E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack — Test & Review

Crystal Heart Dildo   Katie Elizabeth
Jan 19, 2024

Crystal Heart Dildo

Katie Elizabeth
: 34
: Intermediate
: Non-binary
: bi-sexual

  • Are experienced in e-stim.
  • Are looking to expand your e-stim use.
  • Like adding tech into your play.
  • Enjoy medical play.

  • Have any heart concerns.
  • Have never used other electrostim toys.
  • Are planning on using this with multiple partners.
  • Tend to like faster moving action in the bedroom.

The E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack is the perfect little black box for those looking to bring things to 'shocking' new heights. The electro pack fits right in your hand, allowing you to switch between the 9 modes of stimulation as quickly as you desire. Attach the electro pads, or try the insertable egg to amp up the electricity.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

Not For The Faint of Heart

There are so many warnings on the ElectroPebble about not using it across your chest that I was hesitant to use it for a few weeks. This is not a novice toy. In fact, don’t treat this like a toy at all. You are literally playing with electricity, and it should be used with caution and respect. That being said, my partner was testing out the strength of the pulse modes and wasn’t getting a feel at first. They went full ’80s kid and put their tongue on it. Don’t do this. No one got hurt. They got shocked and realized it worked after all.

Learning Curve

It took a while for us to figure out how to get everything to work. There is a lot that comes in the XPE Pack. The instructions were underneath the padding for everything, so we had to dig to find them. It also wasn’t clear at first how to switch between modes. The lights flash down the entire row the entire time. I know this isn’t super hi-tech, but it made it confusing that all the lights are always on. After reading through everything, we did a test on our fingertips like the instructions said to do. We learned fast that there is a big difference from person to person. My partner felt the shock pretty quickly. I had to crank everything up to get even just a slight feeling.


There is a lot to use in this XPE Pack. We haven’t worked up to the insertable egg yet. I’m excited to see what that will bring. The electro pads and wires added a nice sensation for me that helped lift me into a euphoric state. I love increasing sensations on my body to completely turn off my mind. My partner wasn’t as thrilled. They thought the electricity added too much outside stimulation for them to be able to focus. I’m glad we both tried it to get two different perspectives, and we were able to have a conversation on what and why something was/wasn’t working.

Cleaning and Care

Because of the electricity running through the pack, you can’t submerge it under water to clean it, but you can wipe it down with a cloth or a sex toy wipe. The electro pads also mention that they cannot be used indefinitely — you can get around 6-10 uses out of them if you put them back on the sheet they come on after use. Additionally, while the electro egg mentions it can be cleaned, I would personally hesitate to use it for anal use, though the manual does mention it can be used for that. It has a ridge and I’m not sure it would get clean enough for me. This isn’t something I would feel confident using for multiple people. It also requires electro-gel. This means you have to be really careful with the application since most things can only be wiped down, though the conductive loops can be washed with a mild soap.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

The design of the E-Stim ElectroPebble has a very tech/industrial/medical look. I don't always reach for something like that, however this was appealing. It was always really interesting for my neurospicy partner to have a lot of buttons, wires, etc. to play with. The combination hit just right for both of us.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

The setup took a little bit of time. I think figuring out what the lights mean, where to place things, and setting the levels might frustrate some people so much that they would give up. This wasn't a cheap product, so I think I would expect this to go very smoothly. However, if you have more previous experience with E-Stim toys, you may find this easier.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

The XPE pack is made really well. This part is really important for something that is electrocuting you. I had no concern that it would malfunction and cause harm we didn't want. Every piece was quality and made me feel safe.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack - <

This pack runs in the $300 range. I know this makes it out of some people's price range. However, for what you get and the quality, I think this feels completely justified. I would rather have something a little more expensive and know I feel safe using it.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

The XPE Pack comes with a battery so it is instant use. It's silent, adding to its travel appeal. However, it does have a feature that allows you to hook it up to music and time the pulses to the beat. Techno fans rejoice!

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

The travel case is great! It's sturdy and has a nice comfortable handle. The padding inside keeps everything very well protected. It isn't small though. If you are hoping for something that doesn't take up a lot of room, this isn't the pack for you. The travel case is doing the job of keeping everything safe and well-maintained, but it is taking up a lot of room in my closet.

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

Not everything in this pack is super easy to clean, and many of the components cannot be submerged under water. The E-Stim pack, wires and pads can only be wiped down. The egg says in can be washed, but it says to wash it by wiping it down as well. This causes me to think twice about using it for anal (even though the instructions say you can).

Width4 9/16 x 3 1/32 x1 1/2 inches
Remote ControlsTwo control dials for intensity levels
Materials2 TENS Connection Cables, 2 Conductive Rubber Loops, Medium Electro Egg, 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads, PP3 Battery, Quick Guide, User Manual, Carry Case
RechargeableNo, uses 1x 9V battery
AdjustableAdjustable loops
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack

E-Stim ElectroPebble XPE Pack -

  • A ton of options to play with.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Travel case.
  • Hand held.
  • Adjustable.

  • Lots of parts for a starter toy.
  • Can be heard to clean.
  • Some of the instructions were unclear.

This is a great toy that gives you so many options in one product. I don't recommend this for everyone though. This does come with some extra hazard warnings and gets into some dangerous territory if you are not careful. This can be a really fun element to try, however this isn't something to pull out for a quickie or something spontaneous. When used mindfully, this can be a fun and euphoric addition.

The manual and instructions will be provided in your XPE pack. For those of us who lose things, here’s a link on the e-system website.

E-stim will feel like a muscle twitch or a pulse. It may take some getting used to for anyone new to the sensation.

If you enjoy impact play, pain play, or other play that brings sensations to your body, e-stim will probably bring you similar joy.

Yes, the XPE pack is an all-in-one pack instead of having to buy multiple things. This ends up making it cheaper in the long run.

E-stimsystems has a Lifetime guarantee of their products. They will help you replace faulty parts in order to keep you safe, and your fun going.