Kiiroo Feel Dainty Wilder Pocket Pussy Review (Feelstars)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 18, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • are a fan of Dainty Wilder as a porn star
  • Like extremely intense textures
  • are price-sensitive (they're cheaper compared to other Fleshlights)
  • Prefer a very tight stroker

  • want a mould with a more pronounced clitoris
  • would want a wider slit opening

For the Design rating I used a 1-100 scale, and based the rating on my own opinion of the outer mould and how good it looks, and how it compares to the real deal, as well as pictures of the mould online. The internal structure og the texture I rated subjectively on how intense it felt. Again, on a 1-100 scale, where 100 meant the most intense texture possible. I also considered scoring the tightness subjectively, but to get a better, and more comparative score I measured it instead. the method I used was relatively simple - I filled up the sleeve with water, and weighed it. The less water that fit inside the canal, the tighter the stroker.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

Dainty Wilder is a Kiiroo Stroker I’ve been looking forward too for a long time. She’s a massive star that I find amazing Kiiroo Managed to land a deal with (over it’s competietor Fleshlight that typically lands the bigger star collabs). The FeelDainty pocket pussy is a favorite of mine, and considered I’ve tested +20 Feelstars and over 3 times as many Fleshlights it says a lot! At this point I’d have no quarrels by saying I’m a massive Feelstar and Fleshlight stroker expert. Among all the ones I’ve reviewed the experiences with the FeelDainty sleeve look, texture intensity, and the tightness just stands out among the top! The FeelDainty Stroker has a fantastic sensation, like no other. The extreme tightness of the sleeves comes perfect into play with a wide variety of textures that you feel distinctly.  

About Dainty Wilder

Dainty Wilder is an online personality and content creator, known primarily for her work on platforms like OnlyFans and social media. She has gained significant popularity for her adult content, engaging personality, and interactions with fans. Wilder is often described as attractive, with a youthful appearance, and has a flair for glamour and style. She frequently shares photos and videos showcasing her fashion sense, beauty routines, and lifestyle, building a dedicated following who appreciate her candid and personable approach.
Birthday September 28, 2002
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight 103 lb
Eye Color Hazel
Bra Size 32D
Social media Twitter, Instagram

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Feel Dainty Wilder -

Overall the Dainty Wilder Feelstar stroker is an amazing mould front, but not quite the most realistic out of all the Feelstars I've tested. Generally, some of the big-lipped moulds doesn't have the lips completely seperated from the other part of the mould. This might have been necesarry to make the moulding process work, but it does make it a bit more unrealistic. For that reason, I rated it 90/100. the reason I felt it still does deserve a pretty high score, is simply because it's a beautiful orifice, with a tight opening slit.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

The 'Ease of Use'-rating of 100/100 indicates that I found the texture in the canal of the sleeve extremely intense. The texture is actually nothing but brilliant. As you might now already, a bit part of owning a Fleshlight or a Feelstar is the fact that you can create a vacuum and that will increase the intensity of using the sleeve. In some stroke of genius or pure luck, what happened with this sleeve is that they managed to create small tentacle/crater looking textures that create "mini vacuums". It feels as if something is sucking on you from a thousand different angles. Admitedly, the rest of the texture isn't as intense or interesting, but simply due to the fantastic nature of the first part I had to give it the best possible rating.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

I rated the tightness under 'Quality' as 93/100. For the tightness score I measured the sleeve by plugging the bottom of it with a small cap, and weighed the whole thing. Then I reset the scale, filled the canal with water, and measured the weight of the water. This gave me a precise measure for the total space in the canal, so the lower the weight the tighter the sleeve. When I weighed the water inside the canal it weighed 1.7 ounces, and with all other sleeves weighing in at 1.1-2.5 ounces it means it is a very tight sleeve, which meant it got a 93/100 rating.

Feel Dainty Wilder - <

All Feelstars products are priced uniformly and are about 20-30% cheaper than other brands like Fleshlights. Despite the lower cost, the quality does take a hit. However, I'm not entirely sure if the drop in quality is truly significant. The most noticeable issue is that the internal texture sometimes appears flawed, almost as if there was a mistake in the TPE molding process. This might be due to the specific TPE blend they use, unlike Fleshlight's "cyberskin." That said, these minor imperfections in the texture don't seem to detract from the overall sensation. Plus, not all units have these issues; it's just small areas in some of them.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

As mentioned earlier, some Feelstars have broken internal textures, but they still feel amazing. In other words, they perform as expected. Compared to others, FeelDainty has a simpler (yet still intense) texture. This means that the canal texture in this one doesn’t have any noticeable flaws. The only real downside is that this sleeve required a bit more lube, and more often applied than most other sleeves.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

The Dainty Wilder Stroker arrived in straightforward rectangular packaging, featuring an image of Dainty holding the FeelDainty on one side. On another side, there is a close-up of the orifice (her molded vagina) and a 2D depiction of the canal texture of the sleeve. To be honest, I don't find this packaging, nor the online images, to be completely representative of how it looks in real life. The details and nuances of the texture are hard to capture in these images. I'd highly recommend checking out the probe camera video I took of the sleeve texture to get a more accurate and detailed view. This video provides a much clearer and comprehensive understanding of the internal design and what you can expect from the product.

Feel Dainty Wilder -

A small thing that didn't affect my rating, but I believe still deserves a mention is the fact that the sleeve was squished a bit inside the plastic casing, giving the material a circular 'dent' until the material had some time to revert back. Overall, these Fleshlight-type strokers are extremely easy to clean. Simple run hot water through the sleeve (out of the plastic casing), while squishing the sleeve. You can use soap to make sure all the lube releases. The hard thing is drying it, and my best tip here is to turn the sleeve inside-out and dry it with a towel. Although most people online say just to air-dry it this takes a lot of time to actually work and there is a big chance that small pockets with water are trapped in the texture which will result in mold.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 0.91 inches, Tightest spot: 0.37 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.79 inches

Feel Dainty Wilder -

  • Lifelike replica of Dainty Wilder's vagina
  • One of the tighter Strokers
  • Very intense texture
  • Fairly cheap compared to alternatives

  • Takes time to air dry
  • Requires a lot of lube (applied often)

The FeelDainty stroker is probably the highest profile star that Kiiroo have collaborated with. She's one of the stars that isn't just known for adult performances, but also social media, model and influencer. I really loved the opening mould, but would have wished the upper parts of the lips wasn't fastened into the mould, as that seems a bit unrealistic. This is why I gave it a 90/100 score (see "Design"). What I did absolutely love was the extremely intense texture of the FeelDainty, which is among the most intense of all the Kiiroo Feelstars. Which is why I also rated it 100/100 (see that rating under "Ease of Use"). My last rating is based on the tightness of the sleeve, where it got a 85/100 (can be found under "Quality"), I measured this objectively by filling the canal with water and measuring the weight. I'll dive into more details on this and the other ratings later on in the review.