannon into your anus and slowly press the plunger, allowing the water to flow back out of you.

Fifth, repeat the process until the water draining out is completely clear. When finished, be sure and wash the toy well.

Better than DIY: Anal Douche Equipment

Now, all of these DIY tips are great, if you have no other choice. So, use the homemade options until you can order something that’s inexpensive, safe and created specifically to go into your bum.

And here are some of the best products you can purchase to clean your tush:

Anal Cleaning Bulbs

anal cleaning bulb

Anal cleaning bulbs are the most cost effective and comfortable way to clean your backdoor before exploring anal sex. We love the Cal Exotics bulb (pictured), but are wild about the Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit.

That’s because it has zero backflow, is made of super soft silicone and cleans easily. Plus, it’s made by Aneros, one of the best men’s anal pleasure product manufacturers!

Best yet, the Prelude is priced right!

Shower Kits

Shower kit anal douche

The next best anal cleaning kit on our list is the type that hooks to your shower. That way, you have a permanent way to clean your bottom with all of the attachments to get the job done.

Now, the only downsides are that these kits aren’t great for on-the-go douching, and they are a bit pricier than a simple bulb cleaning system.

However, shower enemas are definitely worth the investment, especially when you’re in a coupled relationship and share a home.

Nozzles To Go

DIY douche nozzle assortment kit

Next, this little kit is absolutely perfect for on-the-go! The Skewert Water Bottle Adapter Kit comes with nozzles that fit most sizes of standard water bottles.

Best of all, they are made from body-safe materials, and take up little to no room in your pocket, or overnight bag!

That way, you get the benefit of a homemade anal douche, because of the comfortable, safe DIY douche nozzles.

Anal Training Kits

anal training kit

Lastly, many anal training kits, which include stepped-up sizes of butt plugs or anal dildos, also include anal douches! That way, you can get your bottom relaxed and ready for anal sex, and have a way to keep your backside clean too.

Best of all, some of these kits include carrying bags, so you can clean up when an unexpected night of booty passion surprises you.

The Best Ways to Clean Your Bum

In the end, using a homemade anal douche is fine, when you have no other choice. After all, it’s best to be clean before having any sort of anal play.

However, be sure and educate yourself with everything you need to know about anal cleaning. That way, intimate play is clean and comfortable for both you and your partner.

Most importantly, be sure and invest in a nice, body-safe anal douche or enema bulb. That’s because your health and safety are absolutely worth spending a little extra!

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