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Where to Buy A Fleshlight – Best Retailers and Discounts

If you haven’t bought a Fleshlight before, there is a good chance that you don’t know the best places to buy one.

Even if you live near a brick and mortar store, that sells Fleshlights it might not be the best option.

And that is not to mention, that you probably prefer not to have the cashier bib that case in and hand it to you.

Then again, you could also just go to the official Fleshlight website and order it.

But are you getting the best price? Probably not.

In this post, I will reveal where you can find the best Fleshlight offers and discounts.

Having bought well over 30 different Fleshlight, I know what I’m talking about!

Maybe you can guess from the picture that the Riley Reid Fleshlight is my favorite Fleshlight Girl?

Now to it…

How to buy a Fleshlight

Let’s start off nice and simple. If you have a general idea, just skip to the next section.

Well, plain and simple: You have two options:

  • Buying online
  • Buying in a brick-and-mortar store

Buying online

Buying online will save you the potential embarrassment of having to walk into a store and pull one off the shelves. And of course, paying for it to a stranger behind the counter.

But purchasing a Fleshlight online is not only for the shy of us – myself included. It is also for those that are simply to lazy to first find an adult store near us, and secondly go down there.

With just a few clicks and a virtual swipe of your credit card, you will have a Fleshlight sent to your doorstep (in discreet packaging if you choose the correct shop – more on that later).

Buying in a brick and mortar

If you avoid walking into a sketchy store, and everything is legit then you are likely to be better of, than finding a random online retailer.

Some online shops (Amazon Resellers included) have unfortunately been found to replace the real Fleshlight Sleeves with a cheap replicate and put it back in the can. They will typically smell strongly of chemicals. You can even do your own, discreet, smell test in a brick-and-mortar store.

If you decide to buy a Fleshlight near yourself, in a store, then don’t worry about the cashier thinking anything of it.

They are used to people coming in and buying huge strap ons and hardcore BDSM toys all the time.

A Fleshlight is probably the most normal they will see someone buy all week.

Which retailers to shop at (and which not to)

Here is a small guide to the best places to shop your Fleshlight.

They have been picked because:

  1. They usually have the best prices
  2. They are legit and will sell you a real Fleshlight
  3. They have discreet packaging


Lovehoney is one of the biggest shops in the US – and internationally. A super reputable shop, that has a long history of selling sex toys.

They have amazing customer reviews and a large collection of sex toys. Including, of course, Fleshlights.

And that is not it.

Lovehoney are also frequent to discount their Fleshlights and have some amazing sales running.

Official Fleshlight Website

Of course, there is no avoiding the manufacturer themselves. They sell directly to customers, and as they obviously have the best retailer profit margin, Fleshlight.com is a great place to check out. Discounts are less frequent, and it is actually not that frequent I find that Fleshlight beats Lovehoney on price.

Do not buy: Amazon

One of the absolute worst places you could ever decide to purchase a Fleshlight is Amazon. Sure, they are a big marketplace for almost anything. But that also means a big marketplace for scammers to hide and run sneaky swap scams. Where they advertise fake and cheap Fleshlights as the real deal. It is typically not. Stay away from that site.

Where to find Fleshlight Coupons Codes

Nowhere, really.

If you stumble across coupon codes for the official Fleshlight website it is most likely just a scam. Of course, there is always the off chance.

But you can find coupon codes for Lovehoney that can give you a significant discount on your new/next Fleshlight.

If you purchase around holidays, you can also be lucky to get an offer that is run across the entire site. Of course, it depends on the scope of the specific shops offer.

Seasonal offers to look out for:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • The holiday season
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Back to School sales
  • Halloween

How to buy a cheap Fleshlight – getting the best price

Fleshlights aren’t really cheap. You can always go for a cheap Fleshlight alternative that might still blow your mind.

But if you are looking for a cheap Fleshlight odds are that you won’t find it quick.

Discount and sales on this brand is hard to come by.

And A Fleshlight cost $35 – $70, which depends on which one you want. The Fleshlight girls typically go for $60-70. While a clear Fleshlight from their Fleshlight Ice line, or a small one, for example, the Fleshlight Quickshot, can be acquired for only $35-$50.

The best place too look for discounted Fleshlights is on Lovehoney.

Why buy a Fleshlight at all

Because it feels freaking amazing using one.

It has been rated, by far, the best male masturbator out there.

And the customer reviews of Fleshlights are absolutely bonkers. You can even get to experience having your very own special movie star right at your hand.

They are so popular that huge reddit threads (with well over 40k members) have been dedicated to just discussion of how they use them and much more.

They are THAT popular and for good reasons. On Bedbible.com they get raving reviews.

What is a “real” Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight consists of several different items.

I have listed them below, and they can also be seen on the image of the disassembled Fleshlight.

  1. Can/Cover
  2. Lit
  3. Bottom (air release valve)
  4. Sleeve
  5. Box
  6. Instructions
  7. One-time lube
  8. Warranty gold cart

Here are some golden rules when trying to figure out if a Fleshlight is real:

  • On all Fleshlight girls, there is a signature on the orifice.
  • They don’t smell strongly of chemicals (they do, however, have a fun odor at first that disappears over time.
  • Buy from a trusted seller, and if it says “Fleshlight” you can be more certain it’s real.
  • Some non-trustworthy retailers will call a pocket pussy a ‘Fleshlight’ because the brand has become so popular that people associate the two.

Super cheap alternative – DIY Fleshlight

If you are looking to save some serious money, instead of spending up to $70 on a Fleshlight, then you can make your very own.

We have written a huge DIY Fleshlight guide with over 29 different ideas on how to make your own.

I can tell you, that you can use anything from socks to pringles cans and toilet paper. Good luck.

Choosing the best Fleshlight for you

On Bedbible.com we make sex toy reviews, that hopefully help you decide on for example which Fleshlight to get.

As you might have read, we have reviewed well over 30 different Fleshlights.

From these reviews, I have drawn some conclusions on which ones I like the best overall. And additionally, which ones I believe are the tightest?

Tightness is an important factor for a lot of people because tighter typically means more stimulation – and a better Fleshlight.

This can also be seen from my rankings below where two Fleshlight models have been repeated on each list.

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