How to Make A DIY Flogger

If you aren’t ready to splash out on a BDSM flogger, don’t have access to one, or you, like me, just love a good craft project, you are in the right place!

This is a DIY guide on how to make you own Flogger.

While DIY floggers can be made out of all kinds of materials depending on how nice or nasty or you want to be, today we’ll be making a flogger from parachute cord. It is cheap and easy to find at most hardware or craft stores.

We will also make a DIY flogger from leather or vegan leather, depending on your preferences.

I’ve kept the materials as cheap and simple as possible and will suggest substitutions along the way, in case you can’t find that particular item.

What is a flogger?

Floggers are fantastic for all kinds of sensations, from a teasing tickle right up to a stinging slap.

Not to mention the psychological thrill involved for both parties can really add some spice to your BDSM play.

They are a great tool for newbies and advanced BDSMers alike and come in a great range of materials and styles.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Flogger from Paracord

This first DIY was inspired by the fantastic post by Paracord Guild, with a few alterations that I think made things a little simpler for the not so knot-savvy, myself included!


  • Wood or metal ring (metal ring from a keyring would also work well)
  • Paracord
  • Thin cord or electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Textile glue

How To Make a Flogger from Paracord:

  1. Cut seven lengths of paracord, each one measuring 52 inches.
  2. Loop them through your wooden or metal loop so that the loop is in the middle of cords.

3. Use a thin cord or electrical tape to gather the paracord and tie it tightly as close you can to the loop. It helps to stick your loop to the table, so you have both hands free.

4. Continue to wrap the cord or electrical tape tightly around the cords to make the handle. I made mine about 7 inches, but you can make it whatever size fits your hand — one of the joys of making your own! You want to keep it nice and tight to give your handle a strong core.

5. Next we will make the handle stronger and a little easier on the eyes by using some of the remaining paracord to cover it. You will need cut two 60 cm lengths of paracord.

6. Line your two lengths of paracord up and find the middle. Line the middle of the two lengths up behind the core of the handle, close to your wooden or metal loop.

7. Cross the top right strand over the front of the handle to the left side, and then cross the top left strand over the top right. Next, take the strand that is now on top on the right side and cross it over the left side. Then, cross the strand on top on the left side and cross it over to the right side, going between the two other strands on the left. It should look like in the photo.

8. The pattern will now repeat. Take the top strand on the left, wrap it around the back of the handle, and then in between the two strands on the right. Next, take the top strand on the right, wrap it around the back of the handle and between the two strands on the left.

DIY Flogger GIF(1)

9. Keep going until you reach the bottom and then tie the ends. I tied one on the front and one on the back to keep an even finish. I also added a little fabric glue to each knot for security and melted the ends of the paracord with a lighter — be careful though!

10. Next, we’re going to cover up the end with a gathering knot. Take around 60 cm of paracord and form a loop at one end and line it up the bottom end of your handle.

11. Start wrapping the long end around the handle to cover the loose ends — approximately 8 times but whatever looks good to you. When you are happy, pass the end through the loop you made in step 9. Then you can pull the end at the top of the loop (the one you were not working with) to pull the working end through.

12. Trim the ends and melt them slightly using a lighter to prevent them from fraying.

13. The last step is to finish the ends. At the end of each fall (strand) of the flogger, tie one double overhand knot close to the end — this is a standard knot but you pass the end through the loop twice instead of once and then tighten to make a neat knot.

14. The last step is to give the ends a little trim to neaten everything up and then you are ready to go test out your new flogger! It was a big hit in the office!

How to Make a DIY Flogger of Leather (or Faux Leather)

This next DIY is perfect if you love the look or feel of leather. This is a leather flogger with more falls than the paracord flogger, giving a more thuddy thwack. Plus, it’s also a little less technical to make!


  • 50 x 20 inches of leather or fake leather
  • Chalk or pen to mark the leather
  • Wooden stick for the core of the handle — approx. 8 inches (I used a disposable chopstick)
  • Ruler
  • Fabric glue (one that is suitable for leather/fake leather)
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting board

  1. Lay your fabric out flat, and cut out a 20 x 24 inch rectangle. Measure the length of your wooden stick for the handle and use this measurement to make a mark on both 20 inch sides. Connect the marks to mark off the section for the handle.

2. On the other section of the fabric, mark vertical lines of 0.5 inches across the 24-inch side — these will be the falls for your flogger. Cut along the lines until you reach the line you made in the first step.

3. Apply fabric glue to the handle section of the fabric. Make sure to follow the instructions on your fabric glue as most will need to be left for 3-4 to become tacky. You might also want to do this outside — unfortunately for my colleagues, I realized this too late and subjected them all to some pretty awful glue fumes!

4. When the glue is ready, place your wooden stick at one end and start to roll the fabric, trying to keep the edges straight.

5. Trace around the end of your handle and draw a bigger circle (approx. inch bigger on all sides) around it, and mark out lines from the out circle to the inner circle. Cut around the outer circle and cut along the lines to create flaps. Cover the inner circles and flaps with glue and allow the glue to become tacky. Place the circle over the end of your handle, press down the flaps, and hold tightly while the glue sets.

6. Cut a strip of fabric 50 inches x 0.5 inches and apply glue to the first few inches. Once the glue has become tacky, wrap the end around the top of the handle and then keep wrapping the fabric around the handle, stretching the fabric slightly as you go to keep it tight. When you are close to reaching the falls of the flogger, apply some more glue to the last few inches and wrap it tightly around the end to finish the flogger!

And there you have your leather flogger ready to go!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

Not Feeling Crafty? Here Are Some Fab Floggers to Choose From!

If you want the fun of flogging without the hard work of making your own, there are plenty of fantastic BDSM whips to choose from!

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Beginner’s Flogger

This faux leather flogger is a fantastic choice for first timers. The 44 fronds are perfect for impact play, however naughty or nice you want to be!

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather and PVC Flogger

This red devil of a flogger combines strands of leather and PVC for strikes that can range from a tingling tickle to quite the sting.

Sportsheets Saffron Faux Leather Braided Flogger

This braided flogger is one for the more experienced floggers out there. The braided strands add some weight to this floggers power while the pointed tips add some serious sting to each strike.

Flogger Safety

  • Practice your skills on a pillow or couch before flogging another person
  • Always establish boundaries and a safe word before starting
  • Only practice flogging when everyone involved is safe, sane, sober and consenting
  • Do not use the flogger on the face/head, over the organs or on joints and bones
  • Stick to meaty areas like the buttocks, but be careful to avoid the spine and coccyx
  • Try to avoid the tails of your flogger wrapping around the recipients body, by finding the correct distance from the floggee, as this can be painful

How to Use a Flogger

  • Start out with long strokes over the body to get the floggee warmed up and used to the sensation. This is also great for building anticipation!
  • Move on to some light strokes on a meaty area like the buttocks (make sure to avoid the coccyx)
  • If desired, slowly build up the intensity to more powerful strikes, making sure to check in with the floggee as you go
  • Don’t forget the afterplay! Rub lotion on the flogee’s skin, snuggle, and have something to eat and drink

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