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15 Sex Swing Positions for Weightless Orgasms

Try these 15 sex swing positions for fantastic oral and weightless penetration.

The following 15 sex swing positions are perfect for swinging newbies and can be customized and easily switched up for weightless, thrilling orgasms. Plus, these swinging positions are just right for those who ordinarily can’t handle these positions due to physical challenges.

So, hang that sex swing, get naked and start swinging!

Sex Swing Positions Summary

  • Sex swings are the perfect erotic tool to spice up your sex life. They allow for weightless sex positions as well as positions you may not be strong enough to pull off. Plus, they are handy tools for people with certain physical limitations and disabilities.
  • There are several types of sex swings including single and dual hook, sex slings and BDSM swing, just to name a few.
  • Safety should always come first when trying sex swing positions. Therefore, be sure your swing is mounted properly, you don’t leave your partner alone and you assist your partner when changing positions.
  • Introducing 15 sex swing positions that work for beginners to pros and are just right for oral and penetrative sex.

Quick Links to Sex Swing Positions

Oral Sex Swing Positions

Oral sex swing positions are just as much fun as penetrating positions! That’s because there is less stress on the body, and the swinging motion facilitates movement, putting less stress on the neck.

On top of that, oral sex swing positions are exciting and different, adding spice your bedroom routine that might be missing. However, be careful of using too much movement and giving your partner more depth than they can handle.

The Picnic Oral Sex Position

Picnic sex swing position

This sex swing position uses only the stirrup pieces of the sex swing. Unfortunately, if you have a single or dual hook swing that doesn’t feature separate parts, you can’t do this one.

Now, to use this oral sex swing position, have one partner lie down under the swing with their head on a pillow. Then, the receiving partner places the stirrups around their thighs, holding onto the upper straps for balance.

Or, if you have separate handles, these can be clipped to the same mount as the stirrups and used for balance.

Finally, the receiving partner lowers themselves over the giver’s face and can move up and down, forward and back to add to the stimulation.

Oral Sex Swing Position: The Sworal

Sworal position

This sex swing position allows for both partners to be fully supported while enjoying the fluid movement of the swing. First, the receiver wraps the swing back rest around their upper back, holding on to the straps for balance.

Then, they recline backward with their feet planted on the floor. Next, the giver uses the seat by leaning forward, allowing it to support their upper body, while giving the partner oral stimulation.

This position takes only a few minor adjustments in the height of the back and seat portions of the sex swing.

Dinner for Two

Dinner for two position

This thrilling position makes for the best oral sex ever, allowing both partners pleasure and more body contact. Plus, you can take turns being the suspended partner!

First, adjust the swing’s backrest so it aligns with your partner’s genitals. Next, lie down flat in the swing using the seat under your rear and the backrest under your upper back.

Also, you can use the stirrups to hold your legs up and allow for easier spread-eagle positioning. Or you can pass on the stirrups, and put your feet on the floor instead.

Now, tip your head backward until you can comfortably take your partner’s penis into your mouth. Then, the partner leans forward, reaching your genitals, and balancing themselves on top of you and the swing.

The Flying Flicker

The Flying Flicker

The Flying Flicker is a fun oral sex swing position! First, the receiving partner lays back in the swing, using both the seat and backrest, as well as the stirrups for support.

Next, the giving partner gets into a comfortable position on the floor – either sitting or kneeling – and commences the oral delights. This position allows for free leg movement as well as the swinging motion for new and exciting oral thrills.

PS: Don’t forget to use some fingering action too!

Penetrating Sex Swing Positions

Penetrating sex swing positions allow for weightless sex, fluid movement and enjoying penetration in ways you can’t perform as easily on a solid surface. Plus, they allow older folks and those with mobility and strength issues to get it on like a porn star!

The Swinging Reverse Cowgirl

Swinging reverse cowgirl

For this sex swing position, you’ll need to adjust the swing parts down to where the reclining partner can reach the floor comfortably with their feet. Additionally, the riding partner must also be able to reach the floor with their feet.

Once your swing is adjusted, the partner with the penis (or strap-on) lies back on the swing, utilizing both the seat and back supports, and their feet planted on the floor. Then, the receiving partner straddles the other, with their feet on the floor and holding onto the straps of the swing seat. Finally, both partners can enjoy the stability and movement of the swing for penetration thrills that feel different than anything you can experience on a solid surface.

The Weightless Wheelbarrow

The weightless wheelbarrow sex swing position

The Weightless Wheelbarrow is one of those positions you see and say, “Oh, hell no!” And that’s completely understandable, as the giver and the receiver must have some mega, upper-body strength.

However, when performing this position in a sex swing, it supports the receiver in a way that the swing handles the majority of the weight. In turn, all you need to do is maintain balance and thrust!

So, to execute this position, you’ll need to adjust the backrest so it is a bit lower than the sex swing seat. Then, wrap the backrest around your chest, the seat around your pelvis, and balance yourself with your hands on the floor.

Next, the penetrating partner holds your legs on either side of their body, and swings you forward and back for thrilling and weightless sex.

The Side-to-Side

Side-to-Side position

The Side-to-Side position is perfect for inducing those deep, full-body, cervical and g-spot orgasms. Unfortunately, on solid ground, this position takes upper body strength on the part of the penetrating partner, as well as being tough on the knees.

In addition, this position can be painful on the receiver’s back. That’s why this makes a perfect position for a sex swing!

Now, to pull off the side-to-side position, raise the swing seat so that your genitals are level with the penetrating partner’s genitals while they are in a standing position. Next, lie back, using both the seat and the back rest.

Then, the penetrating partner raises your legs all the way up, together and onto their shoulder. In addition, they can switch shoulders or open your legs as they hold on to the swing and move you forward and back.

Flying Missionary Sex Swing Position

Flying Missionary

Craving that all-encompassing skin-to-skin contact? Well, the Flying Missionary position allows for all the weightlessness of a sex swing with the warm and delicious feel of missionary sex.

First, adjust the swing to the height of your partner’s genitals while they are standing, or on their knees. Then, lie back, using the backrest, seat and the stirrups, if you choose.

Next, your partner enters you, leaning all the way down and wrapping their arms around your body. What this does is allows for that full body contact, without the stress the missionary position can put on both bodies.

Plus, the penetrating partner can easily stand upright, grab hold of the swing seat and slide you up and down their penis.

The Bangle Position

The bangle sex swing position

Love the feeling of riding him but your knees just can’t handle it anymore? Using a sex swing and the Bangle position is weightless perfection!

The first step is to have the penetrating partner lie down under the swing. Then, lower the seat to where it’s just above your partner’s genitals.

Next, sit on the swing seat and scoot back, allowing your bottom and vulva to dangle above your partner. Be sure and hang on to the straps for balances!

Finally, the penetrating partner thrusts upward, holding onto the sides of the swing, to keep you in place; banging you as you dangle. (Get it, bang + dangle = bangle)

Plus, your partner can swing you forward and back, gently, for a sensual, new sensation!

The Wrap Round

The wrap round

There is nothing hotter than seeing a person standing up and banging their partner, while they have their legs wrapped around them! But not all of us have the upper body or leg strength to pull it off.

Enter, the sex swing! Now nearly anyone can pull off this sexy, passionate move!

Step one is to adjust the backrest of the swing so that it supports the penetrating partner while standing. Next, adjust the swing seat so that the receiving partner is level with the penetrating partner’s penis (or strap-on).

Then, wrap your legs around your partner, while they hold on to you and the swing. Move up and down, back and forth and enjoy the deep and sensual feeling of being taken – without the worry of being dropped!

The Stirrup Rider

Stirrup rider sex swing position

This sex swing position is a little advanced and requires some balance. However, it allows you to ride your partner without too much stress on your knees or feet.

The first step is to get the penetrating partner comfortable in the swing, using both the seat and backrest for support. Next, adjust the stirrups so that you can comfortably stand in them or instead, place them around your bent knees.

Then, straddle your partner while standing in the stirrups and move up and down. In addition, you can move forward and back or he can swing as you keep your feet or knees in one position.

The Standing Slam

Standing slam

The Standing Slam sex swing position is much like the Wrap Round above. However, the penetrating partner merely stands, without using the swing seat or backrest.

First, adjust either the swing seat or backrest so that it supports your lower back and aligns your vulva with your partner’s penis or strap-on.

Then wrap your legs around your partner’s waist while they swing you forward and back on their penis, as gently or roughly as you choose.

The Superhero

The superhero position

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a naked superhero!

This position is fun for rear entry – both vaginal and anal – and again, allows for weightless penetration and motion.

First, adjust both the seat and backrest to support your upper body and pelvis at the height of your partner’s penetrating parts, while they are standing. Then, lie on your stomach with your legs spread while your partner easily glides you up and down their penis.

The Flying V

The flying V

The Flying V is a sex swing position that gives your partner full access to your vulva and allows for deep, exciting penetration. First, adjust your swing seat height to align with your partner’s genitals while they are standing.

Then, adjust the backrest for your comfort, either leaning downward or sitting a bit more upward – which is an ab workout! Then, your partner to hold your legs up and out in a V shape.

Or, if you’re a bit more agile, wrap your legs around the straps to hold them on place. Finally, your partner just grabs hold and bangs away, by swinging you forward and back.

The Swinging Screwdriver

Swinging Screwdriver position

This sex swing position allows the penetrating partner full control over depth of penetration and movement. So, first, adjust the swing so that the seat aligns with your standing partner’s penis.

Then, adjust the backrest for your comfort and support. Next, adjust the stirrups so that your feet are secure and legs outstretched.

The penetrating partner then stands between your open legs and swings you back and forth on their penis. Plus, they can hold you tight against them while moving your body in a circular motion.

The Bouncing Cowgirl

The Bouncing Cowgirl sex swing position

This sex swing position is best performed with the amazing Screamer Squatting Attachment, which gives you better balance and a bit of bounce. Plus, this attachment can be used in conjunction with your regular stirrup attachments.

First, have your partner lie down on the floor underneath the stirrups. Next, slide the stirrups up and around your thighs.

Then, straddle your partner’s penis (or strap-on dildo), hang on to the straps and bounce up and down. Just be careful, if he slips out, don’t come down too hard, as you could injure him.

Also, if you happen to have handles, you can use them for balance, rather than holding onto the stirrup straps.

The best part about this sex swing position is that it keeps you off your knees and supports you in the squatting position.

Why Use a Sex Swing?

Why use a sex swing? Well, sex swings are a fantastic way to spice up your sex life. That is because they make sex practically weightless, allowing for partners to move seamlessly.

In addition, sex swings alleviate weight from the mix. So, say you want to pick up your partner, hold them up against the wall and bang them.

If you don’t have the strength to do so, or your partner doesn’t have the strength to hang on, a sex swing bears all of the weight for you.

Also, sex swings allow for weightless movement – swinging. That way, you merely push and pull your partner against you, saving you both a ton of energy and stress on the body.

Finally, sex swing positions are oftentimes things you may have difficulty doing on solid ground or a bed. A good example of this is having your partner on their stomach, like a superhero.

Therefore, you can open up a whole new and exciting world of sexual positions by using a sex swing.

Sex Swings for Physical Challenges

The best thing about sex swings, in my opinion, is that they are not just for young people with wild sex lives. On the contrary, they are exactly the right sex tool to use if you are aged, lack body strength or have physical challenges or disabilities that hinder your ability to move.

For example, people with bad backs, mobility issues and even those with connective tissue disorders, like myself, can use sex swings to their advantage. As a result, we can have a wild, exciting and fulfilling sex life, just as those with able-bodies can.

However, if a sex swing isn’t the full support you or your partner require, you can always use a sex sling instead!

Types of Sex Swings

There are several different types of sex swings on the market today, making it practical for most anyone to own one. Plus, you can choose the type of swing you feel you need for your size, support needs and even the type of mounting you can use in your space.

So, here are the most popular types of sex swings available. That way, you can make the right choice for your comfort and mounting needs.

Single mount sex swing

Single Hook: This type of swing places the seat, back, stirrups and (sometimes) handles onto a single hook mount. Oftentimes, a single hook swing will have a bar that runs across the top, giving you additional support.

Dual hook swing

Dual Hook Sex Swing: This type of swing is similar to the single hook, as it groups all of the pieces together. However, since there are two hooks, the seat, back and other pieces are a bit more spread out and feature better sizing abilities.

Finally, this type of sex swing is preferred because they are easy to store, easy to hang and only require a single piece of mounting hardware.

Quad hook

Quad Hook Sex Swings: This type of sex swing features each piece as a separate entity. For instance, your seat, back, stirrups and handles are all single pieces.

What this does is makes for better adjustments and the ability to spread your pieces out using two to four mounting points.

Door jam sex swing

Door Mounted Swings: Door mounted sex swings are exactly like they sound – they mount over a door. This feature makes them the perfect choice for those living in smaller spaces, rental homes or if you want to easily tuck your swing away when you’re finished using it.

Another positive of door mounted swings is that you can take them anywhere! However, door mounted swings do eliminate the swinging effect that gives you that weightless feel.

BDSM sex swing

BDSM Sex Swings: BDSM sex swings, also called bondage swings, can come in all mounting types but include some fun extras like wrist and ankle cuffs and areas to which you can attach them.

Spinning swing

Spinning Swings: Spinning sex swings are usually single mount swings with the added ability to turn a full 360 degrees. What that does is allows for more movement and easier position changes.

Sex sling

Sex Slings: Sex slings are quad hook mounted – although, they can be mounted on dual hooks. In addition, sex slings give the users full body support and are absolutely perfect for folks with disabilities of all types.

Sex Swing Accessories: Finally, let’s not forget the sex swing accessories which are available to add to a basic swing. For instance, stronger springs, head rests, doggy-style positioners, and BDSM pieces are just a small portion of the accessories you can add to customize your sex swing experience.

As a note, I used a dual to quad hook sex swing model for my photos. However, there is no reason you can’t try these sex swing positions on all sex swing types.

Get Prepared to Use Your Sex Swing

Now, before you go out, buy a sex swing and jump on, you must be sure you are set up properly as well as following some safety rules.

First and foremost, be sure your manner of mounting is secure. Meaning, if you have mounted your swing in the ceiling, be sure those mounts are in a strong, secure stud.

Furthermore, if you are using a sex swing stand, be sure it is properly assembled and the legs are fully extended to prevent tipping. Then, be sure and follow these tips for safe, sex swing positions:

  • Never leave your partner alone while using a sex swing.
  • Assist your partner in position changes in order to prevent falls.
  • Be sure all clips are secure and closed completely to prevent slipping.
  • Do not go above the weight limit for any swing or sex swing stand. You can add industrial springs to support additional weight.
  • Keep the swing away from ceiling fans, walls, doors and furniture to prevent injury.
  • Use caution when repositioning clips as they can cause pinch injuries.
  • When trying these sex swing positions, hold on to your partner to assist with balance and prevent slipping and falls.
  • Don’t wear clothing that is slippery or can become tangled in the straps, chains or springs.
  • Use caution with single and dual mount sex swings with bars, as you can easily bump your head.

Sex Swing Positions and Creativity

Sex swing positions, such as these, are a great place to start your erotic, playful journey. However, this is simply the beginning!

That’s because using a sex swing allows you to move around more freely, essentially eliminating painful pressure points and weight-bearing. Plus, switching positions is as easy as sliding a couple of adjusters, jumping in and starting again.

So, get creative with your positions and enjoy the weightless, fluid movement of your sex swing, while experiencing new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

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