Kiiroo Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve Stroker Review

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 26, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • like anal play
  • are a fan of extremely tight strokers or sensations

  • are very girty
  • want the orifice to be molded after a star

For the Design rating I gave a 1-100 rating based on my opinion of the outer part and how good it looks. In some respects both compared to reality, and also images from Kiiroo vs. in real life. I also rated the internal texture on a 1-100 scale where 100 indicates the most intense texture and 1 is a completely smooth canal (no texture). Lastly, instead of trying to give subjective ratings of the tightness of each Feel Kiiroo stroker Sleeve I actually measured it objectively. And, I found my method matched up perfectly with how tight it actually felt.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

After trying it, it was apparent to me that the extreme tightness really enhanced all the textures and enhanced my pleasure significantly. As I delved deeper into the sleeve, the pressure continued to increase, especially around the 4-inch mark where all of a sudden the sensations intensified noticeably. The “Extra Tight Butt” Stroker is a standout in my extensive collection of toys, particularly because of its unique design that so closely mimics the tightness of anal intercourse. This stroker’s entrance, designed to resemble an anus, is much tighter than other models, such as those meant to simulate a vaginal entrance like the regular FeelStar Stroker. The tightness is consistent throughout the sleeve, marking it as possibly the tightest option available from Kiiroo. This consistent pressure makes the experience incredibly intense and deeply satisfying. What’s truly remarkable about this model is how the internal structure is designed to progressively tighten and apply targeted pressure. The sensation at the 4-inch mark is transformative—a swirling, tornado-like twist that uniquely stimulates and intensifies pleasure. This stroker not only delivers one of the most intense orgasms I’ve experienced with a toy but does so with an authenticity that’s impressively lifelike. The choice of two realistic skin tones adds another layer of realism to the whole experience, making it a personal favorite for its lifelike feel and exceptional functionality.  

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Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

I found both the original butt sleeve, and the Extra tight butt sleeve (reviewed here) to be extremely realistic. even the total front is shaped in a way where you can see the cheeks placement. This is a fantastic small detail that is sometimes missed by other brands and producers of realistic anal strokers. One thing I would have wanted from it was a bit better coloration that was a bit more realistic. And, I would also have loved for Kiiroo to actually model a adult performers ass. I'm not sure, why they decided not too. Online it looks as if the original butt sleeve looks very different from this Extra Tight version, and that is simply not true. To make sure I'm looking at the right one I quickly have to stick my finger inside to feel the space of the first chamber - they are that similar in terms of looks.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

This is one of the sleeves where I really had to concentrate on separating what I consider texture intensity (which is what I rate as the 'Ease of Use' in the rating card), and the tightness of the sleeve (rated as 'Quality'). The reason is because this sleeve is so freaking tight, that it feels very stimulating. But fact of the matter is, that the texture inside is actually very subtle, and in and off itself isn't all that intense. It is a twisted tornado like shape that I will admit goes perfectly with the tightness of the sleeve. At least for me, it made me finish in no time. the texture spins on it's own axis but in a non-standardized way, so you can't really anticipate what you are going to be met with at any point while thrusting. The texture makes it feel like you're twisting and turning it while simply just thrusting up and down.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

In terms of tightness there was no doubt really. Even before measuring it objectively I knew this would be the tightest Kiiroo Masturbator I own. And, true enough. The canal could only contain 1.1 ounces of water, with the closest contender being the Victoria June masturbator at 1.4 ounces. In other words, very little space is available inside this stroker, which makes it feel so incredibly tight, and gave it a top score of 100/100 (listed in the rating-card as 'Quality').

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve - <

One upside about the fact that the Extra Tight Butt Sleeve isn't modeled after a porn star is that it is $10 cheaper than the Feel strokers. This is likely due to the fact that Kiiroo doesn't have to pay the fee. Even though I would love for them to have actually modeled the butt sleeve (and this extra tight version) after a star, I'm not really sure it's actually worth the $10 extra. However, if you're simply looking for a stroker (without preference for anal or vaginal) and are looking to save money, the Feel Original Stroker is cheaper.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

This is one of those strokers where the biggest issue is simply coming too quickly. It grips you so tight and feels fantasticly. Because it is so tight you won't really get that great use out of the PowerBlow or the Keon. For the powerblow, you don't really feel the difference - and Kiiroo also says it's non-compatible. For the Keon it's hard to keep lubricated enough, because the tightness causes the lube to quickly be pushed out of the way or dry up when stroking is too quick.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

The Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve is pretty boring, and comes in a black design. The main attraction is the depiction of the anal orifice and the 2D graphic of how the internal texture is. While the 2D graphic is pretty accurate and matches well with the internal probe camera video I took of it that is not the case with the orifice. When I look at how different the normal version versus the extra tight version, that isn't accurate at all. They are so similar that I can't tell the difference even when holding them up side by side and trying to match them up to the pictures on the boxes or online.

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

The materials are soft, but feels very responsive and almost hard when penetrated. Even though it's the same material used in all Feel strokers the material feels harder and more responsive in this Extra Tight Butt Sleeve. Generally I have had a harder time washing and drying the tighter sleeves, but this is an exception to that rule. Likely because the texture doesn't have a chamber-system or any small crevices that can keep water or moist. One thing that annoys me about the material used is that it attracts so much dust and lint. It's almost like glue for it, and is very hard to get off again.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 0.31 inches, Tightest spot: 0.24 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.31 inches

Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve -

  • Super tight (tightest of all the Feel Strokers)
  • Gives twisting sensations
  • Realistic looking anal orifice
  • Relatively easy to dry despite tightness

  • Doesn't work well with Kiiroo Keon
  • Can be too tight for some

This is the tightest sleeve I own, and because I own 20+ different Feelstars and 3 times the number of Fleshlight I will dare to say, it's the tightest feeling realistic stroker there is. Even as I measured the tightness - I'll explain later how - it came out as the tightest with a 100/100 score (listed under the 'Quality'-rating). In terms of the look of the stroker it is very realistic and look a lot like pictures online, which is why I gave it a 90/100 rating (listed as the 'Design'-rating). The last rating I gave was for the intensity of the internal texture - without letting that be influenced of how tight the sleeve is. I rated it 80/100 on how intense the texture was (listed under the 'Ease of Use'-rating).