Biird Bae — Test & Review

   Felicia Roy
Jun 14, 2024

Felicia Roy
: 32
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: female
: Bisexual
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  • Want to try solo shower fun
  • Prefer longer, thin dildos
  • Want to play with a strap-on
  • Like softer, more flexible dildos

  • Enjoy short, thick dildos
  • Want something that vibrates or thrusts
  • Have grip, and or mobility restrictions

The Bae from Biird comes in a lovely midnight blue, with a silver splash/speckle pattern that gives it a very appealing texture. It has a very strong, wide and effective suction cup base, along with a bit of a rounded bulb at the tip. The Bae is 5.9 inches from top to base, and a diameter of 1.18 inches making it very slender and very enjoyable for all types of bedroom playtime. The suction cup base sits at 2.76 inches across, giving it the proper stability that's needed for a strap-on harness and is made up of 100% body safe, waterproof silicone. I own a lot of silicone toys, and to me, the Biird Bae Dildo feels so different; much softer, and more pleasant on entry, with the proper amount of lubrication of course. The silicone is almost squishy, yet very firm, and gives the Bae a slight bend in the shaft; leaving you wanting for more!

Biird Bae -

Early Bird Gets the Worm

The Biird Bae Dildo is not only the new hot dildo on the market, but it has a partner in crime called the Boo, which I will be doing a separate review for, so make sure you stay tuned! This article though, will be stolen by the Bae, designed by the Jouissance club, made and sponsored by Biird. I’m honoured to test such a new toy, and look forward to using it in my regular behind-the-scenes routine. The Bae is a lovely midnight blue with a silver splash pattern, it has a sturdy suction cup base, and is made up of thin, body-safe silicone. The packing is quite intriguing, bright, and fun, but the silver writing can be a tad hard to read which is my only issue on that. The container is tall and cylinder, made with firm cardboard and has slip/pop off lid. Have I mentioned it comes with an adorable Jouissance Club key-chain and a storage bag?! Finally a toy that has something to keep it nice and tidy in; its a gorgeous blue velvet bag with the Biird and the JC logo on it, in silver writing of course! The bag also has a flat bottom so you can stand it up, or lay it flat, with peace of mind that it’ll stay dust free, and hidden out of the way.

From a Bird’s Eye View

Getting a closer look at the Biird Bae Dildo, you can just tell it’s made of high quality silicone, and that the splash pattern gives it a very light texture, while still remaining silky to the touch. Though my first impression on the length and girth was slightly on the skeptic side, I was delightfully surprised by it’s performance. Not only did the length find my g-spot quickly, but the width felt much better than I expected it to, since we all know I do like a thicker toy at the best of times. The suction cup base is very functional and stayed securely in place when I stuck it to the bathroom floor, shower wall, and the side of my bathtub! The tub was very impressive as most of my suction cup dildos just slid around like they’re on a slip’n’slide. The material is very light weight, soft, and firm all in one and it doesn’t lose it’s shape during playtime, nor does it feel hard, or sharp while in use.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

In conclusion, the Biird Bae Dildo is a great dildo, and I’m really having a hard time finding anything wrong or negative about it. I am very satisfied with this toy and all the extras that come with it! I really think anyone who’s looking for a simple, satisfactory, versatile dildo should give the Bae a try! It’s a great toy, and for the low price of it, you most certainly get your moneys worth.

Biird Bae -

The suction-cup base on the Bae Dildo is one of the most effective, and functional bases I've had the pleasure of using, and stays firmly in place on those vertical surfaces! The Biird Bae dildo is on the softer side, which makes it flexible, yet stiff enough to keep its shape for optimal satisfaction. The base on the Bae is a wide 2.76 inches and sturdy enough to be used with your preferred strap-on belt, so you can keep yourself, and your partner, happy and out of other hen houses! The Bae is a full 5.9 inches from base to tip, and I'd say roughly about 5.7/8 inches of insertable length, and a girth of 1.18 inches, giving the Bae the reach you need without feeling too full - perfect for hitting the G-spot! I personally feel the design of the Biird Bae dildo is suitable for anyone, and is now one of my new favourites. Anyone looking for a long, slender, and sturdy dildo should swoop in and bring the Bae home to their nest of toys!

Biird Bae -

Using the Biird Bae dildo is as easy as it gets! All you need is your fave water-based lubrication, your fave position and away you go! The hardest part of using the Bae for me was finding the proper height on the wall - I'm not very tall so it took me a few minutes to get the right measurements. It fit very well in my strap-on belt as well, and though I was worried the length may have been a bit much, the softness of the materials along with the modest girth, were the perfect mix for very enjoyable anal play! I highly suggest the Biird Bae Dildo for beginners, the experienced, and anyone looking to try a different kind of silicone dildo without breaking the bank!

Biird Bae -

The Biird Bae dildo looks, feels, and performs like any high quality dildo would! Though it has a slight texture on the surface from the splash pattern, it still feels abundantly soft and smooth to the touch, as well as during playtime. The quality of the suction base is the best I've used, and actually stays in place where you stick it, and the material is unlike the other dildos I have. The quality of the storage bag, and accompanying Jouissance Club key-chain, is very lovely too. The Velvet bag feels so nice, has the company name and logo on the front, and a great flat bottom for easy and convenient storage.

Biird Bae - <

The cost for the Bae is more than fair for what you get. Not only do you get a high quality toy, but it also comes with a very luxurious looking storage bag! It's a beautiful blue velvet, with a flat bottom so the toy is able to stand up-right in the bag if that's how you choose to keep it, which I personally have not seen for other storage bags, and love the concept. The Biird Bae Dildo also comes with a lovely key-chain; I've only ever gotten stickers or pins with toys before so that was a nice change. There isn't an instruction manual, but the toy itself is fairly explanatory in my personal opinion! I would recommend buying the Biird Bae Dildo to anyone on a low budget; you really get your bang for your buck!

Biird Bae -

The Biird Bae Dildo is still quite new to the market, and doesn't have many reviews just yet, but I feel the more people who buy and try it, the positive reviews will flock right in! It's a lovely toy, and I really don't have anything negative to say about its performance. It held firmly to all the surfaces I stuck it to, fit perfectly in my strap-on belt, and worked so well when I tried it manually by hand; it's very easy to hold on to. It's length makes it super easy to ride on, the flexibility and slimness makes entry, playtime, and exit 100% painless. Even tho it's long, the toy itself isn't dense so the overall sensation is extremely pleasant, and doesn't feel sharp or hard like some of the toys I've tested in the past.

Biird Bae -

I find the packaging for the Biird Bae Dildo stands out, and is fairly fun to look at. It's a white, cylinder container with blue and silver writing on it. The writing consists of what contents come with it, and the material the Bae is made up of. There's no instructions included or any additional ways on how to use the Bae, but there is a photo with the measurements of the Bae, a picture of the storage bag, and the key - chain that all come included! My favourite part of the Biird Bae Dildo packaging would have to be the funny little graphics that are around the lid; they are sensual, sexual, and entertaining to look at. On the 'front' part of the cylinder is a photo of the Bae itself, with "Designed by Jouissance Club" slapped in silver writing across the Bae graphic, which is my least favourite thing about the packing for the Biird Bae Dildo. My issue with this is, the splash pattern on the Bae clashes with the silver writing, making it hard on the eyes, and a bit difficult to read. Other than that, I love the packing for the Biird Bae Dildo; it's amusing, quirky, and draws your eyes to it.

Biird Bae -

The Biird Bae Dildo is 100% body safe, lightweight, water proof, and super easy to clean. As always you want to start with a good warm soapy bath and your go-to toy cleanser. Once cleaned, and air dried, you'll want to pull out your most favourable water-based lubrication and add a generous amount to the tip and shaft. Debating on how you want to use it, sticking it to a surface, in a belt, or getting a good grip by hand, the super soft, thin silicone will slide right in - and out! Once done, and everyone is satisfied you'll want to give your Biird Bae Dildo another warm, soapy bath with your favourite toy cleanser! Give it one more good rinse, let it air dry, and store it in it's fancy storage bag for next time!

Length5.9 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter1.22 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableMidnight Blue

Biird Bae -

  • Soft and firm all in one
  • Strong suction cup base
  • Splash pattern gives it a textured feel
  • Long and thin for optimal G-spot stimulation

  • Might not be girthy enough for some
  • Has the brand on the toy itself
  • Only comes in one colour/pattern

Long, thin, and slightly textured for your pleasure, the Bae from Biird is here! It's flexible, versatile, and has an extra strong grip for those smooth surfaces you've been wanting to put to use. Designed by the Jouissance Club, the Bae dildo is made for all your personal needs in the bedroom, bathroom, or even the kitchen if you're feeling exceptionally frisky. The length is perfect for hitting those precise spots, and the softness makes anal play a breeze, as well as very enjoyable. The Bae is strap-on compatible so you can finally fly the coop of your boring bedroom routine! If you're looking for a gentle, fun, and lengthy toy, the new Bae Dildo from Biird should definitely be taken under your wing, and straight home!