kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer — Test & Review

   Flora Winters
Nov 20, 2023

Flora Winters
: 27
: Intermediate
: Female
: Demi-Pansexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Have a vagina
  • Enjoy interactive workouts
  • Desire more control over pelvic muscles
  • Want to track progress
  • Prefer an insertable Kegel exerciser

  • Don't have a vagina
  • Prefer a non-insertable exerciser
  • Don't have iOS or Android
  • have no electronic equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer


Spice up your sexual wellness routine with the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer! This fitness device uses interactive technology to improve pelvic floor health while gaming! It's comfortable, adjustable, and vibrates for pleasurable biofeedback. The smart Kegel exerciser is comprised of an insertable pillow, flexible arm, and a comfort valve to customize the fit. Once inserted vaginally, sensors track Kegel flexes while the app records progress. Training can be synced to one of 6 workout modes. So get ready to transform gym-time into gametime, and enjoy classic arcade games like never before!

kGoal Classic -

Perfect Fit

Upon receiving the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer, I was intrigued by the squishy pillow portion. It felt strong, yet flexible. It was unlike anything I’d ever used before, so the user guide immediately came in handy: Air was to be let in and out of the insertable pillow by pressing the comfort valve. The comfort valve is a little metal stopper. When shut, air is locked inside of the comfort pillow. When pressed, air adjusts according to pressure resulting in a perfect fit. Once it came time to insert, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the pillow was inflated and deflated. It looked intimidating at full capacity but was much more manageable once the air was removed. The firm tip has a 1.5-inch diameter, which doesn’t decrease upon air-removal. This may prove problematic for some users. My first few times inserting the trainer, I did so while lying on my back. I found that standing made insertion much easier. Once inside, it fit very comfortably.

Positive Reinforcement

The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer records data and tracks progress using the kGoal Boost App. After just minutes of following prompts, I’d already connected and personalized my settings. The sensors proved to be quite sensitive to even the slightest pressure, which resulted in rapid feedback and data collection. I had set my trainer to vibrate internally (in the pillow) as well as externally (in the flexible arm). Low vibrations rumbled nicely, while stronger vibrations became slightly buzzy. All of them felt pleasurable, though. The real shining star was the gaming feature. Though the App was limited to six workout options, I tended to gravitate towards the same two games nearly every time: Blocks and Shapes. I found that Blocks was best equipped to measure strength, while Shapes was better designed for measuring control. I appreciated that exercises balanced each flex with periods of relaxation. Overly tense Kegels aren’t fun for anybody, and the ability to relax at-will can relieve painful penetration.

The Verdict

Pairing Kegel training with gaming was a genius concept. I practiced longer simply because I enjoyed the activities. Even on days when I couldn’t insert the trainer, I found myself performing workouts since I’d begun associating them with enjoyment. I did have one qualm while cleansing; the bulb is sloped towards the comfort valve, which directs lubricant to the most fragile portion of the trainer. Getting lubricant into the comfort valve could potentially damage the electronic components. Additionally, I didn’t feel that wiping the trainer as directed achieved sufficient cleansing. The data didn’t reflect it, but I have gained more control over my Kegels. After a few sessions, it became easier to relax and insert the Kegel trainer. Not to mention, my climaxes have become noticeably more intense! For this reason, it seems as though the data is merely a guide, not a precise measurement of the user’s abilities.

kGoal Classic -

Visually, the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer resembles a fitness aid. The saturated blue silicone seems both calming and energetic; and the white accents add freshness. The aesthetic could be elevated without the seam in the silicone, but I don't personally mind it. This trainer was clearly engineered with comfort and versatility in mind. There are just two upgrades I'd prefer: a gradually tapered tip and waterproofing. Overall, the design is quite brilliant.

kGoal Classic -

The only difficulty I can foresee with the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer would be anatomic incompatibility. If one can vaginally insert an object with a 0.5-inch diameter, then the rest should be a breeze. For me, it felt comfortable once inserted and remained in place. The power button is large and easily activated. Every other function is performed using the App or pelvic floor, which is perfect for those with mobility concerns. The App is simple to download, has a beginner-friendly user-interface, and performed for me with no malfunction.

kGoal Classic -

This product feels to be made of high-quality materials. It's fashioned from 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI silicone, and the feedback vibrations activate with no perceivable lag; this is pretty important for game play, since a single second of delay could affect scoring. The vibrations are gentle and slightly below standard volume. It does lose durability points for having an unprotected comfort valve. It wouldn't be hard to get water or lubricant into the valve, thereby compromising the electronic components.

kGoal Classic - <

There's an ocean of variation when it comes to Kegel trainers. While the price of basic, silicone trainers starts around $15, smart trainers tend to range between $119-$200. The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer is listed at $179 on the official kGoal website. Although this is a reasonable price for the smart technology, the limited warranty and water-permeability may be enough to consider other options. The We-Vibe Bloom retails for $119, has adjustable weights, is fully waterproof, and comes with a 2-year warranty. The Elvie Trainer retails for $199; it also comes with a gamified app, is fully waterproof, has a 2-year warranty, and detects incorrect Kegel movements.

kGoal Classic -

The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer exceeded my expectations. The battery is advertised as running 120 minutes. I've completed around 18 10–20-minute workouts, and the battery is still going strong. It didn't get hot during use, and I only experienced discomfort while inserting the firm tip. Eventually, I did experience more control over my pelvic floor. Not to mention, I dedicated more time to working out simply because I enjoyed the games. As mentioned in the "Special Feature" section, the data collection could use some tweaking. However, it worked very well overall.

kGoal Classic -

The packaging reflects the duality of the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer- a health device on the outside and a party on the inside. It comes in a sturdy, cylindrical, cardboard tube. The exterior displays an accurate portrayal of the product within, along with concise consumer education. Grey polka dots ornate the white interior, which was a pleasant surprise: it's the secret, fun lining in an otherwise serious jacket. A pull tab security seal kept the product safe from tampering, though it did tear the cardboard graphics upon removal. It came with a USB charger, user guide, storage bag, and a sample packet of lubricant.

kGoal Classic -

The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer is made from body-safe silicone. It should only be used with water-based lubricant. Clean before and after each session, using a damp cloth and silicone-safe cleanser. Clean extra thoroughly where the arm meets the adjustable pillow, as lubricant may accumulate in the divot. Since the design is only splash-resistant, users should protect the comfort valve from moisture and lubricant. Avoid excessive temperatures and store in the bag provided.

Length3.75 inches
Insertable length3.25 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
AdjustableYes, adjustable squeeze pillow
FlexibilityFlexible vibration arm
MaterialsClass VI medical grade silicone
WaterproofNo, not waterproof
RechargeableYes, USB-rechargeable
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsApp control
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlue

kGoal Classic -

Need a Boost? The kGoal Boost App adds interest to training using biofeedback. It allows users to choose a custom workout or sync their squeezes to one of the following games: Moving Target, Spaceship, Pinball, Shape Shift, or Bricks. The ability to combine training with gaming brings excitement to an otherwise tedious task. The App tracks the number of Kegel squeezes and graphs the following data: strength, endurance, control, and overall progress. This data is directly impacted by sensitivity settings. So, if one wishes to increase difficulty as their training advances, know that progress may reflect this change. To use, simply power on the kGoal, open the app settings. and connect the kGoal. Follow prompts to customize settings and sensitivity. The kGoal Boost App works with Android and Apple phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

  • Body-safe
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Clitoral vibration and internal vibration
  • App has simple user interface
  • Dual motors controlled independantly
  • Up to 2-hours of use per charge

  • Difficult to clean
  • Girthy tip may be difficult to insert
  • Very limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Workout statistics aren't precise
  • Not waterproof

Overall, I really enjoyed the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer. It was easy to understand, fun to use, and the feedback added tantalizing pleasure. I do wish it was fully waterproof, and a tapered tip would have eased insertion. The kGoal Boost App had a simple user-interface and operated flawlessly. Even though workout data was affected by sensitivity settings and gameplay, the interactivity certainly kept my attention. This would be a perfect option for those with a vagina, who are familiar with proper Kegel exercising, and who have no difficulty inserting an object with a 0.5-inch girth.

You can find the user guide for the kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer here!

Yes. It comes with an eco-friendly USB charging cable. It takes around 90 minutes to charge and 120 minutes to deplete the battery.

Yes! The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer comes with a silver storage bag, USB charging cable, user guide, and sample packet of lubricant.

No. The kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer is designed to be inserted vaginally. There is, however, an external option for those who prefer.

No. This product is only splash-resistant. It must be wiped clean with a damp cloth and must not be submerged.