Level Up Your Sexual Thrusting Techniques

When we think of sexual thrusting, we tend to think of thrusting in and out…

You put your penis* in, 

You put your penis out, 

In, out, 

In, out, 

You shake it all about!

*or dildo

But sexual thrusting is a lot more nuanced, and we aren’t here to hokey pokey our partners!

Switching up your technique can have quite an impact on the experience for both you and your partner by adding more intense stimulation where you want it!

The orgasm gap is no secret, with vulva owners in heterosexual relationships orgasming far less often than their penis owning partners. One reason for that is the lack of clitoral stimulation with regular in-and-out thrusting.

The techniques I have for you today can help narrow that orgasm gap and give you both more of the good stuff!

Not to mention, a little variety in the bedroom can definitely keep things interesting. So stretch and limber up and get ready to move those hips!

7 Sexual thrusting techniques for more pleasurable penetration

Perfect props to propel sexual thrusting

Some final sexual thrusting tips

7 Sexual thrusting techniques for more pleasurable penetration

Now it’s time to move away from our beloved in-and-out thrusting and take a look some sexual thrusting techniques that can add a whole lot more pleasure, especially for vulva owners!

But before we dive in, and I cannot stress this enough, learning these sexual thrusting techniques is meaningless if you don’t communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t. This is definitely a different strokes for different folks situation.

Not to mention, what feels great on one day, might not the next due many different factors. For example, the position of the cervix changes throughout the menstrual cycle, which can make deep penetration painful at certain times.

1. Glorious Grinding

When you thrust in and out, you might occasionally make bump against your partner’s clitoris, however most vulva owners need more prolonged contact and pressure against their clitoris to reach orgasm.

Instead, try inserting yourself all the way and using your pubic mound to grind against their clitoris. This can also provide more stimulation to the whole labia, increasing their pleasure even more!

Keeping your penis inside and grinding can also help you to last longer as the friction against your penis is less intense! This technique works in face to face positions, especially when there’s close contact!

2. The Coital Alignment Technique a.k.a Grinding the Corn

This slight tweak to the classic missionary position can make a whole world of difference! Developed and studied by Edward Eichel in the 1980’s, this thrusting technique puts clitoral pleasure in the front row!

The penetrating partner moves their hips higher up on their partner’s body so their penis or dildo is pointing down into their partner’s vagina. Rather than thrusting, they can then rock back and forth, with the base of their penis rubbing against their partner’s clitoris.

3. Rock ‘n’ roll

Now I’ve got a thrusting technique for the vulva owners, specifically for when you are on top in riding positions like the Cowgirl and it’s variants.

Rather than bouncing up and down or trying to create deep thrusting movements, try rocking and rolling your hips. Once your partner’s penis or dildo is inside, you can roll your hips forwards and backwards.

Rocking your hips in this way and rolling your body can also increase your arousal, bring blood flow into your pelvic region, and loosen up the muscles in the area. Just try to keep it loose and don’t tense your butt cheeks!

Adjusting the position of your upper body by leaning forward or backward will alter where you feel the most stimulation from penetration. This is also a good position for either you or your partner to rub you clitoris at the same time!

4. Circling

This is another take on the grinding technique, but instead of rocking back and forth, you can move your hips in circles or half circles, increasing the stimulation to the walls of the vagina.

This can be done either by the penetrating partner or the receiving partner if they are on top.

5. Shallow Penetration a.k.a. Just the Tip

In general, the tip of the penis is the most sensitive and the first few inches of the vagina are the most sensitive! Capitalise on all that sensitivity with some shallow penetration!

This can be a great way to warm up and increase arousal or really tease your partner.

Use the tip of your penis to tease your partner’s vulva, rubbing from the vaginal opening up to the clitoris. Then you can stimulate around the vaginal opening before just letting the tip slip inside.

Then you can explore different movements such as moving it slowly in and out, or scooping it in and out to stimulate the front and back walls of the vagina.

According OMGYES 40% of women report that deeper penetration feels more pleasurable after enjoying some shallow penetration!

6. Deep Dive

While shallow thrusting can feel great because it targets the most sensitive areas of the vagina, deep thrusting can also be ‘deeply’ pleasurable, as it can stimulate the a-spot.

The Anterior Fornix Erogeneous Zone, or A-spot, is located towards the back of the vagina canal, a few inches deeper than the g-spot. For some stimulating this area can be intensely pleasurable, lead to increased wetness/lubrication, and even result in some powerful orgasms.

To stimulate this area, you want to insert your penis or dildo deeply inside your partner. Then you can explore slower more gentle thrusts and movements to find what works. More vigorous thrusting runs the risk of bumping their cervix, which can be painful.

This deep exploration is best enjoyed later on in the session, when the receiving partner is fully aroused and warmed up.

According to OMGYES, 15% of women who have enjoyed deep penetration have had a distinct climax that felt different to other types of orgasm.

7. Fast vs Slow Sexual Thrusting

As well as thinking about how deep you are thrusting, you can also alter how fast you thrust. Sure hard and fast can feel great sometimes but going slow can really intensify the sensations.

Moving your penis or dildo slowly allows you to feel more of the pleasurable friction while you can loose that definition with fast thrusting.

Slow thrusting can also be a great way to tease your partner and build their arousal and make those harder, faster thrusts feel so much more intense and pleasurable!

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Perfect props to propel your sexual thrusting

Ok so now you’ve got some new sexual thrusting techniques to try out, let’s take a look at the best sex toys and aids to make it even better!

Sex pillows

It’s no secret that popping a pillow under a vulva owners hips during missionary sex can increase their pleasure.

BUT I did not realise just how much better that gets when you use an actual sex pillow until I tried the Liberator Jaz! Wow!

The combination of the angle and the high density foam, which holds it shape much better than a conventional pillow, is truly magical!

The angle allows for more contact along the front wall of the vagina and deeper penetration at the same time!

Combine a sex pillow with some slow thrusting for some intensely pleasurable and sensual penetrative sex.

Doggy Style Strap

You really can teach an old dog new tricks with the I Like It Doggie-Style Strap by Sportsheets!

This simple but effective strap allows for deeper penetration, more pleasurable angles, and help you and your partner keep your thrusts in time!

The strap features soft padding for comfort and has adjustable straps. It also comes in a plus-size version!

A Sex Swing

Sex swings open up a lot of thrusting abilities as they let you move your partner back and forth with ease! They also give you new angles of penetration to explore.

The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is one of the best for exploring multiple positions as you can adjust or even remove straps to suit your position.

Also, if you love being on top and exploring deep, bouncy penetration highly recommend the squatting attachment — trust me your thighs will thank you!

Some final sexual thrusting tips

Now we’ve covered techniques and props, I’ll leave you with some final tips to hone your sexual thrusting techniques!

  • This is the most important of all! Communicate with your partner! The only way to find out if they want it deep or shallow, fast or slow, or they need a slightly different angle in that moment is to to ask them!
  • Try to keep your hips loose and move with your body for a more sensual, flowing movement. This also helps release tension in your pelvic area which can increase pleasure!
  • Some people really enjoy when you switch up the rhythm or depth now and again, but many need a consistent speed or tempo to build arousal and reach orgasm. It can be good to tease with slower or shallower thrusting in the beginning with some deeper or faster thrusts here and there, but again, the only way to know what your partner likes is to ask them!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new thrusting techniques together to figure out which ones really hit your sweet spots. It’s totally ok that some won’t work for you, but try to enjoy exploring together!

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