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List of 275 Kinks and Fetishes [From Mild To Wild!]

Welcome to our gigantic list of kinks and fetishes! We have put together 275 kinks and fetishes, some common, some not so much.

In addition, we have left off any fetishes or kinks which are considered inherently violent or illegal. That way, you won’t be turned off, while looking at potential turn ons!

Further, our list of fetishes and our list of kinks are arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference. So, read through our lists and see if the kink or fetish fits your bedroom activities.

You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself! I know I was!

List of Kinks and Fetishes in a Nutshell

  • A fetish is defined as a physiological, sexual attraction and obsession to inanimate objects, as well as body parts that usually are not defined as genitalia.
  • A kink is defined as a sexual act that is outside of the norm of basic, vanilla sex. Further, a kink isn’t a physiological sexual turn-on, rather, something a person or couple tries to spice things up.
  • We have listed 275 terms in our list of fetishes and kinks, although there are many more.
  • Finally, you may be surprised to learn that some of the things that turn you on might be considered a fetish. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a fetish, as long as it’s not illegal.

Let’s Begin with Fetishes!

Fetishes and kinks; some may think the words are interchangeable, but they really aren’t. That’s because they each have a different meaning; both of which I’ll cover in this list of kinks and fetishes.

So, let’s kick this off talking about fetishes, followed by a comprehensive list of fetishes in alphabetical order.

What Is a Fetish?

So, exactly what is a sexual fetish? Well, a sexual fetish is an arousal and sexual fixation on an inanimate object or part of the body that many times, is not the genitals.

For instance, a great sexual fetish example would be a foot fetish. Meaning, someone who has a sexual attraction to and fixation on feet.

And although fetishes qualify as kinky, the are not considered a kink, in and of themselves.

Types of Fetishes

There are many types of sexual fetishes that span nearly every object and body part you can imagine. Here are just some examples of types of fetishes:

  • Weather related
  • Inanimate objects like statues or plush animals
  • Motor vehicles
  • Body types of all kinds

So, as you go through our huge list of fetishes, you’ll see even more surprising things on which people fixate sexually.

Examples of Fetishes

To give you a clearer idea on what fetishes are, let’s step further outside types of fetishes and give a few specific examples of fetishes. As I said above, feet are a common fetish.

But here are a few more specific fetish examples:

  • Hair
  • Thunder
  • Muscles
  • Underwear

In conclusion, you now should have a much clearer idea of what a fetish is. So, let’s start that list of fetishes and see if you may have one, of which you were unaware!

The BedBible List of Fetishes from A to Z

We have pulled together a list of fetishes, 158 to be exact. And again, we have left out some of those which are illegal in most countries and states.

A Fetishes

Fetishes that Start with the Letter A

#1. The Abasiophilia Fetish

Abasiophilia is a fetish where someone is sexually aroused by those with impaired mobility. They are especially turned on by those using disability aids such as braces, canes or wheelchairs.

As a person with a disability, using a cane on occasion, I approve of this fetish!

#2. Acarophilia

 Acarophilia is a sexual arousal from scratching. And considering scratching can be a part of BDSM play, rough sex or just a fantastic orgasm, this fetish is a common and easy one to fulfill.

#3. Acrotomophilia

Acrotomophilia is a sexual attraction to people with amputations. Further, some people will fulfill this fetish by using bondage rope to tie the lower leg to the upper.

And that makes the partner appear to be an amputee.

#4. Sunshine and the Actirasty Fetish

The sexual fetish known as Actirasty means someone is aroused by the rays of the sun. Therefore, someone with this fetish would love being intimate outdoors, or under a large window on a sunny afternoon.

#5. Adipophilia

Next, on our list of fetishes is Adipophilia, which is a sexual attraction to overweight or obese people. But in today’s society, we lovingly call these folks thicc, vivacious, buxom, chubby and curvy.

#6. Agalmatophilia

People who have the fetish Agalmatophilia are fixated and aroused by statues, dolls and mannequins. So, visiting an art museum can be used as sexy foreplay!

Better yet, find the sex doll of your dreams and fulfill that fetish on the daily!

#7. Agoraphilia

Agoraphilia is a sexual fetish dedicated to sex in public places. I mean, who doesn’t get a little aroused at the idea of getting caught in the act?

#8. Algolagnia

When someone derives extreme sexual stimulation from pain to their erogenous zones, they would have the fetish called Algolagnia. Therefore, they’d love BDSM play that includes pinwheels, riding crops or other extreme BDSM toys.

#9. If the Shoe Fits: Altocalciphilia

The next one on our list of fetishes is Altocalciphilia. And that is a deep, sexual turn-on for footwear of all types, including sky high heels!

So, buckle on those fuck-me stilettos or slide on those thigh-high leather boots and have your lover tied in knots!

#10. Amaurophilia: Blindfold Me!

Amaurophilia is a fetish where the person is thoroughly aroused by being unable to see. Therefore, cover the windows and turn off all the lights and relish the total and complete darkness.

Or, find a blindfold to keep your fetishist in the dark, hot and bothered.

#11. Anasteemaphilia

Anasteemaphilia is a fetish where people experience crazy arousal over extreme sizes, like a giant or a little person. Also, it can refer to attraction to partners of wildly differing heights even if those people aren’t especially gigantic or tiny.

#12. Andromimetophilia

Andromimetophilia is an intense sexual attraction to transgender people. And I don’t know about you, but there are some extremely attractive trans men and women out there!

#13. Anililagnia: Hot for Grammy

Next on our list of fetishes is the deep, sexual attraction to much older women, by young men. For instance, a 20-year-old man with the intense hots for a 60-year-old woman would definitely qualify.

#14. Autoaquaphilia

Autoaquaphilia is a fetish that is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an extreme sexual arousal to water and having sex in or around water. 

Additionally, this can include an arousal for donning swimwear or posing in water, even if it doesn’t involve sexual activity. Pool party anyone?

#15. Asian Fetish

Although this fetish doesn’t have a fancy name, nonetheless, it’s a fetish. And, just like it sounds, it’s an overwhelming sexual attraction to people of Asian descent.

Yes, I totally get this one as I have an affinity for Japanese men.

#16. Freeze Frame! Autagonistophilia

Folks with the sexual fetish called Autagonistophilia receive intense arousal from being on camera, film or on stage. So, grab that Polaroid, or your cell phone, and fulfill their deep, passionate desires.

#17. Blood Pumping Autassassinophilia

Adrenaline junkies will completely understand this sexual fetish! Autassassinophilia is being sexually aroused by life-threatening situations.

So, rather than being terrified by an armed robbery, these folks find the situation a major turn-on!

#18. Autogynephilia

This sexual fetish is now considered a controversial term.  Autogynephilia is a fetish used to describe a biological male sexually aroused by the image of himself as a female.

Now, this doesn’t mean a cis gender male wants to be a trans female. On the contrary, it’s the thought or image of such, that causes the deep arousal.

#19. Autoandrophilia

Autoandrophilia is another (now) controversial term to describe a cis female aroused by the thought or image of herself as a male. Again, it doesn’t mean she wants to be a trans man.

But she is turned on by the though or image of herself as a man. And this is where some fun role playing is perfect!

#20. Hey Baby: Autonepiophilia

Autonepiophilia is a fetish in which a person is aroused by imagining themselves as, or role playing as an infant. Additionally, those with this sexual fetish oftentimes fulfill their desires with age play.

#21. Daddy’s Little Girl and Autopedophilia

On the other hand, Autopedophilia is the sexual arousal when imagining oneself as a young child, or role playing the same. For instance, the DDLG relationship is a great example of this, if the little girl is the one with the Autopedophilia fetish.

#22. Autoplushophilia

This is a fetish most of us have heard of! Autoplushophilia is as fetish in which one is turned-on imagining oneself as, or by dressing in plush costumes depicting animals.

Also, these fetishists are better known as “plushies”.

#23. Watching Sex, in the Water: Aquaphilia

Aquaphilia, much like Autoaquaphilia, is being aroused by images of other people in water, swimming, posing or having sex underwater. What this means is that the person isn’t so much turned-on by being in the water themselves, but watching others.

#24. Cheers! Autovampirism

Next, Autovampirism is a fetish of which drinking one’s own blood delivers profound sexual gratification.

#25. Autozoophilia

Autozoophilia is being turned on by role playing an animal. And in some cases, people with this fetish can find great sexual satisfaction by role playing a dog using collars, leashes and bone gags.

B Fetishes

Fetishes that Start with B

#26. Belonephilia: On Pins and Needles

As we start the Bs in our list of fetishes, let’s begin with the fetish Belonephilia. Those with this fetish have an affinity for pins, needles and sharp objects. However, Belonephilia can be potentially dangerous.

Therefore, it’s best to practice this fetish with a skilled dominant Master or Mistress.

#27. Thunderstorm Warning: Brontophilia

I was surprised when I learned exactly what Brotophilia is. This fetish means one gets extremely aroused by thunderstorms.

Now, I once had an experience with someone, under a towering oak tree, as a thunderstorm rolled in. Since that time, I have always found thunderstorms arousing!

#28. Excuse me, It’s a Burping Fetish

A Burping Fetish is pretty self-explanatory. It’s intense sexual desire from seeing, or more importantly hearing, somebody burp.

And as odd as that may sound, imagine the fun you could have at an all-you-can-eat buffet or beer garden!

List of Fetishes- C

Fetishes that Begin with C

#29. Capnolagnia

Now, let’s get into the Cs on our giant list of fetishes and kinks, starting with Capnolagnia. This fetish is where one is turned on by smoking, vaping, hitting a hookah or similar activities.  

#30. Chasmophilia

Chasmophilia is an unusual and interesting fetish. What it means is that one is aroused by crevices, caverns, or valleys.

In this case, I would imagine some with this particular fetish would thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping and rock climbing.

#31. Give Him a Hand: Cheirophilia

Now, most everyone has heard of a foot fetish, but what about Cheirophilia? This is a sexual attraction to hands or part of the hand, including fingers, palms and even nails!

And this is another fetish to which I can relate as I favor a man’s large, strong hands over rippling abs, any day!

#32. Chionophilia: Let It Snow!

 Chionophilia is a pretty cool fetish, literally. This one is the sexual arousal from snow.

Therefore, I’m sure someone with this fetish is best suited living in a place where winter brings a lot of the white stuff (snow) and allows for snow-based activities like skiing, snowball fights and building snow people.

#33. Chrematistophilia Will Cost You!

 Chrematistophilia is a fetish where someone is profoundly aroused by having to pay for sex. Now, that doesn’t mean someone with this fetish has to frequent prostitutes.

On the contrary, one can safely fulfill this fetish with some sexy role playing with their partner or a skilled Mistress or Master of BDSM.

#34. Chremastistophilia: Stick ‘Em Up!

Another great fetish for role playing or working at your local convenience store is Chrematistophilia. What this means is one is aroused by being robbed or held up.

So, imagine the look on a robber’s face as a fetishist, who enjoys Chremastisophilia, moans and groans in delight as they open the cash register and hand over the money! Then, they smile, wave and invite the criminal to, “Come again!”

#35. Chronophilia

 People who enjoy the Chronophilia, are turned-on by having partners of a wildly varying age. Therefore, they are aroused by being with someone much older or younger than themselves.

And as long as each person is of adult, consenting age, it’s all good!

#36. Going into the Closet: Claustrophilia

This fetish is the opposite of claustrophobia. Therefore, rather than being afraid, a person with the Claustrophilia fetish becomes aroused or experiences orgasm through confinement in small spaces.

And that’s where BDSM and cages can come into play! Also, dark, small closets work just as well.

#37. Not $hit! It’s Coprophilia

Not to yuck anyone’s yum but this fetish is further onto the odd side. Coprophilia is the sexual arousal from feces.

Additionally, this fetish is also called scatophilia and fecophilia. Again, this fetish is best practiced with a professional Master or Mistress, or a very understanding partner.

#38. Coulrophilia, a Fetish to Some, a Fear to Others

The Coulrophilia fetish is defined as sexual attraction to clowns, or to clownlike characters, such as jesters or mimes. So, a day at the circus could turn into a very kinky evening!

#39. She’s Got Legs: Crurophilia

The fetish named Crurophilia is the sexual attraction to legs. And this goes beyond simply loving a pair of legs that go on for days, but a deep arousal by them.

#40. Cuckolding Fetish

Cuckolding is quite the common fetish, especially in the BDSM realm. So, what does this fetish mean?

Cuckolding is being sexually aroused by infidelity. Moreover, folks with this fetish enjoy watching their partners cheat.


List of Fetishes that Start with a D

#41. The Sad Fetish: Dacryphilia

Those with the Dacryphilia are sexually aroused by tears and crying. And although that may seem a bit sad on the outside, watching a movie like “Old Yellar” could be more than just a moving experience.

#42. Diaper Fetishism

This fetish is exactly as it sounds! Those with a Diaper Fetish are sexually aroused by wearing diapers as a part of age play.

Sure, that may sound strange to you, but some love the full relinquishing of control. Or they may be fulfilling a part of their own life they found lacking.

#43. I Love Your Wood: Dendrophilia

Okay, you may find me in a forest, touching a tree, or even hugging one lovingly. However, that doesn’t mean I have this fetish.

On the contrary, I love nature, and in no way are sexually aroused by trees. But those with Dendrophilia get aroused by trees, bark, limbs and even leaves.

#44. Doraphilia

Those with a Doraphilia fetish have an intense, erotic fondness for the smell and feel of animal skin, fur and leather. So, wear the most incredible leather ensemble to drive your Doraphiliac lover to the brink.

#45. The Fantasy Driven Fetish: Dracophilia

This fetish is fantastical and explains why fantasy dildos are so extremely popular with kinksters! Dracophilia is a fetish for dragons.

So, whether it a movie about dragons or a dragon-shaped dildo, your sexual attraction can be fulfilled.


E Fetishes

#46. Elastophilia

The first E item on our list of fetishes is Elastophilia. And this one is a fetish for stretchy materials including spandex, latex, silicone, and others.

Elastophiles often enjoy wearing or even bouncing on these materials. Or some are intensely aroused by sinking deep down into something stretchy.

#47. Emetophilia

This fetish is an unusual one, to say the least. To get to the point, Emetophilia is the sexual affinity for vomit.

So, next time that tummy bug hits…. Never mind, I won’t go there!

#48. Keep Your Clothes on: Endytophilia

Endytophilia is the affinity for sex while fully or partially clothed. For instance, you can enjoy this kink while lifting your skirt or dress, so your partner can penetrate you.

In addition, pushing underwear to the side can also be a form of this fetish. Yes, that can be hot!

#49. Enkuopoiphilia

Enkuopoiphilia is a sexual fetish that involves the desire to impregnate or be impregnated. For instance, those with this fetish, get off on nutting without protection.

Therefore, this is an easy one to role play with your partner!

#50. The Smelly Eproctophilia Fetish

Oh, how I have always needed a partner with Eproctophilia in my life! The reason for this is those with this fetish are turned on by flatulence.

Of which, I (as a proper lady) have never been able to express in my relationships. I mean, do you realize how difficult it is to run to another room to gracefully fart?


F Is for Fetish and These Fetishes

#51. Everything Is on the Menu with Feederism

This fetish has paid a lot of bills from those who fulfill this yummy fetish online! You see, Feederism is the sexual arousal derived from eating, gorging, and even weight gain.

So, head out to your favorite restaurant and an empty stomach to make your partner’s desires ignite!

#52. My Admitted Fetish: Fictophilia

Fictophilia is the deep sexual arousal by fictional characters. And that can be television and movie actors as well as animated characters.

Admittedly, I have experienced more than a few intense, sexual attractions to male anime characters. And attending an anime convention was a pure delight!

#53. Formicophilia

Formicophilia is a fetish where someone gets horny by being crawled on by insects. In addition, this could include creepy crawlies all over the person’s genitals.

#54. Forniphilia

This particular fetish is a popular BDSM fetish. Therefore, if your Mistress or Master get off on turning you into a piece of furniture, they may have Fornophilia.

#55. Frotteurism

This fetish could land you in jail. That is, unless you take your fetish to a swingers or kink bar.

That’s because Frotteurism is a fetish where the person gets extremely aroused by rubbing against a non-consenting person with their genitals, or a stranger doing the same to them.

G Fetishes

G Fetishes

#56. Grandpa’s Got It Going On: Gerontophilia

This fetish isn’t a far out as you may think! That’s because folks nowadays are active, spry and attractive, well into their 80’s!

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, Gerontophilia is a strong, sexual attraction to elderly people. Hide your Memaws and Papaws!

#57. Gynandromorphophilia

 Gynandromorphophilia is a fetish that’s a mouthful to say! But what it means is that a person is deeply aroused by transgender women who possess both male and female characteristics.


Fetishes That Start with an H

#58. Harpaxophilia

Harpaxophilia is the fetish where someone gets off on being robbed. And although someone can roam the streets waiting to be mugged, this fetish is best saved for role-playing.

#59. Bloody Tuesday: Hematolagnia

Next on our list of fetishes and kinks is Hematolagnia, or being aroused by drinking or looking at blood. Now, this fetish can be easily fulfilled by role-playing with a little cinematic flair and fake blood.

Or, there are plenty of movies out there that will satisfy this fetishist’s thirst.

#60. Heterophilia

Heterophilia is the sexual attraction to the idealization of heterosexuality or folks who are “straight-acting”, especially by non-heterosexual people.

#61. A Different Kind of Magnum: Hoplophilia

Replicas and realistic toys are best used to fulfill this fetish during role-playing. That’s because Hoplophilia is the burning, sexual attraction to firearms of all types.

So, play it safe, and only use non-loaded weapons or plastic replicas when fulfilling this fetishist’s fantasies.

#62. Homeovestism

Homeovestism is the sexual arousal in response to wearing clothing that is typical for one’s gender. And unless you are naturalist in your daily life, this fetish would be a difficult one to contain!

#63. America’s Most Wanted Fetish: Hybristophilia

This interesting fetish is what has made some people, serving time behind bars, the object of sexual desire. Hybristophilia is being sexually aroused by criminals who have committed horrific crimes, particularly those who are in the media spotlight.

#64. Hyphephilia

Our next fetish is Hyphephilia, which is sexual erotism associated with touching skin, hair, leather, fur, and fabric, especially if worn on or near erotically significant body parts.

#65. Hygrophilia

Hygrophilia is intense arousal stemming from bodily fluids such as tears, saliva, perspiration, urine, feces, semen, and vaginal wetness.

K fetishes

K Fetishes, Because There Are No I’s or J’s

#66. Katoptronophilia

Since there are no words that begin with I or J on our list of fetishes, we are skipping ahead to K and Katoptronophilia. This one is a fetish for having sex in front of mirrors.

Sure, it can be hot watching a steamy make-out session in the mirror, but folks with this fetish, literally get off on it!

#67. Thunderstruck with Keraunophilia

This is yet another fetish which I feel I may have. Keraunophilia is a sexual fascination with thunder and lightning. So, bring on those spring and summer thunderstorms!

#68. Kleptophilia

We all know that Kleptomania is a mental illness where someone cannot help themselves from stealing. However, Kleptophilia is a fetish where stealing is sexually arousing.

And considering that stealing is illegal, it’s probably not a good idea to quench this fetish thirst.

#69. Klismaphilia

Klisnaphilia is being aroused by receiving or giving enemas.


L Fetishes

#70. Lactophilia

Now, hitting the Ls on our list of fetishes, the first is Lactophilia. This fetish is being erotically aroused by breast feeding and breast milk.

#71. Latex/Rubber Fetish

We have mentioned fur, leather and stretchy fabrics which are attractive to certain fetishists. However, some are aroused by latex, rubber, PVC and similar materials.

For instance, some folks with this fetish aren’t just aroused by the feel of such materials, but get off on the sheen.

#72. Girl on Girl Lesbophilia

This fetish is one I have seen in men, more often than not. To explain, Lesbophilia is a fetish where those assigned male at birth, enjoy lesbian sex more than your typical male.

Moreover, some may go so far as to imagine themselves as women in girl-on-girl scenarios.

#73. Liquidophilia

This wet and wild fetish is the erotic arousal of immersing one’s genitals in liquid. Now, this could be water or more interesting liquids suck as milk or even paint.

#74. Lithophilia Is a Hard Fetish

 Do you get wet or hard thinking about rocks, stones, pebbles or gravel? If so, you may have Lithophilia.

Sure, this may sound a bit painful, but a hot stone massage would be orgasmic!


M Fetishes

#75. Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum: Macrophilia

Next on our huge list of fetishes and kinks is Macrophilia. This big fetish is the sexual arousal by giant beings, seeing photos and movies of such or even the thought of people growing into giants.

So, if you find a cake labeled “Eat me”, you’ll definitely fulfill that raging sexual desire.

#76. Maschalagnia

Maschalagnia is a sexual attraction to armpits. And since some people’s underarms can be an erogenous zone, this fetishist can be easily pleased while their partner is aroused as well.

#77. Mazophilia

Many of you reading this may have this fetish and not even know it! That’s because Mazophilia is the erotic fascination of female breasts.

And for this fetishist, a titty-ride may be exactly what the doctor ordered!

#78. Knocked Up: Maiesiophilia

Maiesiophilia is the reason sex doll manufacturers create pregnant sex dolls. That’s because the fetish Maiesiophilia is being intensely attracted to pregnant women.

#79. Mechanophilia

I have seen this fetish on television on the program, “My Strange Addiction”. Mechanophilia isn’t the attraction to mechanics, as it sounds.

On the contrary, this fetish is the erotic attraction to mechanical vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and even tractors.

#80. Melolagnia: Listen to the Music!

This particular fetish would have most people turned on in elevators, grocery stores and stadiums! That’s because Melolagnia is the erotic attraction to music.

#81. Menophilia

Some of us avoid sex during the monthly gift, while others may relish it! That’s because Menophilia is a sexual attraction of menstruation and menstrual blood.

So, no excuses if you’re dating this fetishist!

#82. Merinthophilia: All Tied Up

Merinthophilia is the fetish for bondage. So, this fetishist is likely into BDSM bondage with rope, cuffs and even spreader bars!

#83. Metrophilia

How do I love thee, let me count the ways. That’s because Metrophilia is the extreme sexual attraction to poetry!

#84. Microphiliacs Love the Itty Bitty

Opposite of Macrophilia is Microphilia or the arousal by shrunken or shrinking beings.

#85. Mixophilia

Mixophilia is a fetish for watching a partner or yourself engage in sexual activity. For instance, this fetish often involves mirrors or sex videos.

#86. Morphophilia

Morphophilia is a deep sexual attraction to particular body shapes or sizes. For example, some may be turned-on by curvy or thin people.

#87. Don’t Forget the Pepper: Mucophilia

Mucophelia is being incredibly aroused by sneezing or watching someone else sneeze. So, don’t forget the pepper and to say, “Bless you!”

#88. You Dirty Girl! Mysophilia

This fetish, Mysophilia, is being aroused by being unclean and dirty or around those who are. For instance, mud wrestling may be funny for some, but those with Mysophilia experience deep arousal and sexual satisfaction.

N Fethises

Letter N Fetishes

#89. Narratophilia

On to the Ns with Narratophilia. This fetish is being very much aroused by dirty words, naughty talk, and even audio porn.

#90. Nasophilia

Nasophilia is being sexually attracted to the nose.

#91. Innies and Outies: Navel Fetishism

And from the nose, we travel south to the navel, aka; the belly button. So, those with Naval Fetishism are sexually fixated on the belly button.

#92. The Fog and Nebulophilia

Nebulophilia is a lesser-known fetish that involves sexual arousal induced by fog, steam, dry ice, or smoke. And although it may be lesser known, your girl here has it!

Hey, don’t laugh! All it takes is a foggy night, a Mustang GT and a deserted county road and viola, every time it’s foggy, I get all tingly in my special place.

#93. Nyctophilia

 Nyctophilia is a sexual attraction to darkness or night. Plus, folks with this fetish are naturally relaxed by the dark of night and dark places.


Fetishes That Begin with O

#94. Smile, You Have Odontophilia

The next one on our list of fetishes is Odontophilia. Someone with this fetish gets off on teeth, which can include biting, licking of the teeth or even removing them.

#95.A Broader Fetish: Objectophilia

Objectophilia is actually a group of fetishes that encompass the sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Therefore, those with Mechanophilia would be included in this group.

#96. Oculophilia

Oculophia is a fetish involving the sexual attraction to eyes and activities directly involving the eyes. So, tantric sex would be a must-try for this fetishist.

#97. Bite Me! The Odaxelagnia Fetish

This fetish gives whole, new meaning to the phrase, “Bite me!” That’s because Odaxelagnia is a sexual affinity for biting or being bitten.

Just be sure you are gentle and don’t break the skin!

#98. Olfactophilia: The “Ew, that Smell” Fetish

If you are an Olfactophilia fetishist, you are sexually stimulated by smells and odors emanating from the human body. For instance, you may get off on odors like bad breath, flatulence, feces or body odor.

P Fetishes

List of Fetishes That Begin with P

#99. Paraphilia: A Crushing Fetish

Paraphilia is an encompassing sexual fetish which is intense and is always there. So, it could be any fetish whatsoever, but one that is so consuming, you can’t stop thinking about it.

#100. Paraphilic Infantilism

This fetish is reaping intense sexual satisfaction from dressing or being treated like a baby, also known as autonepiophilia or “adult baby syndrome”. And again, this is likely from an intense need to relinquish all control or to right a perceived need from childhood.

#101. Partialism: Pick a Body Part

Partialism is the sexual attraction to a specific part of the body like the ankles, elbows or collar bones. And yes, this term can encompass body part fetishes that have a specific name.

#102. Hiya, Doll: Pediophilia

Not to be confused with Pedophilia (which is illegal and a disgusting mental illness) Pediophilia is an erotic attraction to dolls, especially sex dolls. And with all of the incredible sex dolls available today, these fetishists can fulfill their fantasies on the daily!

#103. The Flasher: Peodeiktophilia

Now, be aware, acting on this fetish could land you in jail! That’s because pedoeiktophilia is the arousal derived from exposing one’s intimate parts in public.

So, while an innocent nip slip can be a turn on, dropping your drawers in the town square could get you arrested.

#104. The Childlike Pedovestism Fetish

This fetish is extremely popular in age play. Pedovestism is receiving sexual pleasure by dressing like a child. Now, this doesn’t mean you are a pedophile.

Simply said, you are aroused by the look and feel of this style of clothing and the innocence it portrays.

#105. Phallophilia: All Hail the Penis!

Phallophilia, in simple terms, is the intense erotic attraction to, and worship of the penis.

#106. Phalloorchoalgolagnia

This sexual fetish is a mouthful to say! Phalloorchoalgolangia is deriving sexual arousal from pain directed toward male genitals.

So, ball busting, slapping, pinching and penis punching would all fall under this category. Better yet, try one of these cock cages, ball spreaders or urethral sounds for safe and arousing fetish play.

#107. Phobophilia

Love slasher films and haunted houses? You may have phobophilia.

Phobophilia is a sexual obsession with being afraid. So, if a good jump scare makes you tingle in all the right places, this might be a fetish you’d want to pursue.

#108. Phygephilia: For the Renegade

The next thing on our list of sexual fetishes, reminds me of the classic Styx song. That’s because Phygephilia is an erotic attraction for being a fugitive on the run.

#109. Pecattiphilia

Yes, this fetish is out of order, as I had a duplicate! But there are more than enough fetishes to complete our list.

So, Pecattiphilia is receiving sexual satisfaction by doing things you perceive as sinful. So, it’s no wonder the preacher’s kids are oftentimes the naughtiest people we know!

#110. The Foot Fetish, Podophilia

The most commonly known fetish in the world is Podophilia, or a foot fetish. So, folks with this fetish are not only sexually attracted to feet but love to touch, feel and even make-love to them.

And the pleasure product industry has you tootsie lovers taken care of too, with the most realistic, loveable feet for self-pleasure.

#111. Pictophilia

Our next fetish involves erotic photos and erotic art. Pictophilia is the sexual arousal derived from looking at these types of photographs and art work.

#112. Use Caution with the Piquerism Fetish

This fetish can be a dangerous one, so you must find creative ways to fulfill these fantasies. That’s because Piquerism is the sexual arousal that comes from puncturing or stabbing the flesh of another.

#113. Plushophilia

Folks with the fetish Plushophilia are aroused by stuffed animals or plushies. So, rather than being given the side-eye at Build-A-Bear, why not treat yourself to a plush sex doll?

#114. Two’s Company, Three is a Polyiterophilia Fetish

Polyiterophila is an erotic infatuation with group sex. So, the person with this fetish will thrive at sex parties.

#115. Chill Out, I Have a Psychrophilia Fetish!

Does the thought of Antarctica make you hot? If so, you may have the Psychrophilia fetish.

That’s because you are extremely aroused by being cold or watching others be cold. Ice hotel, anyone?

#116. Pteronphilia

This fetish is for the birds! That’s because Pteronphilia is sexual arousal from being tickled by feathers.

So, if you don’t have Big Bird around to tickle your fancy, why not try a soft and sexy feather tickler?

#117. Pubephilia is a Hairy Subject

Folks with the Pubephilia fetish are jumping for joy that the bald-look is slowly fading. But I’m not talking about the head!

That’s because Pubephilia is a sexual obsession with pubic hair. And it’s not really an odd fetish when you consider the fact that our strongest pheromones are carried within our pubic hair.

#118. Pygophilia

Like big butts and you cannot lie? Then you may be a Pygophiliac and have a deep sexual affinity for buttocks.

And no, they don’t have to be real, thick and juicy! These fetishists love all shapes and sizes of butts.

#119. Pyrophilia

Yes, it’s better to burn out, than fade away, but that’s Pyromania. However, those with a Pyrophilia fetish are sexually aroused by fire.

Now, there’s no need to burn anything down. Oh no, you can simply enjoy a nice bon fire on the beach or at a campground.


The Single Q Fetish

#120. The Quirofilia Fetish

This fetish is the only Q on our big list of fetishes, and one that sounds quite eloquent. Quirofilia is being aroused by hands, either as a whole or in part.

Additionally, these fetishes may be turned on by a beautiful manicure or seeing hands perform tasks such as washing dishes or masturbation.


R Fetish Stands Alone

#121. Rhabdophilia

Our single R fetish, Rhabdophilia, is the erotic need for receiving physical punishments such as flogging or whipping. Therefore, these fetishists are best left in the hands of an experience Master or Mistress.

Or, you can experiment at home with a plethora of lovely whips, crops, floggers and paddles.

S Fetishes

List of S Fetishes

#122. Salirophilia

The next fetish on our list is Salirophilia. This fetish encompasses deriving sexual pleasure from dirtying your object of affection.

For example, tearing their clothing, messing up their hair and makeup or covering them in mud, would send you into erotic Heaven.

#123. Savantophilia

I’m not judging, but this one makes me feel a bit icky. Savantophilia is fetish toward people who have a cognitive impairment or delay.

#124. Siderodromophilia

Siderodromophilia is a fetish for trains or engaging in sexual activity on a train. So, if you happen to live somewhere where train travel is available, preferably with sleeping compartments, you can easily scratch that kinky itch.

#125. Sitophilia, a Yummy Fetish

Sitophilia is a fetish that can be described by a sexual arousal involving food. And this can mean many things.

For instance, sex play with food or being turned on by using sex toys shaped like food items. However, be careful when using food around the vagina, as it can cause yeast infections.

#126. Somnophilia Fetish

Somnophilia is a fetish that means being erotically charged by someone who is sleeping or unconscious. Yes, this teeters on the brink of being dangerous and illegal.

Therefore, this one is best kept in a role-playing situation or with an understanding partner who gives consent.

#127.Sophophilia:  The High IQ Fetish

For the brainiancs reading this list of fetishes, you may have Sophophilia. Simply put, this fetish is the erotic attraction to learning.

#128. Oh, Casper! Spectrophilia

Our next fetish is called Spectrophilia and means being erotically charged by having sex with ghosts or spirits.

#129. Sthenolagnia

Sthenolangia is a type of sexual body worship. Specifically, it means being aroused by muscles and strength, as well as watching those buff lovers posing or wrestling.

#130. Stigmatophilia

This fetish involves a deep, sexual love for piercings and sometimes tattoos. Therefore, these fetishists are turned on by specific types of body modifications.

#131. Stygiophilia

Stygiophilia is an arousal by thoughts of hell and eternal damnation. So, this is yet another fetish, easily fulfilled by role playing.

You know, Catholic school girl and nasty nun or head master.

#132. Symphorphilia Fetish

Symphorphilia is a fetish where one is turned on by watching car accidents or other traumatic incidents. Unfortunately, this could lead to someone creating a dangerous situation for sexual fulfillment.

Therefore, it’s best to leave this fetish to videos, movies and role playing situations.


T Fetishes

#133. Taphephilia

This particular fetish is known to be one of many peoples’ biggest fears; being buried alive. So those with Taphephilia are aroused by the thought of being buried alive.

Again, this is an extremely risky activity and one best kept within the realm of role playing.

#134. Tantalolagnia

This fetish is simply delicious and something many of us may enjoy. To explain, Tantalolagnia is to enjoy teasing as sexual gratification.

#135. Technophilia

Do you have a strong attraction to technology, especially new tech such as personal computers, smart home features, mobile phones, and home cinema? And I mean a turn-on for such things.

If so, you may have a Technophilia fetish.

#136. Teleiophilia

Teleiophilia is the erotic preference for persons between the age of physical maturity and the onset of middle-age. Now, this can also teeter on the brink of being illegal.

Therefore, keep it to people who are the age of consent, up to those who are just reaching middle-age. Simply put, 18-40.

#137. Telephone Scatologia

Long before caller ID and smart phones, people used to call strangers just to breathe heavily into the phone. Most likely they were someone with Telephone Scatologia, or someone who gets off making obscene calls to strangers.

#138. Telephonicophilia Fetish

The fetish for phone sex and dirty talking over the phone is called Telephonicophilia. So, if you’ve never had phone sex (face time doesn’t count), you definitely don’t enjoy this fetish.

#139. The Tentacle Fetish

Simply put, the Tentacle Fetish is a fetish for tentacles. So, these people enjoy animated erotica or pornography featuring creatures with tentacles.

Plus, they may collect and derive sexual pleasure using tentacle dildos.

#140. Teratophilia and Frankenstein

The next subject on our list of fetishes, is the attraction to people with bodily deformities, namely monsters. This fetish is named Teratophilia, and could play out by watching the many monster films available to stream.

#141. Toxophilia

Toxophilia is an erotic fascination with archery or archers.

#142. Transvestic Fetishism

Transvestic Fetishism is a cis gendered male who receives intense, sexual pleasure by cross-dressing.

#143. Transvestophilia

Tranvestophilia is another word for the word above. Therefore, it’s just another way of explaining the erotic fixation of cis gendered men, who are sexually aroused by dressing as someone of the opposite gender.

#144. Trichophilia: A Hairy Fetish

Trichophilia is a sexual fetish involving the erotic attraction to hair. Further, this fetish can encompass hair on the head and body, as well as wigs.

#145. Triolism

The fetish named Triolism refers to the erotic fascination to threesomes. But this type of threesome is a bit different.

Triolism is desiring a threesome where two people are engaged in sex, while the third watches.

#146. Rub You the Right Way: Tripsolagnophilia

Next on our list of fetishes is Tripsolagnophilia, which can easily be described as someone who gets sexually aroused by massages. So, if your lover is into this fetish, maybe it’s time to learn how to give a sensual massage.


U Fetishes

#147. Underwear Fetish

An Underwear Fetish can make you a lot of money on the kinky webs! That’s because those with an Underwear Fetish fancy panties of all types as well as those that are used.

Plus, they will collect, fondle and even sniff the undies they collect.

#148. Urolagnia

Urolagnia is being sexually aroused by the thought or sight of urine and urination. So, these folks love participating in golden showers or indulging in porn that portrays this specific fetish.

#149. The Sweet and Kinky Ursusagalmatophilia Fetish

 This fetish takes cute and cuddly to a whole other level! That’s because Ursusagalmatophilia is being turned on by teddy bears or dressing up as a teddy.


List of Fetishes That Begin with the Letter V

#150. Vaccinophilia

This fetish plays into the category of medical fetishes, and involves being sexually aroused by vaccinations.

#151. Vicarphilia: Tell Me a Story!

This safe and unusual fetish is one where you live vicariously through the experiences of others. More specifically, Vicarphilia is being sexually aroused by the stories and sexual escapades of others.

#152. The Vincilagnia Fetish

Vincilagnia is a fetish for being tied up and at the mercy of another person. So, you will indulge in being tied down, teased and tortured.

#153. Eat Me: Vorarephilia

Vorarephilia is being aroused by the idea of a person or creature eating or being eaten by another; usually swallowed whole. And although this fetish can’t be acted out with role playing, I’m sure you could find some horror films that will fulfill your fetish.


The W Fetish

#154. The Wing Fetish

This particular fetish involves being aroused by wings, winged characters, or obtaining wings. Furthermore, these are usually angel or bird wings.


X Fetishes

#155. Xenophilia

Xenophilia is a sexual attraction to foreign and exotic people or objects, cultures and customs.

#156. Xylophilia

Xylophilia is a fetish for wood. It may also be described as an attraction to nature, either sexually or in general. So, if you feel lifted or sexually charged after spending time in nature, you may just have this fetish.


There Are No Y’s So Here Are the Z Fetishes

#157. Zelophilia

Since there are no Y fetishes, let’s hop over to Z, and Zelophilia. This fetish is arousal due to jealousy, either your own or someone’s jealousy over you.

Therefore, someone with this fetish may be a serial cheater or may enjoy cuckolding.

#158. Zoophilia

Zoophilia is a sexual attraction to animals. An although this sounds wrong in many ways, those with Zoophilia oftentimes play out their fantasies through role playing.

What Are Kinks?

Kinks are defined as sexual behaviors that stray from what is considered “the norm.” Now, that can vary a great deal from relationship to relationship.

After all, what is normal for my intimate relationship, may be considered kinky to you and vice versa. So, in essence, a kink is anything that strays beyond the label of vanilla sex.

In other words, if it’s not the go-to missionary, cowgirl-cowboy, doggy and nothing else, it will be defined as kink.

Therefore, some great examples of kinks would be trying anal sex and being tied down.

Types of Kinks

When it comes to different types of kinks, they sometimes fall under the umbrella of different types of fetishes. However, since kinks are anything outside the label of vanilla sex, there will be a great deal more kinks that may seem vanilla to some.

Some specific examples of kinks are:

  • Anal sex
  • Spanking
  • Eating food from your partner’s body
  • Using sex toys

What’s the Difference Between a Fetish and a Kink?

Let’s talk about the difference between fetishes and kinks, since we’ve already discussed fetishes. First, a fetish is a sexual fixation on inanimate objects and body parts.

So, in a nutshell a fetish is a physiological sexual attraction and fixation. Furthermore, a sexual fetish is something you develop, either through your own sexual interests or an experience.

For instance, I now have a fetish for thunderstorms after having an intense and positive experience having sex as a thunderstorm rolled in.

On the other hand, a kink is simply something your try out sexually, that’s outside of the norm for you. For instance, one night you decide to blindfold your partner and tickle them with a feather.

Then, you decide that it’s something you enjoy and thus, it becomes an occasional part of your sex life, going forward. However, if you become fixated and get horny each and every time you come in contact with feathers, you have developed a fetish.

Huge List of Kinks in Alphabetical Order

Now that we’ve answered the question, what are kinks, and described the difference between a fetish and a kink, let’s go down a huge list of the latter.

But keep in mind, the spectrum of things that are considered kinks is ever-expanding and can include just about anything!

So, on to the kink examples….

A Kinks

A Kinks

#159. A A Anal Sex

Why AA Anal sex? To be honest, I messed up my numbering and needed another kink to fit in alphabetically.

But anal sex is considered a kink. The reason for this is that it’s oftentimes considered taboo, especially in cig gendered, male-female couples.

Furthermore, anal sex, as a kink, goes for all genders taking it in the back door, and includes penetration with fingers, a penis, butt plugs, anal dildos, anal beads and prostate stimulators.

In the end, (hee, hee) if you are putting anything in your bottom, you are having anal sex, which is a great example of kink.

#160. Abduction as Seduction

Abduction as Seduction is a role-playing kink where the abductor/kidnapper treats the victim in a loving manner. And as a bonus, role playing itself is also considered a kink.

So, the next time you pretend to be the naughty school girl, just know that it’s role playing and another example of a kink.

#161. Abrasion

Abrasion is a BDSM kink where the subject enjoys rough, scratchy and abrasive surfaces like sandpaper, wool or skin exfoliants.

So, if feeling rough textures give you the goosebumps, in a good way, you may just be enjoying a new kink.

#162. Ooops, I Did It Again: Accidental Stimulation

Have you ever been doing something benign, like laundry, then realize each time you squat down, your jeans rub your genitals in a way that makes you tingle? If you answered yes, then you have experienced a kink called Accidental Stimulation.

This kink refers to accidental physical stimulation and situations that cause arousal.

#163. Yes, Mommy: Age Play

Age Play is a type of role play in which one or both partners pretend to be a different age. Types of age play include infantilism, Daddy/Daughter or Dom play, and diaper play, among others.

Furthermore, if Age Play develops into something that sexually arouses you, just thinking about it, then it’s developed into a fetish. Otherwise, Age Play can be a safe and fun role-playing kink.

#164. Anilingus

Anilingus is a kink where you sexually stimulate your partner’s anus with your mouth and tongue. Also, this particular kink is also called rimming or a rim job.

#165. Autofellatio

This kink brings to mind an old, dirty joke; Why does a dog lick himself? Because he can.

So, autofellatio is a kink where a man performs a blowjob on himself. And a big round of applause to you, if you can!

B Kinks

List of Kinks That Start with a B

#166. Beastiality

Beastiality is a kink where people have sex with animals. Unfortunately, this does happen and it is illegal in most places.

However, some can easily fulfill this kink with a bit of role playing, which is 100% legal and no animals will be harmed in acting out this unusual kink.

#167. Blindfolding

Blindfolding is a form of sensory deprivation which heightens all of the senses and makes for incredible sex. Also, it’s a form of kink!

So, find yourself a blindfold and get kinky with your partner tonight!

#168. Body Inflation

Body Inflation is the kinky practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one’s body, often for sexual gratification. Now, I’m not sure how to inflate my body, unless it’s having a big dinner of Taco Bell, but this is an actual kink.

#169. Tattoo You: Body Modification

Some folks practice the kink of Body Modification. This may mean anything that changes the appearance of a body from tattoos to piercings.

#170. Bondage

Bondage is a part of BDSM and considered a kink to those who practice tying one another up when having sex. In addition, bondage can include using cuffs or rope on just the wrists, using bed straps on wrists and ankles or trying other types of bondage like leg spreaders.

#171. Branding

Branding is a kink that includes marking someone with a symbol or word, typically using a heated object to produce the brand. However, branding is a dangerous kink that can cause serious injury and infection.

#172. Breath Play

Breath Play is a kink described as choking and limiting breath during sex. That’s because those who practice this kink claim that it heightens orgasm.

So, please remember that this kink is a dangerous one that can lead to injury, brain damage and even death. Therefore, if you want to try it out, it’s best to pretend during role-playing.

#173. Breeding Kink

Those who enjoy the Breeding Kink, are often into internal ejaculation, having cum (whether it’s semen, some sort of homemade cum recipe, or one of the many kinds of cum-like lube) inside of them, and dirty talk about pregnancy.


C Kinks

#174. Lock Me Up! Chastity Play Kinks

Chastity Play Kinks describe when someone blocks access their own, or their partner’s genitals for sexual pleasure, submission, dominance and teasing. Yes, this is commonly practiced in BDSM, as well as being a sexual fetish for some.

But if you’re simply playing with chastity to spice things up, it remains a kink. So, try a chastity cage or chastity belt on your partner for some kinky, erotic fun.

#175. Cock and Ball Torture

Cock and Ball Torture is a kink where someone derives sexual pleasure from testicle and penis torture. For instance, these activities can include whipping, chastity cages, electrostimulation devices and other cock and ball torture sex toys to cross the pleasure/pain threshold.

A Consensual Non-Consent Kink is a part of role playing, where a couple plays out situations that give the illusion of non-consent. For instance, breaking and entering fantasies, sex slave and master, as well as forced sexual contact are consensual, non-consensual kinks.

#177. Corsetry

Corsetry is the act of wearing a corset, sometimes to the extent of changing the shape and size of one’s body. In addition, this kink can also be arousing to the partner, who likes the appearance of a corset or other types of lingerie.

#178. Cross-Dressing

Cross-Dressing is a kink in which someone gets aroused by occasionally dressing like a member of the opposite gender. And although Cross-Dressing is a common fetish, adding it to some kinky role playing can definitely add a new dimension to an otherwise vanilla sex life.

#179. Cupping

With the kink of Cupping, small cups or jars are suctioned to the body, usually the back, using heat or a hand pump. So, this kink is another way of pushing the boundaries of the pleasure and pain thresholds.

#180. Cum Kink

A Cum Kink is when someone enjoys ejaculate, either real or fake, and a lot of it! In addition, they may enjoy watching someone ejaculate, like cumming on their partner, or even using fake cum as lube or to cover their partner’s body.

My article, “How to Make Fake Cum”, explores all the reasons someone may use fake cum, as well as the Cum Kink itself.


Kinks That Begin with D

#181. Degradation

Next on our list of kinks is Degradation. Basically, if you like when your partner talks down to you during sex, you might be into degradation.

Furthermore, this is one of those kinks that works especially well with domination and submission role playing.

#182. You’re a Bad Boy! Discipline Kink

Another kink that falls within the realm of BDSM is Discipline. Discipline is giving or receiving punishment for perceived infractions.

Furthermore, switching roles from dominant to submissive, while practicing Discipline, is an exciting way to experiment with a BDSM role-playing dynamic.

#183. Dirty Talk Kink

Some may believe that talking dirty during sex is somewhat tame. However, Dirty Talk can add some naughty fun to sex, especially if you or your partner are usually quiet in the bedroom.

#184.The Dominance Kink

A Dominance Kink is a part of BDSM and where one partner displays 100% dominance over the other. In turn, the submissive submits to everything their partner orders.

Well, that is, after consent is given and received, and a safe word is in place!

#185. Double Penetration

Another kinky sex act on our list of kinks is Double Penetration. This entails a vagina and rear being penetrated by a penis, strap-on dildo, butt plug or fingers at the same time.

#186. Drool Kink

A Drool Kink is when someone is turned on by the drool of their partner, usually when they are wearing a ball gag or performing fellatio on a penis.

#187. DVP Kink

DVP stands for double vaginal penetration and is a kink some people enjoy. Unlike double penetration, DVP involves two penises in the vagina simultaneously or a penis and a dildo or vibrator.

Furthermore, the DVP Kink can be pleasurable for the vagina-owner, the penis-owner or both.

E Kinks

E Kinks

#188. Edge Play

Edge Play encompasses any kink that is considered more risky or extreme. Examples of this kink include breath play, knife play, fire play, and any activity that entails risk of physical danger or harm.

Therefore, it’s crucial that any of these kinks be approached with extreme caution or simulated during role playing.

#189. Shocking Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation Kinks involve using the power of electricity or batteries to receive an electric shock, for kinky, sexy fun.

Plus, there are all sorts of electrostimulation sex toys available like TENS units, electro wands and even cock cages to bring a literal spark to your sex life.

#190. Enemas

Yes, Enemas are a kink for some folks, as well as being a fetish. This kink involves flushing someone’s rectum and bowels with warm water, or an over-the-counter enema solution.

However, just know that enemas can cause stomach cramps and will keep you in the bathroom for a good while.

#191. Erotic Asphyxiation

This dangerous kink is a part of the breath play kink. This involves limiting the supply of oxygen to the brain during sex in order to heighten arousal and intensify orgasms.

Again, this is a kink that can cause injury, permanent disability and even death. Therefore, it’s not something to be taken lightly.

#192. Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is a common kink for being naked and having sex in front of others. Examples of this kink include masturbating for your partner, having sex in front of a window, or having sex in front of a group at a sex party or swingers club.

F Kinks

List of Kinks That Start with F

#193. Face Fucking

Face Fucking is a blow job related kink where the partner with a penis or strap-on holds their partner’s head and thrusts into their mouth. Additionally, the face can be fucked in the missionary sex position.

#194. Best Seat in the House: Face Sitting

Face Sitting or Queening is the act of a person with a vulva sitting on their partner’s face to receive oral sex. And although this may not seem like a kink to some, to others it’s a pretty outrageous and exciting kink.

#195. Face Slapping

Face Slapping is another BDSM kink for those who want to practice dominance, punishment, and experiment with the pleasure and pain threshold. In addition, Face Slapping can be a part of the Discipline Kink.

#196. Figging

 Figging is using ginger root in the anus or vagina to create a burning sensation. It must be peeled and properly shaped before sliding it into any orifice, especially the anus.

#197. Fingering

Fingering can be considered a kink and it the act of using the fingers to sexually stimulate someone’s vagina. Plus, fingering can be used as a complete sex act that ends in full-blown orgasm and even squirting.

Learning how to finger a vagina is not only an exciting kink, but something that can add a new erotic layer to your bedroom activities.

#198. Fisting Kink

This kink may have you squeezing your knees together, if you happen to have a vagina. It’s the Fisting Kink and as it sounds, your partner places their entire hand, wrist deep, into your happy place.

And while it takes precise steps and a TON of lube, believe it or not, the va-jay-j will snap back into shape.

#199. Flogging

The next kink on our list of kinks and fetishes is called Flogging. And it is described as hitting, or flogging, someone with a multi-tailed tool known as a flogger.

And while this kink is common in BDSM scenarios, it’s perfectly acceptable to try out a little pleasure-pain play to fire up your bedroom activities.

#200. Food Play

Food Play is probably one of the most common and accepted kinks. What it means is basically incorporating food into sex.

However, just be careful of the foods you use and where, as foods in the vagina can cause massive yeast infections.

#201. Foot Play

Another well-known kink is called Foot Play. Now, ordinarily, folks have a foot fetish when practicing this kink which encompasses caressing, massaging and even having intercourse with someone’s feet.

However, some folks may just be fond of feet and enjoy these activities occasionally.

#202. Frotting

This kink, known as Frotting, is the act of rubbing of two penises together. And while this can be a common activity in dual-penis relationships, it’s more of a kink when shared in group sex play.

#203. Furries

People who dress as furry animals and have sexual encounters are known as Furries. Now, this is well-known fetish, however, some folks will try out this kink, on occasion just to keep things fresh and exciting.


G Kinks

#204. Gags

Using Gags is a form of BDSM and a kink to fulfill all sorts of sexual and non-sexual fantasies. For instance, gags work for dominant-submissive play, drool kink and other types of bondage.

Best yet, gags come in all shapes and sizes from beginner ball gags and bits to penis-shaped gags and open gags.

#205. Golden Showers

Ah yes, the Golden Showers kink where some enjoy being peed on or get off on peeing on others.

H Kinks

Kinks That Start with H

#206. Hair Pulling Kink

A Hair Pulling kink is often practiced during sex, in the heat of the moment. And yes, even vanilla couples may use this one.

Furthermore, Hair Pulling can be used in role-playing and BDSM play to keep the submissive in line.

#207. Humiliation

Humiliation is a kinky tool using during role playing and BDSM. For instance, one may use verbal humiliation or force their submissive to do acts of humiliation, such as being human furniture, crawling on all fours or being treated like a dog.

And contrary to what you may believe, humiliation can be a way of someone who is always in charge of business, people and decision-making, to relinquish all responsibilities and allow someone else to be in charge.

#208. Hypoxia

Hypoxia is a type of erotic asphyxiation and describes when you are restricted of oxygen. So, this falls under the kink umbrella of Breath Play.

But again, this is extremely dangerous and can cause injury and death.

I Kinks

I Kinks

#209. Immobility

Immobility is a kink involving bondage and the inability of the submissive partner to move. Therefore, this kink can be an exciting part of role-playing or hard core BDSM.

#210. Spank Me! The Impact Play Kink

Impact Play is a kink that encompasses any activity which involves hitting, spanking, paddling or flogging. In addition, this Impact Play can be done with the hands or other body parts as well as paddles, floggers, whips and other BDSM punishment toys.

#211. Locked Up for Pleasure: Imprisonment

Imprisonment is a kink that involves being locked inside cages, confined spaces like closets, and even special made coffins.

#212. Oh, Baby! The Infantilism Kink

Infantilism is a kink and a specific type of age play where someone reverts to being a helpless baby. In turn, the Mom, Dad (often a Dom or Mistress) takes full care of them, including feeding, dressing and diapering.

#213. Internal Cumshots

Internal Cumshots is a kink similar to a cum kink. However, the person is aroused by having someone ejaculate inside them – either their vagina or rear.

#214. Interrogation Play

Interrogation Play is a form of role-playing or BDSM. What it entails is a submissive person is being held against their will and interrogated by the dominant.

Further, the scene surrounding the interrogation can be created to fulfill either of the player’s fantasies. Most importantly, all of this is done under the full consent of both parties.

# 215. Intercrural or Interfemoral Sex

Intercrural – Interfemoral Sex is described as thrusting between someone’s thighs without penetration. Therefore, this sexual kink is a bit less risqué and easy to fulfill.

J Kinks

Kinks That Start with a J

#216. Japanese Bondage

Japanese Bondage, also known as Shibari, translates to “decoratively tie”, and is a bondage kink many people enjoy. In addition, it is performed with rope and requires intricate lacing and knotting techniques.

#217. Jerk Off Instructions

This kink is fun, and is basically being told, step-by-step, how to masturbate. Plus, it’s a wonderful and easy way to role play dominance with your partner.


K Kinks

#218. Kigurumi

This kink entails wearing anime masks (Partial Kigurumi), or complete anime character costumes (Complete Kigurumi), for sexual pleasure while role playing. This kink, I totally get.

“Bankai!” If you know, you know!

#219. Knife Play

Knife Play is a type of Edge Play where knives, blades or the idea of those are used in role playing and sexual situations. Yes, using real knives is dangerous.

So, it’s best to stick to props!


The One and Only L Kink

#220. Leather Subculture

The only L on our list of kinks is Leather Subculture. This is a kink described as styles of clothing, made from leather, and worn in sexual situations including BDSM and role playing.

M Kinks

M Kinks

#221. Masochism: The M in BDSM

This kink is the enjoyment of pain, punishment, and torture either in role playing or BDSM play.

#222. Doctor, Doctor! Medical Play Kink

The Medical Play kink is role play involving medical scenarios, medical implements and/or medical uniforms. I mean, who hasn’t had the naughty nurse fantasy?

#223. Mummification

Mummification is a kink where someone is bound entirely, from neck to toe, to prevent almost all movement. Additionally, it can be accomplished using plastic wrap, rope or strips of fabric.

#224. Muscle Worship

Muscle Worship is a kink where someone is fascinated with muscles to the point of arousal.


N Kinks

#225. Nasolingus 

Nasolingus in a little-known kink which involves erotically sucking on someone’s nose, while enjoying any of the contents.

#226. Needle Play 

This kink can be considered a part of Edge Play or Medical Play. To explain, it involves playing with needles in different ways, including piercing or scratching the skin.

#227. Nipple Play

This common kink involves sex play focused on the nipples – an extremely erogenous zone that can result in nipplegasm in some. Nipple Play can include manual manipulation, using fingers or various nipple toys like nipple clamps and nipple suckers.

#228. Nylons Kink

This common kink involves the wearing of nylon stockings for sexual arousal, or even tying a person up using these items. However, I don’t believe stockings are made from nylon any longer, but you get the jest.


O Kinks

#229. Eye to Eye: Oculolinctus

Oculolinctus is a sexual desire to lick eyeballs. And when this desire is put into action, it’s an eye-opening kink.

#230. Odaxelagnia

Odaxelangia is a kink where someone likes to bite or be bitten. And while it may or may not involve blood, it can become a part of role playing or BDSM play.

#231. Omorashi

Omorashi means “to wet oneself” in Japanese. As a kink, it refers to being aroused by the feeling of a full bladder and wetting yourself, or urinating in public.

Kinks that start with P

Sexual Kinks That Begin with P

#232. Pedal Pumping

This interesting kink combines role play and a foot fetish for dynamic, sex play. First, the damsel in distress is having car trouble and along comes her knight in shining armor to save the day.

Next, she gets behind the wheel, foot on the gas pedal, and pumps, while trying to start the car. Wow, this is definitely a specific and complicated scene to play just for a foot fetish.

But to each his/her/their own!

#233. Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie: Penis Humiliation

Penis Humiliation is a kink which involves insulting a man’s penis. For example, insulting its size, appearance, and performance.

Furthermore, this is a likely kink used in a dominant and submissive role.

#234. Sit, Doggy! Pet Play

Pet Play is a kink that encompasses a variety of role playing as an animal, usually a cat or dog. During this type of role playing, the submissive partner assumes the role of the pet, using a collar and leash, eating and drinking from pet bowls and obeying commands given by the dominant partner.

#235. Picquerism

This type of kink utilizes play piercing, which is performed for temporary decoration, as well as for the sensation of breaking the skin.

#236. Giddy up! Pony Play

Under the umbrella of the kinky pet play, is Pony Play. And in this scenario, the submissive plays the role of a pony or horse.

In addition, the pony may be ridden, and even disciplined with a riding crop.

#237. Porn

You may be surprised to learn that porn, either movies or photos, is considered a kink. That’s because the most vanilla lovers usually won’t cross that threshold.

In addition to watching, reading and looking at porn, some couples may opt for recording videos of their own. But fair warning, never upload any private videos to the internet!

#238. Good Girl: Praise Kink

Praise Kink is the opposite of humiliation kink. To elaborate, people who are into praise kink, are aroused by sexual praise.

For instance, being told you’re fantastic in bed, are a good girl/boy, or being praised as if a child, are all a part of this positive, role-playing kink.

#239. Brrrr, Psychrocism

 Psychrocism is an interesting kink dedicated to being cold, having sex with a cold partner, or using cold objects, such as ice dildos, ice cubes or refrigerated, steel sex toys.

#240. Public Sex

Public Sex is a kink related to exhibitionism, where couples enjoy the thrill of public sex along with the excitement of possibly getting caught. But if you try this one, start small, in your own back yard.

#241. Pussy Worship

All hail the vulva with this kink! Pussy Worship involves such things as gazing, vulva massage, oral sex and other activities that put the pussy front and center.

In addition, the pussy worshipper may verbally compliment their object of desire over its beauty, taste and aroma.


No Q Kinks So Here Are the R Kinks

#242. Rape Fantasy

There are no Q kinks, so next on our list of kinks is Rape Fantasy. To explain, this a kink for acting out a pretend rape (consensual non-consent) through role playing.

Most importantly, this type of fantasy is about consent and trust, and has little to do with the crime of rape. Instead, it fulfilling the dominant and submissive side of non-consensual sex, with consent.

#243. Revving

This kink is similar to Pedal Pushing, but includes the arousal some receive with the revving of a car engine.

#244. Robotism Kink

Robotism is a kink for robots, cyborgs, or androids, and is something often played out during sexual role play. Or, for those willing to invest some hard-earned cash, a robot sex doll will fill that kinky desire.

#245. Role Playing

I’ve mentioned role playing so much, you may not even realize that it, in and of itself, is considered a kink. And as you’ve already read, role playing covers a large and diverse quantity of kinks.

Plus, role playing is as easy as pretending to be whomever you choose, slipping into that role and having a hot time doing it!

 #246. Rimming

Rimming is a kink that means using your tongue and mouth to orally pleasure someone’s bum. And it can be just as exciting to be on the receiving end of a rim job!


Kinks That Start with an S

#247. Sadism

Sadism is the other S in BDSM, and means receiving sexual gratification by inflicting pain on another. And again, you don’t have to be into BDSM to try a little pain infliction, especially if it’s something your partner desires.

#248. Scene Play

Another aspect of the role-playing kink is Scene Play. In this creative kink, you preplan a story with roles, and act it out with your partner.

Plus, during Scene Play, you can add all sorts of kinks and fetishes to round out your sexy performances!

#249. Sensation Play

 Sensation Play is a softcore kink where you experiment with different sensations on the skin, body and genitals. For instance, you can play with feathers or hot wax, try a lube that tingles, or pop your dildo in the freezer for some cold sex play.

#250. Sensory Deprivation

This kink covers any play that prevents someone from using one of their five senses. For instance, you can use a blindfold to take away sight and heighten the touch receptors.

#251. Slime Kink

This messy kink involves all things slimy, like tons of lube, slime or even edible foods with a slimy consistency.

#252. Sounding

This is an extreme kink which entails inserting thin tubes and rods into the urethra. So, what does sounding feel like?

Sounding is a kink activity that blurs the pleasure and pain threshold and can be a part of BDSM or fantasy play. In addition, safe sounding toys and even kits are available at the best sex toy retailers.

#253. Spanking

Spanking is a common kink that many couples have tried, and some continue to enjoy. Further, spanking is done using a hand or paddle, and is also commonplace in BDSM and age play scenarios.

#254. Sploshing

Sploshing is another messy kink. It means being turned on by being pelted by wet, squishy, messy foods.

#255. Stuffing Kink

Next on the list of kinks and fetishes is a food-related kink known as Stuffing. What that means is eating until the point of physical pain.

In addition, those with a Feederism fetish get off on watching someone gorge themselves on food.

#256. Yes, Mistress! Submission Kink

Submission, or the other meaning for the S in BDSM, is the act of submitting to your partner’s sexual wishes and commands. In addition, submission can be used in role-playing and age play with no sex involved whatsoever.

#257. Suspension

Suspension is a bondage kink where a person is suspended, in the air, while being tied up or bound.

T Kinks

T Kinks

#258. Tamakeri

 Tamakeri is a kink where one enjoys painful, physical abuse of their testicles. Additionally, they may receive pleasure by watching porn that depicts the kink.

#259. Teasing

Teasing is a kink where someone is brought to the edge of orgasm, by sexual teasing, and never allowed to have an orgasm. Further, this particular kink is often used in a dominant/submissive situation as punishment.

Best yet, you can find remote control sex toys to allow you to experiment with this particular activity. Only, I wouldn’t recommend not letting your partner reach orgasm.

#260. Temperature Play

Temperature Play is a kink where the genitals and naked body are exposed to extreme temperatures by way of ice, wax, hot stones and sex toys that have been stored in the freezer.

However, be careful that cold things don’t stick to the skin or hot things are too hot and leave burns.

#261. Tentacle Kink

Tentacle kink is a fantasy-type kink where people enjoy using tentacle and fantasy-type sex toys. Additionally, they may get off by watching tentacle porn.

#262. Thesauromania

This one is a kink for collecting women’s clothing. The collector may focus on specific items or categories such as underwear, shoes or lingerie.

#263. Tickling

Tickling is a kink where someone derives sexual arousal from tickling someone relentlessly, or being tickled, nearly to the point of wetting themselves. In addition, Tickling can be used as a means of torture, especially when used with bondage.

#264. Titty Sex

Titty Sex is a kink where someone with a penis, inserts it between their partner’s breasts and thrusts until they orgasm. But if titty sex isn’t your thing, or you don’t have a partner with breasts, there are beautiful breast masturbators to help satisfy your kink 24-7.

#265. Transformation Kink

This kink involves transforming into other people, or even non-human creatures. It is common in hentai and some written erotica.


U Kink

#266. Uniform Kink

Many women love a man in uniform, but not every couple incorporates this into their sex lives. However, those who do just might have a uniform fetish.

So, if you’re into firefighters, nurses or military officers, check your online sex toy retailers for kinky uniforms to help your fantasies come to life.

#267. Urtication

This nature-specific kink is the act of using the nettle plant to sting a partner’s skin, either through rubbing, smacking or flogging.


The Single V Kink

#268. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is a well-known kink for watching someone else, while naked or engaged in sexual activity. So, those who enjoy porn are also enjoying a form of voyeurism.


W Kinks

#269. Wax Play

Wax Play is a kink using hot wax during sex. Also, wax play is a form of temperature play where people enjoy drips of hot wax, all over the body, including the genitals.

#270. Wet and Messy Kink

This kink encompasses being turned on by being soiled by things other than bodily fluids, like food, mud or other messy things. And as much fun as this may sound to some, be sure and play outside, in the shower or after laying down a tarp.

#271. Whips

Whips are a part of impact play, yet a kink in and of themselves. And whips don’t necessarily have to cause pain.

On the contrary, using whips lightly can be a huge turn-on during role playing. But if you are into pushing the pleasure/pain threshold, whips can fulfill that desire, for sure.

Y Kinks

No X, So Let’s Talk About Y Kinks

#272. Yeastiality

This unique kink is described as sexual activity involving bread, especially warm dough. Now, I’m not sure I would actually bake said bread, after the dough was “used”.

However, if that is your kink, who am I to yuck your yum?!

#273. Yiffing

The last Y on our list of kinks and fetishes is Yiffing. So, what is Yiffing, you may ask?

Well, Yiffing is the other half of being a furry. In other words, if you’re into the Yiffy kink, you enjoy sex with furries and/or stuffed animals.

Kinks that start with the letter Z

Z Kinks

#274. Zentai

The Zentai kink involves wearing skin tight suits, which cover the entire body and face, then rubbing against others dressed the same.

And while this erotic kink doesn’t involve the direct touching of genitals, it can be a unique, stimulating way of enjoying safe and kinky contact.

#275. Zoo Kink

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of kinks and fetishes is Zoo Kink. Now, always remember that actual sex with animals is illegal.

Therefore, most people fulfill this kinky activity by enjoying costume play and utilizing plush sex toys and dolls.

Devour Our List of Kinks and Fetishes and Expand Your Sexual Horizons

Our huge list of fetishes and kinks only scratches the surface, when it comes to unique and unusual sexual desires. As a matter of fact, as long as the human brain has an imagination, people will always find new ways to satisfy their sexual desires, no matter how wild or bizarre they may seem to some.

So, if you’re ready to expand your sexual horizons, turn the things that make you tingle into role-playing and safe, but kinky, intimate acts with a trusted partner. Because there’s no other pleasure like sharing your wildest fantasies with the one you love.

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