Fufu Clip — Test & Review

   Rae Moss
Apr 2, 2024

Rae Moss
: 48
: Advanced
: Female
: Queer

  • You'd like your penis and scrotum to resemble a vulva.
  • You want to feel feminine.
  • You're willing to buy straps or a harness to go with it.
  • You want a vulva made from your skin so you can feel sensations.
  • You want to experience your gentials differently.

  • You can't push your penis inside your body (it takes practice!)
  • You're not happy pulling and folding your scrotum skin.
  • You're not willing to buy straps or a harness.

We tried two different "Fufu Clips" from Oxy (they're the same except for the material and colour). One was metal and one was plastic. They're designed to create a vulva from a penis and scrotum. You place the clip against your groin and then manipulate your penis, scrotum and testicles into position.

Fufu Clip -

Make me a vulva!

My non-binary transfemme partner and I (cis woman) play around with gender roles in sex.  We’ve fantasised about having different body parts and we’ve bought, and used, prosthetic breasts for my partner and a packer (a prosthetic cock) for me. The clip promises to create a vulva from your penis and scrotum.  Luckily, the videos on the Oxy website were really helpful because there are no instructions included with the toy.


The first time you use this toy will not be a romantic or sexy moment!  You’ll drop it, you’ll swear at it and you’ll keep watching the video while you figure out how on earth you’re supposed to attach it!  We laughed a lot while we figured it out but had a really nice time!  You have to be willing to pull your scrotum skin around a lot and press your penis into your body.


Eventually, with the help of the video on the Oxy site, we figured out the clip and got it into place.  And you know what?  It looks great!  It’ll definitely take practice, and we really need to buy a harness or straps to hold it in place, but seeing my partner’s new vulva was really hot.

Fufu Clip -

The metal clip feels luxurious and high-end. The plastic clip looks more basic but it's sturdy and less cold against the body. The metal one is slightly more expensive. It's not obvious how to use the clips from looking at them so you'll need to watch the excellent videos on the Oxy website.

Fufu Clip -

This product definitely takes some practice to use. You need to be able to push your penis inside your body and pull the skin on your scrotum around the clip to create labia. It would definitely be worth buying the straps or harness that go with this product because keeping it in place was tricky. But, it makes a really nice vulva. The head of your penis will form your clitoris and your scrotum skin will form your labia. The brilliant thing about the clip is that you can enjoy your new vulva and touch yourself or feel a partner touching you. You can masturbate your new clitoris by rubbing side to side over the head of your cock. It looked great.

Fufu Clip -

The clips we tried were sturdy and well-made. The metal one feels more luxurious but it's cold at first! The plastic one felt good quality.

Fufu Clip - <

Both clips seem like good value providing you're willing to take time to learn how to use them. It takes practice.

Fufu Clip -

The clips work but need straps or a harness to hold them in place (which I found on the Oxy website by searching "fufu clip harness"). The vulva the clip creates in really nice to see. The cock head forms the clitoris and the scrotum skin forms the labia. It takes practice to get it on but it looks and feels good.

Fufu Clip -

The clips are aesthetically pleasing. They're simple and classy. They come with a small velvet storage bag each. You could carry one really discreetly.

Fufu Clip -

Both versions of the toy were well-made. One is metal and the other is plastic. They're both easy to clean and sterilise. The metal one feels cold against the body. The plastic one is less of a chilly shock when you press it into your balls!

Storage Bag IncludedVelvet storage bag
MaterialsStainless or plastic

Fufu Clip -

  • Allows you to make temporary changes to your genitals.
  • You can still feel things (unlike when you wear a prosthetic).
  • Really high quality.

  • It takes practice to learn how to use it.
  • It really needs straps or a harness, which aren't included.
  • There are no instructions in the box.

This Fufu Clip has the potential to be lots of fun, providing you're willing to practise! It can feminise your genitals in a way that'll still allow you to masturbate (or have a partner touch you). I'd really recommend buying a harness too so you don't have to hold it in place.

There are useful NSFW videos on the product page on the Oxy website.  The person showing the product is good at describing how to use it and it was loads easier to get the idea once we’d seen it in place.

You either have to hold it or buy a separate harness.

You kind of tuck it up into your body. If your response is "What?!" then you're the same as we were... but, with a bit of practice, it's amazing what you can achieve!

Yes. If you can manipulate your skin around the clip, it looks like a vulva.