System JO Warming Lube – Test & Review

   Katie Moroney
Apr 15, 2024

Katie Moroney
: 21
: Intermidiate
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Want to use this lube for anal activities
  • Want an introductory warming lube
  • Want a thick, coating lube

  • Want a lube that gets very hot
  • Prefer a thinner lube

System JO Warming is a thick, water-based lube that has warms up on the skin, when friction occurs. It is a sexual lubricant that can be used by yourself or when with a partner, as well as when using a sex toy. It comes in a reasonably large bottle that has an easy-to-use click-close lid, with eye-catching packaging that clearly indicates that it has warming features, by its' red design. It is a thick lube that doesn't become tacky and it is easy to wash off the skin. It is FDA approved and has a pH balance of 6, meaning that is is more acidic than alkali.

System JO Warming  -

This table shows the results of the tests I carried out on this lube. If you want a more detailed description of the tests then continue reading.

Type of Test Results
Did I like the design? Yes – a lot!
How easily does it wash off the skin?  Low effort
Lid functionality/bottle functionality Easy to use
pH level 6 – Acidic (good)
FDA approved Yes
How expensive is it? Low price
Longevity test Long
Viscosity  Slow speed pour
Thickness Thick
Smell  N/A
Taste  N/A
Warming Intensity  Yes – low intensity
How tacky is it? Low
Condoms  All types
Sex toys   All materials 
Did it stain the sheets? No

System JO Warming  -

I am a fan of the System JO lubes, as their branding is clear and their bottles are easy to use. I like the way the bottles are normally see through and the branding goes with the special features of the product, i.e this warming lube has red colouring to symbolise heat. It is not the most luxurious branding for lube, but it doesn't look cheap. The thick plastic makes it look and feel higher quality and therefore more expensive. To make this lube look even more expensive, it could be in a glass bottle with a pump lid, like the Uberlube bottle. This would make the product less generic like most other lubes in a plastic bottle.

System JO Warming  -

If you re wanting a lube that you don't have to think about reapplying mid-way through 'activities', then this is your perfect match. The JO warming lube is a water-based lube, meaning that it can be used with any sex toy. I would highly recommend using large or even anal toys with this lube, as it is very thick and coating; providing a cushioning barrier between you and a toy! It also works with all types of condom materials and doesn't become tacky, but more creamy instead. When rubbed onto the skin, it remains smooth and thick without become dry or sticky. As it is a water-based lube, it is easy to wash off the skin, with minimal effort. The only downside to this means that it wouldn't be a great lube to use in water...

System JO Warming  -

Like all other System JO lubes, this lube is FDA approved, meaning that it has been approved by a reliable government testing programme. The JO warming lube has a pH reading of 6, meaning that it is slimly acidic, which is great for vulva owners. This is because the natural pH of a vagina is slightly acidic, showing that this lube attempts to match this, in order to decrease any pH imbalances. This is something I am personally thankful for, as no one wants imbalances down there! The ingredients in this lube are Glycerin, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Extract, Methylparaben and Propylparaben.

System JO Warming  - <

For a high quality, long lasting lube, this product has a very attractive price tag. It isn't too expensive even though it has multiple attractive features. There are definitely some lubes that are more expensive but less impressive, in my opinion.

System JO Warming  -

Longevity test (use dildo and fleshlight to see how long it lasts) Viscosity This lube would last weeks if it could! I have always found it hard finding a thick lube that can last long without application, but I think this might be the one! When using it with either a sex toy or a partner, this lube doesn't want to dry up! It is one of the thicker lubes on the market, and when I did the 'drop off the spoon test', it took a while to drop! I think this lube will go until the end of time...

System JO Warming  -

I am a major fan of the System JO lube bottles, as they are great size and look on brand with each specific lube! I love the packaging of this lube as it looks and feels good in my hand. I like the red design, as I can quickly decipher that it is a warming lube, next to my other bottles of lube on my shelf! It is easy to hold and is large enough to not run out after a couple of uses. Other lubes like the Sliquid collection are a little small, and they run out quickly. the click-close lid is easy to use when I have lube on my hands, and the matt design of the bottle makes it feel like they have put more thought and effort into the design. It's attractive in my opinion!

System JO Warming  -

Being a water-based lube, it means that the lube I less likely to stain, as is apparent in this case. It was originally quite wet on the sheets, but after it had dried, it dried very clear. It was very easy to wash out of the sheets, and never left a long lasting stain! Ideal!

MaterialsPlastic bottle
FasteningClick-close lid
Volume4 fl.oz (120ml) fl. oz
Condom safeYes, all types
IngredientsGlycerin, Water (Aqua), Cellulose Gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

System JO Warming  -

This lube’s special feature is that it heats up when friction occurs on the skin. When rubbing it hard and fast on the skin, the lube warms up, making the experience more sensual. It doesn’t have the most intense warming features, but if you’re looking for an introductory warming lube, this this is ideal!

  • Clear and attractive bottle design
  • Long lasting without re-application needed
  • Cushioning for large toys/anal

  • The warming intensity could be more intense
  • Thickness feels a little unnatural

If you re looking for a thick, wet dream of a lube, then this is the one you've been waiting for... I really loved it! It has all of my favourite features - it is thick, water based and lasted a long time without having to worry about re-application. It comes in a great bottle which is large and easy to use, as well as been a very coating lube. I trusted it to last long and boy did it, almost too long! It was easy to wash off when it came to it, which I was surprised at as it was so thick! I have used warming lubes that certainly heat up faster and hotter, so that was the only downfall, yet if you wanted a warming lube that didn't get too intense, then this is your lube.

This lube is very simple to use – simply rub it onto the desired area of the body, or lather up a sex toy and use!

You can use this lube alone, during foreplay, as a way to turn yourself on. You can also use it with a partner, to make the experience wetter, and therefore more comfortable.

This lube can be lathered onto a sex toy in order to add more lubrication, making the experience more sensual. It can also be used with different types of condoms, as well as people!