The Tremor Alternatives: 7 More Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Sex Machines

Interested in a ride-on sex machine but don’t want to break the bank? The Tremor is a growing brand in the sex machine world, but you might be wondering if it lives up to the hype.

Here’s our breakdown of what the Tremor has to offer, as well as 7 expertly-selected alternatives for you to compare.

What is The Tremor?

The Tremor is a saddle-style sex machine with a pretty unique rock ‘n’ roll theme!

It has a white, plastic A-frame body, which you place a silicone mat and attachment on top of and get riding! Once you’re in position, you can use the wired remote to control both the vibrations and rotations, aptly named the ‘rock’ and ‘roll’ functions.

The Tremor has two motors that control its two functions. The ‘Rock’ motor can produce vibrations of up to 7000 RPM, and the ‘Roll’ motor delivers rotations of up to 160 RPM! Plus, it only weights 13.5 lbs, making it one of the lightest ride-on sex machines around.

There are 9 silicone attachments available from the Tremor store. Though, when you buy the Tremor machine you’ll get two attachments alongside it. They’ve made both insertable and non-insertable attachments, so you can ride or grind however you prefer.

As an added bonus, the Tremor is also compatible with attachments from the Motorbunny and the Sybian sex machines! But, more on that later…

The Tremor vs The Rockabilly Tremor

When you look at the Tremor website, you’ll see there are two Tremor packages to choose from: the Tremor package and the Rockabilly Tremor package.

At first, they might seem like they have different functions. In reality, however, they are just the same machines but with different attachments.

Both come with the ‘Bridge’ attachment, which is a silicone bump attachment that can be used to grind against. It’s designed to be used with the Tremor’s vibrations to give you some incredible clitoral or perineal stimulation.

The original Tremor package also comes with the ‘Whammy Bar’ attachment — an insertable silicone dildo attachment with a bulbous tip and more bumps on the base for extra clit stimulation. It takes advantage of both the vibrations and the rotations of the Tremor.

The Rockabilly Tremor package instead comes with, you guessed it, the ‘Rockabilly’ attachment. It’s designed especially for amazing g-spot stimulation, and has a dense knob at the top of the dildo as well as a bump halfway up the shaft that roll around inside you with the rotations of the machine. At the base is a clit-stimulating bump that you can grind on as you ride.

How Much Does The Tremor Cost?

No matter which package you choose, the Tremor sex machine will set you back $849.

While that might seem a little steep when you look at other sex toys, even advanced, high-tech ones, it’s one of the most affordable sex machines of its kind. Additionally, they’re currently offering a tax return sale price right now that gives you an extra $100 off the price!

When you order the Tremor from their website, you’ll get it shipped to you discreetly, and shipping is free within the continental US.

The Tremor is only available from their website,, and not on any other online sex toy stores.

7 Alternatives to The Tremor Sex Machine

As you’ve just seen, there’s a lot of stuff to love about the Tremor. However, it’s not the only sex saddle on the market, and there are some others you might have heard of that can offer you even more!

Here are some of our expert Tremor alternative picks. We’ve compared them on power, functions, accessories, construction, and, most importantly, price.

The Motorbunny

PowerVibrations: max. 7000 RPM
Rotations: max. 160 RPM
Noise Levelmax. 74 dB
Included attachments4
Weight17.4 lbs
PriceStarting at $899

The Motorbunny is the Tremor’s main competitor and alternative, and some tough competition it is!

This ultra-powerful sex machine has very similar stats to the Tremor, and the packages also start at a very similar price point. The Motorbunny is the go-to sex machine for many who want a solid ride-on sex machine without paying the big bucks.

The body of the Motorbunny is a more rounded, half-barrel shape, covered with faux leather. It has a wired remote control, like the Tremor, that control its vibrations and rotations, as well as Bluetooth and Wifi compatibility! Just download the Motorbunny Link app and you can control it all with your phone, from anywhere in the world.

The basic Motorbunny starter kit comes with 4 TPE attachments. However, they also have a huge range of other attachments to choose from — 18 to be exact! These include both TPE and silicone options.

And, that’s not all! If you’re hungry for more than just vibrations and rotations, then take a look at the Motorbunny Buck! This version of the Motorbunny also has a thrusting motion for super realistic sensations while you’re riding. It costs a significant amount more than the original, but has raving reviews!

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing any machine from the Motorbunny range, then make sure to use our coupon code BEDBIBLE to get $40 off!

The Cowgirl

PowerVibrations: max. 1200 RPM
Rotations: variable speeds
Noise Levelmax. 108 dB
Included attachments2 silicone attachments
Weight24.5 lbs

The Cowgirl is a sex machine for those who love luxury. The main body is a sleek black saddle made with padded faux leather, and is actually handcrafted! The top is ergonomically angled for riding, and the base features a non-slip silicone base.

Just like the Tremor and its Motorbunny alternative, the Cowgirl offers both vibration and rotation functions. While the power level might not seem as high, the lower frequency vibrations of the Cowgirl are very rumbly. These rumbly vibrations penetrate deeper into the tissue, and many people prefer them over high-frequency ‘buzzy’ vibrations.

The Cowgirl comes with both a wired remote and Bluetooth-powered app controls as standard. It can also be used with the FeelConnect app, which is also used by other high-tech sex toy makers, like Kiiroo. It has long-distance control and video call functionalities, as well as the ability to sync the Cowgirl to sounds and music!

If you don’t like the all-black aesthetic, then there’s also the Unicorn sex machine. It has all the same features as the Cowgirl, but with a truly mythical color scheme! Plus, it even has a clip-on rainbow tail.

Together, there are 11 silicone attachments available for the Cowgirl and Unicorn. These range from smooth grinding pads to double penetration attachments with two dildos in one! They also offer bundles that include lube and toy cleaner, and some even have butt plugs to enjoy alongside!

The Sybian

PowerVibrations: max. 6000 RPM
Rotations: max. 150 RPM
Noise Level22 dB
Included attachments3 TPE attachments OR 2 silicone attachments
Weight18.56 lbs

The Sybian is a classic and is probably the best-known ride-on sex machine out there. It was invented in 1987 and was the first to come up with the half-barrel shape, as well as the vibration and rotation functions.

It’s a pretty powerful machine! As an alternative to the Tremor, it isn’t quite able to reach the same speeds, but it’s close. It’s also fairly quiet, which is a bonus compared to, say, the Cowgirl.

However, being an innovator also comes with a downside: others will come along and improve on your product. While the Sybian continues to be a bestseller, the truth is that it doesn’t quite match up to its competitors in many aspects. Compared to the Tremor, it’s heavier, not as powerful, and much more expensive.

The Cloud9 F-Slider

PowerManually powered
Noise LevelQuiet
Included attachments1 dildo + Vac-U-Lock attachment & universal dildo holder
Weight41 lbs

Now, for something a little different! This isn’t actually a sex machine, but a dildo rocker — a chair that you can sit on and manually glide back and forth for an effortlessly satisfying ride.

You can stick with the included dildo, or use the Vac-U-Lock attachment or universal dildo holder to attach your own favorite dildo or vibrator. Plus, it’s easy to adjust how deep you want to go by raising or lowering the level of the dildo.

While the F-Slider is actually more expensive than the Tremor, it’s an ideal alternative for someone who wants a more realistic-feeling experience. It doesn’t vibrate or rotate but instead relies on your movements to dictate the speed and depth of penetration.

The Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

Another manually-powered Tremor alternative is the Bonbon toy mount by Liberator, the masters of sex furniture!

Imagine a velvety-soft pillow, with a firm-yet-comfortable foam core that is perfect for riding and grinding. Then, add a slim and secure pocket on the top that can hold a whole range of dildos, vibrators or even anal beads! It’s even designed to accommodate toys with and without a flared base (like a suction cup).

The Bonbon is ideal for riding alone, or it can also support two people if you prefer to play with a partner. You can also use it without a toy as a sex wedge pillow to assist with all kinds of sex positions. Plus, it has a removable, water-resistant cover that is machine-washable, making it easy to clean and care for.

If you’re looking for a more budget option, the Bonbon is much more affordable than other alternatives on this list. It’s also very versatile and may be a lot less intimidating for someone new to ride-on sex toys.

The Vibepad

Finally, we have the Vibepad. This slightly strange-looking sex toy is the perfect match for those who love to grind!

If you’re drawn to the non-penetrative attachments for the Tremor, Motorbunny, or another sex machine, then you’ll love the Vibepad. It’s a smooth, silicone vibrating pad that features two bumps for you to bump and grind against to your heart’s content.

The powerful vibrations can be controlled using the accompanying remote control. Each bump also has its own independent motor, so you can choose between 7 vibration modes for each!

Whether you prefer to ride on your knees, sat down, or in any other position, the Vibepad is versatile enough to keep you satisfied. It’s great for clitoral stimulation, or if want to show your perineum, anus or even testicles some love!

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