Hismith Servok Sex Machine — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Mar 7, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want a powerful thrusting machine for vaginal or anal play
  • Want the most customisable experience
  • Love the idea of app or long-distance control
  • Are looking for a strong, sturdy sex machine
  • Need a sex machine to use on high surfaces
  • Value the best in sex tech

  • Can't live with the noise
  • Are on a budget


The Hismith Servok is a high power, high-tech sex machine that features a servo motor for more precision, torque and power. It can also handle bigger, heavier toys. The frame is adjustable and can extend up to 80 cm high for a wider range of position options. It features a stroke length of up to 6.7 inches, as well as a short, fast thrust vibration mode. And if all that wasn't enough, you can even app-control it from anywhere in the world!

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

A Thrusting Upgrade

Having recently tested the Hismith Table Top 2.0 Max and had a lot of fun in the process, I was very intrigued to see what the Hismith Servok had to offer!

Setting Up the Servok

I consider myself pretty strong, or at least stubborn enough to think I can carry anything, but boy did this package give me a challenge! As the nice lady handed me my package in the supermarket, all I could say was “Shit” as almost 20kg parcel tried to drag me to the floor. I did manage to haul it up to my apartment but it wasn’t easy! Something to keep in mind if you struggle with heavy items! For an advanced level sex machine, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get the Servok up and running. Considerably easier than Ikea’s simplest flatpack! The legs screw into place the machine itself has fastenings that slip over the legs and clip into place. These clips also make it super easy to adjust the angle of penetration. I also really love that it comes with extension legs so you can easily use the machine while on the bed or any other higher surfaces.

Does the Servok Really Serve?

The answer is a resounding YES! The Servok Serves! Big Time! As a sex machine newby, I wasn’t really sure what all the fuss was about with the Servo motor but now I get it! The smoothness of the thrusts combined with it’s unrelenting, repetitive powerful motion gave me a totally new experience. I definitely recommend putting down a waterproof sex blanket, like the Liberator Fascinator or a couple of towels, even if you aren’t usually prone to squirting! Trust me on this one! The level of control really impressed me as well. Being able to the exact stroke length that hits the right spot and then just letting it go over and over again felt incredible. I was super happy that it worked for shallow penetration and can handle moving in and out completely without stalling or missing. Controlling it on the app was super easy as well.

Does It Feel Like ‘Real’ Sex?

If you are thinking about buying a sex machine but are worried you might not like it because it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ sex (I was somewhat in this camp), let go of that thought and go for it! No, it doesn’t feel like real sex, but it offers something completely different — unrelenting thrusting exactly how you want it!

Perfect For Solo or Partner Play

The Hismith Servok is an investment, but so are all luxury sex machines! I love that the Servok has so many ways to play, making it a pretty versatile piece of equipment for solo or partner play. Using it solo, there are two ways to control it yourself on the app, you can use the wireless remote, or you can try out other people’s patterns on the app (there are only three for the Servok at the moment though). Playing with a partner, the Servok makes an amazing BDSM sex machine for power play as you can give your partner the remote, putting them in control while they get to watch the show. You can also let them take control from anywhere in the world using the long-distance app control. Pair that with a video call and you’ve got some super hot long-distance sex. Lastly, you can also try the group play feature on the app which allows you to create a private or public room to play with other people!

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

The Servok looks very mechanical and that's because it is! While I don't think it's the most beautiful thing in the world, I do appreciate that has a sleek and almost ambiguous design. Without the dildo attached, I doubt too many people would instantly guess it's a sex machine. I love that it comes with leg extensions that take it from 40 cm tall to 80 cm as you can get way more creative with how and where you use it. It comes with a realistic looking dildo, and while I'm not a huge fan of the realistic look, I have to admit, I love how it felt! The prominent coronal ridge really takes things to another level! I would much prefer if it came in a non-realistic color though as the realistic details are a little too uncanny valley for my liking. I have one more slight concern with the design. The box around the motor has a cutout design and I'm a bit concerned that if one was to squirt, liquid could get inside.

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

Although there is some assembly required, the Hismith Servok is relatively easy to set up. The legs need screwing into place and then the machine slides on and is fastened in place. I would say you could have it set up in 5-10 minutes. It took me a minute to find where the power cable plugs in but aside from that, I had no issues. The KlicLok system makes connecting the dildo super easy — it literally just clicks into place and it's nice and secure. I was also surprised by how quick and easy it was to connect to the app. Learning how to use the app controls is a bit of a learning curve but it does come with some instructions. It was also very easy to set up the long distance control. Changing the settings is very easy, but I haven't messed around with the stepper mode as I don't fully understand how it works but you can adjust this on the machine. The other thing I have to mention is that the Servok is HEAVY! The whole package weighed 19 kgs! This makes it trickier to move around but a lot more stable!

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

The Hismith Servok feels like a very sturdy, well made sex machine. The frame is made from solid metal rods that really weigh the machine down and make it nice and stable. The machine itself runs super well and I've not had any issues with it so far! It does have a oily feel and smell when you take it out of the plastic wrap. I understand that the motor might need to be oily but it's a bit weird that the frame is too! The main issue though is the noise. While I wouldn't say the Servok is super loud, especially for a sex machine, there's an audible jolting noise at the top and bottom of each thrust. It also makes an whirring motor noise as it moves. I measured the sound at 50% power and it was around 50 decibels and at 100% power it was 60-70 decibels. It gets louder if you lower the smoothing function as well as it doesn't slow down and buffer the end of each thrust. As I live in an old apartment building, my neighbours can definitely hear the Servok so I try to only use it during the daytime in the hope they are out! The dildo also feels very good quality — it's made of dual density silicone and is nice and firm while also being soft and comfortable to use.

Hismith Servok Sex Machine - <

There is no denying that the Hismith Servok is expensive, but it is a fantastic piece of equipment that offers the best in sex machine tech. If you are looking for a sex machine that can open a lot of really fun possibilities, I can highly recommend this one! It feels incredible, is relatively easy to put up and take down, and it comes in a neat and discreet storage bag! While I've only used the Servok for vaginal play, I can see that it would also be fantastic for anal play.

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

This thing moves beautifully. It has a softening feature that slows the thrust at the top and bottom, making the thrusting feel wonderfully smooth. The weight of the stand combined with the power (2N.m of static torque) means that it doesn't give to any resistance and can even come fully out and push back in without stalling, moving, or missing. It's also set up to handle much larger toys if you are into that!

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

Thankfully the Hismith Servok came delivered in a fully discreet, sturdy cardboard box with absolutely no indication of what's inside. Inside there's a tasteful purple cardboard box with the Hismith name on it but no explicit images, and inside that, is the black carry case with the sex machine inside it. I really love the plain black padded bag it comes in as it has pockets to keep each piece safe while being stored or transported! You would also never guess that it had a sex machine inside!

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

The machine can be wiped clean but should not get wet. Once clean, you can disassemble it and pop the pieces in their correct place in the storage bag. The dildo is made of silicone, which means it can be cleaned with warm water and fragrance-free soap or sex toy cleanser, and it can be boiled to be sterilised if you want to use it between multiple, non-fluid-bonded partners. You should also stick to using water-based silicone lubrication, and you will need a lot of it!

Insertable lengthDildo: 5.5 inches
MaterialsDildo: Dual density silicone, Frame: Metal
Height15.7 to 31.5 inches
Weight33-41 lbs
RechargeableNo — mains powered
Remote ControlsWireless and app
Storage Bag IncludedYes
AdjustableYes — height and angle
Thrust ModesStroke length: up to 6.6," Speed: up to 600/min

Hismith Servok Sex Machine -

The Hismith Servok has two special features that deserve a mention. The first is the servo motor, which delivers amazing power and precision! You can fully adjust the stroke length straight from the app using a slider without having to stop the machine, making for a much more seamless transition between settings. You can also adjust the speed and smoothness setting and set upper and lowe limits. The second is the app-control feature which allows you to control the machine from your phone or play long-distance. There are four different play modes in the app — Solo Play, Remote Play, Mode Play, and Group Play. Solo play has two ways to control the Servok and Remote Play lets you give a partner control from anywhere in the world. Group Play allows you to set up a room and connect with other people. It can be private or public. Mode Play lets you try out patterns that other people have created and saved, but there are only three for the Servok so far and I couldn’t get them to work without being really jolty. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong though. Aside from that, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use the app!

  • Impressive power
  • Smooth strokes
  • Amazing adjustability and precision
  • Comes with a dual-density silicone dildo
  • Wireless remote or app-control
  • Can be used long-distance
  • Suitable for larger toys
  • Extension legs for using on the bed

  • Heavy to move around
  • Pretty loud if you live in an apartment
  • Can be a bit of a learning curve

While I cannot call myself a sex machine connoisseur (yet anyway), I feel I might have jumped straight to the pinnacle of sex machines! From the smooth, powerful, assertive thrusts to the sturdy machine, the Hismith Servok is one fantastic piece of equipment! Add to that the app functionality and it's ability to handle pretty much any size dildo, and I can't really think of anything more you could want from a sex machine! It's an investment, but if you have the budget for it, you won't be disappointed!

  1. Assemble the frame by putting the legs into the base and tightening using the included tool. You can choose to add the extension legs if you want the extra height.
  2. Undo the clips on the side of the machine, and slide it on the frame. Find your desired height and fasten the clips, making sure they are tight.
  3. Screw in the thrust arm by inserting in through the small hole in the front of the machine and twisting to tighten.
  4. Attach the dildo by pressing it into place.
  5. Connect the power cables and attach to machine on the side of the motor. Once plugged in, flip the switch to turn the machine on. It will move to adjust itself to the start position.
  6. You can either control it using the wireless remote (requires one AAA battery) or connecting it to the app via bluetooth. Once paired to the app, the Hismith Servok will connect automatically whenever it’s on and the app is open and bluetooth is turned on.
  7. You can adjust your upper and lower limits for speed and stroke length and control the Servok in the solo play feature of the app.

I measured the sound levels during use and it ranged from around 50 decibels at 50% up to 60-70 decibels at 100% power but it varies depending on the setting. The loudest thing is the jolting noise at the top and bottom of each thrust. The motor also makes a whirring noise as it moves.

You can use any KlicLok attachment from Hismith with the Servok.

You can buy a special attachment that allows you to use Vac-U-Lock dildos and toys with the Servok.

Hismith sells a suction cup converter attachment that allows you to use any sex toy with a suction cup base with the machine.