Kiiroo Feel Ashley Barbie Pocket Pussy Review (Feelstars)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 24, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • are a Ashley Barbie fan
  • like using the stroker for teasing
  • don't want to be overstimulated

  • don't like it's a bit uneven placed orifice
  • want the most realistic looking and feeling stroker possible

In terms of rating a Feelstar stroker (or generally porn star vagina-molded strokers) I would say there is three main things to look for. Two of them related to how it feels. One is the intensity of the texture inside it. The other is the overall tightness of the sleeve. Of course, these play together - so the tighter the sleeve, the more intense you'll feel the stimulation of the texture. However, tightness is heavily influenced by your own girth, and also if you use/create a vacuum. So, I rated the intensity of the texture subjectively (find it as the 'Ease of Use' rating) on a 1-100 score. The tightness is so heavily influenced by ones level of girth that I decided to measure this instead. I filled each of the strokers I owned with water, and measured the total weight of the water that fit inside the canal - it measured from 1.1 to 2.5 ounces, which I then inverse converted to a 1-100 score with the following formula: 100 - (25 x weight) + (25 x 1.1) = Score. Lastly, I also rated the 'Design' of the sleeve, based on how close to the images it looked, and how much it resembles the real thing, as well as how much I liked the general shape, size, and coloring of it.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

To be completely frank, the FeelAshley stroker kinda sucked for me. It didn’t provide intense stimulations, and was so loose (one of the least tight ones I’ve tested) that I didn’t feel like I was on edge at any point. It has a nice squeeze around 2 inches inside, but this is place at a weird placement, where you don’t get that squeeze around the base when you’re balls deep. Which, for most people I’m going to assume just feels nicer that getting that squeeze halfway up the shaft. Rest of the sleeve feels somewhat mushy, and the only thing that really works well is using it in a spinning motion. But, this is just a pretty hard maneuver unless you attack it with both hands. And, on top of that, you have to be a pretty big fan of spinning-type stimulation.  

About Ashley Barbie

Ashley Barbie describes herself as an introverted extrovert. Or, as I sometime explain it to people, as a self-taught extrovert, but a natural introvert. She can step into charactor, and does so in a fantastic way. She is a  BBW, with curvy figures, similar to both Romi Chase and Lauren Phillips from the same line of Feelstar strokers. She’s a thick girl with a barbie like apperance. Unfortunately, she’s had a lot fo problems with social media being deleted, but I’ve listed the current ones in the table below.
Birthday December 4, 1994
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 165 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Bra Size 36DD
Social media Twitter, Instagram

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Feel Ashley Barbie -

When I first popped off the black plastic lid on the Aahley Barbie pocket pussy, I was met with a mold that was halfway pushed into the plastic casing. This meant it had a dent for a long time (probably also visible on the image I took of it on the upper side). Although it smoothed out after a bit of time, it was became representative of the kind of disappointment I would have generally. I actually enjoy the small puffed-up sections on either side of the vagina, but they are better on both the Romi Chase or the Lauren Phillips Feelstars. So, if this is something you really enjoy as well, I'd actually recommend either of those two strokers instead. Even though the labia are very small, they are stuck to the side of the mold. I would have so wanted this to not be the case. I understand why some of the orifices simply needs to have the labia molded in (like the Leigh Raven, as they are simply too big), but I really prefer they make they more realistic and not "glued" to the rest of it - just like they did amazingly for the Molly Stewart stroker. So, for those reason I had to only give it a 70/100 rating on 'Design'.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

One of the better things about this sleeve is in fact how intense the texture is - but this says more about how both the design and the tightness of the sleeve was so disappointing, rather than how impressive and intense the internal texture was. If fact, I'd prefer most other internal textures over this one. I think the reason the texture doesn't really feel intense is the fact that it simply wants to do too many things at the same time. I would have thought the first part would provide very tight squeeze around the base of the penis, but because so much space is left open on the sides of this texture it doesn't really work well. What does provide this kind of feeling (like a tightening thumb and index finger wrapped around your penis) only comes at 2 inches inside the sleeve. This is just ad odd place, and it takes away your attention from the thousands of other things that was tried out in this sleeve. To give a higher level of intense stimulation you would have had to have less texture in some areas.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

This is one of the loosest sleeves I own, and measured for this test. Having tested well over 20 Feelstars and probably 4 times as many Fleshlights, this is pretty astonishing. After filling the canal with water I weighed it in at 2.4 ounces. The Feel Tanya Tate is the only sleeve being able to contain more water (2.5 ounces) - aka. being looser. The weight turned into a 'Quality'-rating which indicated the overall tightness of the sleeve, with the following formula: 100 - (25 x 2.4) + (25 x 1.1) = 68. One way to look on the bright side is that if you're very girthy and feel like other sleeves are very tight, this is a great option. Even greater if you own the Tanya Tate Sleeve and want something just slightly tighter, but not too much.

Feel Ashley Barbie - <

Generally I feel the Kiiroo strokers are very reasonably priced when you compare it to most other porn star molded vagina strokers. Especially to their bigger competitor, Fleshlight. That being said, I also feel like the quality, but especially the star lineup is somewhat better at Fleshlight.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

The Ashley Barbie is one of the strokers that works very well with the Keon automatic masturbator because it isn't so tight that it needs to be lubed up a whole lot while using it. But I have to give it less praise when combined with the Kiiroo Powerblow (meant to create a vacuum). One way you can use the stroker is to not thrust it back and forth, but instead spin it around, and I feel the texture comes to its rights a whole lot better this way.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

Ashley Barbie comes in an orange packaging. She is on the front holding the FeelAshley stroker, while wearing a white mesh fullbody suit that is almost see-through. Similar to her skin, the Feel stroker meant to look like the one you get inside the packaging, it's also almost orange. However, it does look exactly like most other of the Feel Strokers. On on other side you see the internal texture of the canal, and a close up of the orifice. Both fairly representative.

Feel Ashley Barbie -

The TPE blend used is pretty soft. For the same reason the material very easily attracts lint and dirt, even just from the air. Which, to be frank, annoys the hell out of me. Especially, because it's so freaking hard to clean and get off it again. On noteable thing is that the TPE blend used for the Ashley Barbie stroker is a lot softer than for example the more responsive Fleshlight TPE blend called 'Cyberskin'.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 1 inch, Tightest spot: 0.2 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.9 inches

Feel Ashley Barbie -

  • Replica of Ashley Barbie's Vagina
  • Slim vagina
  • Pretty good price

  • Pretty hard to dry
  • Loose and not very intense

Despite plenty going on in terms of variety and hence the intensity of the textures (reated 80/100 under 'Ease of Use' in the rating card), I just didn't feel the overall stimulation was that great. In large parts due to the lacking tightness of the FeelAshley stroker (measured to score just 68/100 under 'Quality' in the rating card). Overall, it just didn't do enough for me apart from some simple sharp donut type squeezes around the base of your penis in some places. In terms of 'Design', or put another way how great I found the looks of it, I gave it a 70/100 score. Compared to most other Feelstar strokers this is below average.