Sliquid Silver Lube – Test & Review

   Katie Moroney
Jan 23, 2024

Katie Moroney
: 21
: Intermidiate
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Want to use lube with a glass or metal sex toy
  • Have difficulty getting naturally wet
  • Want extra lubrication during sex
  • You want a glycerin free lube

  • Have low strength or mobility issues in your hands
  • Like a thicker silicone lube
  • Are on a tight budget

The Sliquid Silver Lube is a silicone lube that is sure to turn your bedroom into a slip and slide! With Sliquid's recognisable branding, this lube looks sleek and attractive, with its black and silver bottle design. The bottle is made of hard plastic and has an easy click-close lid, to easily squeeze out the lube. the Sliquid Silver is on the thinner side, which I normally prefer. This lube is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms, as well as glass and steel sex toys.

Sliquid Silver  -

This table shows the results of the tests I carried out on this lube. If you want a more detailed description of the tests then continue reading.

Type of Test Results
Did I like the design? Yes
How easily does it wash off the skin?  Washes off easily 
Lid functionality/bottle functionality Easy to use 
pH level 6 – acidic (good) 
FDA approved FDA compliant 
How expensive is it? Mid-high price
Longevity test Medium-Long
Viscosity  Fast pour
Thickness Thin
Smell  Weak chemical smell
Taste  N/A
Warming Intensity  N/A
How tacky is it? Low tackiness
Condoms  Latex and Polyurethane
Sex toys  Metal and Glass 
Did it stain the sheets? No

Sliquid Silver  -

The Sliquid brand is very recognisable with its branding; each of their lubes following the same bottle design. I thought this specific lube was sleek and luxurious looking and I liked the black and silver colours. The bottle itself was small and a good size to be held in my hand, with simple labelling that told me what it did. For its high price, I would have preferred a glass bottle instead of plastic, as I think the higher quality glass would reflect the higher price more.

Sliquid Silver  -

The plastic bottle is hard and tough, with the top and bottom of the bottle being impossible to squeeze! If you're someone who finds it difficult to squeeze hard, then this bottle is not for you. I really like the click-close lid, so that I don't have to unscrew anything when my hands are slippery! The Sliquid Silver easily washed off my skin after use, and after washing, I didn't feel like it was still on my skin, which I often find with silicone lubes!

Sliquid Silver  -

The lube was not that thick compared to the other silicone lubes, which I prefer. All Sliquid lubes are glycerin, glycol and glycerol free, of which often contribute to yeast infections and UTIs. They also contain no parabens, which have been found harmful to some. Its' pH reading was a 6, showing that it was slightly acidic - this is a great reading for lube as it is near to matching the pH of the vagina. You don't want lube to interfere with the vagina's natural pH, as this can then potentially lead to infections or irritation. The Sliquid Silver has FDA compliant ingredients, but is not officially FDA approved.

Sliquid Silver  - <

I think the price was high for this lube. For a pretty average lube with no temperature or additional special qualities, I thought ti had an unreasonable price tag! The lube itself was better quality than the packaging, but if you're on a lower budget, then I wouldn't recommend this product to you.

Sliquid Silver  -

For someone who isn't often a fan of silicone lubes, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. During the 'Drip off a spoon test', it dripped quickly and smoothly, demonstrating how it isn't thick and paste-like. I was worried it wouldn't work well with my sex toy, but when I used it with my glass dildo, its' longevity proved that it was long-lasting and I didn't feel like I had to re-apply more. I would have liked to see the performance of this lube when using it with another person, to see if it acted differently and became tacky or not. This lube had no taste but a very slight chemical smell.

Sliquid Silver  -

It is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms, as well as glass and metal sex toys - I used it on a glass dildo and it worked pretty well, but it didn't create a thick seal. If that's what you're looking for, then I would opt with the ID Millenium silicone lube instead. This silicone lube is not compatible with silicone toys!

Sliquid Silver  -

This lube didn't take long to dry on bed sheets, and once it did dry, it didn't leave a dark stain. After washing the sheets, the sheets were completely unstained and back to their original colour.

OpeningsClip-close lid
Weight4.2 oz / 125ml lbs
TextureWatery and slippery
IngredientsCyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol
Condom safeLatex and Polyurethane safe
MaterialsPlastic bottle

Sliquid Silver  -

The Sliquid Silver Lube states that it is “Uniquely blended to enhance your body’s own natural moisture”. The bottle states that to re-activate the lube, it must be re-applied. I didn’t notice this feature that much, which is a shame as I would have liked to have felt if it was actually useful. Maybe this feature only really works when you are using it during sex with another person.

  • Very slippery
  • Not tacky
  • Left no sheet stains

  • Not thick like other silicone lubes
  • Hard bottle to squeeze
  • Chemical smell

I think Sliquid's Silver silicone lube has pros and cons, with the lube itself being a great lubricant to use during sex or with a sex toy. I liked this lube because I didn't have to use much for it to go a long way. I liked the way it was very thin, as I am not typically a fan on thick lubes. The packaging and practicality of this product was its let down - if you have bad motor skills in your hands, then this bottle wouldn't be good for you. I would have also liked to feel the moisture stimulating feature, even when I was using a sex toy, which is a bit of a let down. Overall, it felt comfortable and soft on my skin, whilst being easy to wash off after use. If you're wanting a well-known branded lube that is reliable, then I would recommend the Sliquid Silver.

This lube is simple to use, and directions of use are on the bottle, like most lubes.

This lube didn't stain on bed sheets when it dried, and was vey easy to wash out.

The Sliquid Silver lube is aimed at women in order to enhance their body's own natural moisture. It would be perfect for women who find it difficult to get wet or stay wet. However, anyone can use this lube, at any experience level.

This silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys as it may damage them or affect their performance. This silicone lube can be used with steel or glass sex toys.