Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe — Test & Review

   Flora Winters
Jun 6, 2023

Flora Winters
: 27
: Intermediate
: Female
: Demi-Pansexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Aren't concerned about a toy pinching your insides
  • Desire deep penetration
  • Love mechanical thrusters
  • Are at least an intermediate anal toy user
  • Don't mind loud toys

  • Are new to anal play
  • Prefer low-volume motors
  • Need to ease into anal stimulation
  • Are put off by the idea of internal pinching


Never has an inanimate object more effectively embodied the phrase, "Jack of all trades, master of none." The Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe is a deep-diving, fully waterproof anal toy. Dual motors provide vibrations, a thrusting shaft, and a rotating head. But buckle up, because you're in for a wild ride.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

Thrusting for Joy

I’ve been salivating over thrusting massagers for quite some time. The idea of lying back while my mechanical companion labors for my climax seems divine. So, when I was served the opportunity to test the Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe on a silver platter, I enthusiastically gobbled it up. I was eager to relax into masturbation without the physical labor or mental load. Oh boy, were my expectations off!

Nibbling Nethers!

Do you enjoy being eaten out? I mean, devoured from the inside out? Because that’s what this toy felt like. Accordion folds in the shaft prevent the silicone from tearing during thrusting functions. They, also, act as a buffer between the electronics and user’s body. However, these little folds pinch and nibble at the internal anatomy upon retraction. If you’ve ever pinched your finger in a hinge and wondered, “hm. I wonder how that’d feel inside of my rectum,” this may be the toy for you. Personally, I found this sensation to be wildly uncomfortable — even potentially hazardous.

When One Back Door Closes, a Curtain Opens

I wasn’t ready to give up on the Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe, yet. Perhaps there was a learning curve, but I could hardly focus on learning while my most delicate region was being battered. After a thorough cleansing, I inserted the toy vaginally. Upon activating the motors, I experienced the same pinching sensation on my vaginal walls. I tried different positions, adjusting placement, filtering through functions- nothing alleviated the pinching. Naturally, the session ended early due to discomfort.

Me and My Hand

While I wasn’t willing to risk harming my vagina or anus with another ride, I commenced external quality testing. After fully charging the Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe (which took about 90 minutes), I timed how long it took to drain the battery. Testing was repeated on multiple settings, and each setting drained the battery after about 45 minutes. The thrusting and rotating motions distracted from vibrations, and there was no way to isolate each feature. The vibrations were quite rumbly. However, they were too weak to travel up the shaft and remained concentrated in the base. On a positive note, a memory chip resumes on whichever session the user last powered off the probe.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

Nothing says, "cyborg romance" like silicone skin stretched over a mechanical arm. The design of the Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe feels reminiscent of The Terminator's leather-gloved hands, and it's just as intimidating... I'm not sure whether that's a bonus, but I know it'll tickle somebody's fanny — I mean, fancy! That being said, the fingerprint texture on the rotating head is a tantalizing detail. The curved shaft and bulging "fingertip," also, look sufficient for prostate stimulation. Not to mention, the mirrored base is perfect for... Wait, why is there a mirrored base?

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

Operating the settings (outside of the body) was easy enough. The same button controls every function: hold for 3 seconds to power on/off and press to filter through settings. Managing these functions during use was significantly more challenging. The probe must be fully inserted before powering on. This eliminated the option of easing into thrusts. To make matters worse, users must power off the probe PRIOR to removal. This means that any pain or discomfort must be endured for the time it takes to find the power button, hold it down for 3 seconds, then remove the probe. That's a pretty serious flaw in my book.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

I don't have high hopes for the longevity of this product. A hollow chasm resides between the silicone shaft and the core. While the internal mechanics feel sturdy, the silicone skin is thin and flimsy. One tear and the electronic components are rendered inoperable. Not to mention, they're loud. A mechanical screech accompanies each thrust and rotation, like little elves going to town on a spring mattress. The only quality points I can attribute to this probe are for the body safe silicone, the rechargeable battery, and the 45-minute battery life.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe - <

The Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe retails for $96 at Hustler Hollywood. The price is comparable to other thrusters, like the ZALO Desire Pre-Heating Thruster or ZALO Rose Rabbit Thruster; however, both ZALO products boast luxury designs and high ratings. The Eclipse is comprised of two motors, combines three functions, and includes a battery with a 45-minute run time; so, I'm sure it's a fair price for the materials, engineering, and assembly involved. That being said, $96 is a pretty steep price to have my rectum devoured.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

I don't know what experience I expected, but it wasn't this. While the vibrations are rumbly, they're weak. The shaft has the range to thrust long strokes. Once inside the body, it lacks the power to follow through. It's just enough force to be uncomfortable; yet, it wouldn't feel safe reengineering at a higher strength. As mentioned, the accordion folds pinched the rectal and vaginal tissues. Without a tapered neck, the probe must be held in place. If the accordion slips out of place, expect to feel chomping on your sphincters. To top it all off, the motor gets hot.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

The probe was enclosed in a plastic case, which was slipped into a cardboard box. While this packaging proved sufficient for transit, I prefer the added security of a tamper resistant seal. This reassures users that they are the first to enjoy their purchase. The presentation may have been lackluster, but that matters little to me if the product performs well. For all you storage bag lovers, you'll be disappointed; but it does come with a charger and user guide tucked neatly behind the plastic.

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

Only use water-based lubricant with silicone toys. A thick, gel-like consistency is preferrable, as the viscosity cushions motion and slows evaporation. After use, wash thoroughly with a sex toy cleanser and warm water. Allow the surface to fully dry before storing. Excessive heat or cold may damage electrical components or result in battery combustion. So, no boiling! Power off the toy if it becomes overheated, and discontinue use if any tearing is present in the silicone.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns9
Thrust Modes4
Length4.5 inches
Insertable length3.75 inches
Diameter1.25 inches
Battery Life45 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Remote ControlsNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe -

  • Body-safe silicone
  • Vibrating, thrusting, and rotating head
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fully waterproof

  • Shaft pinches at internal tissues
  • Loud motors
  • Limited thrusting modes
  • Can't isolate thrusting, rotation, and vibration functions

As much as a self-thrusting toy excites me, I can't confidently advise anybody purchase this product. It feels like a prototype to an ambitious concept. The safety concerns far outweigh any props I can give. It should be redesigned with a more suitable buffer between the silicone and hardware. The ability to isolate each function, and a more gradual start up would both enhance the experience. When it comes to the most delicate regions of the body, one can never be too careful.

Use only with water-based lubricant. Hold down power button for 3 seconds to power on/off, and click to filter through settings. Keep away from extreme temperatures. Charge using USB provided. Discard if damaged.

The Hustler Hollywood website advertises this product as being a prostate massager, although the product packaging doesn't mention prostate stimulation. The shape seems suitable for prostate stimulation.

If the wearer has a penis, the design shouldn't affect partnered sex. If the user has a vagina, the base may be too bulky to comfortably receive vaginal penetration or cunnilingus. That being said, any discomfort experienced may limit activity, regardless of anatomy.

This product isn't advertised for vaginal use. However, I did try it vaginally. It worked just as well as it did anally, and the pinching sensation was just as unpleasant.

Yes. The Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe comes with a 1-year warranty.