Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Jan 22, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want to explore intermediate bondage
  • Need it for light bondage/occaisional use
  • Are ok flexible
  • Don't need the highest quality

  • Prefer buckling or lockable cuffs
  • Need heavy duty restraints
  • Are looking for a sturdy restraints that are made to last
  • Struggle with flexibility

The Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs features a padded neck rest with wrist cuffs and long straps with ankle cuffs that hold your legs wide open during all kinds of kinky play! The straps are adjustable and you can use the harness in multiple positions.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

Yoga prop or sex position strap

When I first got the Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master I took it for test run solo to figure out how to get into it and if it would be comfortable enough for partner play. I was a bit underwhelmed by the quality — it’s definitely got a pretty rough and ready to feel to it but it was easy enough to get into and actually quite comfortable to lie in. I went for the legs akimbo on my back position, and my first thought was this is really going to help with my flexibility, maybe I will master the middle splits after all! I actually usually do this stretch with my legs up the wall so it was nice to have a new way to do that! But I know you aren’t here to hear about yoga!

In Use

Using the Fetish Fantasy Position Master during PIV sex was pretty fun! I did find that the neck pillow pulled on my neck a little, but I guess that’s kind of unavoidable with this type of BDSM restraint. I really loved how it took the strain off my legs, making it so much easier to stay in this position for a long time — a pillow princess’s dream! I also loved how it opened me up, leaving me on complete display for my partner to do as they please (within consensual boundaries, of course). The added wrist restraints pleased my inner sub as well!

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

There's not a lot to comment on about the design of the Position Master. Everything is in standard black with metal hardware. The pillow and ankle cuffs have a softer velvety material on them, which is a nice touch. The wrist cuffs are lined with neoprene, which is good because the nylon straps are a little rough. I would say the design is fine but lacking in finesse. It does have a slightly cheap novelty feel to it.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

The Fetish Fantasy Position Master is extremely easy to use as both cuffs are fastened with velcro and the leg straps are easy to adjust. You might have to spend a bit of time finding the most comfortable positions for you but aside from that, there's not a lot to it! I think this would be a good option for those looking to take the next step after more basic bondage.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

Unfortunately, the quality isn't the highest. Right from when I took it out of the box, I noticed lots of lose threads hanging from the straps and the whole thing is a little rough around the edges. I would also like a little more padding on the neck piece for comfort. However, I was happy that the hand cuffs are attached using metal hardware rather than plastic.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  - <

The Position Master is a mid-range restraint when it comes to price. I would expect the quality to be higher for this price really, but I still enjoyed using it. My main concern is that it won't last too long as it feels kind of flimsy.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

I would say the Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs performs relatively well. It's easy to get into and does a good job of holding my legs up. However, I've been pretty careful not to play too rough with it as it doesn't feel particularly strong. The cuffs also aren't that particularly secure.

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Fetish Fantasy packaging is the worst of the worst! The 90s porn style images are so cringey they are almost funny, but you really don't want to bump into a neighbour at the recycling bins with this box! The front of the box features a woman lying on her front with her legs restrained in the harness and a look of what I think is supposed to be pleasure on her face, so there's absolutely no doubt about what's inside the box! The other sides of the box feature more images in different positions to give you some inspiration on how to use the sling. Another thing that annoys me is how edited the photos are. I'm pretty sure they edited out her butt crack in one!

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

The Position Master is made from nylon straps, neoprene, and velvet with metal clasps and plastic sliding buckles. Given the nature of the toy, it's unlikely to get too dirty, and I would recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth when necessary. It doesn't come with a storage bag and while it isn't necessary, I do recommend storing it somewhere that it won't collect dust.

AdjustableYes — cuffs and leg straps
MaterialsNylon, neoprene, metal, plastic

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs  -

  • Quick and easy to use
  • More comfortable than it looks
  • A fun addition to BDSM play
  • Great for deep penetration
  • Can also be used for oral sex

  • Not the best quality
  • Can pull on neck
  • Rough fabric

While the Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs isn't the highest quality set of restraints out there, it did add a little fun and exploration to BDSM play with a partner. The vulnerability of being spread open wide for my partner was very exciting and I liked being able to hold the position more comfortably and for longer periods of time. And when it's not being used for that, I'll be using it to stretch!

The Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs doesn’t have an instruction manual but check out my tips in the how to section above.

The positions are quite intense so I would say it's good to have some bondage experience.

No. I recommend spot cleaning the harness as necessary

The wrist cuffs are detachable but the ankle cuffs aren't.