Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Jan 10, 2024

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe — Test & Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Are familiar with using penis rings.
  • Enjoy deep, penetrating vibrations.
  • Want to be your partner's custom vibrator.
  • Desire longer-lasting sex.
  • Love to give your partner blended orgasms.

  • Aren't a fan of penis rings.
  • Don't like deeper, more rumbly vibrations.
  • Are without a partner.
  • Have a thicker penis.


If your partner has a penis, then the Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe is just the couple's toy you need to light that intimate fire! The Charged Ohare is a double penis ring that features a rabbit head and ears, which deliver powerful, low, rumbly vibrations, all the while turning your partner into your own, custom rabbit vibrator. So, you get the clitoral (or testicle) thrills, while the wearer also experiences vibrations that rumble from base to tip. Plus, it's rechargeable for long-lasting fun.

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

Ever Wished YOU Could Vibrate?

Okay, admit it. You’ve always wondered why she has a sex toy. I mean, what can that silly toy do that you can’t? Well, let’s be honest here. People having sex toys has zero to do with their partners, and everything to do with a nice, no-strings-attached, orgasm, whether for stress relief, to sleep better or because that racy romance novel turned them on and you’re not available. Furthermore, they also see adult toys as the yummy icing on the perfect cake. To explain, YOU are that perfect cake and the icing is the sex toy. Hence sex toys add to your already incredible sex life. Besides, you can’t vibrate, as a sex toy can. However, have you ever wished YOU COULD vibrate? Well, your wish is my command – actually, Screaming O’s command. Meet the Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe.

A Penis Ring with a Plus

Penis rings were developed to help penis owners maintain an erection, have longer intimate encounters, and enjoy more sensations during intercourse. Over the years they’ve moved from the doctor’s office, and into the mainstream as sex toys. Now, penis rings come in all shapes, sizes and materials, as well as some adding a vibrating aspect. Screaming O, being the king of cock rings, has created the Charged Ohare to not only make intercourse better, but to add the ability to stimulate her clitoris at the same time. So the Ohare is a penis ring with a plus – the classic rabbit design!

I Lack a Penis, But….

It’s obvious that I lack a penis. However, with 30 plus years of experience in the sex toy business, I know my c-rings. The Charged Ohare combines 2 stretchy penis rings, 1 for the penis and a second to go around the testicles. This holds the ring in place, while assisting in the engorging process. The Ohare will fit average penis sizes – but they DO have an Ohare XL for those with thicker members. The first ring is thick and features stimulating bumps inside. The larger of the rings is thin, comfortable and will easily cradle your testicles without pinching. To use this c-ring, follow these steps:
  1. Be sure there aren’t any long hairs that can be caught up in the rings. A little manscaping goes a long way.
  2. After you’ve achieved an erection, liberally lube your penis and the top of your testicles with a quality, water-based lubricant.
  3. Stretch and hold the smaller of the rings open, then slide both over your penis, stopping a couple of inches from your body.
  4. Gently close the ring around your penis. Then, push it the rest of the way down, toward your body.
  5.  Now, stretch the larger of the 2 rings around your testicles, at the very top.
  6. And now, you are ready to rock his/her world with a firmer, longer-lasting erection.

Get Your Rumble On

The best part of the Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibrator is the vibrating bullet at the top. It’s one of their signature, patented bullets, containing a low-frequency motor which creates a more rumbly vibration, rather than buzzy. Simply press the large, white button on the end and choose from 3 deeply powerful speeds and 7 incredible patterns. Not only will the rabbit ears and head give your partner sensations with each thrust, you will feel the rumbling sensations through your entire member. Plus, she will feel you vibrating inside her too! Best of all, this little powerhouse only needs recharged once every couple of months, and gives you and your partner hours of pleasure.

Materials Matter

The Charged Ohare rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe is made from Screaming O’s True Silicone – a soft, stretchy, body-safe material that’s non-porous and lasts forever. It’s silky soft, feels incredible against the skin and isn’t sticky like those jelly-like rings. The bullet is made from ABS plastic, which is also body-safe!

Extended Play

Aside from being an incredible cock ring, the Charged Ohare gives you the option of removing the bullet and using it for other play opportunities! For instance, use the bullet during oral sex, as a massage tool, to stimulate her clitoris, or his perineum, for external prostate stimulation. So, really, you are getting two toys in one!

It’s Under Warranty!

Best of all, the Charged Ohare comes with a 2-year, limited warranty from Screaming O. All you have to do is register your Ohare as soon as it arrives by either filling out the form in the instruction manual, or by going to their website. I mean, you can’t say that about a lot of sex toys! So, this one is a no-brainer! I highly recommend the Charged Ohare for all couples wanting to up their sex game, and give one another thrills like no other!

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

The Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe is designed to give both the wearer and their partner pleasure through the low-frequency, rumbling bullet. And since the rabbit head and ears add weight, Screaming O has designed this penis ring with a thinner ring, which goes around the testicles, to counter balance the weight, keeping the face and ears upright. The True Silicone is soft, sensual and stretchy for a perfect, comfortable fit. And although the regular Charged Ohare may not fit all penises, girth-wise, they do make an XL. Finally, Screaming O designed the Charged Ohare to have a removable bullet that can be used for other types of intimate play.

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

If you already know how to put on a penis ring properly, the Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe is created for simplistic use. Just press the raised, white button on the end of the bullet and press again to scroll through the speeds and patterns. And with the dual ring design, the weight of the rabbit it counter-balanced, so you don't have to bother supporting or readjusting it. It will hit her (or his) spot every time. Now, the smaller ring may be difficult for some to stretch open, so it may not be suitable for someone with hand strength issues. However, your partner can always help you put it on.

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

This little guy is made so well that it's a toy you will have forever! The Charged Ohare is made from True Silicone and is thick and sturdy. Plus, it looks and feels like a luxury sex toy, only, without the high price. The rumbly bullet has a strong, reliable battery inside that only requires charging fully once every couple of months. And the best part? The bullet is whisper quiet! Overall, the Ohare is waterproof, so 100% safe for water play and made to last for the long haul.

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe - <

The Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe is on the lower end of the price scale for this type of penis ring. Sure, you can find extremely cheap penis rings that vibrate, but this one is rechargeable, has an awesome, rumbly bullet, and is made from durable, yet soft and comfortable silicone. It comes with a USB charger that features a pin, so it stays in place while charging. You get an instruction manual and warranty card to fill out for a full 2-year warranty. Or, you can always register your Ohare on the Screaming O website. Overall, this ring is well worth the affordable price!

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

Performance-wise, the Charged Ohare runs like a dream! The deep, rumbling vibrations can be felt from tip to base, turning you into a custom vibrator your partner will feel inside and out. The Ohare is super quiet, waterproof and only requires charging every couple of months. Now, that is a long battery life! It doesn't get warm while in use, and you can remove the bullet for independent play.....and these rumbly vibrations feel SO GOOD, and won't make either of you feel numb. Not only that, this wearable vibrator is made to last, and give you both years of indescribable thrills!

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

The packaging is basic card stock with a clear, plastic window on the front, showing the product. Otherwise, there are no graphic photos or illustrations you'll want to hide from little eyes. The text is informative, illustrating what's inside the box, and how everything works. Inside the box is a plastic tray with custom spots for the Ohare and the charging cable. Overall, you could use the box for storage, as it doesn't come with a bag. However, after a while, the box will break down.

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

The Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibrator is created from Screaming O's patented True Silicone, which is body-safe, durable, silky soft and comfortable. The material is non-porous, and is best used with a water-based lubricant to maintain the integrity of the silicone. And since the Charged Ohare is waterproof, you can wash it with soap and warm water, a sex toy cleaner or wipe. Just be sure and remove the bullet so you can clean inside the rabbit head too. Then, give Ohare a quick dry and store it in the box, a sex toy storage bag or your toy box.

Vibration modes10
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns4
MaterialsTrue Silicone, ABS plastic
Charging Time60 minutes
Colors AvailableBlack and Pink

Screaming O Charged Ohare Wearable Rabbit Vibe -

  • Turns any penis into a rabbit vibrator.
  • 10 settings of rumbly vibrations.
  • Made from body-safe, stretchy True Silicone.
  • You can use the bullet independently.
  • Rechargeable and lasts months on a single charge.

  • May be too small for thicker penises. (There's an Ohare XL)
  • The rabbit face feels better than the ears.

The Screaming O Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe is an incredible way to add some spice to your intimate relationship. Not only will the Ohare turn you into a custom vibrator, with clitoral stimulation, you'll offer your partner deep, internal stimulation too. The Ohare will also give you a firmer erection, while allowing you to last much longer - a win-win for you both! And with the Ohare being rechargeable, it will last forever. I couldn't recommend this wearable rabbit vibrator to couples more!

I can’t find a user’s manual online for the Charged Ohare Rechargeable Wearable Rabbit Vibe. But no worries, you can take a peek at my instructions and tips above.

You should remove the Ohare after you've finished having sex to prevent any injury. Additionally, if you experience any pain, tingling or numbness while wearing the Ohare, remove it immediately.

Both rings must go around your penis. However, if you prefer not to place the larger ring around your testicles, it's not necessary. But it is there to balance the weight of the rabbit and keep it upright.

Rings, like the Charged Ohare, work by keeping erectile blood from backflowing. As a result, you maintain your erection for a longer period of time, have a firmer erection, and add sensitivity to your penis. Further, a vibrating ring gives both you and your partner even more exciting sensations.

You can get into any position where the rabbit ears come into contact with your partner's clitoris. For instance, missionary or any variable of that. For other positions, like doggy, or anal, you can wear Ohare upside down.

That can definitely happen from time to time. Simply add more lube around the smaller ring and gently slide it off.