Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator — Test & Review

   Paul Dockal
Apr 3, 2024

Paul Dockal
: 58
: experienced
: male
: straight

  • anyone interested in hands free orgasm
  • anyone without a partner at the moment
  • anyone with penis who enjoys vibrations and suction

  • don't want to spend that much
  • cant handle the silicone picking up debris easily
  • cant handle the charging time & run times


The Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator is a hands free masturbator that has both suction and vibration settings to enjoy. The inner sleeve also has bumpy textures to add more sensation. The strong suction cup included means you can attach the unit to smooth surface and use it hands-free.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

This is my first venturing into hands-free penis vibrator realm. It did take some manipulating the first time I used it.  You do have to be erect before use. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong, but the suction didn’t seem to work as expected the very first use. I  I will have to play some more (and I will) and determine if the suction will stay or it is supposed to release once you  stop using the button. I couldn’t get the hands free suction cup to hold any place convenient where I tested the unit. However, after trying different locations and positions I was able to use the  suction cup and achieve a hands-free orgasm. I’m loving the hands free option and glad it was included. I’m also changing the settings each time for a slightly different experience. Lube is a must otherwise I can’t enter it at all.  I’ve found that being erect is also a must. After figuring out how to use the Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator, I’ve achieved orgasm each time I’ve used after the first attempt!

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

When the unit isn't in use it looks very innocuous and could be left visible on a shelf or night stand etc. There's no need to worry if its spotted during zoom work meeting (if closed). I wouldn't classify it as luxurious, but a more basic design.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

I didn't have any trouble charging the unit, and I didn't have any issues using any of the buttons. I did need to use lube to insert my cock into the unit. I like that you can remove the inner sleeve part for cleaning easily. It's also easy to put back together. Cleaned up quickly and hassle free! Overall it's easy to use.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

The Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator feels sturdy, but I wouldn't want to drop it and find out.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator - <

The Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator is listed at $160 on Lovehoney's website. I guess it all depends on your budget and your needs. There are more and less expensive devices in this category. I wouldnt spend that much on this type of toy.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

So far no complaints in the performance category. I haven't used it for long enough to see if the batteries heated up or how long they lasted, as I achieved orgasm about 1/2 thru the battery cycle and won't recharge it until I run the battery down. Update: I'm now on the third use and the unit still has charge! I've successfully had an orgasm each time I used it without needing a recharge. I used the "voice" once and adjusted the volume. I didn't like this feature at all. I could always use more vibration and sucking but this unit does the job well enough.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

The packaging was discrete — just a plain brown box and an innocuous shipping label. Inside there was nothing to protect the unit from sliding around and possibly getting damaged. I would have liked some kind of protection especially considering the price of the unit.

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

The safety guide is printed too small to read without a magnifier. The unit was easy to clean. I used baby wipes on the inside and outside of the unit as this part is not waterproof. The inner sleeve is made out of soft plastic and was easy to remove for cleaning and put back in. It also turned inside out rather easily which made clean up much easier. I wouldn't put any part in the dishwasher.

Vibration patterns7
Vibration speeds3
Length13 inches
Insertable length5 inches
MaterialsSleeve: Soft plastic
Battery Life65 minutes

Blowmotion Hands-Free Real Feel Suction Masturbator -

  • Easy clean up
  • Multiple vibration patterns
  • Great suction
  • Hands free suction cup included

  • Battery life could be longer
  • Charging time could be shorter
  • Price a little too high

While I didn't have orgasm on my first attempt, the second attempt went well and I was able to orgasm. I like that the clean up was very easy. Being able to use it hands free is amazing and I like that I was able to thrust into the unit. I've used it numerous times and have enjoyed it very much. I change the settings each time to get a feel for how the unit works. The only downside it that the silicone picks up debris (dog hair etc).

It comes with a manual but you really don’t need it. The toy has separate buttons to control the vibrations and suction making it easy to adjust the settings.  Simple enough to use without any directions.

I used a water based lube good as the inner sleeve is made of soft plastic.

Yes. It comes with a suction cup that you press and flip a lever to attach to a surface. Its pretty sturdy.

Yes its easily removable and able to be turned inside out for easier clean up.