BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps — Test & Review

   Catherine Seeley
Jan 8, 2024

Catherine Seeley
: 34
: Moderate
: Female
: Polysexual
: CalExotic Butterfly Kiss Vibrator and Clit Stimulator

  • Are starting out with nipple play
  • Have sensitive nipples and occasionally need the pressure released
  • Want something lightweight that won't pull on the clamp site

  • Don't enjoy pressure on your nipple
  • Have a metal allergy
  • Are looking for something for more advanced nipple play

The BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps is a fun addition to any beginner BDSM kit. The collar is made of simple nylon webbing, with a Velcro closure gives a secure hold for a wide range of neck sizes. The D-ring, and metal chains that extend out, are both lightweight, for a comfortable wearing experience. And the nipple clamps on the end feature threaded screws that increase or ease pressure at the user's pleasure. Use it to increase sensitivity for sensation play, or to enhance sensation during sex or masturbation.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

For The First Timers

The BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps are a great addition to anyone first starting out with nipple play. The design is very basic, and the clamps themselves are much less intense than some other types of clamps. They feature a crocodile clip with a screw to loosen the clamps if the sensation becomes too intense, but you don’t want to stop your play. This is the collar set that you get when you’re ready to take that first plunge into sensation and pain in your BDSM play. The chains are long enough and light enough that they won’t add extra weight to the clamps, or possibly shift and pull on the clamp site. The collar is a soft webbing, instead of the stiff leather of some other collars, giving the wearer a more comfortable experience. This is the collar and clamp set that you dip your toe into the sensation play waters with.

Versatile Uses

To try to be creative and use these in a more advanced way, I found that if I attached the clamps to my partner (who loves nipple play), and the collar to myself, it created a fun challenge for both of us. My partner was able to enjoy the heightened sensitivity, and the occasional surprise of the clamp site being pulled. My own experience of making very deliberate movements to elicit different sensations and reactions took this very basic collar and clamp set from being a solo experience, and into an intimately shared experience. Admittedly, we could not do much more than sensation play, anything with more movement would have become uncomfortable, but nipple clamps typically don’t stay on for more than 10-15mins for us.  Also, just to see if I could, I decided to attach the clamps, wrap the collar around my wrists, and try to masturbate. There was success for about three minutes, and then it became too much for me, but I don’t have a lot of tolerance, and I think that someone with a higher pain tolerance would have more success than me.

Suggestions For Improvement

The biggest thing I would change about the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps is the Crocodile Clip feature on the clamps. Without any application of the screw, the clamp is simply at it’s closed position. My partner is a big fan of pain play, and I have a lot of difficulty keeping the clamps in place. If the screw was somehow able to tighten it more than the closed position, as well as loosen it, that would have been ideal. We also wouldn’t have been able to use them for as long, but there would be less time worrying about them falling off. Also, the collar has a Velcro closure and I can already tell that it’s collecting hair and lint. I would prefer a buckle so that it’s easier to keep clean.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

The design is very basic, and standard for most collar and nipple clamp sets. It is visually appealing, as well as functional, so it can be used in multiple ways. It's basic enough that your imagination is the limit.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

The design of the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps is simple enough that its one of the easiest things to use. Anyone who might be able to grip the small clamps would have no problems with this. And the Velcro closure of the collar makes it very easy to put on and take off.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

This product is good quality for what it is. The collar is made of nylon webbing. It doesn't feel like cheap webbing, and it's soft enough that I didn't feel scratched by it. Also, the collar has a Velcro closure, which feels sturdy, but has a tendency to collect debris. The chains extending from the D-ring, are a plated silver, and are very lightweight, so I worry a little about the chain coming apart with enough pressure. The clamps themselves are a nice quality, but the rubber pads on the ends tend to slip off, and have to be kept track of.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps - <

I think the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps is fairly priced based on the materials. At about $20, it is everything it promises to be, and with some personal creativity, it could be more!

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

This Collar and Nipple Clamp set lives up to all of its promises. The length of the chains can keep the clamps in a comfortable place, but can also be manipulated for a more intense experience. The Crocodile clip feature had varying degrees of success for me, but I would expect it to work well for others.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

The packaging is just a basic clear bag with a label sticker. Without any sort of outer packaging, it is not the most discreet. It was not immediately clear what was in the bag until I read the label sticker, but the sticker is quite prominent. It doesn't give any instructions or tips, but the basic use of this set is fairly intuitive.

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

Most of the materials in the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps set are very easy to clean. The nylon webbing collar can be washed with soap and water, and the chains and clamps can be wiped down with toy cleaner or baby wipes. The only exception is the Velcro collar closure, which has a tendency to collect debris and can be hard to clean, eventually wearing it down. Everything about this set is lightweight, even the metal pieces. The metal seems to be silver plated and may give me trouble in the future being worn away, but I haven't noticed it happening yet. It did not come with any sort of storage other than the bag that it came packaged in.

LengthCollar: 16-18.5 inches, Chains: 13 inches
WidthClamps Opens to 0.75 inches
FasteningVelcro, Crocodile Clamps
MaterialsNylon Webbing, Metal, Rubber
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps -

The BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps features a Crocodile Clip, a screw that allows pressure to be taken off of the clamp. This creates an adjustability in your play, allowing for a longer experience if you are sensitive. This clip worked well for my partner, but had a tendency to fall off of my nipple when loosened. We couldn’t figure out why it was different for us, but overall we counted it a positive.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Adjustable for multiple sized necks
  • Adjustable for levels of pain play
  • Soft material

  • Velcro closure collects hair and lint, and has to be maintained
  • Screw feature only allows for loosening clamps
  • Materials are very basic and not very strong

Overall, I think the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps is a great accessory, and a great addition to any BDSM set. It's visually appealing, and it is a fairly reliable quality. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a nice set to try out nipple play.

There is no user manual available online for the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my How To guide above for ideas.

I would recommend being familiar with BDSM, and some pain play, but this is a great set for a beginner to nipple play. If you know that you like pressure on your nipples and you want to try something a little more intense, this is the set for you!

The collar has a maximum diameter of 18.5inches. The chain from the collar to the clamps, is 13inches long. Total, the maximum length of the BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps is 31.5inches.

The BASICS Collar and Nipple Clamps features a Crocodile Clip Nipple Clamp. This means that the clamp includes a screw that, when tightened, loosens the closed clamp, creating the ability to adjust the pressure on the wearer.

No, this set does not come with a storage bag/box, other than the bag that it comes packaged in.

This collar and clamp set can be used with all kinds of other toys. Essentially, they are an accessory that adds sensation to whatever play you're engaging in. I would recommend trying to use contrasting sensations when doing this kind of intense nipple play, such as soft materials, feathers, etc.