Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit — Test & Review

   Hannah Wright
Nov 9, 2023

Hannah Wright
: 27
: Beginner
: Female
: Bisexual

  • Want gradual dilation
  • Want a multi pack of dildos
  • Need to use dilators to help treat medical conditions
  • Have been recommended a dilator kit by medical professional

  • If you want a firm dilator kit to properly massage the pelvic floor
  • Would prefer a dilator kit with an optional vibration feature
  • Are looking for a dilator set that is also safe to use anally

The Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is a 5-piece set of dilators made from premium silicone. Each piece gradually increases in size, from 3” to 5" in length and from 0.5" to 1.25" in diameter to ensure a comfortable gradual dilation. They all feature a slight ergonomic curve and a loop handle at the bottom for easy control. They're made of phthalate free, silky soft, pastel pink, premium silicone that offer a comfortable, safe, and flexible experience. Used with generous amounts of lube (and patience) these dilators are a great tool for anyone struggling with penetration, and treating some medical conditions like, for example, vaginismus.

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

What Worked For Me and What Didn’t

I wanted to try this product because I have vulvodynia that causes pain with penetration, which has led to a lot of tension in my pelvic floor, which then adds yet another layer of pain. I have gotten pelvic floor physiotherapy, and my therapist recommended dilators, not “just” to dilate, but also to massage the pelvic floor while dilating. These dilators have performed well for me in the dilation, but not to massage – they are, in my opinion, simply not sturdy enough to do it well. That said, the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is designed to assist in dilation and does not promise to be good for massaging! When I first saw the dilators, I thought that the last two were way too big to ever get in without excruciating pain. However, so far I have gotten to the second to last dilator, which I didn’t expect and is quite an achievement! I only used this product alone, but I imagine that it could work great for couples as well: as dildos, or simply as a bonding experience helping to treat e.g. vulvodynia or vaginismus.  

A Surprising Discovery

Very unexpectedly, these dilators also helped me to discover that I actually like penetration. I knew that despite the pain, there was something exciting in penetration too, but I didn’t know it could feel this good! Having some of the pain slowly diminish in combination with the fact that some of these dilators are so small that I could insert them without issues after some time (with a lot of water-based lube) really showed me that I enjoy penetration, especially when I combine it with external stimulation, e.g. a Satisfyer or bullet vibrator.

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

I really like the design of the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit. The have a very simple and straightforward design that is cute and elegant at the same time. The tapered tips make penetration a bit smoother, and the slight curve helps stimulate the g-spot once inserted. The loop handle on each dilator is sturdy without being too bulky. I love that you can comfortably fit a finger through to maintain full control over the penetration. I also do think that there's a bit of a prominent increase in size from the fourth dilator to the fifth and final one. Perhaps an alternative design could have provided a happy medium there.

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

The Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is very easy to use! As mentioned above, some of the design elements help provide a smooth experience with the tapered tips, the slight curves, the gradual increases, and last but definitely not least, the loop handle helps a great deal. They provide stability and better control over your grip. They make the dilators a lot easier to use as a dildo when you want to move them in a back-and-forth motion!

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

Overall, the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit seems like a high quality product. They're made of 100% body-safe silicone that is easy to clean and sterilize. The dilators seem durable yet also super soft and flexible. I think it has a really good value in relation to the price which I think speaks to the overall quality!

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit - <

I actually think the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is one of the more affordable dilator kits of this quality on the market. When it comes to any kind of pelvic floor treatment, you'll always want to use premium quality products with ergonomic designs. I think a lot of similar dilator kits on the market go for a significantly higher price. So, I definitely find this kit to provide great value for its price. That said, dilators are generally more expensive and I wouldn't necessarily say this kit is a cheap item. But it has great value and is one of the more affordable options on the market! Plus, considering that they can also be used as dildos, I'd say this a pretty good price for 5 different sized dildos!

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

All in all, the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit lived up to expectations. Of course, I had hoped that they could provide some internal massage, but they were too soft and flexible for that. Again, they aren't specifically designed to be rigid enough for that, so that's fair. They did hurt to use, but that's to be expected with the illness I have. Overall, I was pleased with how they worked for me!

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

The packaging is fairly simple. It had a pretty design and featured som facts about the product. Although, it didn't include any instructions or directions of use. It was also slightly damaged during shipping and had a crack, so it seems to break easily. Luckily, the product itself was protected by another layer of harder plastic.

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

As mentioned earlier, the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is made of premium quality phthalate-free silicone in a cute soft pink color. Silicone is 100% body-safe and non-porous. It's super easy to clean with a mild unscented soap and warm water and fully waterproof. Since there aren't any vibrating electrical components to this kit, you can also easily sterilize the dilators by boiling them in water for a few minutes. While these dilators are pretty durable, they still come with a one year warranty!

Length1: 3 inches, 2: 3.5 inches, 3: 4.25 inches, 4: 5 inches, 5: 5.5 inches
Diameter1: 0.5 inches, 2: 0.75 inches, 3: 0.75 inches, 4: 1 inch, 5: 1.25 inches inches

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit -

  • Great size range that starts really small
  • Smooth, comfortable surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as dildos as well

  • Not rigid enough for firm internal massage
  • No vibration
  • Big jump between dilator 4 to 5

I do love this set in some ways: the different sizes gave me the chance to dilate very gradually and I actually managed to get to the second to last size over the course of some months. It has shown me too that I actually like penetration and can achieve better orgasms when stimulated both internally and externally, which is absolutely great, of course. But it simply does not work well for massaging your pelvic floor muscles, which I had hoped, as it had been recommended to me by my physiotherapist. So, it is a great set for simple dilation and to be used as dildos but cannot be used well for massaging of the pelvic floor muscles. I will still treasure this set for penetration, especially combined with my Satisfyer, and I hope that some day I will be able to insert the biggest dilator – but it is already a great achievement to be able to use the second to last size, I had not expected to be able to do that!

There weren’t any directions for use included in the packaging for the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit. The process is pretty intuitive and they’re not very difficult to use. Check out my brief guide in the “How to Use”-section. However, if you’re using these dilators to help treat a medical condition, like vaginismus or vulvodynia, I recommend you consult a medical professional to ensure that you’re using the dilators correctly.

Technically, yes. Since the silicone dilators can be completely sterilized in between uses, they are also safe to use for anal adventures. However, even though the loop handle can provide good grip, they don't seem to be flard enough to prevent them from slipping inside of you, should your finger slip out of the loop. So, while you can technically use them anally, I would be cautious, or simply puchase a separate dilator set with a flared base.

No, the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit does not have any vibration features. While some dilator kits do have removable bullet vibrators for added pleasure or to help relax the vaginal walls during use, this particular kit does not. On the bright side, that means they can be easily sterilized in boiling water.