Kiiroo Feel Daphne Laat Pocket Pussy Review (Feelstars)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 26, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • If you like a dutch porn star like Daphne
  • want to save some money (compared to a Fleshlight)
  • are very girthy
  • come very fast and want to slow down

  • like to get a lot of stimulation (tight and intense textures)
  • want a popular and well known adult actress

For the design rating, I scored the outside look from 1 to 100, comparing it to real images and Kiiroo's own images. I also rated the inside texture on the same scale, where 100 is very textured and 1 is totally smooth. Instead of just guessing how tight each Kiiroo sleeve felt, I measured it. This method gave accurate results and was done by filling the canal with water after plugging the bottom. That allowed me to measure how much water could be contained inside FeelDaphne and get a quantifiable metric for how tight the sleeve was - also making it possible to accurately compare it to other Feelstar sleeves.

Feel Daphne Laat -

Although I’m not really a massive fan of the Daphne Laat stroker, I will say that the texture is somewhat different from all the rest I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. And, it’s not that I only got on other Feelstar, in fact I’ve tester well over 20 different ones, and on top of that a shit ton of Fleshlights as well. Different doesn’t mean good, though. So, despite the texture being something I haven’t really felt before, it was neither intense, nor very interesting when it actually came down to testing it out. In some respects the sleeve reminded me of FeelMelrose in that it almost seems like an attempt to make it feel more realistic. The Sleeve contains very slim textured angles that feel like they just bend over and turn it into a flat surface. Then, when you pull out again there’s a quick sensation while they turn the other way, but quickly your bakc to feeling like the sleeve is just smooth. It does work wonders when combined with a bit of lube and the Keon, though.  

About Daphne Laat

Daphne Laat is known in the Netherlands for her work in adult films. She has appeared in 10 films and is recognized for her charismatic presence, which blends warmth with a more daring side. Her work has been featured on platforms like Secret Circle, which is a site that showcases models and their media contributions in this genre. When asked about herself she says that “Sex is my hobby and I can’t live without it. I like teasing and squirting. I like being watched and hope I can watch you too.”
Birthday March 1, 1987
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 128 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Bra Size 34B
Social media Twitter, Instagram (the only Feelstar I’ve seen with a private IG)

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Feel Daphne Laat -

I'm not sure how they molded Daphne's vagina, but it sure as hell looks like they actually just didn't. I'm my humble opinion it doesn't resemble the real thing at all, and for that reason alone I simply had to downrate it to a 50/100. This is the lowest design-rating I've given (and probably ever will, as all pussies look great in their own way!).

Feel Daphne Laat -

In terms of texture intensity I also had to rate it as the lowest intensity of all the Feelstars I've tested, a 50/100 rating on 'Ease of Use' (in the rating-card). The textures wasn't really up to par with all the other textures I've tested out. Just looking at the different textures they look quite intriguing with the different zigzag textures. It also moves slowly from more narrow to more wide and open chambers, which feels like it might be the reason that it isn't as intense as I would have hoped for. Apart from not being very intense, I was also very disappointing that instead of making different textures for the different chambers Kiiroo just copy-pasted the texture from the first one third of the sleeve onto the second one third of the sleeve. Only after around 5 inches into it do you come to a slighty different texture that is tighter - which is actually interesting and feels great.

Feel Daphne Laat -

The tightness score, labeled as 'Quality,' for the sleeve came in at 75 out of 100. Not many sleeves received such a low rating, indicating that this sleeve is quite loose. Indeed, it feels extremely loose during use. To evaluate the tightness of each Feelstar sleeve more precisely, I used a methodical approach to get an objective score. I sealed the bottom of each sleeve with a small cap, weighed it empty, then filled the canal with water and weighed it again. The weight of the water was 2.0 ounces, providing an objective measure of the sleeve's internal space. I then adjusted this weight measurement to inversely correlate with the tightness score—where a lighter weight indicates a tighter sleeve. I normalized this score on a scale from 1 to 100. That was all done using this formula: 100 - (25 x 2.0) + (25 x 1.1) = 75.

Feel Daphne Laat - <

As with all other Feelstar strokers modeled after an adult star, there is licensing fees coupled with the cost. Therefore, the price of these strokers are typically higher when compared to strokers without any modeled orifice. Usually you'll find Daphne Laat's pocket pussy at $60-80 depending on the shop you look at. If you buy it directly at Kiiroo the price is likely to be $69, unless it's on offer. Which, I in fact, often see that it is. I'm suspecting this might be because they are discontinuing it soon, but I might be wrong.

Feel Daphne Laat -

The FeelDaphne wasn't up to par with the other Feelstars during use. As already explained it wasn't very intense nor was it very tight. this made me think it would be great coupled with the Kiiroo Keon, as other Feelstars that were both loose and didn't have that intense textures, they worked great. But it really wasn't. The sleeve quickly just felt like it was non-textured during quicker strokes. Then I tried it with the Powerblow, and I guess there is a reason they disclaim that it isn't compatible with the PowerBlow online, because it was just the last chamber that had a vacuum created by the PowerBlow.

Feel Daphne Laat -

Daphne Laat stands in an old school purple lingerie on a white background with matching purple labels and white writing. There is only really one other interesting side with a 2D depiction of her vagina mold, which does look like what the actual stroker looks like when you pop the black plastic cap off. At least when you compare to how off the look of the mold is, when you compare it to how Daphne looks in reality. when you open up the cardboard packaging the black plastic casing is held in place by a horizontal cardboard square with a hole in the middle.

Feel Daphne Laat -

All the Feelstar strokers er made with the same material, at least it feels just as soft on all of them. Unfortunately, this means that the FeelDaphne also has the same issue as most of the other sleeves has. It attracts a lot of lint and dust on the front especially. This is super hard to wash off.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 1.02 inches, Tightest spot: 0.39 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.98 inches

Feel Daphne Laat -

  • Replica of Daphne Laats Vagina
  • OG Feelstar stroker (the first if I remember correctly)
  • Often on great offers at Kiiroo
  • Holds lube great

  • Not very tight
  • Not very intense

Overall I found the Daphne Laat stroker to be the Kiiroo Feelstar I liked the least, which might also be pretty apparent from my overall rating. Despite being a general (super)fan of the Feelstar product line, this Feel stroker modeled after Daphne Laat just wasn't to my liking. She scores low on my three main areas of rating: 1) The look of the the vagina mold, indicated by the 50/100 'Design'-rating. 2) The intensity of the textures inside the sleeve, indicated by the 50/100 'Ease of Use'-rating. Lastly, 3) the tightness measured by filling the sleeve with water and measuring how much the water that filled the space weighed in ounces, which came out to 2.1 ounces equalling a rating of 75/100 on 'Quality' in the rating-card.