Man Wand – Test & Review

   Tawney Seren
Mar 14, 2022

Tawney Seren
: 29
: 10 Years
: Female
: Bisexual

  • Are looking for a powerful edging toy
  • Are looking for a couples toy
  • Want something easy to clean
  • Love vibration

  • Are not a fan of vibration
  • If you want a toy that encompasses the penis entirely
  • If you want something hands free


This toy brings some new power to your masturbation play! For those who are looking to expand beyond the penetrable toys of the past and want something that can provide powerful vibration AND double as a couple toy - the Man Wand is a fantastic addition to your collection. It can be used as a stroker, used to stimulate the frenulum or head of the penis, or used on the other wand end for erogenous zone massaging. It's made with platinum-cured silicone so it's going to go the distance with you. It has a long ergonomic handle and a U-shaped head with fluttering silicone wings that encompass the penis. It also has a flexible wand head that can easily be pressed against the skin during couple's play or massage play.

Man Wand -

The New Adventure

When my husband and I first opened the Man Wand we were not sure how to utilize this toy! It was one of the first masturbators we had ever bought that did not fully encompass the penis and we were not as familiar with sex toys. We loved that it came with a storage bag (always a sucker for some good toy storage) and it fit great in the palm of our hands. When we first dove in and decided to start playing, I took some time using it on him and exploring the different powerful vibration settings. We were beyond pleased that it had some less rumbly speeds that led up to really powerful speeds. This allowed us to navigate a variety of different settings depending on what mood he was in. The Man Wand was used as a teaser, edger, and then as a massager when turned around on both of our bodies.

First Impressions – Blown Away

After using The Magic Wand with each other for so long, we really didn’t think that a masturbator and wand combo would even be able to compare. But in the end it was actually quite impressive. It wasn’t as powerful, but it was easily the most powerful masturbation wand we had ever tried before. This made his solo play all the more enjoyable and he reported that it was one of his go-to items to delight in! (That’s saying a lot, we have quite the collection over here!) This easily made the Man Wand a perfect nightstand companion. Now it’s a toy that he recommends to our sex positive friends looking for masturbators and raves about. A staple product for someone looking for powerful vibrations and a versatile toy!

Man Wand -

The Man Wand was designed to give edging pleasure to the penis and intense vibrations. It has a long, ergonomic handle with slight ridges in the silicone that allow for a better grip during play. The ridges fit well between your fingers, making it easy to guide the toy where you'd like. The silicone tip can be used as an all over body massager by rolling the back end against erogenous zones, and the top has two fluttery silicone sides that are flexible. They provide some movement and make it able to fit all shaft sizes!

Man Wand -

There are three buttons of control on the Man Wand - the power button, 8 speeds, and 20 total intense vibration modes to choose from. It's USB rechargeable and comes with the cable for easy charging use. Once you turn on the toy and find the vibration pattern of your choosing you are able to nestle the base, tip, or middle of the penis between the silicone flaps on the top of the wand. The vibrations will flutter the silicone edges against the penis and provide anywhere from a tickling to a rumbly and deep vibration to the penis. If the user does not want to use the fluttering wings for teasing, they can use the other side (the ball side of the wand) and roll it over the skin and erogenous zones of choosing.

Man Wand -

This toy is incredibly well made. It has a longer handle that is easier for grasp and navigating between bodies. There are slight ridges between the wings and the silicone is firm, but flexible enough to provide pleasure without causing any sort of discomfort to the penis. This masturbator is made with platinum-cured silicone so it's body-safe, phthalate-free, latex-free, fragrance-free, and paraffin-free. It's going to go the distance and was made with materials that show the manufacturer cares for the body despite this not being an insertable. The neck is also flexible, but firm enough for deep pressured massage. I was entirely impressed with the quality and longevity of this toy!

Man Wand - <

You can get the Man Wand Vibrating Penis Masturbator for under 100$ and for a high-quality and powerful silicone toy I think this is a very affordable price. We both used this as a couple together for years and never had any issues with it at all, making that price all the more worth it in the end. When matched up with other masturbators of similar quality it appears to be the average price, if not a bit less than a lot of them. We believed it was worth every bit of that price tag, especially with how long lasting this toy is.

Man Wand -

When we used this toy as a couple or my husband used it independently as a masturbator the performance was impressive! We are used to using a lot of different toys, so we often search for the more powerful products and have a lot to compare them to. Overall, the versatility of this toy and the powerful vibration settings allowed him to reach the point of orgasm, or toggle with edging if that was the preference. It was also a fantastic toy to bring into the bedroom. The vibration sounds are quieter than a lot of other vibrating masturbators we have tried, which made it a great discreet toy. It also performed well with water-based lubrication for extra sensation. This performed really well for those who are new to masturbators and edgers, and those who are also looking for a really well-rounded toy for their collection.

Man Wand -

The product comes with a storage bag for the Man Wand, which is great for further discreet storage. But it's important to know that this toy is silicone so it can indeed be stored against other silicone toys without melting or discoloring. It has a USB rechargeable cable that also fits perfectly into the storage bag, and a user manual with additional information for navigating the Man Wand. The Man Wand is tucked neatly inside the box, making for perfect presentation.

Man Wand -

The Man Wand is made of high-quality platinum-cured silicone that should be used with a water-based lubrication for best results. It's important to clean with a mild soap and warm water or with your favorite toy cleaner. The Man Wand Masturbator is also waterproof so it makes it even easier to clean fully. It comes with a storage pouch for safe keeping, but it also can be stored against other silicone toys without fear of melting or discoloring. It's meant to go the distance with you! Make sure to clean carefully as there are some ridges that can harbor bacteria.

Vibration modes20
Vibration speeds8
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
FlexibilityHead has some flexibility

Man Wand -

A lot of other edgers have powerful vibrations, but the span from buzzy to rumbly that the Man Wand provides is far more powerful. There are also not many masturbators that can be used by both parties unless one is using it on their partner exclusively. So this provided a level of versatility in couples play that we had not experienced with other masturbators before. The fluttering silicone flaps in a C-shape on the head of the wand do not fully encompass the penis, however – so that was a main difference between this edging toy and others that we had come across. Still, this was a preference for my husband. But it’s something to consider! We also loved that it was entirely waterproof, making it easy to clean and bring into the bath and shower! Not many others we had reviewed in the past had that option.

  • Powerful vibration settings
  • Perfect for couples and solo play
  • Entirely waterproof
  • Great for edging and teasing
  • Comes with storage bag

  • Wings do not fully encompass penis
  • Not hands-free
  • Doesn't allow for penetration

This is an incredible toy for someone who is a vibration lover and looking to add some extra sensations to their sex toy collection. It's versatile and excellent for solo and couples play and a great toy to bring into the bedroom with your partner. It's powerful, travel-friendly, and beautiful to behold (not to mention easy to clean). The price is right for this toy and it's high-quality! We are big fans and will certainly continue to use it in the future!

There is an instruction manual included. Hard press power button to turn on, then cycle through settings and patterns using the other two buttons. Hard press power button to stop.

Make sure to use warm water and a mild soap or your favorite toy cleaner. Also ensure you get between the ridges on the head as it can harbor some bacteria if not taken care of.

Yes! The Man Wand has a firm enough head that it can be pressed against the skin for deep vibrations and the silicone wings are thick enough that they do not tear or break during rigorous use.

Yes! Whether you both have penises, or one of you, this can be used all over the body by turning it over onto the wand side against the skin if you don't prefer using the wand wings.

Yes! There is a space on the bottom of the toy that can be pierced by a USB rechargeable cable (cable included).