Fun Factory Limba Flex S — Test & Review

   Felicia Roy
May 10, 2024

Felicia Roy
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  • enjoy strap on play
  • like to be able to shape the toy the way you want
  • are interested in trying anal play or pegging
  • love the colour blue!

  • don't like smaller toys - they've got bigger sizes to choose from!
  • don't plan on using a strap on
  • prefer toys you can ride without a partners assistance - you'll need a larger size for this
  • prefer softer/squishier dildos

The Limba Flex S is small in size but super cute and very versatile. It has a wide, 'Y' shaped suction base and more power than a good vacuum! It stuck to my uneven, not very smooth wooden table and I accidentally lifted it off the floor! I've only had a handful of toys able to do that, so I was pretty impressed by the base design at first. The 'Y' shaped also gives it versatility in how you use it. You can wear it in a strap on belt, stick it to any smooth surface (walls, floors, tubs) and get a good grip if you prefer the old fashioned way! The colour is a beautiful deep Caribbean Blue, with bright orange on the bottom, making the whole toy have a glow to it! I honestly just love the colour combination! It has a smooth, hypoallergenic texture and is 100% body safe and waterproof; the tip is rounded to a tapered point making entry and exit smooth, and fairly painless. Although the online reviews have mentioned it can be painful during rougher playtime, or certain angles, I personally didn't experience that, but can see how some people would have, especially those who prefer more life-like dildos.

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

The Big Reveal

Today we are looking at the Limba Flex S Fit Dildo from the Fun Factory, straight out of Germany. Upon opening the box, I was greeted by an instruction manual. Let me begin by saying this manual is funny and informative, and even includes a fun sexy game you can do to spice up your Limba Flex play! It also tells you how to clean it, different ways to use and store it, and different ways you can shape your new Limba toy. Filled with pictures and fun word play, the manual is a hit for me. Once I made it through the layers of the packaging and first laid eyes on the Limba Flex S, I gasped at the colour! As we know I am a sucker for good colours, and this was a nail-on-the-head moment for me. They describe it as Electric Blue, but I’d say it’s more of a galactic blue. It’s so vibrant and instantly made me want to touch it! Through my research on the Limba Flex S, I noticed that most websites have an aqua blue, as opposed to the deep blue I received and have photographed in this article; all the sites say “Caribbean Blue” for the colour of the Limba Flex Small, but I can only find the electric blue on a few websites.

Poseable, But Not So Sticky

The feel of the Limba Flex S is similar to most silicone; silky and almost creamy to the touch. It’s made with 100% body safe, waterproof silicone and has a strong suction “Y” shaped base. The Limba Flex S also has a metal rod through the centre, which gives it a lot of flexibility, while able to maintain it’s shape; how cool is that?! The first thing I did when I picked up my Limba was see how bendable it was, and I was not disappointed. It shaped very easily, and stuck to the wall quite nicely when I tested the suction. Unfortunately, even on the bathroom walls, it didn’t stay on the tile for very long. Now, I fully believe this is a me problem, and not a design problem, as a lot of my toys with suction don’t like the material my bathroom tiles are made of, but a couple do last a bit longer then the Limba did, sadly. This, however, I am happy to look over as there’s many other useful ways to play with the Limba!

Ready, Set, Action!

First impressions on getting to try my new Limba Flex were a mix of both satisfaction and disappointment. Let’s start with the negative and end on the positive shall we? My biggest bone to pick with the Limba Flex S is that it’s too short to stick to the floor and have some personal fun. I’m a chubby girl, so it could’ve just been too much of myself in the way, but I was quite sad I wasn’t able to use it like that at first. Another thing I’d like to point out is though it’s very flexible, having the metal rod in the centre makes the Limba Flex on the harder side, and the tip can feel a bit sharp on certain angles, so I would suggest taking things a bit slow until you get a feel for it. On the positive side, it 100% kept its shape! My favourite ways to use to Limba Flex Small were manually using my hands and working the Limba Flex, and  with my hubby who wore a double strap on; it felt great! Always finish playtime with a warm soapy bath and your favourite toy cleanser to keep your Limba Flex nice and clean, and ready for the next round!

Final Scene

All-in-all, I feel the Limba Flex S is a good addition to anyone’s secret stash. It’s stylish, sporty, sleek, versatile, and best of all, you can form it to hit the right spot. I would recommend this toy to my couple friends who were looking to explore, and I’d recommend the larger sizes for those who will be using it solo. I will admit using the small size with my hand was quite easy, I was able to get a great grip on it and I ‘got there’ quite quickly, which is not a simple task most days. If you’re on the line of buying this size or the next size, this is your official sign to go get one, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

The Limba flex, to me, has a very luxurious look and feel to it. The 100% body safe silicone almost has a creamy feel to it, and the overall shape is very aerodynamic! The "Y" shaped, suction base is multi-functional as you can put it in your favourite strap-on belt! Personally for me the design works well, and I love the idea of being able to bend it and have it hold its shape! I also really like the size, its on the small side, but that makes it perfect for anal play, which we all know I have a fondness for! The only thing that was a bit disappointing was the suction bottom, tho it has a very strong grip at first, it didn't stay stuck for very long. To be fair, a lot of the smooth surfaces in my home are old, so that could of had something to do with it? But I do personally feel this might be a design issue.

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

Using the Limba Flex S on your own or with a partner is a breeze, and very satisfactory. Simply wash and clean your new Limba, grab the shaft firmly, sculpt and bend it to fit your preferred form, add your favourite lubrication and have fun! If you have a larger sized Limba Flex, find a smooth, firm surface to stick it too and hop on for some extra fun and a good work out. If you really want to spice things up, the Limba Flex will mostly likely fit perfectly into one of your favourite strap-on belts for double penetration fun or for pegging your partner!

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

To me the Limba Flex in no way feels or looks cheap. It's shape holding abilities withstand the movement and thrust, and by that I mean it holds it's shape very well even during play time. I personally thought it was going to bend or shape differently while in use, but once again, I was pleasantly surprised! The Limba Flex is very reliable in keeping its shape, and the silicone looks, and feel like high quality in my personal opinion. It's most certainly the prettiest colour out of all my toys!

Fun Factory Limba Flex S - <

The Limba Flex gives multipurpose uses, and is high quality silicone making it worth the purchase - I'm looking to buy the 2 sizes up from this one! You don't get a storage bag in with the Limba Flex, however the packaging itself was great and made me forget about it not coming with one! If you're already looking at buying a Limba Flex I'd suggest going for it! Life's to short to ignore the possibilities that await you in the bedroom.

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

The online reviews about the Limba Flex were mostly positive but there were some mixed feelings on how hard the toy is, and the shape of the tip was said to be a bit painful and sharp on some angles. Unfortunately, I do agree with these specific comments as it is a bit on the harder side due to having the metal rod inside of it (which is exactly what I expected once I found out the rod was there). I also feel if you are a slightly sensitive down there that going to fast and too hard might cause unwanted and unnecessary pain, so make sure you get a feel for the Limba Flex before you go all out - or all in, if you catch my drift!

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

The packaging for the Limba Flex S is by far my favourite compared to a lot of other toys I have seen. The colours are cool tones, which doesn't exactly draw the eye to it, but the soft lilac display sleeve can be eye catching at a quick glimpse and unpacking it was very satisfying. I don't know about you, but I like layers, and who doesn't enjoy opening a present? That's how it felt to unwrap the Limba Flex. It comes in a box, that has a sleeve over it for display, and its qualities, functions, toy description were included on the sleeve itself. The main box is a steel grey colour, and says Fun Factory in a stylish design with a bright red, circular background. Upon opening it, you are greeted by a user manual, and extra cardboard over-top to ensure no damage to the Limba Flex occurs. It's honestly a great way to package something like this and think more companies should get their fun factories in line!

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

Being made of body safe silicone, you want to make sure to keep the Limba Flex clean and stored away in a bag or on it's own. Using warm water and your favourite toy cleanser, the Limba Flex is extremely simple to clean, and air dries pretty fast compared to some of my other silicone toys! The Limba Flex does not come with a storage bag, and the silicone can catch dust and dirt very easily, so make sure to store it away after cleaning, and make sure to give it a quick rinse before using, nothing worse then having hair where we don't want it! As always, make sure to use a water-based lubricant during playtime; silicone based lubricants will break the materials of the Limba Flex down over time. Best way to describe this chemical reaction is it starts to make the silicone very sticky/tacky, and eventually starts peeling and breaking apart, so water-based is always your best choice with silicone toys.

Length5.75 inches
Insertable length4.3 inches
Diameter1.2 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableElectric Blue, Caribbean Blue

Fun Factory Limba Flex S -

  • Super flexible yet solid
  • Very versatile
  • looks and feels great to touch
  • Has a suction base

  • On the harder side of most dildos
  • Tip can be uncomfortable after insertion
  • Can be too short to use the suction base comfortably
  • Doesn't come with a storage bag

If you're looking for a good, simple, yet fun play toy, the Fun Factory's Limba Flex S is for you! Don't let it's small size fool or disappoint you before trying it! Bend and morph your Limba to your perfect fit, making all your muscles flex in the right places. Use it alone, with your partner and a strap on belt, or just get creative and transform your room into your very own fun factory. This toy is perfect for beginners who want to take things slow, or for more advanced folks who want to get more experimental; the Limba Flex S is a great fit!

If you look up the Limba Flex on google you will have a few sites come up that either sell the product and have instructions, or  other toy tester reviews that explain how to use it. The Limba Flex also comes with a user manual in the box! I would recommend using the Limba flex either alone with the suction base, directing it yourself with your hands, or with a partner. My hubby used both a DP strap-on as well as manually with his hands, it was fun!